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Everson quickly alttabs from his scat porn
Alt+Tab is a life saver!

Used to hide what you're looking at on the internets. If you live with your parents, surf the net at work, or you're a closet homo with a straight roommate, then your masturbation session includes lots of Alt+Tabbing. For instance, you might tab away from goatse back to Disney's website (or possibly the reverse, depending on how perverted Disney gets). Unfortunately, Alt+Tab will not pull your pants back on, nor remove the mystery goo from your hands.


When someone walks into the room, calmly perform the following:

  1. Cum
  2. Freak out
  3. Try to pull pants up
  4. Remember that the porn is still on the screen
  5. Hold the Alt key
  6. Press Tab
  7. Tell your mom that you weren't jerking it to furry porn

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