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Joshua Nimm, An Halo to us all not actually Nimm.

Joshua Nimm, or as he will forever be remembered, An Halo, was an 11-year-old boy who became yet another video game-related casualty. He became an hero on 4th September, 2008. His death is sure to spark drama amongst concerned mothers everywhere, now claiming that playing video games can lead kids to become suicidal. Nimm's death was part of a Halo re-enactment. He was trying to recreate a suicide from the game, becoming an hero himself in the process. Unfortunately because it was a suicide he had to wait even longer than usual to respawn. :(

While some argue it was a hoax or prank, the death has been confirmed.

Halo Fandom

The story was that Nimm was so hardcore into Halo that he decided to skip school for a day of gaming. Deciding he wanted moar than just the game, he tried to re-enact parts of it IRL. Instead of going for the high score as Master Chief does with aliens, Nimm tried to recreate a suicide from the game (can Master Chief even commit suicide via headshot?). He took the magazine out of the gun, but forgot to remove the round from the chamber. Seconds later, he was immortalized as An Halo to us all. WHERE IS YOUR CARDBOARD OVERSHIELD NOW!? Just make sure your GLASSES don't fall down when you put your supreme protection on. What a fuckin' noob that's minus one kill on your score, idiot.

The In-Game Suicide

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

The mention of a suicide within Halo 3 often confuses people, as most players play through the entire campaign without noticing it. The suicide itself is an Easter Egg. In the level Floodgate, one will eventually find a lone marine sitting in the corner of a room among several corpses, talking to himself as he is traumatized by the loss of his fellow soldiers to the flood infection.

I... I didn't have a choice... The L.T... the Sergeant... they were all infected! I could see it crawling... sliming around beneath their skin!! A-and then they got up... they s-started to talk! Oh, God! Their voices!! Oh, God! No, make them stop! I did them a favor... y-yeah that's it; I helped them! Maybe... maybe I need to do myself... a fav...


—The suicidal marine as he points his magnum to his head.

  • It is also somewhat important that the marine in-game never does commit suicide, and only dies if the player chooses to kill him. So, technically, in pulling the trigger, Joshua was not reenacting this scene. well actually if u leave the room and come back the marine is dead with one bullet missing from his clipFAIL The marine never does commit suicide on-screen. But the point still remains that the marine does commit suicide if you leave the room.


Anonymous and (hopefully) most readers of this article will LOL at this tragic death. However, old people and concerned mothers see things differently.

It's stunning. The thought of losing my child accidentally or otherwise. I can't imagine.


—A concerned mother, on Nimm's death.

I am still in shock. I mean, Master Chief never, at any point pointed a gun to his head. Did I miss something here?



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