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Alex Wuori's "friend" Archive

Alright fagts. Listen up, I'm not doing this for my health, I have other things do to than to put up with anonymous, but as a back up, I decided I'd make use of myself. Wuori and I became "Friends". And I've learned he is far sicker than you can imagine. This kid is obsessed with /b/, I have my own personal vendetta, and problems with Anon. This kid makes that look like issues on a playground, what the fuck did you do to this fucking psycho. I have never met someone to hateful towards /b/, I broke off with him, and pity the poor bastard a lot. As far as I'm concerned, I don't care how much you guys hate Shiahgo, or Humane Weapons. That's not my biggest issue, my issue is this fuck harassing me. Now. NEW INFORMATION REGARDING WUORI.

1. Wuori is a Runescaper. Account name Ritalina.

(Edit: This is verified. An Anonymous who had once played Runescape had the fag on his friends list. We can only hope he checks in from time to time to see if Wuori is on at all anymore.)

2. Wuori is a Gaiauser, Account name is possibly also Ritalina, user ID number 9330365.

3. Wuori is so obsessed with /b/, he is texting me at least 100 times a day with plans on revenge.

4. Wuori created an operation called "Chanfire" planning on causing an inner *chan war.

  Email: From [email protected] <Alex Wuori> to ****************
  Subject:Chan fire.
  I worte this plan up. Off the gaia raid you and i can manage to disrupt the raid by posing as
  12chan regulars and post how 420chan is leading the raid. Gaia will raid 420, 420 will raid 12, 12
  will already have a reason to disrupt the raid, and appeal to everyone around 12 to raid 420. with
  all the pedos on each site, each one will unite, and attack 420, and 7! a chan war will be created1
  text me if you get this

5. Wuori has been proving every time he texts me, he has no friends.

6. Wuori is indeed a fagt.

7. Wuori has lots of anger problems, and has even asked me questions regarding bisexuality.

  Ritalinal: Joey i have a question
  Ritalinal: joey its important
  Col Jacen Solo: Sure?
  Ritalinal: is it bad to be curious?
  Ritalinal: JOEY?
  Col Jacen Solo: Curious about what? Sex? No. Everyone is.
  Ritalinal: no about guys
  Col Jacen Solo: How guys feel? No, that's empathy.
  Ritalinal: beyond that, sexually.
  Ritalinal: JORY?
  Col Jacen Solo: Sex with guys? Well. I don't really know? I don't think about that.
  Ritalinal: am i gay?
  Ritalinal: huh?
  Col Jacen Solo: Only you'd know that.
  Ritalinal: i thought you looked prety in that picture with ur gf

8. Wuori has anger issues. He uses /b/ to make himself less angry.

9. Wuori asks me how to deal with acne...over 9,000 times a day...

  Col Jacen Solo: I'm growing a beard.
  Ritalinal: ive got acne how do i get rid of it
  Col Jacen Solo: lolwut?
  Ritalinal: ANSWER
  Col Jacen Solo: Shower daily, wash your face in the morning, and at night...Get clearasel I think it's called that...

10. Wuori has a maasive shota fetish.

  Ritalinal: you seen those 7chan shota pics?
  Ritalinal: JOEY?
  Col Jacen Solo: No. Don't look at shota.
  Ritalinal: u should!
  Ritalinal: its cool =D
  Col Jacen Solo: meh. I fap on my own, porn helps, but I enjoy my own adventures...
  Ritalinal: wanna see which one i'm looking at?
  Ritalinal: HUH?
  Col Jacen Solo: Not really Alex...
  Ritalinal: it's one of zelda, and link =D

11. Wuori is depressed, and has attempted to become an hero.

  Col Jacen Solo: Sup Alex!
  Col Jacen Solo: Just got out of the shower, how're you?
  Ritalinal: terrible! my mom yelled at me.
  Col Jacen Solo: Why?
  Ritalinal: for trying to hang myself with a belt.
  Ritalinal: and a door knob.
  Col Jacen Solo: You tried to hang yourself with a sash, and a door knob...?
  Ritalinal: my acne makes girls not like me.
  Col Jacen Solo: We all struggle in that field sometimes.

12. Wuori hates Kirtaner.

13. Wuori wants to be a cop.

  Ritalinal: joey i took this test today about what i will be when i get older!
  Ritalinal: im gonna be a cop
  Col Jacen Solo: Gonna catch sum /b/tards?
  Ritalinal: no i'm gonna shoot them.

14. Wuori is a fagt.

15. I gave you these logs, you pieces of shit, now you have something to do besides subeta.

New Info for Wuori's classmate

Apparently, everyone hates Wuori in his grade. Here's what one of his "friends" had to say:

"Yo guys, this is one of Wuorifag's classmates so I just want to tell you some stuff he recently did. Heres a convo with me an' him

  Wuormaster456: hey john
  me:Uhh hey dude
  Wuormaster456: i think i might convert 2 scientology. aliens are friggin sweet lol
  me: U know Anonymous is going to start milking you as an lolcow again rite?
  Wuormaster456: whatever ill just have my mom call the FBI again 

This is a conversation for like 2 months ago he is actually a scifag now!!! Let this be a new motive to further ruin his life. He is pissin' me off so badly. Here's another one

  Wuormaster456: wassup john
  me: Hey Alex...
  Wuormaster456: can i tell you something?
  me: yeah sure.
  Wuormaster456: me and my secret boyfriend just broke up.
  me: uhhh okay. that sucks i guess.

Apparently Wuori is also into Gaia too! lol

  Wuormaster456: my gaia account got hacked!!!
  me: so?
  Wuormaster456: my subeta got hacked too. :( i lost my kiki!!!
  me: wow uhhhh...

K that's it"

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