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Aku Tojyo, usually simply known as Tojyo, is a Japanese furry artist who specialises in drawing smut of popular homosexual Sonic the Hedgehog and friends. He's also a bit of a paedo, as his art CDs and doujins usually feature infant rabbits being raped by an adult rabbit. While in bondage. All in all, a bit of a twisted fuck, but that's the Japanese for you. His shit is also notoriously hard to find, mainly because: (a. He's Japanese, and usually doesn't sell outside there, and (b. Only like 5 people buy it, so not a lot of it is produced, thus leading to a lack of it on the tubes.


Being a furry "artist", he is extremely protective of his art and will turn into a screaming little bitch if he finds it anywhere else rather than in the posession of those stupid enough to actually pay for it. After finding out his shitty drawings were being distributed to horny 13-year old Sonic X fans everywhere through the magic of teh internets, and more shockingly with his own signature edited out and "xxxSSJ5Sonad0wxxx" in it's place, he promptly dissapeared completely for some time and stopped producing art. This generated much sadness in the Sonic pr0n community, as he's basically the only half-decent artist that does Sonic smut. The rest are mainly horny 13 year olds who draw their highly innovative fan characters massively disproportioned, and what's worse, fucking another even more innovative fan character. Yeah, we're all getting huge boners over your crappy goth Amy.

The Artiste Returneth

In late 2006, Tojyo opened an account on FA. It contains mostly his old stuff, but he has occasionally been adding to it with new stuff. Some of it is of pokeymans, but sadly, not Mudkips. Rather, Bulbasaur. Why are all furry artists determined to pick the most unattractive things to make porn of? Answers on a dead squirrel please.


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