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Something you can see at any local beach or pool.

Alle is a dumb 15 year old attention whore camwhore (is there any other kind?), who realized that the secret to being Internet famous is to tease little 12 year old boys by moving around on a bed like a retard. While she has the body of your average 15 year old chink, the fact that she seemingly has mastered the art of Internet diseased cockteasing will make idiots believe she has “the body of a goddess”. She will occasionally deliver to prevent people from becoming bored, but nothing you can't see on your local pool. She apparently enjoys messing with the brains of drones who aren't capable of forming a coherent sentence and blurt out "Tits or GTFO" all the time. Which is hardly an accomplishment, considering it has been done before, and Graham's number times more successfully, by other people.

She will often be seen with her stuffed penguin or other animals she humps as an attempt to appeal to the furry demographic. Like her attention whoring wasn't obvious enough, she often makes promises she never plans to keep just in order to get more viewers, such as, "300+ and pants off!" or, "500+ and naked."

Tips for Getting Tits

  • Be ridiculously loud.
  • Be annoying.
  • Call the woman a whore, it just turns her on!

Nipple Controversy

No, you're not "trolling" for "epic lulz" Do you even know what the word troll means?

As an attempt to mimic Christina Model, she tries as hard as she can to never show her nipples. However, nip slips happen, and when you're a teasing camwhore, you know that the second you screw up, your nudes will be screenshotted. Not that it matters much; just like your average trashy slut from Chinktown, her nipples are often hard and you can see them when she doesn't have a bra. Sadly, we can't host the screenshot where she actually shows her nipples on ED. Don't worry, you're not missing much.

300 Viewers on 4th Night

300 views on her 4th night. Turn off the internets, Al Gore.

On Saturday, May 31, 2008, she hit 300 views for doing nothing but fake humping her penguin, which is most explicit action than the 12 year old boys who were watching ever saw and started creaming their panties again. She got flagged and banned (holy shit, you can get banned just by being an eyesore? GET THESE MODS ON YouTube!) and made a new account. Before her new account was made partial tits were shown, and plenty of ass. She giggled nonstop at the mass of 14 year old boys screaming at their computers for moar.




550 Viewers Make her Orgasm

Once again, Alle tries to be a cool troll, I heard it's the new hip thing!

Saturday, May 31, 2008, she yet again hit a new record. 500 viewers from /b/. She was extremely giddy (having an orgasm over the thought of having so many losers looking at her), did nothing and eventually got banned once again. Seriously, YouTube, start taking notes: this is how you're supposed to moderate.

Even after she was gone, the channel had nearly 100 faggots drooling at her offline channel. This proves that only complete retards actually watch this kind of streams.

856 Viewers get Bored to Death

856 average /b/tards

Thursday, June 8. Little boys who want to fap get lulled, wait for nudes, nothing happens. Notice a pattern?


Tiny Cock Man, aka, BrandonMay.

In the early hours of Tuesday, June 10, 2008, Alle successfully trolled some random ass douchebag named Jeff, Yahoo! Live tag "BrandonMay". After a few hours of conversation, she offered the typical trap "tits for cock", which he fell for, being a complete dumbass. He gave an entire channel the following information regarding his account:

Username: Jeff08
Password: usaf17 (No longer working)

Inside, pictures of his tiny cock, random cunts, and his girlfriend Lindsay's horrible vagina, which ought to be kept in a fucking cage. He has never been seen on Yahoo! Live again, and is probably hiding somewhere in the mountains of the sandniggers. Probably the only remotely funny thing Alle accomplished.

NoSubstance the Male Attention Whore

NoSubstance is a friend of Alle, possible even an IRL friend of hers. Just like Alle, he wanted to become eFamous. Since he lacks tits and doesn't possess the five brain cells required to operate a botnet, his only option was to try to get on the Alle bandwagon. Claimed to be a /b/tard and Y! Live lurker.

Alle is known to take him and Reapx to both of them rather well, no matter how hard they insult her, because it's obviously an act so they can all climb their way up to Internet stardom. NoSubstance can almost always be seen on the phone with Alle making the underaged audience moan and bitch for her number. Despite all that, no one suspected a thing when he “hacked” her profile.

His favorite thing to do is to pretend he is a girl and then make people count for tits. Sorry, you're not pretty enough to be a convincing tranny, but you are convincing enough to be a faggot. A dick is fine too.

NoSubstance “Hacking” Her Page

At 5:00AM June 1, 2008, Alle decided that teasing kids wouldn't last forever, since people tend to get bored fast, so they engineered a scheme to keep people interested; NoSubstance got into Alle's page and started banning everyone (JEEZ I WONDER HOW HE GOT HER PASSWORD?!?!!!SHIFTY-ONE). Alle's fanboys whined, NoSubtance, Alle and friends all laughed and patted each other on the back thinking it was such a brilliant troll filled with “epic lulz.” Like it wasn't already obvious enough that they were in this together, she got back on, cussed at him and carried on. It is quiet sad that the population of Y! Live believed this shenanigan, but it is quite believable. Good job idiots on the internet.

Less than an hour later he once again “hacked” into her account (HOW DOES HE DO THIS?! Is he a... HACKER ON STEROIDS?!!!!?!) and all she did this time was to beg for him to get off.