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Alex Mauer (Full name: Alexander Thomas Mauer), is a chiptune musician known for making the soundtrack for many different video games. But then, everything changed when transgenderism attacked. Last Thursday, Mauer went from being a chiptune musician, to one of the Internet's biggest lolcows overnight.

Amongst his many delusions Alex believes himself to be a beautiful woman trapped in the body of a stubby fur matted Jell-O troll with virginal rage. In reality he's a self-hating homo who just can't accept that he likes a pos load in his tubby rectum. Pretending he's really a woman is his way of bypassing his butt bumping phobia and staying safely in the closet. Where he pleasures himself to pecker porn whilst fondling his hairy, hormone grown, lopsided lard swells; dressed up like a frumpy lesbian wearing a greasy wig and cheap lipstick.

In his free time Alex enjoys sending out hundreds of fraudulent DMCA takedowns, making death threats, threatening to kill himself, violently attacking people at a women's rape center, threatening to cut off his balls/penis, harassing judges, breaking court orders, wasting countless thousands of dollars in tax payer funds... well, you get the idea. Alex is basically a horrible blight upon society and if he ever actually did kill himself it would be a glorious gift to humanity as a whole.

Behind The Music

But first, a little background into the dumbass tranny of the month. Alex Mauer was an aspiring chiptune artist, who was a composer for hire. For years, Mauer made many different scores for a variety of vidya, such as River City Ransom and Duck Game. However, one game in particular is what lead to the saga you are about to witness, and that game, is Starr Mazer DSP.

When The Hormones Take Over

Once Alex, or as he wants to be called Lexi Mauer, started taking his hormones to have his dick chopped off, he began to change. First he deleted his Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and Twitter, only to bring them back months later. Then he realized gender transitions are expensive as hell, and being a chiptune artist doesn't bring the big bucks. So he looked to his latest contract, Starr Mazer DSP, and demanded they pay him more. After a brief contract dispute, Mauer managed to get the game pulled from Steam, but not get more shekels. He needed a new plan, but what...

Episode 1: The DMCA Menace

"...that's it!" Said Mauer. "I'll make an army to attack the devs!" To signal boost his cause to get the shekels from the goyim, Mauer sent DMCA takedowns on any Jewtube video involving Starr Mazer DSP. And by any, I really mean ANY. Any video that appeared in the search, he DMCA'd. Proud of himself, he prepared to mobilize his new army against the goyim who didn't pay him, and said he would reverse the DMCA if they did. But then he was shocked to discovered that Youtubers are not his personal army, but that people wouldn't dare take his side after he abused the DMCA and threatened their Jewtube Careers.

Episode 2: Attack of the LOLs

So where do you go from here? Well if you were a sane person, you would apologize and beg for mercy like the spinelsss cuckold you are. But if you're a pre-op tranny, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Round 2, Alex Mauer double downs on the DMCA takedowns, now sending them to any game that features his music. After the second DMCA wave, Mauer changed the price of all his music on his Bandcamp to $1,000! But wait! There's more! Order now, and he'll throw in a Cease & Desist to Turner Broadcasting over Duck Game! Yes, that Turner, as in Cartoon Network, CNN, and Adult Swim Turner.

Episode 3: Revenge of the Tranny

As all these sagas were going on, literally everyone is covering Alex Mauer as if it was GamerGate again. No one had ever used the DMCA like this before, so it's no surprise people would be furious. Mauer just continued sending DMCAs after DMCAs, even DMCAing an interview he did with another Jewtuber! After Jewtube user SidAlpha, AKA YouTube Favicon.png GreyWolf779 called Mauer out on his shit, Mauer then started sending death threats to him! After sending those threats, Mauer's hormones wore off, and he realized what he did. He then declared himself mentally ill, and went to go get help.

Alex Gets Help aka Emperor Trans Isn't Wearing Any Sanity

Alex has a very colorful history of incidents in which he's exhibited unstable, violent and belligerent behavior, both on and offline. To the point where having the police routinely turn up to drag the ding off to the padded care center for a psych eval is just a regular weekend occurrence for Hairy Bloat Face.

The latest incident involved Alex randomly reporting a rape. Yes, Alex claims that his butt virginity was forcibly removed sometime back in the Bush administration and for some reason he just never felt the need to mention it until now. The authorities told Alex to go to a rape center for women to seek legal help, as there wasn't much they could do since he was just making random, off the wall, decade old accusations and allegations.

Unfortunately for Alex, since he is not actually a woman and is also completely fucking insane, they told him that he was beyond their help. This in turn caused Alex to sperg out uncontrollably at the WOMAN'S RAPE CENTER where he terrorized the victims of ACTUAL RAPE by throwing a giant man-tantrum, violently destroying their property and attacking staff as he screamed about wanting a knife to castrate himself. Presumably he was under the schizophrenic delusion that his testicles were somehow responsible for his insane behavior and not his botched up brain.

This resulted in the police showing up to tackle the tubby troll to the floor where he was cuffed and hauled off to a sedation party at Loony Land to get his head checked for mind mites chewing through the fabric of his naked sanity.


If there's one thing Alex excels at in life it's screeching for attention. Likely as a result of helicopter parenting and unrestricted upbringing, Alex knows that if he's not getting his way all he needs to do is throw a giant temper tantrum. From threatening to hold his breath as a child all the way on up to threatening to kill himself as an adult, this tranny train wreck knows all the classic attention whoring moves.

Unfortunately for Alex he's no longer a child, but an actual adult and as such he's expected to act with some degree of self-restraint and to put his childish self-importance aside for the responsibilities of manhood. His wanting to become a woman is a sort of manifestation of his inability to escape his arrested development. He can't cope with being an adult and handling adult level responsibilities so he retards back into what he actively perceives as the weakest, most victimized medium... the female form.

And then from there he acts like an irrational lunatic when he isn't treated like a cock princess, using his self-diagnosed transexuality as a convenient scapegoat for his willful attempts to avoid taking responsibility for himself, his actions and his self-inflicted misfortunes.

Judicial Bitch Slap

Alex was recently stuffed back into the box of crazy he popped out of and got legally ended in every way imaginable. It may have been a long and arduous legal fight, but if anything it sets wonderful precedent for why transsexuals need to be classified as crazy and kept in check in order to prevent them from using their deranged insanity and detachment from reality as a means of attacking others and inflicting financial damages.

Alex Throws A Tranny Tantrum

You'd think Alex would have learned an important lesson after getting his proverbial e-pecker legally lopped off, but instead of being an obedient little man bitch and getting his ugly ass to the kitchen to make sandwiches, he instead tried desperately to cling to his self-maligned manhood. This manifested in the form of breaking the court's orders (which he agreed to), repeatedly, as he slandered Imagos on his Twitter page, as well as openly insulted and verbally attacked the judge, frothing off a magnificent tranny tirade of insanity that culminated with incessant, harassing phone calls to the judge to whine about how unfair his new station in life was.

The judge could only put up with his irrational hormonal hysteria for so long before he finally ordered Alex's mutilated snatch back into court on December 18th, where the little man-bitch is likely to get another good hard slap across his idiot face to remind him that he's no longer a man and that the court refuses to recognize his hurty feminine fee-fees.

Judicial Bitch Slap 2: Electric Tranaloo

Beginning sometime in December of 2017 Alex Mauer randomly decided to start calling himself Alex Kobayashi, likely after watching the current overrated animu series Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. The story of a flat chested lesbian that acts like a man, dresses like a man and talks like a man, who falls in love with a female anthropomorphic dragon and gay/tranny hijinks ensue.

While it's expected of children and the mentally deficient to randomly latch onto media forms like cartoons to the point of attempted emulation and role play, this is not normal behavior found in sane, rational minded adults, which should give you some idea as to just how divorced from sanity Alex has become.

Ironically Kobayashi was also part of the name of a particular test in Star Trek called the Kobayashi Maru, where the point of the test was forced failure through a "no win" situation... which pretty accurately describes Alex's foray into the legal system. As much of a failure as he is (at everything), his entire existence is a "no win" situation, so it's a rather fitting name on the whole... looking past the whole infantile tranime fixation he originally bitched it off from.

Under this ironic new name Alex began sending letters to the judge after his unequivocal legal defeat basically making demands and apparently under the delusion that the judge was going to randomly reverse the court settlement he agreed to and signed. Why on earth he thought this is anyone's guess... but insanity or infantile thinking spring right to the forefront. Or perhaps a combination of the two, a mentally unstable manchild.

In any event, Alex went full retard to the point of harassing the court, disparaging the judge, violating the settlement he agreed to and topping it off with sending incessant voice mails to the attorney of his opponent to ask for legal advice (we're not shitting you). At one point even asking the defendant's lawyer whether or not he should show up to the court hearing on the 18th or if he should just blow it off. This would be like the military equivalent of contacting a country you're at war with to ask them whether or not you should bother sending your troops out to defend your cities or if you should just shoot the breeze and see how it goes.

I thought the judge would shoot down the settlement for obvious reasons.


— Alex Mauer Kobayashi, Clueless beyond measure.

The judge looks like an idiot! HAHAHA


— Alex Mauer Kobayashi, Insulting the judge, brilliant!

Unsurprisingly, on December 18th, 2017 Alex did NOT show up for his appointed court hearing, at which the judge issued an order forbidding Alex from contacting the court directly, forbidden from contacting the clerk of court, forbidden from asking the defendant's lawyer, Leonard French, for advice and establishing that any further communication with the court must be done through filed court documents.

To put that in simpler terms, Alex lost the case, then made a big stink in his man panties, the judge then offered up one last chance for him to come and explain himself and why he was throwing a man tantrum, at which point he blew the court off choosing not to defend himself on any level and the court soundly stated, 'We've had enough of your whiny infantile shit Alex, behave yourself like a good boy or you're going to get a legal ass whuppin like you can't even imagine.'


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