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Anarchochan is allegedly an anarchist imageboard created in 2013 to give space for anarchists to creatively output content in an environment with low restriction. In reality, it is yet another abortion of a chan that no one aside from the very lonely admin could give the slightest fuck about.

Subvert Capitalism!

This board is housed in a free shared host. Anarchists don't pay for shit! Fuck The Man! We don't need jewgold to spread our glorious message of revolution!

From the Mouths of Tumors

"only the finest of lelz"


—With a slogan like that, how could you lose?

Nothing should be posted here that is illegal to view in the United States. All trademarks and copyrights on this website are owned by their respective parties.


—What the fuck kind of anarchy is that?




—One user sees past the Illuminati's lies.

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