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Angry Gay Pope is one of the heroes (more like queer-Os amirite?) that emerged out of PROJECT CHANOLOGY. Angry Gay Pope or AGP as he is known to his comrades, is a gay man who gets on his high horse when he doesn't take his psyche meds. He used to be a random civilian who bought a crappy pope hat and mask just to fit in with the rest of Anonymous just for the purpose of shouting at Scifags all day. His ability to bitch and nag at his opponents to death makes him a very useful weapon against Scientology. Since he is one of the most outspoken protestfags in the fight against Scientology, the Scifags tremble in fear and as a result, they make every attempt to bullbait or fair game him. For he is one of the apostles of Xenu and that the Pope's claim to power is one of many signs that the Church of Scientology is going to collapse. He is presumably living in a restroom stall in the Capitol Records building in West Hollywood.

And the Wrath of The Pope comes down upon the cult :)
OMG this is the way!!




Lookin' good there, Pope.
If Tom Cruise was gay wasn't so batshit insane, he'd hit that.

AGP repels Scifags

Let's follow him around the corner everyone!!


—Angry Gay Pope



—Over-enthusiastic Protestfag

During Operation Sea Arrrg, Angry Gay Pope was able to fight off several Scilons, one of which was named Tim Armer and while he was putting the Scilons in intellectual checkmate, the Pope destroyed Tim's mind and was reduced to the levels of a laughing maniacal faggot.

According to AGP, as a result of imitating his Scilon savior, Tim was forced to take large numbers of Scientology courses over again at high cost. Maybe that'll teach him not to act like a faggot on Jewtube.

Oh Shi-! AGP got Fair Gamed

Following the protests of Operation Sea Arrrg, Angry Gay Pope was stalked by those OSA faggots for 24 hours and after that, he believed that he was off the hook, or so he thought...

A month later while taunting the Scifags again, one of the OSA assholes told the Pope a few words that might bring anyone to the brink of despair, his real name. But the Pope shook that off in a few seconds and continued taunting the Scifags, man that Pope has balls.

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