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The Almighty Pillage is a form of Flame War.

To give the basic structure of the Almighty Pillage:

  1. A gentle and intellectually stimulating conversation starts between civilized members of an LJ community. The conversation might be about cats, or Andrew Lloyd Webber, or God or, more likely, about how stupid everybody else is.
  2. A group of closely allied flamers (or, more likely, trolls) discover the conversation.
  3. Each of the flamers individually attacks the OP and forces the OP to defend themselves.
  4. If the OP is perceived to have made any contradictions in their replies to the horde, the horde will claim that they have pwnt the OP.

This behavior is analogous to a plague of locusts and a farmer. The farmer can't protect every grain of wheat 100% of the time.

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