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AlisonPrime is actually a man IRL.

Enjoy your cock!   8====D (_(__)

What people actually believed AlisonPrime looked like.

AlisonPrime, Powerword: Steven Polk (also known as Alison Veronica Polk, Mahoroandou2005 and XenogearsGirl) was a "female" member of the GamerGate movement who spent "her" time doing nothing but talking about "her" over-sized tits and how "she" survived childhood uterine cancer that stole "her" ability to bear children. This all came to a close on November 3rd, 2015, when "her" house "blew up" and "she" was left homeless – The only problem being that "she" was actually a 31-year-old man and his lies were now completely exposed for the world to see – Thus proving that being a liar and an attention whore is not something that is reserved exclusively for anti-GamerGaters such as Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn.


It all started way back in 2010, when Steven realized he was shit at life and video games, so he had to create a girl in order to cope with the fact that he was fat and unloved. And like all fat nerds he played World of Warcraft and because he did not have any real life friends to play with, he applied to join a guild called ROKK. Utilizing his Google Images Search knowledge and use images of dumb sluts from around the globe, as well as the name Alison, he was accepted. But the WoWtards could actually sense that Alison was like them, a fat unkempt loser guy virgin, so he got kicked out of the guild. Skip to the next release, WoW release that is as Steven only has released himself, and he thought that he would reapply to the same guild only this time coming clean about being guy.

I lost both my jobs, I recently lost my father, I had to move back home, so I created my "Alison" persona as a complete 100% escape from reality, and the lie kinda spiraled out of control. After I swapped servers I decided to start being myself, and Im apping as myself now.



To summarize my opinions, go fuck yourself you minger fuck. I'd rather raid with 20 people than carry you through another expansion.


—Gold3n to Steven

After crying about this, Steven decided to take his creation to MMO-Champion and bitch about everything. Then one day while browsing for lonely WoWtards to e-sex, he saw an article on GamerGate and decided to chime in, as he saw the money potential. And the rest is history.

GamerGate and NotYourShield

Totally legits, guis

Early on, Prime got involved with autism awareness movements GamerGate and NotYourShield, where he pretended to be a girl by finding pics of tits on DeviantArt, cropping them in Photoshop and then sharing them so that the lonely virgins who have never seen a real pair of tits would fap over them, and in exchange give him money and attention. Of course the SJW lite abstract of GamerGate known as mods at KotakuInAction is still white knighting this guy, probably as they are too fucking stupid to find cleavage on their own, or their mom won't let them. In the end all Steven proved by his stunt is what we all knew all along, that there is no women in GamerGate or NotYourShield.

Burning down the house

Much like Chris-Chan, Prime also experienced the loss of all his earthly possession when the house was set ablaze, but instead of collecting Sonic, Prime collected Sonic and pics of cleavage.

The fund

Hearing the Polk house was set ablaze, Joseph William Beatty Jr. was quick to make a Archive today-ico.png fundraising site, in order to take the money for himself. Joseph has no relation to the family, and of course he has a habit of creating Archive today-ico.png fundraisers.

Steven's Catfished Boyfriend

Steven Polk's E-boyfriend.

Bram Frijns (also known as YamatoNMX and AmplifiedYT) is a YouTuber who, at some point, became AlisonPrime's E-boyfriend – a fact that he began to regret as soon as he learned that Alison was actually a 31-year-old male paedophile and not a big-titted slut as he had been led to believe.

As is the typical response in these kind of situations, Bram immediately joined Encyclopedia Dramatica upon his discovery of this article and attempted to remove a single link to his Facebook page – Little did he know that his resistance would only make ED's penis harder and result in a single link to his Facebook page being turned into an entire section about him.

By the way, we did remove the link to your Facebook page – You're welcome!

History of Violence

According to McHenry County (Same county where the Polk family resides) court records, Steve Polk was arrested in 2005 for "Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon." This new revelation raises the possibility that Steve killed his own dad lol and setting his house ablaze in order to get some attention.

AlisonPrime Steve Assault.png

GamerGate Backlash

After having been exposed for the fraud that he is, Steve decided it would be a great idea to "come clean" on Ralph Retort's YouTube stream and endure verbal rape for three-and-a-half hours. Steve sheds many crocodile tears during this encounter and when confronted with some harsh questions by the panel, he diverts attention by telling long-winded stories about World of Warcraft cosplay. Ralph plays the part of the "neutral moderator" and allows Steve plenty of time to explain himself, yet he continues to double down on his lies with even more lies. He was pushed to tears by each person on the Skype call at several different times. Three fucking hours and several Dr. Phil-eque lectures later, it's concluded that none of Steve's ill-gotten gains will be refunded, he's carried on a suspicious relationship with a known pedophile, and the closest thing to rectifying the situation would be for Steve to get the fuck off the internet. After the stream, Steve decided to delete fucking everything as advised by the callers.

The full interview.

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Crying Game version.

The lies

MMO champion

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