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Andew Allred (known online as bomber166) is a Maddox fanboi, wannabe Goon, and pants-shitting asshole who suffered from Assburgers and being fagnostic. On September 24, 2007, Allred shot and killed his ex-girlfriend, Tiffany Barwick, and a mutual friend named Michael Ruschak whom Tiffany was banging. Instead of becoming an hero Allred was arrested and thrown in jail, where he promptly forgave himself and started writing letters to Tiffany's parents. He was later sentenced to death and is now sitting on death row alone due to other prisoners complaining about the smell.

I wished you could have answered your phone that night. I was calling because I didn't know what to do. I wanted you to tell me what the right thing to do was. I still don't know if I picked the correct one. I guess since you'll never get to or want to see or talk to me again, I'll never know.


—Andrew Allred, In a letter to Tiffany's parents

How do you want to Die: Guns ablazing.


—Michael Ruschak, MySpace profile

Violence against women is never the answer. I hope that in the future you grow as an adult and can learn to resolve your disagreements in a nonviolent manner.


—Ruschak's sister, Asking for it

What Happened

Andrew Allred, visibly troubled.
Tiffany Barwick, doing it wrong.

Tiffany Barwick iswas a 19-year-old Florida native with poor taste in men. In late 2006 she moved in with life-long basement-dweller, Andrew Allred. Allred was exactly what you'd expect of a Goon: emotionally retarded and easily amused. Allred spent his time playing with his computer and blowing shit up with his friends, while Tiffany felt increasingly taken for granted and isolated from her friends and family.

The situation came to a head in August 2007. Tiffany decided to break up with Allred and move out but, in a fit of girl logic, postponed the breakup until after Allred's 21st birthday to avoid ruining the celebration. She explained all of this in her GreatestJournal the Tuesday before the party.

Allred's Birthday Party

Michael Ruschak: "DON'T SHOOT!"
Target practice.

Described by the Orlando Sentinel as a "righteous two-kegger," the event was a combined birthday party for Allred and Ruschak. It's not clear whether Allred read Tiffany's GreatestJournal before the party, but either way, the whole thing was an inevitable train-wreck.

Tiffany kept her distance from Allred for most of the night. Allred got drunk, poured beer on everyone in sight, and generally enjoyed himself. Finally, Allred started throwing firecrackers past Tiffany's head. Tiffany announced that their relationship was over and her friends went to get Tiffany's things. Allred decided to help by hurling Tiffany's belongings—including her laptop—toward the road. Words and rocks were exchanged. During the altercation, Michael Ruschak's sister had to be told twice and was punched in the chest. Finally the cops arrived and told everyone to STFU.

Tiffany went to Ruschak's apartment where she had planned to stay after breaking up with Allred.

The Aftermath

Tard rage.
The door that defeated Allred.

i just spent an hour with her on the phone listening to why its unfair that i want to trade a new laptop for sex


—Andrew Allred (bomber166), #Maddox chatlog

Five things happened:

  1. Tiffany BAWWWWWed.
  2. Ruschak's sister trolled Allred.
  3. Allred BAWWWWWed.
  4. Ruschak banged Tiffany.
  5. Allred bought a gun.

Allred handled the breakup as well as any Aspie could—he freaked out like he was missing Wapner. He either already had or quickly obtained Tiffany's passwords, and for the next four weeks tormented Tiffany in any way he could think of.

The Day of the Murder

like.. durring you have this look... like your eyes... and it just like.. shoots threw me


—Tiffany Barwick (CrazedIncuChic), employing an unfortunate turn of phrase

Allred bought a gun on September 1. It's unclear when Ruschak and Tiffany slept together and when Allred found out, but by September 24 he was obsessed. He quit his job and spent the afternoon drinking and calling his friends and family.

Coincidentally, Tiffany contacted police that morning to report that Allred had sent her a bullet-riddled photograph of herself and to allege that he'd withdrawn money from her bank account. Later that day she spoke with deputies again, explaining that Allred had just sent Ruschak an e-mail reading "The next time I see you, I'm going to kill you." She begged for Allred to be locked up. The deputies lolled and told Tiffany to GTFO.

Meanwhile, Allred vandalized Tiffany's MySpace account, making her profile private except for the message "I'm a whore." Then, using her Facebook account, he scheduled an "Everyone Fuck Me Party!" for later that evening. Either Ruschak accepted the invitation or Allred also accessed his account and accepted for him. Tiffany and Ruschak were the only confirmed guests for the event. Allred then blanked his own web site and replaced it with this:

I'm Out!

You will find some interesting stuff here very soon:

Everyone Fuck Me Party!

If you havn't fucked her already and want to you should probley go for it now.


—Andrew Allred (bomber166), Angry Squirrel Production Forums

Allred drove to Ruschak's house and rammed Tiffany's car several times. He failed to kick in the front door, so he ran around the house and shot out a sliding glass door. Once inside he shot Ruschak five times, killing him. One of the several witnesses inside the house attempted to take the gun from Allred and was shot in the leg. Allred went to the bathroom where Tiffany was hiding and shot her seven times, killing her. He then turned and left. Police later apprehended him, alive, near his home. At his arraignment he pled not guilty, and is currently writing love letters to Tiffany from his cell (see Troll's Remorse, below).

Public Reactions

A large number of the initial responses to the story—being left by the kind of idiots who leave comments on the internet—contain a high level of unintentional lulz and trolling.

Anyone that has not armed themselves in the day and age we are living in are a statistic waiting to happen! Anyone busting through my door is getting a one way ticket to the morgue! I fully understand that I might be going along side them too but it won't be for lack of self defense! The thought of being huddled together with my wife and not being able to defend her, or getting pistol whipped in front of her just does not appeal to me, not to mention the likelihood of the perp killing you both before leaving even if you cooperated. Sudden death syndrome or acute lead poisoning is not the worst possible scenario in the violent crime arena of today! Until we start killing these slugs of worthless character, they will continue to terrorize the geneal public at large!


—Orlando Homegrown, First!!111!!

I extremely agree!! My Gun is in my Purse at ALL times fully loaded & my Husband always makes sure that I pay attention to my surroundings!!


—Evelyn, Knows her place




—DONNA U, Commenting

Girls out about one guy at a time and don't be so quick to be everybody's booty-call.


—Real Time, Commenting


Goons quickly sprang into action, analyzing the spread of Allred's grouping patterns, misinterpreting the chat logs he posted, and generally being Goons. Epic Goldmine threads were started on the SA and SASS forums.


I hope that the dead can see the internet, so that Mikey sees that someone is fighting for him. GO GOONS!


—West, OP in SA thread

Oh and also, Allred is a goon:


—Maculuso, SA thread

PERMABAN 09/25/07 02:45pm Bomber166 Murderer. Lowtax Lowtax


—Lowtax, SA Forum

Also I just permabanned this guy because he murdered two people:

Now the question I have here is that, in the rules, it doesn't explicitly state you will be permabanned or punished in any way if you murder people. Does this make the user terms of conditions unclear?


—Lowtax, Being Lowtax

I can't say I am surprised a goon was involved. I envision Something Awful as a cybernetic Mos Eisley anyway. "You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy."

Of course, goondolences and all that. I wish she was still alive so I could punish her for dating that troll.


—EllisD, SASS thread

Allred Greedo.jpg

yea this looks exactly like the type of guy that would go on a shooting spree over some ridiculous immature reason


—internetinternetinternet, SASS thread

holy shit he was dating gonzo


—Macross, SASS thread

I'm think I might print this thread out (editing the stupidity) and give it to Mike's parents along with whatever card or gift we come up with at work.

I think they'll appreciate the sentiments from those who knew Mikey, and all of you who have given your respects to one of the nicest guys at UCF.


—West, SA thread

srsly that bitch will need a peaked coffin with that nose.

might have to be buried in a tent.


—Gypped, SASS thread

Face it , GOONZ, he lived the dream and you're all jealous.


—Fade To Vanilla, SASS thread

Finally it comes out that the reason he went back to his house after shooting that toucan was because of the epic raid he had scheduled with his guild buddies.


—Apocalisp, SASS thread

Troll's Remorse

I want you to know that a lot of it isn't true. Some of it is and I'm sure you can pick out those pieces. They make me look like such a bad person when I'm really not. I spent enough time with you guys for you to know who I really am."


—Andrew Allred (bomber166), To Tiffany's parents from jail.

I hope you're doing OK up there. I'm sure you are. Don't forget about me, because I'll probably be joining you soon.


—Andrew Allred, posthumously addressing Tiffany in a birthday card sent to her parents' home

Just as the story began to die down, another detail emerged. Allred wrote several letters to Tiffany's parents from his jail cell and simply couldn't understand why his missives weren't well received. A Florida judge ordered Allred to stop contacting Tiffany's family, but not before he managed to mail a birthday card in anticipation of Tiffany's upcoming birth date.



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