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All is Brawl was created 3 years ago by Neal DickTater in an attempt to create a community where basement dwellers, nintenfags, and 13-year-old-boys can enjoy discussing any fucking thing related to the planet's most overrated fighting game for children and distrubuting porn involving Zero Suit Samus and Peach. The members of this community suffer from large amounts of USI because they all believe that being part of the largest Smash Bros community on the planet is an honor. Despite this, every normal person on the planet has failed to actually give a shit about their horrid abortion of a Web 2.0 site. Your typical thread on All is Brawl consists of a large bitchpage where hundreds of aspies and basement-dwellers complain about always getting assraped by Metaknight in every single match.


Neal being obnoxious - Creator of All is Brawl.

All is Brawl is the primary community for SSB players. Although the forum was originally intended solely for tournament shit, it now has many other sections that attract unfunny 12-year-olds, furries, illiterate douchebags, acne-ridden Tourneyfags, and regular all-around faggots.

As the previous paragraph mentions, these members are terrible at being funny, and have a harmful superiority complex that causes them to dwell in their own cesspool of faggotry and wanting to be something they will never be accepted as to anyone else other than their mindless peers.

What You'll Usually Notice

Rina-Chan, an All is Brawl celebrity. This should give you a nice first impression of the site.

These users are primarily known for being liberal fags, disliking people that hate gays (half of the members are giant black person fags), having no sense of humor at all, worshiping some unfunny fag 'Plan 9' and going to tournaments when they're not circlejerking with their buddies. They love getting badges with the forums 'unique' system, although they have yet to realize that these 20x20 pixel icons under their avatars don't actually increase the size of their penises irl. Such faggots are known to All is Brawl as "badge whores." They have a badge for that too, though admins only give it to people they personally dislike.


The average Mario Party player wants to be famous and cool so he often creates combo videos, so he can gain a better rating, and thus a larger e-dick in the process. In fact, 108% of all the content posted there is useless. Also, since these brawlers can't handle negative criticism, you get faggotry like this:

Fag 1: "Look, I have made a video."

Fag 2: "You didn't make this. You stole it. It's the pro-fay-shun-al player named XXX from YYY."

Fag 1: (Edits previous posts) "Yeah, that's what I was saying all the time, but if you can't say anything positive about my video, please leave my thread."

Fag 2: "Fgt, I just told you the truth."

Fag 1: "Alright, that's enough! Could someone permaban this meaniefaec? He's hurting my feelings :(."

Fag 2: "Sure, ban me. That'll definitely make 'your' video look better."

Fag 1: "I've taken the videos off the site. I won't release any more. You're evil. *angst*"

Modfag: "What's going on here? I'm a moderator. I'm warning you; don't troll again. OK that's it, I'm a moderator, you're permabanned." Permabans Fag 2.


Modfag: "PLAY NICE KIDS adakfjaofopaji"


No shit, there are a bunch of people who are "pro" at this game, and make monies off of it by getting the "not pro" people to enter tournaments they can't win. Jew even picked up this game for a circuit and had a whole bunch of tournaments, but the top pro Mewtwo King (who doesn't even play Mewtwo, and that's actually his picture in the basement dweller section by the way), agreed to cheat with some other pro faggot by giving each other money and fixing the match, so MLG threw them out. Just about every region of players has their own top 10 "power ranking", in which the players that are in the top 10 actually decide who's top 10. Lolfagzmirite?


Already mentioned. He's often ridiculed by the community for a lack of social skills. When a bunch of 13 year old nigger jews tell you that you're the biggest nigger jew, that says something. He has admitted to memorizing the knockback for all characters at all damage % with all of Marth's moves. He's way too cool for the internet because he spends all his time playing this children's game.

Mike Haze

He's a fatass. His mom is really hot, so fuck her and send him the pics.


OMG A SONIC PLAYER THAT DID GOOD AT MLG?! He's also a Jew and likes to take it in the urethra. He comes from Utah, so you know he's hiding all sorts of things up his ass, because there's nothing to do there except shove things up your ass when you get bored.


A nigger that has a girlfriend who also plays this faggot game with him (but she sucks as hard as she sucks his dick). Makes a living off of playing this game, so all he has to do is sit around playing and getting better and better at doing the same shit over and over again. Once he pissed off Mike Haze's mom during a sleepover, and that's not cool.

Mike Haze's Mom

One time she shoved a controller up her vagoo, masturbated till orgasm, and the button presses beat M2K at a tournament (wireless controlur lulzwtfbbq some fag took the credit). Mango recorded it and sold the video on E-bay for $1. Now he's rich.

Friendly Members

As you can see in this thread, the AiB (or rather General Silliness randum desu) contingency is extremely friendly and helpful with the newbies. Like every forum on the Internet, you'll usually notice a lot of things like that.


Despite it being illegal to join this site if you're younger than 13, the moderators stand behind their swear censor to protect underage lurkers: "their are 10 yr olds heer dun spool dere minds k." It's against the rules to bypass the censor, but the mods are shit lazy so you can get away with it anyway. It is also against the rules to post pornography (no you can't link to it either shit for brains), because it's scary.

Trolling is against the rules too, though no one there knows what trolling actually is, so they usually end up banning everyone who makes a slightly offensive post (outside of General Silliness, A.K.A. /b/).

There are rules about cheating and shit but people have e-honor and don't do that kind of stuff.


This place has a chat too. It is, surprisingly, well moderated, but that's mainly because the mods there are power-abusing idiots.

Social Chat

This is essentially Ravenholm. It's full of zombies and has a crazy fat guy shooting randomly, namely a fruity imposter who thrusts everything that moves. If you enter Social Chat, expect one of three things:

  1. An unbelievably boring discussion between clanfags and more clanfags
  2. A bunch of wannabe trolls talking calmly about their day
  3. Half of the room talking about Pokémon

Stadium Chat

This is THE place to stroke your ego. Of course, if you have a score lower than 99,999,999 (because you have to destroy Lucas against a wall for 5 hours until your thumb bleeds), you'll be ridiculed beyond comprehension (not that you don't deserve it). You're also supposed to discuss your strategies, but that will result in the experts pointing out its flaws.

The above only applies if they're actually discussing the Stadium. And if anyone's actually in the chat.

Smash Talk

This room is for discussing anything related to Smash. Character matchups, stage design, technical skills, Melee vs. Brawl... they're all fair game.


This room mainly is dead due to the fact that if you wanna talk about smash you go to smashboards like a true tourneyfag.

Free Play

fr33 m4tch p10x?


The breeding ground of tourneyfags in the making. 99.98% of players have a need for connection has less lag then playing an offline match. Anything more than 2 miles away and you will get flooded with "Johns". E.g. "I COULDN'T SURVIVE CUZ THAR WUS 1 INCH OF LAGZ O£O£(FU£($F:{:LPRFLC)%**"!:!"

Trading Floor

Created Last Thursday, this is a chat where faggots with no lives (that is, pretty much every user on this shitty website) go to trade virtual trading cards. Seriously.

General Silliness

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A representation of the inhabitants of AiB.

General Shitposting is one of the darker regions of the site. It came into being sometime around 2007, when Neal, DacidHo, and the other mods decided that rather than punish the heck out of all the forum's trolls, they would instead create a separate forum for the trolls to post in. Thus, General Silliness was born.

General Silliness was, at some point moved down in an attempt to stop new members of the site from going there and leaving the site forever. Of course, this didn't succeed. Instead of removing it from the site completely and banning all its members, Neal didn't do anything, as normal.

Lulz Warriors

Some of the faggots on this website actually contribute to lulz and good fun.


Distributed nudes of herself, and when asked why, responded "it was for teh lulz". Otherwise, she's an idiot, but fun to laugh at. All the virgins on this website hit on her because she actually delivered, although it's technically CP, and viewing it will get you party vaned.


Originally had his moderation powers stripped away because he advertised over All is Faggots that he was going to livestream some movies, and at some point, showed some porn, or hentai, or something. Basically, the other pussy moderators couldn't handle him being cool and resented not being as cool as him. He was eventually given back his powers and now uses his diplomatic immunity to keep the place from producing so much homosex that it implodes on itself. Used to be overweight, but dieted and actually did shit with his life. Now he's the coolest of the losers, though he's still a loser because he affiliates with these retards, even if only to make them seem cooler by having him around. He's also the president of All is Brawl, which means he actually gained no power from neal, but rather, had won blowjobs from all of the kids playing this stupid game. Admittedly likes Beat Angel Escalayer, so you know he's a closet homo. He also uploaded pictures of himself fapping to shitting dick nipples on some website where gay guys talk about their undersized cocks.


This has got to be the biggest bitch on AiB you will ever meet. You manage to get this dumb hoe mad she'll take all the evils of hell and come swinging your way. Not to mention the stash of mods she keeps in her Vag.

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