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Welcome to /ck/.
Angie directs here. You may be looking for Angie Varona, the unintentional camwhore.

Anežka Otradovec (also AO, !FFFFFFfFfao, @0, and angie !!L7vAI89xm2f among many, many others) is a pathetic little Czech girl who needs some serious psychological examination. Anežka, or "Angie" as she is wont to call herself, has done a pretty good job trolling the living fuck out of 4chan's /a/ and /ck/ boards.


And why do you use identity?
And I dropped out of university due eating disorder. Not such thing to be proud of, maybe. But then these people who would not have even enough self-control to develop such condition give you such lip about it.


—Angie, on anorexia nervosa

Uh, I'm sorry. So you cannot see the cultural aspects in food? But I realise such thing can be difficult to perceive as you have not been in contact with real culture to begin with.

To me in this discussion of good, healthy, traditional and respectful food is all that matters .


— Angie, asserting her superiority

Still, americans should know that it is impolite to focus on your country specific products and restaurants so heavily. This was an international board last time I checked.


— Angie, expressing her contempt of 4chan

Please, everyone knows that americanised fastfood crap is not worthy. And yet that is what we instantly think when someone mentions pizza. It is saddening when culture gets ruined like this by americanisation.


— Angie, saddened over a pizza

I cannot imagine any normal rural place that does not have some such type of shop in ten kilometre radium.


— Angie, knowing where the shops are

Let us not forget that there are over milliard people starving in this world


— Angie, concerned for the hungry

Gee, I just hate watermelon. Tastes so effy.


— Angie, on watermelon

It truly is, this whole loosely defined modernistic era is not so different even couple of hundred years ago. And you know, there are some, but undoubtedly rare, medieval recipes surviving in common usage as of these days.


— Angie, putting random words together

I do not eat any candy. But apple crisps are delicious. . One package has like 5% of daily energy intake but it is so high in sugar that it gives you a push. And yet no fat.


— Angie, on sweets

Me, I do not own a microwave and I abstain myself from using such american technology out of principle. No telly dinners, popcorn, hamburgers or whatever you yanks eat for me.


— Angie, a woman of principle

Professional chef hint thread:

Hint: water comes to boil faster if you add salt in it.


— Angie, being incredibly stupid

In roman times no one would like crap like pancakes or hamburgers or even the modern version of pizza. Especially not the american style pizza.


— Angie, knows what the Romans like

Well, Europeans think that in yankeeland it is anything goes. And really, perhaps not many europeans care to pronounce it out loud but yanks are a tad stupider in the head,


— Angie, honestly believing that she is insulting someone

Indeed, but is it such a sin to love one´s own culture and want to preserve it from such cynical foreign exploitation for financial gain.

This is not america here, dignity is not for sale.


— Angie, believing that she's sticking it to America again

All I am saying that such dish as guláš is truly highly ambivalent due all of the variation even within the original cultural context. When immigrated into totally foreign culture it can turn into just about anything as the recipe is altered according to the locality.


— Angie, on guláš

Well, more importantly let us not pretend that Webster yank dictionary holds any real linguistic authority.


— Angie, hating on American books

Honestly, should I stop posting with a name? Is that what you're trying to imply?

Please do not turn this board into a trollfestival.


— Angie, asking for it

Exactly, I mean I post here a lot since I obviously have no life. and I have strong opinions about stuff. And yes, I get agitated of idiotic abuse or plain stupidity.


— Angie, telling it like it is

You know, I must confess such thing. I have NEVER prepared basically any red meat what so ever. Or perhaps a sausage ages ago but I have not ever really cooked stuff with this type of meat. Not that I do not eat meat, though, I'm not a vegetarian.


— Angie, confused

No, but seriously, in america boiling water is a difficult task, apparently.

And since when elitism was the synonym for having even remote standards. Call me a effing elitist but McDonald´s is shit and so is you fake expresso.


— Angie, loves espresso but unable to spell it

Angie posts nonstop 24 hours a day on 4chan, to the tune of well over 500 posts per month per week per hour, from a tiny apartment somewhere in the city of Prague in the Czech Republic. She works at a used books store, having dropped out of a prestigious Slav university because of anorexia and cutting.

Like most confused Eurotrash, Angie has a very strong and unfounded disgust for America, capitalism, globalization, McDonald's, corn syrup, GMO foods, modern farming practices, corporations, food additives, pizza, soda, buffets, free speech, and anything at all that is not located in Central Europe and she will not withhold her opinions about the same. She believes 9/11 was an inside job. She admits to frequently abusing alcohol and MDMA. She is a devout Christian and is also extremely superstitious. She claims to have an IQ of 142 and maintains that she is a member of Mensa. She is sympathetic with Islamic jihadists. She dogmatically clings to all of her opinions and makes every effort to stop rational discussion and discredit any opposition without ever offering any evidence to support her claims.

These days, she spends nearly every waking hour of every day on /ck/ making her presence well known. Before arriving at 4chan, she was b& from the English Wikipedia for injecting anti-American sentiments and conspiracy theories into every article she could find. Much of her hatred for America stems from an internet relationship with some angry-young-13-year-old from South America whom she met in /a/. No...fucking really. And she's really bitter about the ex-boyfriend.


Although she would like you to believe that she is intelligent and worldly with vast cultural and international experiences, Angie has never actually traveled outside Europe.

The endearing aspect of Angie is her somewhat limited and comedic grasp of English language and her very strange lexicon. This leads to most of her posts being, unintentionally, quite funny. Angie claims that her knowledge of English is auto-didactic, and seems very proud of the fact that she has taken it upon herself to master the language of people she hates with such vehemence.

Hubris, narcissism, and xenophobia manifest with certain frequency in her sometimes indecipherable ramblings. As with most attention whores, she will often turn a conversation away from the intended topic and instead talk about herself nonstop. Co/ck/s relish the opportunity to feed a troll; threads derailed by Angie will go on all afternoon. Angie hates celebrity chefs with a strong passion but she harbors a very unhealthy admiration for and fondness of Gordon Ramsay. That she considers him a positive role model can only suggest she's got some serious daddy issues.

Although she is most certainly the smartest person she knows, Angie is not as intelligent as she would like you to believe. Her tripcodes have been discovered using Google. She posted her own picture on 4chan. She divulges embarrassing personal information about herself... on 4chan. She cannot understand why she get flamed and no one will take her seriously... on fucking 4chan. She cannot ignore her critics... on fucking 4fuckingchan. She does not really seem to take the hint that nobody really wants her around.

Love and Animu

Prior to coming to /ck/, Angie spent nigh a year annoying the living shit out of the animufags in /a/. There she was known as "Meru Otonashi !EKExiXK1hk" and sometimes "Anonymous of Czech Republic !EKExiXK1hk". She claimed to be interested in writing fanfics, but it probably would not surprise anyone to learn that she spent all of her time there raving incoherently about her contempt for America and Western culture.

While in /a/, Angie met a nice boy named Raoul who also happened to be a tripfag. It was love at first byte and they swore they'd never stop sending instant messages to each other through the tubes. He requested of Angie, for masturbation material, the picture of her wearing glasses that has now become quite renowned. It should be assumed that other pictures (including noodz) probably exist. (If you're interested in following up on this, you can try to email him: [email protected])

These two e-lovebirds shared everything together, including his tripcode, which meant that for a period of almost two solid weeks around the start of February 2009 on /a/ you were guaranteed over 9000 posts originating from either "Anonymous of Colombia !pkzejWGkfw" (Raoul) and "Anonymous of Czech Republic !pkzejWGkfw" (Angie). Unfortunately for Angie and Raoul, things between them went south rather quickly.

I've been in touch with this foreign guy I met in /a/ and it turns out that I have truly fallen for this person. Not only does he reside on the another side of the globe but some time ago he has completely stopped e-mailing me and is ignoring my all of my MSN messages. Even when I see him on /a/ he pretends as if I do not exist, even though I directly state my posts to him.


Apparently our Angie became too much of a pain in the ass for poor Raoul to deal with. Anybody familiar with Angie would have some idea of what this poor guy was putting up with (although it is anyone's guess why the fucking faggot would even bother with this cow in the first place, I mean jesusfuckingchrist). On the tumultuous e-relationship and untimely e-breakup Angie said:

You truly would not understand, even if I explained it to you. It's such sadness because I would truly got together with this guy once he would come in Europe for his internship.


At this point everyone was up to their ears in Angie's perpetual shit and drama. It seemed that there was only one thing left to do so that she could save face and not have to be reminded of her beloved Raoul all the time... quitting teh internets, hoping to stir up as much attention and drama in the process as possible. Shortly after Valentine's Day, she made a number of posts alluding to the fact that she planned to an hero using ropes. On Wednesday 18, February 2009, Angie, as Meru, wrote her final farewell to /a/ and departed for good.

Well, supposedly it is time. I feel weak all over already. Wonder what i Should post now that I will deprave myself of life. Something abut mylife, maybe. As how it felt to be homeless, or get raped, or to be held in an asylum as a teenager, or how does it feel when a friend dies? Perhaps something about shame and hate because I'm not foreign to such feelings in my life. But that would be off topic in an anime board, so let us post about SZS instead, okay.

Anyhow, i thought that one should prepare suitable epitaph for this thign. As in the spirit spoonriver antology, not such terrible book at all. But I cannot write, so it is best to quote my favourite poet Rilke-chan instead. Even though such lines sound awfully crude in english.

Who, if I cried out, would hear me among the Angelic Orders? And even if one were to suddenly take me to its heart, I would vanish into its stronger existence. For beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror, that we are still able to bear, and we revere it so, because it calmly disdains to destroy us.

-your beloved Anežka Otradovec ps. You will probably hear of me posthumous if AoC does the things I've asked him to.


Not surprisingly, /a/ was quite happy to be finally rid of her and numerous celebratory threads were started. But disbelief and doubt abounded, and many anons suspected she was not dead at all. True to her word though, Meru has remained "dead" to /a/, and after her suicide threat she never posted there again. She came back on 11 July for no apparent reason and tried to deny her embarrassing past for no apparent reason:

Well, perhaps I did kill myself. I mean, what type of horrible person would fake her own suicide. That would be just terrible.

Say, do you believe in ghosts?


The Slav genius speaks her mind

Hint: Mushrooms should never be left to be sitting in the fridge. I would not personally eat them anymore. Slimy means they have gone bad.

Well, first of all, usually all mushrooms should be boiled thoroughly before even starting to cook anything with them. Well, technically not all but most. You should realise that mushrooms take in all the pollution and crap, so it is a wise safety measure even when the mushroom is edible just like that. Then again, if one has a favourite spot and all the, he can prolly estimate the quality and such without even tasting. I myself like to always be sure.

Previously from that you, you of course take your mushroom knife and you mushroom brush and remove the dirt and bad bits. Then, the actual cooking bit, mushrooms stay good for about 1 to 3 days after picking in a refrigerator. The taste reduces, though. Mushrooms should be always prepared as fresh as possible. I personally usually season and dry some species and cook some right away. There's nothing like fresh mushroom salad.


— Angie, on mushrooms

You know, this I have always found as such peculiarity. When you go to a buffet or some such thing, I take that the point is that you can compose your own meal from various ingredients and then have seconds if you feel like it and then a cup of coffee and a glass of wine or such.

But then, some people apparently treat this buffet as some kind of "behave like a pig and stuff yourself to the point you throw up". Just because you can compose your own dish does not give you freepass for wasting food or acting like an idiot. What are you? An eight year old? Most eight year old know better than you.


— Angie, on buffets

Ooh, I just love all kinds of these moldy cheeses. Especially th blue ones. Always buy the protected designation of origin cheeses with these. The real thing is better than the fake ones and it provides wealth for the local people out there. Support locality, shun industrial generic trash.

Well, is this whole "american cheese" more like processed cheese supplement. It is not real cheese on any account.

Yes, I've tried your american cheese. Previously of getting familiar with this board and american people, I thought it was such thing that you buy when you are a truck driver or a tourist that needs to buy something that does not go bad easily without a refrigerator. It does taste dismal.

Well, I am so sorry but processed food is trash. Just like processed cheese. Why on earth you would want to but it unless the long expiration date is essential. But honestly, we all know that american cheese is not real cheese is processed cheese supplement. Artificially manufactured "cheese mix" that has nothing to do with the real methods of producing cheese. It is an artificial product.


— Angie, on cheese

Well, american beer is hard beer at all. Also, yet again due backwards yank legistlation the companies can self-define the type of beer. One can literally piss in a pot, let it rot for several weeks and call it lager in yankland. But yes, american trash product and american trash legistlation go together nice. And american beer is dismal. Yes, rant on about your petty excuse of "microbreweries" but your beer is freaking terrible. And your taste in beer is equally terrible. You are a terrible yank.

Alton Brown is the most pathetic excuse of a telly personality I've seen. Not that I own television or anything but seriously, Alton Brown is freaking totally misguided. He actually recommeds frozen products and all that.


— Angie, on beer

You always use the Jew because Alton said so, don't you?

Because there is no other type of coarse salt, right? Kosher salt is like downgraded salt since it does not have iodide or anything.

Again, it is a salt supplement designed for religious purposes, I would not wonder if Alton is recommending this stuff just because he himself belongs to some sort of yank cult.

Most kosher salt does not have iodide. Nor does it taste any different from normal salt.

And honestly, Alton is good for inspiring children to cook but don't take his "cooking" hints as your guidelines in life. They are so effing stupid. The guy cannot even cook properly but yet he likes to throw these irrelevancies that he has come up with around.


— Angie, showing no tolerance for kosher salt

Jesus, such american stupidity. McDonald´s well-known for total awfulness in every aspect of its business.

No matter how you look at it, you see a multinational corporation cynically exploiting its economical power with no regard to environment, workforce, quality, culture, or any ethics what so ever, barely staying on the right side of law. When law cannot be altered by corruption and bribery, that is.

And then, with all of the super-unhealthy food produced by utterly terrible means, the company primarily targets children by massive ad campaigns.

This type of thing makes me genuinely upset. I do not tolerate fastfood on its own but this yank crap is something else.


— Angie, on McDonalds

Well, Italians genuinely are not idiotic enough to held up a dish like pizza which is a cheapish sort of ragtag meal to such great esteem. But yanks love cheese and obesity and they do not understand culture or common sense when it comes to cuisine. I mean, the idea that dish such as pizza can be lunch, breakfast and all that is effing stupid and unsuitable for anyone with any reason what so ever. Still, this does not mean that pizza suddenly stopped being a part of Italian culinary tradition or that yanks somehow adopted pizza. They just eat it in wrong and retarded ways, hence what the basdardised all american "culture" does to everything. Again, american pizza is not really pizza at all but a terrible emulation and pizza should predominantly mean the real italian delicacy.


— Angie, the pizza expert

USA has a long history of attacking other cultures and alienating people from their background by cynical capitalistic approach of exploitation of those who are economically the underdog. Or even hostile military campaign such as in Japan or in Iraq these days.

The popularisation of americanised cultural climate among the western world is a travesty in my opinion. Because, sorry for saying this, but american "culture" is worthless trash just like fastfood, no matter how you look at it.


— Angie, loves America

Anyhow, feel free to check out what kind of activity Coca Cola Corporation has been associated with the past 50+ years. I would not consume product of such multi-national corporation that has clear record of oppression, discrimination, corruption, harassment of work force, association with dictatorship, monopolism, crimes against the environment, association with multiple violaton of human rights all over the world, violations of international law,

among others.

But that's just how people roll in USA; corruption and high fructose corn syrup.


— Angie, on Coke and corn syrup

I'm a bit over-sensitive of some such thing what they put in wine. Terrible hangovers that last for days, weird dreams and scuh. I do like red wine very much but not such thing that I can drink often. Hence, I usually try to get a bit more expensive bottle while I'm at it and honestly, cheap wine is just dismal crap. Also, red wine based mixed drinks such as tinto de verano are truly great in terms of purely taste. Would want to try out proper vermouth but the bottles are too costy for me.

Well, that must be because I'm over-sensitive or such. Honestly, it is like I always have these crazy dreams when I drink wine and go to sleep. And then there is headache for several days and you get this delirium-like thing with voices and everything. I mean, really, almost like voices and such. Wine does not suit me. Yes, I can easily drink vodka or cider or even beer and have like only slight tiredness the next day but with wine it is always awful.

Yes, but of the topic of wine. I genuinely not claim to be such expert on this topic. But these certain type of hungarian red wine, usually of merlot or such. Truly rich, rustic, a bit velvety, very musky and sour. It. really. is. to. die. for. Honestly, all of that light fruity stuff, does not appeal to be at all.

Not sure of what the label was again but perhaps the egri bikavér which prolly is globally imported brand would be somewhat like that.


— Angie, on wine

Come on, seriously, I think it is pretty much common knowledge that fastfood is culinary worthlessness accompanied with unhealthiness.

I don't want to bicker of it but that just how it is.

As for the health, most fastfood is very heavily processed and does contain all kinds of artificial ingredients. And more importantly it is loaded with transfats that grossly boost the calorie intake and simultaneously is lacking in any satisfying nutritional value. That's the stuff with sugar that makes you look like those fat kids in that one photo, after a while.

Even a salad in McDonald's has a like ten times more calories than similarly home-made one. And that's just a salad. Fastfood is superbly unhealthy on long term consumption, there is no doubt of that. Not that everyone did not know this already. Just stating the obvious once again.


— Angie, trolling as usual

Well, not much of a story but hey...

So I notice that this one grocery story near me carries these campel soups. You know, the awful american popart ones It was apparent that they would do such thing to appears "hip" or whatever. And person such as me does not tolerate american products in my local European market while exactly similar stuff exist locally. So, to cut short story even shorter, I complained about it and they discontinued purchasing such and switched to local products. Anyhow, with local suppliers dialogue exists and customer truly has a say in these things. As it should be.


— Angie, hating on soup

One might regard my opinions as idiotic and I would allow that opinion but the thing that I speak of here is a plain fact. At least the part of it where I do not speculate, if you can differentiate such thing.

It is commonly well-known fact that even meat does usually get treated with all kinds of chemicals. Some for preservation purposes and such and others for plain taste. Seriously, next time you go in a grocery store pick up a package and read its ingredient description. Then go home and google the E-number codes. It is not rocket science and these facts are taught in basic culinary education.


— Angie, indignant as always

I read a story somewhere in which a american company tried to make genetically manipulated seeds of various species in such way that they could not reproduce over couple of times.

The point of it was that the companies of which sell the seeds to all sort of farmers would gain more profit since the farmers had to buy the seeds over and over again due the crops dying out. You see, the fact that species can reproduce naturally hinders the profits of these seed selling companies. Licensing the nature for financial gain, in other words. Real 1985 type of crap.

The fact that something like plant seed can be patented in some countries is quite disturbing. Or even the fact that private companies can legally tamper with this short of crap. It is not right at all. Not sure of what this hybrid thing is that people speak of, but it could sound like the seed companies are purposely making it so that new seeds need to be purchased after every stock.


— Angie, on genetically modified foods

Supposedly some american that has been brought up to certain tastes thought that green peppers do go with everything.

I mean, yes, they do bring on the spiciness and do not have such taste that overly dominates all other flavours. But still, just because you can does not mean you should.

This is why, in my opinion, you should not really mix cuisines. What works in one does not go with the other. The attempt to localise everything by this type of thing is, well, sort of trashy.


— Angie, on green peppers

And? But honestly, you know, I'm an European, not an american, and opinions are Eurocentric, of course. And this board is filled with yank bullcrap by default at all times, so what is the problem? Surely I do not cut the yanks any slack if and when they are terrible but I do not put the yanks down for no reason at all.

As for anti-globalisation, do you have to have any bias or prejudices to have such point of view? This whole globalisation thing in the sense of I talk about it is not a natural state of being and it should not be understood as such. Gladly the inane 90s trend that this thing demonstrated is hindering these days.

Usually people seem to be more upset of the manner of my post than the content itself.


— Angie, being a broken record

Usually farmers market is way cheaper. At least if the thing are in season and the crop was good and such. Then again, farmer market is not a magical freepass for super cheap. Usually it is cheaper because it cuts away the middleman in terms of purchasing the items. Learn to haggle and be there at the right time. Plus once they get to know your face you'll get a little extra. Support your local farmer, folks.

Gee, you know, my parents used to buy almost everything from the market when I was a kid. I wish I was so high in principle. I still recall how as a child the plaza water fountain used to be the strangest magical device in the world with statues in it and everything. How does the water go upwards? By magic?


— Angie, waxing nostalgic

Known names & tripcodes


Well, great job! Now you can use google to figure these out. Great success. As if I ever tried to hide it from anyone lol...


This is how it actually happened.
  • AO
  • AO !cwPOhZUcmc
  • !AOSPECIALs cracked: ##毓,'躔陬
  • !FFFFFFfFfao cracked: #9Ok.H_}}
  • 40 !!r44u0SKEspj
  • 40 !!SyBdyRGzRnd cracked: 40##anežka
  • aggie !!L7vAI89xm2f
  • angie !!L7vAI89xm2f
  • Meru Otonashí !EKExiXK1hk
  • Anonymous of Czech Republic !EKExiXK1hk
  • Yin !EKExiXK1hk
  • Matoi Tsunetsuki !EKExiXK1hk
  • A cat in a hat !EKExiXK1hk
  • AO !04brTp03q.
  • @0


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