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Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
Oy vey!
You don't make anything better by adding thirty million Mexicans to it, do you? No American would agree with that. And yet no American would stand up in public and say it. That's a symbol that we're not free. We may be a lot of things, but we're not free. When people are afraid to speak the obvious, you're not free.


—Alex Linder, Stating the obvious

Wow. A woman who can think. You don't see that every decade.


—Alex Linder, on women.

Kike kiking kikily on kikes.


—Alex Linder, on Kikes.

Trust me, I'm more aware than 99.99999% of the people on here about anuses, rectums and colons.


—Alex Linder, on one of his favorite hobbies.

Linder advertises IRL.
VNN Version 1.0
VNN Version 2.0

Alex Linder is the most prominent white nationalist on the internets. He was born a poor Jewish child but now lives today in Kirksville, Missouri, where men are men and lovers are cousins and know better than to mess with football. Linder runs a number of white nationalist websites, including (VNN, a spin on "CNN"; motto: "No Jews. Just Right. Amirite?"), and Linder is often considered a misogynist by other Nazis, as he believes that women need to not only gb2kitchen, but is a firm believer in the healing powers of raw buttsecks. Despite his array of websites, Linder only occasionally posts on his VNNforum to remind everyone that Jews Did WTC [1] and to mock the resident Paultards.

He's hated by the kike "Anti-Defamation League", who're very busy monitoring and giving importance to every single move made by Linder on the internets. Linder's message board is taken down by JewSA agents every few months to prevent the White Man from learning the truth about 9/11 and the Holocaust:

One day soon, even the kikes will give up the ghost of the gas chamber lie. When does the world collect reparations from the Jew? We want our pound of flesh, shysterlocks. And we mean to have it. JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE. Turn on the tv, pick up the news -- a bunch of goddamned sheenies spouting fibs at you! JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE. Who will give Germany back its reputation? Who will give the world back its money? WE WILL TAKE OUR REVENGE FROM YOUR HIDE, HYMAN. JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE. Pay up, Pinchas! Pay up, Perla! Pay up every one of you dirty little kikes. DEATH TO THE JEWS. JEWS OUT OF AMERICA NOW. JOIN US IN WASHINGTON, D.C., THIS SATURDAY TO TAKE BACK YOUR COUNTRY, YOUR WORLD, YOUR FUTURE, WHITE MAN. JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE.


tl;dr Linder, on Jewish Lies.

When not exposing the Jew, Linder is reportedly fond of livestock and animal breeding [2]:

That fucking speccy bastard Alex Linder fucked my goat claimed a Turkish businessman. He tore me a new arsehole then he wanted more and all that was left was my goat. Afterwards he left with a bunch of poofs who all smelled of lavender claimed the Turk who wishes to remain anon.


Victim, on Linder's Hobbies.

In 2007, Linder attended an anti-nigger rally in Knoxville, where he got tackled and arrested by Jews and their jewgold-bribed police agents. The event was documented with photographs. At a press conference following his release, Linder stated that he did it for the lulz.

In 2008, it was revealed that Linder is dying of Crohn's disease, which was probably contracted while "earning" money from WN turncoat Glenn Miller. This is remarkably ironic, as it will force Linder to defecate from his abdomen instead of his mouth for a change, and also because it was named after the JEW gastroenterologist who formally classified it.

Rumor has it, Linder is himself a Jew living in denial.



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