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Early on the morning of march 6th 2007 an epic trap was laid, a presumed British b-tard posted this copypasta:

Dear /b/. Many people are going to call this copypasta, or attention whoring, or whatever.
That's fine.

But I am committing suicide.

I am a 16 year old male who doesn't go to school. My life is pathetic. Because of physical problems
I was born with, I am forced to wear diapers. I cannot control urine or bowels. I can't walk more
than 5 minutes. I'm anti social. I have no friends. I'm in constant pain, physical and emotional.

So I am committing suicide. Now on to the reason for this thread.

Something I've always wanted is to become an hero to the internet.

I have also not yet come up with a way to do it.

So give me advice. Anything, ridiculous or painful, if it will make me an hero.

I have a webcam.

If you need proof I'm 4 srsly, my email is [email protected]

PS: This is a remake because I made a new email for this event and wanted the pic to be visible.

His stickam was soon flooded with gullible /b/tards who came to cheer him on and spam memes, but, as the final moment drew near and an hero pulled out the knife, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air appeared on the screen. /b/ had been trolled in an epic way. Now it shall go down in internets lore that today was the day that all of /b/ was trolled by a man with a diaper on his face.

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