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Amy, Sally, and Mina are a band created by a certain sick fuck on deviantART whose concerts are usually attended to by furfags. If you are a furfag, go see them. I don't care what their songs mean, they are just masturbated to by furries.

One's a hedgehog, one's a chipmunk, one's a mongoose. They compulsively chase after Sonic the Hedgehog and sing shitty pop songs.


They originated on in December 2008 on deviation called "Sonic, Sonic" uploaded by a woman named Allison, or her dA name: SanrioAnimaniacs13. In it they sing about furry lord Sonic the Hedgehog doing something called "Unleashed". We at ED don't know what it is, we hope it's porn. The song went unnoticed for a while until October 2009 when a dA user named sonbreezie (who is also a woman) liked the song, posted comments on it, and stalked the woman. Why is she stalking a woman older than her for her personal info for a frakking slumber party and driving her to the point of anxiety and leaving the site due to paranoia and calling the song horrible and embarrassing? Because Sonic sneezed on his glove in it. And she literally wrote a WHOLE song about that one line. The song also mentioned the porn Sonic did.

sonbreezie ALSO stole pictures of Amy, Sally, and Mina so she could watch that porn.

Fast forward to 2015. sonbreezie's now a literal n00b screaming to people that don't ship Sonamyallyina that they should "shut up about Shadamy or Antally or Ashina & Tailina and START SHIPPING SONAMYALLYINA!" She shills fake concerts for them. Get a life, sonbreezie. She says that her favorite part of "Unleashed" is when Sonic screams in agony when he's being electrocuted. What the hell. (They did it better with Luke Skywalker in Return of the Jedi, though.)

As of today, Amy, Sally, and Mina are bitches that sing like idiots. Nobody likes them. Oh, and sonbreezie thinks Amy is still in her classic outfit. She has no life. When sonbreezie returned to deviantART in October 2015, she continued spewing her faggotry onto the site.

But wait! In 2016, sonbreezie officially revealed she was cured of AIDs and no longer makes any Amy, Sally, and Mina stuff. If she does, she will usually regret it. Why does she still do it from time to time? We don't know. Maybe it's the dark side in her. Oh... and she finally found out where SanrioAnimaniacs13 lived, but fortunately managed to forget the address.

Other Amy, Sally, and Mina silliness

  • TV Tropes had an article on them, but sadly is now removed from the site.
  • deviantART is where it's at if you want to see what's new from the three sluts who sing like crap.
  • They are even on Facebook.
  • They have a blog, too. It hasn't been updated much.
  • Fanfiction has been written about them. "Black Rose" could be considered an ASM fic, but isn't. Now "The Concert", yes, they even have the original song about Sonic and porn.
  • A YouTube plush series is in the works.
  • Sminny-Wew is a Tumblr account made by the woman who started it all. (Allison)

What ASM fangirls do

  • They watch the three human animals fuck Sonic while singing about his previous girlfriend dying.
  • They don't think Breezie (the girlfriend mentioned above) is a robot. Robosexuality isn't allowed! (Except for Metamy. That is COOL.)
  • They watch the three bitches cover Michael Jackson music along with dancing horribly.
  • They go to Sonic Fanon Wiki and whine about Amy, Sally, and Mina being "teh best band evar!!!!!!!!!!!11111one".
  • They vandalize the official Sonic wiki to say that Amy turned 8 again and is touring with Sally and Mina. YOU LYING!
  • They misspell liek dis and use double exclamation points, double question marks, and have a space before and after a hyphen. They also use "in'" instead of "ing" and will talk in all caps with multiple exclamation points if they're excited or angry. Like this!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm listenin' to Amy, Sally, and Mina and their new one - hit wonder. What??
  • They watch a fake TV show called "Sonic Night Live", a parody of Saturday Night Live. Different Sonic characters will host, but Amy, Sally, and Mina will almost always be the musical guest.
    • They also don't understand that "Sonic, Sonic" was a parody of "Chevy, Chevy", a song sung by Gilda Radner, Jane Curtin, and Laraine Newman for Chevy Chase on Saturday Night Live. Oh, no. They think "Sonic, Sonic" was a real song.
      • So they believe Gilda, Jane, and Laraine voice Amy, Sally, and Mina. That isn't true...Gilda is dead.
  • They are almost always purchasing a Wii to play on Friday nights. The game? "Unleashed"!
  • They write crappy fanfiction about them.
  • They want SEGA to make a game about them. Oh, and it has to be for the Wii, even though new games for it aren't made anymore.
  • They don't care about Luke Skywalker being zapped by Force lightning and screaming, which is almost the same exact thing as their favorite part of "Unleashed". Even though sonbreezie likes that scene, the fans just watch the crappy furry version.


I think these are the same faggots who HATE Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, due to the lack of Hilbert and Hilda. (sonbreezie was one of them, though...)

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