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This isn't camwhoredom, this is art. BTW, buy something off my wishlist, kplzthx.

Ana Voog is an earthy crunchy camwhore who's not even all that cute, but gets by via ripping off JenniCam and supplying pictures plz. Known for her boob shots and various hair colors, she feels self important enough to have multiple domains and an FAQ that teaches people how to pronounce her name. Her boobs are damn fake, too.


Ana likes to present herself as the "second oldest 24 hour cam" and the first "art cam." This merely means that she got her webcam prior to the existence of Amazon wishlists and was pissed that Jenni was getting the accolades and Stileproject wouldn't allow her on his portal.

She was born in 1966, which, on the internets, is equivalent to at least 100 years ago.


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