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Hello my future girlfriend, this is what i look like

Allendsin is a horny Pakistani man named Salman who stupidly hit on the wrong girl.

The incident

It all started when Allendsin AIMed Girlvinyl, asked her for topless pics. She consulted ED IRC, who told her to Last Measure his ass; unfortunately, his shitty Paki computer didn't have Flash, making Last Measure useless.

Instead, she invited him to ED IRC, describing it as an all-girl channel with no men. Allendsin showed up two hours later and was welcomed by Sheneequa and Feem. He started sending them private messages as well, asking for pixpls. Feem posed as a 17-year-old receptionist named Penelope who spoke fluent AOL, while Sheneequa played a Suicide Girl whose boyfriend was stolen by Feem, that dirty slut. Miltopia also got in on the whole thing but later lost his chatlogs, as he is useless.

Feem and Allendsin happened to live in the same town when he wasn't in Pakistan, so he tried to get her into bed. Sheneequa flew into a jealous rage and called Feem a dirty two-timing slut, Feem cried, and the four of them all started fighting in the channel while Sherrod claimed Allendsin as her property.

Feem becomes an hero

Feem told the channel she was fired for masturbating at work after Allendsin told her his penis was eight inches long. She then shot herself, but poor Miltopia heard the shot and had a mental breakdown. Allendsin was still busy trying to cyber Sherrod when Feem returned as Sergeant Dumas, seeking info for the police investigation into the death of Penelope Clant. As evidenced by Bleep's logs, Allendsin may have realized he was being fucked with, but he was too busy sucking Girlvinyl's imaginary penis to care.

Sergeant Dumas gave Allendsin his personal info and told him that he could be arrested for being involved in the death of Ms. Clant if he ever returned to America. He said fuck the US Government (the freedom-hating terrorist!). Right before Feem could pingflood him off the internets, he signed off, scared shitless for his life and freedom after Dumas threatened to have him extradited.

Sexual deviancy

Allendsin is into cunnilingus and transexuals with big boobs. After everyone got bored, Sherrod tried to get him to leave by telling him she was a man in the middle of cybering. She ordered him to suck her penis and he actually did it, the sick sand black person.

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