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Homer Simpson bow tie.jpg Nobody has heard of this person, but whoever they are, vandalizing this article only makes us want to learn more...

Deviantart-favicon.png Soul-Trance is a 17 year old autistic furry who spends her time drawing her anime-styled masterpieces and dating underage girls that she loves on the internet, even though she's TOTALLY STRAIT U GUISE!!1 Akafa, real name "Ashley", has a long history of drama, including death threats and theft. She has developed quite a number of fans thanks to her "creative" YouTube animations, despite the fact that she moves accounts twice a week, because she can't decide on a fursona to save her life.

For years, Akafa has kept up the appearance of "not caring about her haters", although she has made several journals addressing the problem.


Gift art for "Akafa"!

In 2009, Akafa developed a fetish for the DeviantART user Deviantart-favicon.png Sunneh-chan, who was well-known in the furry community. She continuously referenced Sunni's art style, and created a new blue wolf fursona with the exact same markings as Sunni, in hopes that it would make her popufur, because obviously no self-respecting furfag can exist without a significant fanbase.

After Sunni changed her fursona to a fox in 2010, Akafuck decided she wanted to swipe Sunni's wolf OC, because she loved it so much.

I... I'm a monster...

However, considering Sunni's popularity and Akafa's lack-thereof, the theft was discovered quickly and easily. Soon, little 14-year-old Ashley was swamped with H8RS, and her plot fell to pieces. At that point, Akafa went emo, and began to draw various pieces of vent art, starring her sparkledog.

For years after, Akafa's obsession grew. She watched her girlfriend Heather jealously, as she had been gifted the OC by Sunni herself, and anxiously waited for another opportunity to grasp the yellow woof in her clutches.

Several times since then, she's swapped from her blue fursona to Sunni's old one, getting asshurt when she was called out on her bullshit.

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Mebbe online datin make me popufur???

Akafa begging for the d.

In 2010, when Sunni began to date AK, Akafa was inspired to become "bisexual". She began toting around 12-year-old furries, and reveling in the fanart that being in a relationship got her. She swapped girlfriends once a month, but of course she was in love with each and every one of them. Everyone knows you can move on from somebody you're "in love with" in a matter of weeks, AMIRITE?

Deviantart-favicon.png HeatherRin

2getha 4eva!
Polyamory is in this time of year.

Her old friend Heather was the first of many victims, and the couple received copious amounts of "fanart", generated by the masses of 11 year olds that happened to watch the two of them. This was one of Akafa's longest lasting relationships, despite the fact that it wasn't a real relationship at all. Heather was oblivious to Akafa's "feelings" for her, and had been led to believe that their fursonas were together, rather than the individuals themselves.

Not long after their initial coupling, Akafa decided that she was suddenly interested in polyamory, and added the mutual friend known as "Fallak" into the mix. Apparently it was because she 'loved both of them', but everyone knows that she was actually just a selfish cunt, wanting both Heather and Fallak for herself.

This artificial romance ended when Akafa began to leech off of Sunni's pupularity, by stealing her fursona once again, and Heather has been at her throat ever since. Alas, what did you expect, coming from Akafuck?

Deviantart-favicon.png Tommys4ever

Hey, I just met you!

Zach was Akafa's first 'e-boyfriend', if you can even call it that. Their fling was too short-lived to be considered a relationship, and it consisted solely of Akafa using him to get a couple of free requests from other deviants, thus proving that she has no idea what having a lover entails. Why they broke up in the first place is unknown, but it's bound to be something lulzy and demeaning.

...until the next single chick comes along.

Deviantart-favicon.png Fallak

Fallak is a young furry with a fetish for Jesus, who has a bad case of "proud lesbian! No, wait, aren't I straight? Bisexual, maybe?" syndrome. She's been friends with Akafa since the "I LAV HEATHUR!!1" stage, and was once in a polyamorous relationship with the two. Her fursona is a typical sparklemutt, that has been drawn various times playing kissy-face with Akafa. It seems that Fallak can't decide whether she loves or hates Ashley; one minute she's trolling her, and the next she's kissing her ass. It probably has something to do with her absurdly Christian oriented family, or maybe she's just got a mild case of bipolar disorder.

Creepy motherfucker.
Way to be that one bitch, Akafuck.

Deviantart-favicon.png XeraFox

Akafa and Xera have dated many a time, and Xera has harbored a crush on Akafa for three years, ironically the same length as their age difference. It's obvious that Akafa doesn't and never has felt the same way, considering she cheated on Xera multiple times with pre-pubescent males on the popular interactive role-playing game Maplestory. Nonetheless, Akafa was totally in love with Xera, to the point that she made speedpaints and other various YouTube videos for her every. Single. Day. In the end, the hours spent on those pictures and videos were wasted, because Xera posted a long journal, breaking up with Akafa publicly.


Deviantart-favicon.png Mriao

Casper, a 14 year old transgender and one of Akafa's oldest friends, was stalked and abused by the faggot for two years before dumping the bitch on her ass like the piece of shit she is. For quite some time Casper had known about Akafa's problems, but continued to attempt rehabilitation, to no avail. Akafuck has gone as far as to draw pr0nz for the kid, despite Casper only having been 11 years old at the time. Fascination for kiddy porn must be a furry thing.

Oh, baby.

Deviantart-favicon.png M1Magik

While it was pretty obvious Blizzy was having a secret affair with Deviantart-favicon.png STUTLER, at the time, Akafa felt the need to intrude upon their budding relationship and ask the 11 year old out. It was obvious that Lushi, 12 at the time, was upset but tried to be happy for the two, anyway. The relationship only lasted 3 days until Akafa felt the need to dump Blizzy. A week later Akafa wanted Blizzy back but she declined.

Blizzy was later surprised to find that her journal header had been changed from the picture Lushi made to a picture of her and Akafa. She made a journal about it and Akafa was quick to blame Lushi for also knowing her password, but everyone defended Lushi by basically saying that before Akafa and her slutty ass stepped in, it was pretty obvious the two would have began dating, and that Lushi wouldn't do that to Blizzy. So, Akafa fessed up and harbored a dislike for Lushi. Akafa basically ruined Blizzy and Lushi's friendship and potential relationship by making her afraid to date. Later, Blizzy was hacked and her account deactivated, and all accounts afterwards being banned.

Deviantart-favicon.png Tarubutt

Taru is a Finnish dyke, and one of Akafa's most recent whores. For a while, they seemed happy together. They shared cutesy comments on one another's couple pictures, and Akafa made them a "fanclub", but soon enough Akafa confessed that she "couldn't connect" with Taru like she wanted to, and broke up with her, leaving Taru to go emo. That's what you get for rushing into a relationship like a slut.

Deviantart-favicon.png Finnify

Recently, Akafa had a short fling with Deviantart-favicon.png Mriao's ex girlfriend, known to the interwebz as Finn. The whore reportedly confessed her feelings for Finn, the day after she found out that Casper and Finn had broken up... also, incidentally, the day after she stated that she had "given up pursuing love". I guess that was another lie. Though, it's really not surprising, considering this is Akafuck we're talking about. Throughout their two day relationship, much fanart was made, but it soon went to waste, because Finn dumped Akafa, instead choosing to return to her ex boyfriend. What a tremendous shocker.

The break-up resulted in a collection of baww journals, because obviously Akafa doesn't know how to keep her personal life private.

Fake partners?!

Despite how many people seem to want her dick, over the years Akafa has created two fake "lovers" for herself. The first was Deviantart-favicon.png Rin-kunn, account now taken over by Fallak, and the second a faux Maplestory friend called 'Jessie'. Of course, each time she does this she admits to it later, and gets butthurt when people are angry about it.

Others not worth talking about

Akafa's long list of relationshits doesn't end there. She's also had brief flings with the notorious slut Deviantart-favicon.png B-1-A-D-E, Deviantart-favicon.png RedflameTwilight, Deviantart-favicon.png Belieevee, Deviantart-favicon.png Dark-Dreaming-Blossom, Deviantart-favicon.png My-Silent-Hill, and a couple of Maplefags, but none were really well-known, and no juicy drama went down. However, there was an incident where Akafa admitted her "undying love" for Deviantart-favicon.png HinaUchi, whose scandals have warranted her own ED page.

Evidence of her fake relationships About missing Pics
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Akafa traces art?!

COOL PIC! Let's trace it.

Recently, an image appeared on Akafuck's Photobucket. Said image was entitled "Cool Picture Of Hinata", and consisted of her fursona standing beside a kawaii desu anime character. The problem is that the characters were in the exact same pose, down to the creases of the clothes and the placement of the fingers.

When an overlay of the image was done, it was found that it was in fact traced line-by-line. This brings up the question: is Akafa's popularity truly earned, or is she profiting off of other people's hard work? We may never know.


Recently, a comment thread was tracked down, in which Akafa publicly announced that in 8th grade, a classmate pushed her down to the bed and tried to rape her. Of course, everybody knows rape victims announce it publicly and proudly, despite it being a scarring experience that changes their lives. Oh, and of course, they're going to 'XD' about it, and intentionally misspell the word 'penis'.


Sexuality crisis

Several times in her life, Akafa has changed her mind about her sexuality. It's unsurprising, considering this is the girl who changes romantic partners like she changes underwear. However, one particularly entertaining element, is that of the "straight-lesbian-straight-lesbian" internal tug-of-war that she once had.

Now that I know I'm straight...
Akafa being incapable of making up her mind.

> Tell everyone you're lesbian.

> Date all the wimmins.

> Tell everyone you're straight.

> Date all the men.

> ???


The Starlighters

Her pack.

Akafa, in another desperate attempt to become a popufur, decided to rip off Deviantart-favicon.png Reokeo and create a "pack". She called it "Wolves of Hope", and contained tightly knit group of her companions; people that she had met less than six months ago. Obviously by this point Akafa had made quite a name for herself, and had difficulty keeping friends, and soon enough individuals began to fight among themselves and leave the pack. After the entire project had disassembled, Akafa took it upon herself to join yet another "pack". This pack was called "The Starlighters", and was made up of herself as well as a dozen other people that she barely knew, just like every good internet family. Yet again, it was a failed attempt, and it fell apart before it even took off. A tragic ending to a tragic tale.

Goodbye, furry fandom

I am sorry, but... I dont think I will be in the furry fandom much longer


—Akafa, on lying

Thrice now, the furry fandom has almost lost its precious Akafaggot. Based on her attention seeking habits, the chances of Akafa actually considering running away from the furries are slim. It's more likely than not that she was merely searching for her watchers to give her asspats in the form of begging her to stay. Her ploys paid off, and it seems that for the meantime, she'll live to yiff another day.


The shitty anime stage

After proclaiming that she was no longer a furfag, Akafa moved to her alternate account, Deviantart-favicon.png Kiryn-chan, and began to draw fabulous anime images.

As though giving her watchers a heart attack by threatening to "quit DeviantART for good" wasn't bad enough, she had to go and subject them to torture by uploading her vomit-inducing fake screenshots.

Of course, her persona was a thin, kawaii neko, just like her. She proceeded to beg people for "help" drawing humans, acknowledging that her art is crap, although she got butthurt when people agreed with her.

Akafa's attempt to become an hero

RIP Akafaggot

It's been said that throughout her time on DeviantART, Akafa has attempted suicide, due to her ex girlfriend Heather 'not loving her'.

She allegedly posted a massive baww journal, discussing how she stabbed herself in the stomach, and was in the hospital recovering. This caused an uproar on behalf of both the people disbelieving her claims, and her loyal fans. Everybody in the furry fandom stared in awe as deviations appeared, begging Akafuck "not to go".

There was an especially infamous image which explained the situation; Akafa longing desperately for Heather, and Heather not giving two shits. A tragic internet romance... just like Romeo and Juliet!

However, it became apparent several days later that Akafa was lying through her teeth to get attention. She didn't actually have the balls to kill herself. Ah well, maybe next time.

Transgender: To be, or not to be?

Apparently, despite her past transphobia, Akafuck is debating whether or not she's a tranny at heart. Whether or not she actually knows what the word 'transgender' means, is debatable.
Nonetheless, she "wants to be a boy".

Please god, no


Yep, it seems that Akafa has crossed over to the fetish side of things. Recently, she's begun taking vore commissions. That's right, people actually pay her for that shit. Ordinarily, taking commissions for fetish-themed artwork would be excused. Everybody needs to make money somehow, right? However, knowing Akafuck, she probably wanks off to her own artwork before posting it. Next time you view her desu art, think about the flabby folds of her vagina as she fingers herself to the art you commission.

The neverending baww

In conclusion, Akafuck just never stops crying. She sobs over being single, she sobs over Valentine's Day, she sobs over her fursona, and she sobs over her art not getting enough views. She has posted several journals about how people shouldn't watch her, and has announced that she has banned accounts, in the past.

[12:44:22 AM] Akafa: meh.. made my own vent art xnx

[12:44:46 AM] Akafa: it's my valentines picture.

[12:44:48 AM] Akafa: :U

[12:44:55 AM] ♛Yandere PRINCE.: .. hairrrr.. i am jealous of how you draw.. hair...

[12:45:20 AM] Akafa: *is so lonely..*


Deviantart-favicon.png Shibutts is plagued with Akafa's BAWWWWW

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Recently, one of Akafa's whiteknights attempted to wipe the ED page. Some instantly assumed that this was Akafa herself, but that isn't the case. It was in fact her "friend", Deviantart-favicon.png Shibutts, trying to end the hate against Akafa, once and for all. Of course, this failed terribly. The user "ChibeShibe" quickly had their edits cleared, and was banned from ED. We're so, so sorry to see you go, lovely whiteknight.

Collection of accurate fanart

Over the years, Akafa has received a number of pieces of fanart.

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Skype: Heavensoultrance

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