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Also known as alt+0173, is a key combination executed by holding down the ALT key and typing '0173'. Your computer then substitutes a (normally) undisplayed soft hyphen, Unicode character U+00AD. This is a common trick used on the internets for many purposes, such as bypassing wordfilters, to maintain forced anon by choice after The Great Re/b/oot (the character would make the name display a blank name rather than "Anonymous"), and to post using moot's tripcode without getting b&.

To experience the wonderous natural high caused by this character:

  1. Hold down the Alt key and type "0173" (without the quotes, newfag).
  2. Its hexadecimal value is %C2%AD and its HTML code is ­.
  3.  ?????
  4. PROFIT!!!

Then sit back and enjoy, knowing that in some small way you're sticking it to The Man.

­ Pastebin: Pastebinfavicon.png f6d49c476