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This is Amethe or Rubberbitch trapped in a rubbersuit because it is a rubberfur and likes laying eggs and being tortured, apparently.

Amethe also known as Koi, Sarahkatt and liking to call itself Rubberbitch is apparently attempting to take over from August Yifu with interests in babyfur, rubberfur, crossdresser. Amethe has no gender, as it insists on being treated as a thing rather than a person given Amethe works in San Jose and is already wearing diapers 24/7 this will probably happen very soon.

The Real Amethe

Amethe likes to immobilse itself in rubber bags and be trapped in it own mess until morning.

Amethe has been trying to untrain itself to become totally dependent on diapers like most babyfurs do, often getting diapered before work, locked in rubber pants and leaving the key at home having to wallow in it's own filth until it gets home. Amethe uses exceptionally large plugs up it's ass to untrain itself by pushing the large plugs in so deep it can no longer control the muscles there, forcing it to shit itself anytime a cock isn't lodged in its loose asshole. It often arrives at work and craps itself and then sits around at work in shitty diapers for hours on end before going home.

When it finally gets home it changes and then straps itself into bed, unable to move until the morning. It often forgets to change its disgusting diaper between the locking panties and night time bondage, leading to it smelling like shit constantly.

As a babyfur it also insists on using infuriating babytalk at home, in public, and even in the workplace. It plans to get tongue and lip piercings which it can glue together to permanently paralyze its tongue and ensure the babytalk becomes a permanent part of its sad existence.

Additionally its experiments in crossdressing have become slowly more extreme over time to the extent it now no longer owns any male underwear, only panties and diapers and has started wearing training bras despite obviously having no breasts. To fix this Amethe wears fake breasts any time it can, insisting they are real. It is planning to get a heavy rubber doll suit to enhance this further removing all humanity and maleness that it can. It will undoubtedly insist on wearing this horrifying suit in public, guaranteeing much hilarity.

It started getting into crossdressing by borrowing/stealing swimsuits and jerking off in them and still does this often, having even been caught fapping at public pools.

Humilation fetish

Amethe also has a humilation fetish, pushing itself to do more and more embarrasing and huimilating things, it will probably be reading this page right now and fapping thinking about how much worse things are going to get once it's crossdressing includes wearing the diapers (see above about the babyfur using plugs so it can no longer control it's own shitting) 24/7 with thick rubber locking pants over them the key left at home so it can't get out even when it shit's itself, wearing tights, high heels, fake breasts, bra, blouse and a skirt because you know that is what crossdressers do.

Amethe has considered changing it's name to rubberbitch permanently, and is looking for a way to do this legally but has been unable to get to court due to being kept in humilating bondage, thick diapers and rubber pants and locked into a crib when not at work.

No fapping

Amethe is under strict orders that it is only allowed to fap twice a week, this makes Amethe as a rubberbitch exceptionally easy to be controlled by those around it, Amethe wants to be in chastity permanently kept like a bitch in heat. This is a good idea, as it will ensure Amethe will never breed.

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