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Rebecca (powerword David Leighton) is an Australian Admin with Oversight, and CheckUser, and one of Wikipedia's first arbitrators. No, not making that up -- she/he/it (shit?) ran in July 2004 and flopped, then tried again in December and was installed by Jimbo His Glory, after a really shitty vote return. He soon found it was no fun and resigned in July 2005. Despite being obviously donkey-dick raving drooling crazy, the Wikipedians welcomed "Her" Highness with open arms.

Rebecca was content with screwing with transgender articles to promote sex changes as a natural thing and replacing completely fine words like shemale with lame euphemisms, and shitting on conservative Aussie politicians. Then he was discovered by Blu Aardvark.

Aardvark instantly fell in love with him. They sent e-love letters back and forth like Sgt. Snowpake and Nathanr (then later Sgt. Snowpake and Sceptre when he got over his fetish for older Canadians who were pedophiles). That has got to be disturbing to anyone with an IQ greater than room temp. But this is Wikipedia we're talking about....

Then tragedy struck, for Rebecca had learned that Aardvark was a furry and immediately lost interest. Rebecca tried to break the relationship off, but Aardvark was too obsessed so Rebecca did the only thing he could. He sent a link to Aardvark of his previous usernames, which were:

Aardvark was first confused but then Rebecca emailed him his pre-operation photo...

Hot no? (If you're into crazed hillbillies)

Although tempted to fap, Aardvark did not. He flew into a rage and vandalized all of Wikipedia for days. And that's how Blu Aardvark got banned from Wikipedia...


Rebecca, then, to make sure he'd never hear from Blu Aardvark again, went and banned him from IRC, which to this day Aardvark is still butthurt about. ...and his operation scar had not pained Rebecca for at least 100 years. All was well.

Becca is obsessed with Australian politics, and despite not having any connections to the insider gang on TOW since 2007, he continued to edit articles on Aussie politicians. Until 2012, when he had his name changed to this, and disappeared. He's not even a memory at this point because he did his shit-disturbing very early in WP history, and didn't even lulz it up properly. Supposedly "she" was a law student at Australian National University during his Wiki-Reign-Of-Terror. Fuck knows where he is now, could be dead and buried, could be the Prime Minister. Abbott certainly looks like a tranny. (Haw haw.)

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