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" i'm a cartoonist, not a rocket scientist"


—AngusNitro, overwhelmed by ED IRC

File:Angus anhero.jpg
The IRL retard, giving the e-famous emo glance.
Anusnitro without his mask on.

AnusNitro41 is friends with Shadowfox118, and of course, got butthurt when the Anon began with their games. As predictable, he's
another 1416 year old DevianTARD, with amazing animation skills (is now sixteen, but his skills have indeed sharpened).

Amazing English Language!

  • theirs a problem. MY PICTURE IZ A A2 SHEET OF PAPER. reason [cause if i used a A4 sheet paper. every 1 would be cramped. i scanned bits of it and sended it 2 :iconknuxsega: yes i know itz not fair 4 him 2 see it before every 1 else. but yeah. he puted it 2 gether but it didn't show every 1. so i'll do it my self

Incredible Stories!

  • birth of humals


around in da medievil times, a metiour hit australia (centuries before it wuz discoverd) wen the meteour hit australia. a big explsion accured and sucked many livin creatures, skelitions and even humans around the world back 2 the exact same spot were the meteour landed, and wit in months. the metour formed into air's rock also creatin humal. half human, half animal, or even half element (eg.a fire humal) and den 100 years later. their wuz a king of nitrolden. (were the humals lived) named angjustice. he's best friend shane woranaro were like brothers,close friends and good alies. but evetuly shane grew bored and jelous of angjustice's glory. and demanded tings 4 him self. but seein iz how angjustice could not get wut shane wanted. shane desided 2 reak havoc across the kingdom. and stole the mystic humal jewles (secert humal artifacts) and resorected the humal gods JACKORESS, VACONEX AND VIPORESS 2 destroy nitrolden and angjustice. and at dat time, a war on australia acured. a battle between angjustice nitro and shane woranaro. after several weeks of battle. angjustice killed shane. and their iz a lengend fortold dat desendant of angjustice and the son of shane will rise 2 battle once more

  • story

angus iz the desendant of angjustice. (but he doesn't know about dat after he's birthday) and he'z parents wuz killed wen he 7. angus and darcy (angus's little brother) were sent 2 an orhanage. 7 years later on angus's 14th birthday. a criminal named madrix arthur meteours attacked the orphanage and angus tried 2 fight back. but all of a sudden. wingz grew out of angus's back (he doesn't realise he just grew wingz) and attacked madrix. but madrix told his's robots and henchmen 2 retreat, but he took angus's little brother darcy hostage. and destroyed the rest of the orhanage leaving angus 2 die. but our hero survied and found his birthday persant. with a green t-shirt, blue jeans and a necklace. and he started 2 shearch 4 he's brother.

  • NEW Updated Version, deleted after this article was created

around the medieval times, an astroid driffeted into the sun. while the astroid was in the sun, strange green radiation started to effect the astroid and the astroid blew out of the sun and headed towards earth. in the outback of australia, a man named anjustice nitro with hundreds of brave warriors battled against a man named shane woranaro, then they saw a rock in the sky coming in fast.... they all ducked for cover, the astroid hit the ground wer they wer fighting, the radiation was spreading threw the ground really fast and went into the earth's core, then an explotion ocured around the world, catching millions of animals and humans and bring them back to the same spot wer the astroid landed... then another explotion happend and started fusing animals with humans, thus producing humals, half human, half animal

Splendid Arts!

Angus's talent doesn't end with his amazing writing skills, oh no. In fact, he is an artist of the highest calibur. However, Anonymous thinks he still has room for improvement. As a gesture of appreciation, Anonymous offers his two very humble cents:


Examples of Supreme Talent

Persecution Complex

File:Angus jackass.jpg
IRL Angus doing something incredibly stupid on camera. He's trying to make a Jackass video. Let's hope he ends up an hero.

In the epic war against Anonymous, AngusNitro decided that he must not lose. He refuses to let the Legion harm his friends. Little does he realize that this is why Anon attacked him in the first place. His excessive butthurt keeps on providing the lulz Anonymous craves.

When he's not drawing these pictures, he's making over 9000 ED accounts in some sort of revenge scheme against Anonymous. Here is a list of all of his known ED account names:

There is probably moar, so if you know any of his other accounts, add them!

"and yes, i know what you are thinking, i look sexc."


Who is stupider? Angus or his friends? This is now a question popping up in EDiots minds as Angus' internet sister, Tokiku-Neko created a website dubbed Anguscamp in an attempt to get this article removed.

The main focus of the site is actually towards User:Madmantyke aka Fiz, a troll artist and Sonic faggot. Angus and Tokiku-Neko are under the delusion that Fiz has created ED as a whole, and have created a petition against her. Both the petition and the Anguscamp were promptly desu and Goatse spammed foar Great justice and lulz.

The site contains claims of sexual harassment, copyright infringement, and distributing porn to minors. It's quite clear that Angus and his friends don't know shit about anything.


On August 4th, User:Madmantyke suggested that AngusNitro41 request an ARBChat in order to get this article removed. After a few hours, Madmantyke finally taught AngusNitro on simple IRC instructions, such as actually downloading a fucking client. Eventually, AngusNitro joined #ed, requesting that a sysop remove his article. An arbchat hasn't occurred yet, but much lulz will come from that.

Pre-ARBchat Quotes

<emoskank> AngusNitro41 = butthurt?
<Phil_Shoopman> we need an op or someone online to negotiate the start of the arbchat with.
<Phil_Shoopman> Emo: he's a furry
<AngusNitro41> shut up!! emoskank!!!
<weev> AngusNitro41: hi
<weev> AngusNitro41: im a fucking sysop
<AngusNitro41> O.o??? come on! just tell me what i have to fucking do! i've gone threw enough shit just to get [email protected]!!!!
<weev> AngusNitro41: you're ignoring my messages
<weev> ive fucking messaged you repeatedly
<weev> pay fucking attention
<AngusNitro41> i'm a cartoonist, not a rocket scientist]
<Fiz> youre 15
<Nihilanth> You make typos like kalinka/
<Nihilanth> You make typos like kalinka.
<Fiz> youre NOTHING
<Fiz> but a lulzcow
<weev> AngusNitro41: you dont have the right to call yourself *ist until youre making a living off of it
<Punakone> lol anusnitro
<AngusNitro41> shut up, cut me some slack
<ihateswine> anusnitro
<ihateswine> no slack is cut on ED
<AngusNitro41> i'm serious, i've had enough of Ed's shit in my face
<Fiz> and yet youre here
<Punakone> AngusNitro41, then youre gonna have it some more
Drawn by Madmantyke during the Angus' #ed dilemma
<AngusNitro41> in case if anyone wants to talk to me, i don't care
<brightmotor> Angus, don't be like that
<Phil_Shoopman> Angus: you better care if you want your article taken down
<Loonar> Anus Anus Anus
<Renzo> hah
<brightmotor> Anus we are here for you
<Punakone> AngusNitro41, go kill yourself
<AngusNitro41> make me
<AngusNitro41> and it's angus
<brightmotor> I don't think that's really angus
<Aghar> AngusNitro41: Quick question, what's your name again? I'll need it for the deletion log.
<Renzo> who is this applemilk faggot in the link
<AngusNitro41> AngusNitro41
<katiedid> holy fucking hostility batman!
<Phil_Shoopman> AngusNitro: How old are you? 14?
<Aghar> AngusNitro41: No, I need your real name for our records.
<Loonar> Angus: You want your article down, right? We're only here to help you, and have lulz along the way.
<Loonar> You need to work WITH us
<Loonar> Not against us
<AngusNitro41> as long as you retarts don't use my name for further shit
<Punakone> AngusNitro41, really, you are a native english speaker, yet type horribly, i have been learning english now for 4 years and have better english?
<Punakone> go back to school
<Loonar> I predict a generic "This is the internet, not english class" remark
<AngusNitro41> attention punkakone, i don't care
<Punakone> attention AngusNitro41, i do care
<Loonar> Angus: You should care. We want to help you.
<Loonar> We're not going to make your cry or say goodbye

Sadly, the ARBchat was never meant to be. AngusNitro41 promptly got glined when he returned to #ed. You can view moar logs of him making an ass out of himself here.

Deviantart Hijack

On September 14th, AngusNitro's deviantart accounts were busted into. Several EDiots made alternate MSN accounts and contacted Angus, claiming they were anti-ED and on his side. Once he fully trusted them, they asked him to change his password to something specific so that their friend could install a script that would prevent hax. The dumbass complied, and the attack was promptly launched. The EDiots changed his email and passwords to his AngusNitro41 account and AlanTheVampireBat account, so he couldn't get back in. They proceeded to delete all of his pictures, and to spam Chasethehedgehog and Snapesnogger with his accounts. When Angus realized what was happening, he BAAAAAAAAWED. He then put in a request for his account to be banned.

Soon after that, Fiz "figured out the password" and gave his accounts back to him. It's not sure why that was done, considering the EDiot was probably the brains behind the entire account hijacking. There are several possible explanations for this:

  • They felt sorry for Angus (not likely)
  • They wanted Angus to trust them for further lulz (likely)
  • They figured that with Angus' account banned, there would be no moar lulz (most likely)

Either way, Angus is probably going to be banned anyways for spamming the fuck out of several user's pages. Goodnight, sweet prince.

Angus on Teh internets

Footage of Angus when he ran into by Pedobear on teh internets. 'nuff said.


Angus' new buttsecks partner Eitan606 appears to have given Anus a subscription in return for hot male buttsecks. He even created Anus a picture of him upclose as he gave a uncomfortable blowjob to his counterpart. Anus and Eitans relationship was torn apart though when Eitan didn't have a forum and Angus did. So Anus gave Eitan a blowjob to say sorry. How sweet! But it didn't end there! The Anti-Angus-Fangirls club came out Eitan kept his prostituteness to himself as Anus fell for him!

Love for shadowfox

Here was the porno movie Angus and shadowfox wer making

It looks like AngusNitro has cheated on his girlfriend Brianna the cougar. She is now leaving Deviantart cause she saw Angus geting it on with Shadowfox. After when Shadowwolf (Shadowfox's boyfriend) saw the video clip, he got in the car and went to shadowfox's house and beat the crap out of the humal. and of course whiped angus's ass puting him in a coma for 9000 years.

The Real Angus

Angus recently posted pictures of himself in his gallery. Like all retards who post their RL pictures, many a lulz are to be had. It appears that he is a great actor who takes part in many backyard films.

Here, Angus talks about one of his current projects:

  • "this is a photo of me at the qwory (i think that's how you spell it) making a gangster fighting movie."


Rianna The Bat

File:Rianna the bat humal.PNG
Here is Rianna. Angus's sexy girlfriend

A few days ago, After when his last girlfriend Brianna the cougar left DA. Then someone felt sorry for him and fell in love with angus. Unfortunately, she got banned in the past few days. But that doesn't mean she can't still get it ON with him.


Fanart for AngusNitro41


Shadowfox118 and Angusnitro41 share a loving moment together

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