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This article was written by Jews from Kuro5hin, a haven of Jewry.
A faggard-looking Andy Zebrowitz of Atlanta, Georgia

Andy Zebrowitz aka kitten is a cyberpunk wannabe and petulant, spiteful little shit.

A graduate of Pope High School in Marietta, Georgia, in 1998, he is an atheist Jew living in Atlanta and claims to attend Georgia State University. Zebrowitz is a co-founder of the Mirrorshades project and, in his own words, "a writer, actor, and co-founder of Dixie Flatline and the Panther Moderns, a theatre troupe specializing in gothic and fetish drama performances at nightclubs in the Atlanta area."

He's been arrested several times, usually for being uncooperative and uppity, e.g. shouting "You'll never take me alive!" at police, as evidenced by the self-pitying accounts of his "ordeals": [1] [2] [3].

He frequently abuses his position as a helpdesk monkey (technical director) at a VoIP provider to harass his employer's customers by publishing their personal details on the internet and creating libelous websites about them. For this task Zebrowitz has created a posse of IRC lusers, including Yaroslav Shirokov aka Slava aka Mutatorr of Alpharetta, Georgia, and Bryan Allen aka bda aka harb, a network security administrator for Drexel University until he was fired for incompetence.

One such harassment case is that of VoIP customer and fellow Atlantan internet dipshit Steve Milano. Outraged at being treated like the information age peasant that he is, Zebrowitz posted Milano's name and helpdesk emails in his Kuro5hin diary[4]. Unfortunately, the offending diary entries were later deleted by Kuro5hin administrators. However, the myriad websites Zebrowitz and his lackeys set up to defame Milano can be found by doing a simple Google search: [5].

When not battling his internet foes, Zebrowitz can be found staring at disco balls or posing with swords in parking lots like a true cyberpunk.

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