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Christian is the one name that every Christian denomination professes to be. There are people who believe that some races are more Christian than others, however! These people believe in a racially-based Christian identity where Anglo Saxons are literally God's children. This belief is held by, but of course is not limited to, neo-nazis, modern day skinheads, racial purists, Australians and the British.

I'm not racist, i'm just a conservative christian. I believe in many principles of Anglo-Israelism.


Oliver Smith, February 8, 2007

I tried to write little as i am trying not to offend anyone. Iv'e already stated for i'm an anglo-israelite. If you would of preferred biblical references then why to have white pride that's fine: Jonah 3:8 - proves that white were created in gods image.


Oliver Smith, February 8, 2007

I havent contradicted myself, because as i quoted from the bible, god is referring to the non-white races as the 'beasts of the field.' They have not evolved, while the white has since say 7000 BC - i am not talking biology, i am talking about the improvement of the white of a period of time, like you said adaptation. I hope i am making myself clear now.


Oliver Smith, February 8, 2007

Eureopean people have a right to know their direct blood-bonding with the lord.


Oliver Smith,February 8, 2007

Saxon means 'isaacs sons' saxons = english stock. English are gods people.


Oliver Smith, February 8, 2007


Created in the land of wankers and the birthplace of colonial imperialism, its origins evolved from crazies and converted Jew s(AKA "British Israelis") of the 1920s and 1930s. Their primary dogma is that the British people are actually the one and only "true" Jews and that all other Jews are just imitations. Oh, and because of the Jesus thing happening and Jesus being white because of course he was, they get to call themselves Christians now. Or maybe it's because nobody likes the Jews, even other Jews, but who are we to judge?

How did Jews get all the way up in England? Well, when the Jews ran from the Egyptians they kept running and running. They went North instead of walking in circles in the desert following their severely dehydrated madman prophet. The Jews also stopped along their journey to build boats so they could sail all the way to England because swimming the English Channel when you have old people and children with you is a stupid idea. From there these True Jews had kids that spread southward, breeding with Sand Niggers along the way to produce the common "false" Jews we all know today.

They also believe Jesus was super white because he was pure and fully of God. He was basically lynched by niggers who pointed and laughed at him. Because niggers lynched Jesus, white people are right to lynch niggers. It's only fair to "do unto others as others should do unto you", so says Jesus! This eventually branched off into believing that whites of the European continent are of God's flatulence and that anything darker is of Satan's asshole. The only salvation for non-white people is not breeding and living a life of suffering to repent for killing Jesus.

Naturally everyone else doesn't like being called the spawn of Satan and treated like garbage for not being white. This only helps spark further racial tensions and violence. When the crazies forcibly ensure that self-made a prophecy of the Apocalypse, the end will be followed by white supremacy gangs and neo-nazis forever.

Now you get why 144,000 Christian do be essentially every Christian denomination's envy?

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