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Although the stereotype of anarchists on the Internets is that they're all 16 year old Hot Topic punks and scenesters, the LiveJournal community Lj-favicon.png anarchists paints a different picture of them. It's full of humourless, pompous, and disagreeable people who debate anarchist theory for paragraphs on end and brag about all of the charity work they've done, making anarchists really more like a cross between Trekkies and the Boy Scouts.

There was recent drama when arch-anarchist faggot Nevin Zehr accidentally unleashed his troll friends on the community. They spammed it with pictures of tubgirl and mutilated anuses. Some members of the community wanted to appoint moderators and make it a closed community. Zehr tried to point out the irony of this, but thanks to a brilliant Internet Detective, it was revealed that he wasn't a real Anarchist, but in fact a troll sympathizer! He was then put in anarchist jail (where he enjoyed the rough anal rape) and the day was saved.

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