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Don't MAKE A CHIGGA SHOOP DA WHOOP is a web site created and maintained by a butt-hurt Azn man who is angry at you for disrespecting chinks. The site is a source for many lulz -- often updated daily, and a shining example of how most Azn males are butt-hurt internet tough guys, closet racists, and completely obsessed with anything and everything Azn.

That's Racist!

The web site is basically a news source and archive for every possible instance of racism against Azn's in America (whether real or imagined). If a White comedian makes fun of Azn's in his/her stand-up routine, you'll hear about it first on If Rosie O'Donnel says Ching Chong again, you'll damn well hear about it on If anyone, anywhere, says anything remotely negative about Azn's, well... you get the picture. Because after all, Azn's are flawless! Doesn't every non-Azn realize that Azn's need to be respected?! That's racist!

Some Reasons To Be An Angry Azn Male

  1. You wake up, look in the mirror, and you're still Azn.
  2. The all too common Asian personality deficit-disorder.
  3. Being an adult man, yet still looking like a child.
  4. Penis too small for standard condoms.
  5. 5'4", 120lbs.
  6. White girls don't like Azns, they prefer the soft boydicks of their white fathers
  7. Azn girls really don't like Azns.
  8. White guys love underaged Azn trannies.
  9. The only Azn's on TV are on the Azn Channel. Except the 24 hour bukkake channels.
  10. Home alone playing video games on a Friday night. But everythang's alright, dem instant noodles gonna get you high...
  11. Bruce Lee the only "cool" Azn in the history of Azn's.
  12. Your first name is white, your last name is chink. Example: Jeff Wong. Interestingly, it has been discovered that chinks fresh off the boat will pick white-person names. Their choices are always lulzworthy: would you pick Marjorie if you had a choice? They would.
  13. Only capable of making friends with other Azn's.
  14. Gross black on azn girl pornos. Lots of them.
  15. White people eating up all your delicious Azn foods.
  16. Jackie Chan being the only Azn people know the name of.
  17. Your staple diet consists of dog, horse, aborted babies, and unicorn penis soup.
  18. You make everything ever made, but didn't invent any of it (probably, maybe..).
  19. General lack of creativity/originality (any 'creative' behaviour will be a close variation of something the Asian has already witnessed - this is Asian mimicry).
  20. You ran out of rice.

Examples of Racism Against Azn's

Cho Seung Hui -- Ok, maybe what he did was wrong, but did they really have to mention he was Asian?? The American media is so racist!

Ching Chong -- it's ok to make fun of German accents, French accents, Italian accents, Irish accents, etc. but it's NOT ok to make fun of Chinese accents! Don't ever say Ching Chong around me, bitch, or I'll fuck you up! I'm an internet tough guy!

Tom Cruise -- Why aren't there any Azn male sex symbols in Hollywood? How come they're all White, Latin, or Black? How come short, skinny, hairless Azn guys can't be sexy too?

An actual article from

The picture in question.
Pinocchio and the caged Chinese boy

My friend Jessica Chang recently snapped this photo on a recent trip to Disneyland.

I'm assuming this is a scene from "Pinocchio's Daring Journey. Jessica writes

So apparently Pinocchio is either lying or making friends with a caged Chinese boy. I rode the ride twice to make sure I saw it correctly as the caged Chinese boy was in a corner in the beginning of the ride and it was dark. I wasn't sure I saw it.

I don't remember this in the movie, and I guess I never went on the ride before. Just weird.

Indeed. Very weird. Pinocchio is about to poke a caged Chinese kid with his nose. It's been a long time since I've seen the movie... and I don't remember any caged Chinese kids either. What the hell is happening here? There's something seriously wrong with the Chinese kid's eyes. That's racist!


How To Be An Angry Asian Man

  • Frequent Internet forums and constantly start new threads about Azn's. Example -- in a Tennis or Golf forum, only start new threads about Azn players. In a movie forum, only start threads about Azn actors, etc.
  • Pose as a White girland say things like "I think Asian men are sexy!"
  • Be an Internet Tough Guy and boast about Azn superiority. If all fails, mention how China is becoming the next World Superpower. Slam dunk!
  • Fail to convince yourself that women really like small, thin dicks.
  • Stick it to Whitey by getting Straight A's! That'll show him!
  • Wonder why you never get laid, when all you do is study for tests and play video games.
  • Create a web site obsessing about Azn racism.
  • Try to vandalize every Azn article on
  • Watch the movie "Oldboy" and proceed to take "revenge" on random people.
  • Shoot up your college.
  • Make your own movie about white girls liking Asians and then hawk the shit on YouTube and Myspace, Reply to all criticism with diplomacy and Logic
  • Constantly obsess about other races.
  • Flood forums about how superior Asian culture is.

Famous Angry Asian Men

Y so angry?

The Rants and Raves of a Racist Angry Asian Man

One of the lulziest places to find angry Asian men in action is the Craigslist Rants & Raves bulletin board (San Francisco). A butthurt little prick posts there regularly under the moniker of "Asian Pimp," usually after 11 PM every night. Due to the time of these postings, it's been speculated that he might be an angry Chinese bus boy or Kenneth Eng.

His racist rants are always in large fonts (so that everyone can read them!) and all feature the same recurring themes: Asian guys are superior, White guys have small penises, and White women love Asian men.

Throughout most of 2005, he posted his racist rants daily until someone finally posted his docs and exposed him as Jeff Lee, a Chinese student at Stanford University. This caused the Asian Pimp to disappear for most of 2006 until he recently resurfaced with a vengeance.

The following are some of his TL;DR rants from the Craigslist board:


they dont' end up dead after a few years of marriage..unlike whiteboys that murder their wives and kill their own kids..asian guys don't do stupid heinous shit like that..only retard whiteboys with small dicks kill their whole fucking families and then run and hide under their mother's kitchen cabinet.

whiteboys have a very long history of murdering their whole families when shit goes wrong..they can't handle pressure. they can't deal. they kill their wives and their kids. and that's fucking sad.

whitegirls need to realize there's a choice..a much better choice. of course asian guys won't just go out with any white woman..we don't like fat overweight white trash, we'll pass on those for the blacks and hispanics. they aren't too particular who they go out with anyways. we'll only go out with white girls who have a high IQ and bitch ass looks. otherwise, we'll let you retard whiteboys breed with them so we can get at your offspring before you kill them.



—Preparing to be extremely disappointed on Christmas morning


Tearing my asian cock in her tighty whitey pussy feels so good! i'm tall, handsome, asian, and have a fucking job! and plus for me because i wasn't molested by my daddy as a child like most of you white guys were. and further plus for me because i'm employed unlike you fucktards working at Starbucks for minimum wage. and another plus for me because i actually went to university, unlike you poor white losers who barely made it through high school in some bumfuck trailer trash town in the east bay.


—Proving just how awesome he is by posting something realistic

Besides murdering their whole families, which is bad, they also love wearing women's clothes and high heels, along with taking it up the tailpipe from 350lb black guys they meet from jail, and they troll for tranny cock so they can bring home disease to you and your family, yes indeed, whiteboys love spreading their disease to the whole family!! and they love sucking on man-cock. just ask the latest dick dog eater;


—Willfully ignoring Ladyboy Nation

All those homes in foreclosure, i feel bad for you whites. now you can't send your strapping young kids to all those luxurious private schools more gated communities and tupperware parties for your wife and no more driving your fat hummer around town throwing your weight around like some big shot CEO.

the subprime market has sunk your ship and your home. many whites are packing up and leaving town..going to a black suburb near you..soon your kids will be the next Eminem, singing along in broken english, rapping about growing up in 'da hood. and your sweet white daughter will be hanging around Leroy and Tyrone and his boys. she'll be some trophy white girl with street niggers riding shotgun in a Cadillac Escalade on 22's. poor girl. she was going to be some rich white guy's trophy tennis wife, Napa Valley Silverado on the weekends, spreading her legs after a game of squash, and Polo in Palm Springs with Chet and the boys. No longer, she's some sex toy turning tricks with negros.

you see, this is what happens when you guys build phony empires based on debt. you allow all these monkeys to buy homes when they shouldn't even own a car. these folks are 100% irresponsible and lazy. what makes you think they know jack about exotic mortgages?

leverage working against "the man".

i'll see if i can save your daughter from the negros..


—Fetishizing jigaboos

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