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Angie's dad, Don Juan Varona.
Deep down I'm an innocent girl with the mentality of any other girl my age. I express my love for myself, taking photos.


Angie Varona

Angie Varona (not to be confused with Angie) is a 14/f/Cali that became an icon for 12 and 16-year-old girls around the world as her nudes were "hacked" and circulated around the web. You might even say she was raped by the web.

She became embroiled in the Sexting issue prevalent in newspapers.

Quickly capitalizing on the celebrity, she sheds crocodile tears on ABC News claiming she doesn't like the fame, yet is capitalizing off it by hosting websites and pushing herself into the spotlight. This teenager with strong USI syndrome continued to be the star of many such exposes where she, of course, gave them permission to run all her photos, because if showing something brings you to tears, you naturally want to expose it to a nation-wide audience and further cement their immortality.

ABC news claimed that in response to her fame she turned to alcohol and other drugs.



Angie had many things to say in response to people's suggests:

"Yeah, I'm gonna take these pictures, and it's gonna end up all over the internet. You just do it for yourself."
"They're gonna rape me when they see me, because I want it, and I ask for it."
"I'm gonna become a porn star"
"I'm such a slut"


She has many skeptics online:

"Agreed. She is no victim; she is loving every minute of it ... her phone and computer after they discovered it"
"Hundreds upon hundreds of sexy pics of yourself? How they end up on web? I would be surprised if she tries to get..."
"Not buying the hacked account bit. It is a shame that she has to begin her adult life with this hanging over her head."
"She's a dirty little attention whore"
"She planned for the photos to go public all along"


"would smash. don't care what age she is"
"Angie was 14, she had a boyfriend, her first, and like so many teens and young people today, she took some racy pictures of herself. SO HERE THEY ARE! A few photographs of a 14 year old girl in bra and panties taken for her FIRST boyfriend.
"Angie's pictures ended up all over the internet, ALL OVER, including some of the scuzziest pedophile corners of the web!" - ABC Reporter on "Jailbait Archive", which the news naturally gives the name out to viewers so they can go look it up.

CP 101

ABC Fapfest

Keen to exploit this budding young whore with massive spunk targets below her vacant face, George Stephanopoulos swooped in like a dateline predator and brought Angie to tears in an interview for abc. It also produced many lulzy quotes from the fucktarded teenager, such as

They call me a slut for what i do...but little do they know they're doing the same thing


— Angie Varona

While George bemoans the sick perverts who victimize this poor girl and quietly faps beneath his desk, a lulzy calvacade of semen spilling pictures of Varona flash across the screen. The pictures interspersed with Angie crying gave /b/ a dangerous boner, and many an anon got to cum while ashyxiated from laughing. Nearly twenty thousand people died.


Disclaimer: these are screenshots from ABC News, so they should be okay for ED, and not CP.

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