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Alyssa is without a doubt the biggest ass whore ever shat into existence. Because she constantly fails at life and lives with her family in a FEMA trailer, but pays 10 bucks a month to wiz on avatar palace, she thinks she can take out her shit on other people. In particular the users of this fine chat system mainly populated by 13 year old boys, 16 year old girls, juggalos, emos, goths and faggots.

Even though Alyssa is well in her 30's, she still has an obsession with "blinkies" and little boys, who she often e-cheats with. So far she e-cheated on her assclown excuse for a husband Ronnie with Wes, Ethan, and Clintz (15 years old) which basically also makes her a pedophile. She used to be married with some guy named Joe, who went off to get a pack of cigarettes after one of her constant bitching sessions and never came back. Leaving her alone with his spawn Aaron. She later shit out another kid with this Ronnie Character whom she met on a furry fandom site and is also in to mudkip and Rangerphile scat porn.

My blinkie for Alyssa.

Needless to say a lot of centipedes went along with shitting each kid out of her chlamydia ridden vagina.

The fucking god damn blinkies

Alyssa shoves baseball bats up her old centipedes ridden vagina.

Even though Alyssa is in her 20's, as mentioned before, she is infantile, crazy, and full of AIDS. She likes to "make" blinkies and distribute them on to websites mostly occupied by 13 year old boys and 16 year old girls. That is, if making them means stealing them from those little kids and claiming them as your own. It got to such a point those goonies had enough of her stealing and made an online petition against her:

To: Anyone

We believe that Alyssa of has stolen blinkie templates, has harassed people, and has hacked someone's Photobucket account/email/LiveJournal. She has accused a PBF forum member of stealing graphics, when she was the one stealing herself. Plus, the forum member didn't steal a single thing. We believe its unfair that the victims get screwed, and the villian (Alyssa) gets away with it. We will not stop till something is done. May it be shutting down her site or possibly charging her with harassment or worse. Its time something is DONE!



— The undersigned (the children)

Why of course someone who steals shit and hacks in to children's photobuckets, emails and livejournals should wiz on avatar palace, another place kids love to hang out at. Spoil their fun there too! Good idea! Her reply to this was as always like a mean old troll bitch, fortunatly for the kids she doesn't moderate any blinkie site except for her own shit blinkie site, the reply:

Alyssa's hint to ronnie: PLEASE grow a penis.

About the blinkies on my site...

There are MANY blinkies on my site. Some are made by me, these are ones that SAY they are made by me. There are MANY not made by me. These I DO NOT claim as my own, nor have I ever claimed them as my own. The blinkies on my site, that werent made by me, are FREEWARE blinkies. Freeware means whoever made them, then made them open for others to make and edit. There are also some that people have made and CLAIMED as "theirs" However, what they did was..take a pixell from another site, then stuck some boxes on it..and called it "theirs". I however, find that retarded and do not play that game. If they didnt make it pixel for pixel, then its free for others to use.PERIOD! You cant claim something that isnt yours to begin with as yours, just because you stuck some blinking boxes on it. So, there are some of those on my site too.

I completely agree with giving credit WHERE IT IS DUE. However, i WILL NOT credit you for work that isnt yours. I dont care how much you scream and bitch about it. People claiming stuff that isnt theirs is dont even bring your crap to me, cause i simply wont have it. Now, if there is a pixel on my site, that has been altered or placed on a blinkie, that is YOUR pixel. Meaning you made it yourself and can show me proof of this, like by your site, etc..and you want it removed. I am COMPLETELY ok with that. All ya gotta do is email me at [email protected] and tell/show me which one and I will remove it. If you TOOK someone elses pixels and made a blinkie and want to claim it, dont bother. You cant claim what isnt yours


— Alyssa the cuntwhore

PRO-TIP: Feel free to spam the living shit out of her using the above address or [email protected] Kthnx.

Gallery of Alyssa's stolen "blinkie" shit

Manual to stalk Alyssa

Alyssa had made her own stalking manual before, although true: Who in the name of shit would stalk an uberbitch that looks like a heroine hooker? Your guess is as good as any. The "facts" below where taken of her own website, because the voices in her mind starting stalking her about them. Have many moar lulz using them wherever you like:

Hear hear!
I got this idea, from the webring, 100 things about me. However, they arent accepting new members. But, since i am always getting emails asking me about me, i decided to added my own anyways. So, enjoy.
1.) My name is Alyssa.
2.) I have a 2 year old son, named Aaron.
3.) I am married to a great guy named Ronnie.
4.) I am 21 years old.
5.) I live in Texas
6.) I have a 6 month old son, his name is Breydan.
7.) I am a music whore, I love all kinds.
8.) I am a huge fan of Deadstar Assembly. (
9.) I love anything 80's. (movies, music, etc.)
10.) I spend alot of time online.
11.) I love to eat lemons with salt and dr.pepper.
12.) I love to cook, but I dont know how to cook too many
13.) I drive a mini van.
14.) It has a tv and vcr and it fits me well as a stay at home mommy.
15.) I love true crime shows and books.
16.) I am fascinated by why people do the things they do.
17.) I believe most people truely suck.
18.) I believe the world today is selfish, cold and mean.
19.) I am not one of those people who make the world as it is.
20.) I am incredibally honest, and it sometimes hurts people.
21.) I love learning about different types of life and religions.
22.) I believe in God..but not 1 certain religion.
23.) I am pro-choice.
24.) I cover my eyes in any movie where there is a knife.
25.) I am obsessive-compulsive.
26.) I loved high school.
27.) I want to go to college and study something in the law field, although, i cant make up my mind on what.
28.) I cry at sad movies.
29.) I cry anytime a show/movie shows a baby being born.
30.) I am the head Godess for
31.) I have more REAL friends online then i do offline.
32.) I am very choosey about who i trust and befriend.
33.) Drama whores make me laugh.
34.) I love the color pink.
35.) I have custody of a 4 year old little boy, who's mother was a drug addict.
36.) I share that custody with his grandmother.
37.) I view him as mine.
38.) I love going to the beach
39.) I am deathly afraid of heights.
40.) I am also afraid of being off my feet. Wether it be say on a boat in the ocean, or in the air on a plane. I want my feet on the ground.
41.) I am very bossy.
42.) I am a great friend.
43.) I am very loyal.
44.) I love being in Love.
45.) I got married on November 10th, 2004.
46.) Im now a Mrs.
47.) I belive marriage should last forever.
48.) I love the movie, Rose Red.
49.) I am fascinated with Alcatraz.
50.) I like reading about unexplained things.
51.) I make alot of Typos.
52.) I rarely correct them.
53.) I love the person I am.
54.) I tend to be pretty conceited..and i like it.
55.) I hate liars.
56.) I love to sleep.
57.) I am addicted to Nyquil.
58.) I have hyperthyriodism.
59.) It keeps me
60.) I watch all the goofey teen shows such as the OC and One Tree hill.
61.) AND i LIKE them.
62.) I love survivor.
63.) I was rooting for Rupert.
64.) I hate feet.
65.) I think guys with dark hair and dark eyes are sexy.
66.) I am extremely preppy in the clothes i wear.
67.) I just bought a new house.
68.) I like frogs.
69.) I hate this position.
70.) But, i like many others =P
71.) I am afraid of the dark.
72.) I get my feelings hurt easily.
73.) I am very sensitive.
74.) I think Vin Deisel is sexy.
75.) I hate most of my family.
76.) I like to pixel paint..
77.) I love to watch my sons sleep.
78.) I constantly worry about them when they are not with me.
79.) I am a very jealous person when it comes to my man.
80.) I was on student council in school.
81.) I have blonde hair.
82.) not orginally.
83.) I love to read.
84.) I like Harry Potter.
85.) I have never tried any drugs, other then pain killers.
86.) I like vicodin.
87.) I only drink on social occassions.
89.) I think Diamonds are ugly and overrated.
90.) I love roses.
91.) I love candles.
92.) I have allergies.
93.) I believe in Aliens.
94.) I can be very bitchy.
95.) Although i am sensitive and get hurt easily, only certain people can hurt me., It has to be someone I like..and trust.
96.) Other people jsut make me laugh with their attempts. 97.) Hell hath no furry, like Alyssa scorned.
98.) I will never be who you want me to be.
99.) It took me like 30 minutes to do this. 
100.) After reading all of this, you still do not know me

In conclusion: We do know you Alyssa, and you are a stupid bitch. And you reek of AIDS and death. Kthnx!

NEW!!!! LOLchat with Alyssa

Alyssa was kind enough to support us by giving an EDiot a lolchat complaining about butthurt not realising the log would be saved right away and posted here. Enjoy!!!! Btw she QUIT Avatar Palace, so we went for the epic pwn with this page. CELEBRATION TIME!!!! MISSION COMPLETE. FOR SPAAARTAAAA!!!!

clearly unphased:    i really hope you eventually get a life. I, 20 years old and playing online stalking games, making up whole websites full of lies, for fun? need a life.
clearly unphased:    Im Alyssa.
Divx-Mongool:    OMG RLY?????????
clearly unphased:    ...
Divx-Mongool:    YOU are alyssa?????????
clearly unphased:    Yes.
Divx-Mongool:    the REAL alyssa????????
clearly unphased:    yes?
Divx-Mongool:    PROVE IT
clearly unphased:    lol..if you expect me to send you more pics, you are insane. I want you to take my picture offline.
clearly unphased:    so tell me..
clearly unphased:    are you really this pathetic?
Divx-Mongool:    i dont believe you are the real alyssa.
clearly unphased:    in real life..or is it just online?
clearly unphased:    Well how would you like me to prove it
Divx-Mongool:    NO first i need you to prove to me you are.
clearly unphased:    ?
Divx-Mongool:    lemme think how can you prove you are really her.... tell me some stuff. only she would know
clearly unphased: that you can make up more lies and put them on that stupid site? I think not.
Divx-Mongool:    no no just give me something, i mean how am I supposed to believe you are Alyssa? lets think up something easier, like you unbannign me for example
clearly unphased:    ahahha
clearly unphased:    yea, Ill be sure and run and do that. 
clearly unphased:    Not.
Divx-Mongool:    if you cant, then you arent the real alyssa and this conversation is over.
clearly unphased:    actually
clearly unphased:    I am the real alyssa, and considering I quit
clearly unphased:    I cant anyways
clearly unphased:    but
Divx-Mongool:    you CANT unban me? then you arent her. sorry.
clearly unphased:    I could tell you your ips that were killed
clearly unphased:    Lmao..i quit you idiot
clearly unphased:    doesnt make me ot me
clearly unphased:    ask Joe
Divx-Mongool:    thats easy you can trace that trough my AIM
clearly unphased:    or anyone else
Divx-Mongool:    i like to be referred to as EDiot, not idiot thank you very much
clearly unphased:    then ask me soenthing else that doesnt have to do with me using powers on palace
Divx-Mongool:    i think you are zack janking my chain, or dangasm.
clearly unphased:    well
clearly unphased:    ask someone you know from palace
clearly unphased:    what my screen name is
Divx-Mongool:    HOW i am FUCKING BANNED THERE.
clearly unphased:    what do you mean how?
clearly unphased:    killip
clearly unphased:    lol
clearly unphased:    dont you know anyone on aim?
Divx-Mongool:    they all hate me :'(((((
clearly unphased:    imagine that..did you make fake pages about them too?
clearly unphased:    I can prove its me, from the emails you sent me.
Divx-Mongool:    no i showed them loldongs and told them they were pwnd.
clearly unphased: you really are that pathetic.
clearly unphased:    ...
clearly unphased:    and retarded too..nice/
Divx-Mongool:    what you dont believe i served in da nang?
clearly unphased:    anyays, Ive now grown bored of you and your stupidity. I just wanted to ask where you get all your etc..since oyu do this to people and my ex.. but apparently you are just a retarded idiot..
clearly unphased:    so yea
clearly unphased:    cya
Divx-Mongool:    lulz, pwnd u again
Divx-Mongool:    just bask in your pwn lady. enjoy!!!!
clearly unphased:    oh yea, you pwnd me..Youre so cool.
clearly unphased:    bye now.
Divx-Mongool:    you had it coming for a long time hahahaha yeah bye, enjoy your centipedes


Note: Saying you quit doesn't change the fact you were fired for being a pædophile!


*** You have been offered an avatar by .echelon;[px]* in Chat Zone 6 (589). To accept it type 'accept
.echelon;[px]*:   dont say that again.
L:                Oh look a fellow EDiot
.echelon;[px]*:    :)
.echelon;[px]*:   or you will be removed.
·÷×(`··£µ®lèñè··´)×÷·: say what again?
.echelon;[px]*:   that link
·÷×(`··£µ®lèñè··´)×÷·: why will i be removed if i give out a link?
.echelon;[px]*:   its not allowed
.echelon;[px]*:   and that link especially is not allowed

Links that will give you phail and AIDS

* Her site, eye bleach needed afterwards. (LULZ UPDATE: She took it down the next day after this article got posted.)

* You can still view her website hear. (Although highly recommended: Do not want.) ! not anymore!

  • The Anti-Alyssa petition, please sign. NOTE: When this first got posted in this article, it ALREADY had 446 signatures in total, so there's your rough estimate of how many people hate Alyssa in the blinkie community alone, besides avatar palace!
  • Avatar palace. (PRO-TIP: Mail them asking to get rid of Alyssa.) MISSION ACCOMPLISHED