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James quit youtube for the umpteenth time again to make oc fart porn and shitty uninspired super hero web comics

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James hanging out with former YouTube celebrity, Spax3.

AnimatedJames (Powerword: James Barkley) is an oreo who makes shitty animations on YouTube about My Little Pony, Sonic the Hedgehog, and a bunch of equally autistic crap. Nobody cared about this faggot until it was discovered he faps to girls farting and shitting themselves, causing huge amounts of lulz. Further developments also revealed he is a disgusting pedo who groomed some 16-year-old piece of jailbait at the age of 22, something he proudly announced both on DeviantArt and YouTube to his 450,000+ subscribers. Nowadays, he lurks the corners of the internet masturbating to kids farting and shitting all over the place.


He has various boring pony animations and shitty crossovers on his YouTube channel. He is notable for uniting the two worst fanbases in internet history with his bland, unoriginal "competitions" between Sonic and My Little Pony characters, as there tends to be a lot of autistic debates in their comments sections about who would win and who couldn't, all over a mediocre (if you're being extra-nice) animation. Also are his extremely boring music videos, which despite being the most bland music videos possible, his various white knights and braindead fans tend to ass-pat them to death as they all contain My Little Pony characters to get the attention of the brony community.

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Butch Hartman, Jame's main source of inspiration.

Another fairly infamous animation by him is Teen Titans No!, which depicts Robin blowing up the Teen Titans Go! writers and James calls them retarded and everybody is happy about it. Never mind that this both counts as a death threat and a vicious insult to someone he doesn't even know. He later made a sequel, entitled Teen Titans Know!, where he tries to pass off flames and hate as legitimate criticism as portrays a TTG producer as a blithering idiot, even though he makes several good points (such as that the whole point of the show is to be sillier than the original and a lot of people are still butthurt about the original ending).

He also attempted to make his own series entitled "C Students", which was lazily written and plagiarized Butch Hartman's art style. "C Students" was pretty much a reboot of an earlier series of animations called "Seniors", which is, you guessed it, about the daily life of high schoolers. "C Students" was basically exactly the same as "Seniors", except replaced with a Hindu version of James, a token female with no personality of her own, and a wannabe British pimp. Terrible original music was included. James later cancelled it due to his self-conscious issues. He is currently working on "Middle Ground", a motion comic, which he will upload to dA. The art style seems to look exactly the same as "C Students", which further shows James has no idea what an original art style is.


In a nutshell, one day psychicpebbles and a bunch of his friends called me on skype for the soul reason of mocking and ridiculing me like a bunch of 6th graders. This pretty much destroyed my self esteem for a while, and even though they didn't mean any harm… what they said and how they acted was still really inconsiderate and immature, and I seriously can never speak to them again without getting angry. I keep having flashbacks to that experience, and it always makes me feel like a freak. And that experience is the reason why I always assume the worst of people. I always assume the person I'm talking to is a complete dick, until proven otherwise. Hence this drawing.


—--James, blaming someone else, as usual.

/co/ strikes gold

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The date was May 10, 2014. It was a calm, pleasant day in the wonderful world of /co/, until one anon decided to post a webcomic called "Sonic Girls" made by a very troubled young man going by the nickname "AndySonic", who drew Sonic characters farting, shitting, and sharting all over the place. The sight of such an abomination took many poor /co/mrades by surprise, who proceeded to collectively lose their shit and spread lulz, derp, and horror across the board, causing a veritable lollercoaster. In the middle of the clusterfuck, a few anons pointed out striking similarities between "Andy's" and AnimatedJames' art styles, but everyone else was too busy discussing Tails RAEPing babbys to pay attention.

Eventually, some brave gentlemen decided to confront James directly about the comics. James, upon realizing his dirty (HAHAHA GEDDIT) little secret was out, presumably shit his pants IRL and decided to honour the proud lolcow tradition of DELETING FUCKING EVERYTHING, incidentally confirming it really was him behind the comics, and then ran to his Tumblr to BAWWW about wanting to an hero. As it usually happens, the only thing he achieved is that an anon archived all the "Sonic Girls" images, and a second thread was made to further discuss his sick, disturbed mind. Luckily for us, both the first and second threads have been preserved for the enjoyment of future EDiots.

But that wasn't the last of James' gassy misadventures, far from it...

Fart 2: Eproctophilic Boogaloo

Figuring the whole Internet already knew he was a sick fuck, James took a page from Tom Preston and admitted it. He now has an entire account devoted to his disgusting, poorly made fetish art and expects his followers (and everyone for that matter) to either love it and look up to it, because if you dare criticize it, he'll go apeshit at you and act like an arrogant little bitch, while explaining why his fart art is so great. Even if you don't mind that, his numerous and many white knights will be quick to defend him and his precious fart-fetish.

The most notable example was when another user called his fetish "weird", James had got really pissy and started bitching about how people were being "negative" to him even though he thinks it's a good idea to flaunt it literally everywhere he goes and have people ass-pat him for it, as well as that Deviantart account literally being named WeirdoAnimatedJames.

Fart Gallery

This is an incomplete gallery of his various fart-fetish "pieces of masterful art".

Why don't you have a seat over there, James?

Isn't she a little young for you, James?
Michale Graves and her friend, getting ready to go to a Rocky Horror Picture Show screening.

On March 15, 2015, James uploaded another one of his faggy drawings to his DA, announcing he had found himself a bitch to fuck be in a long-distance relationship with. Ignoring James' humongous and blatant cuckery, said girlfriend turned out to be a 16-year-old girl, meaning James could be getting a visit from Chris Hansen at any moment. Some argue that wanting to fuck a 16-year-old is ephebophilia, not pedophilia, but the law does not give a fuck, and if James got busted by the cops he'd still be thrown in jail to be viciously assraped by Bubba.

In any case, James would still be a pedo, as many of the fart drawings he makes and later whacks off to feature characters as young as 6. When it was pointed out how disturbing it is to use that particular character (Cream the Rabbit from Sonic the Hedgehog) for your fetish art, he said he would stop drawing her, but mere days later he drew a different underage character farting. Hide your kids!

His girlfriend, Michaela Groves, also known as ToxicSoul77, lives in Canada. The two of them met through James's animations, for which she was a co-animator and designer. Her art style looks like Tumblr and Shadow The Hedgehog had an edge baby and shit it out their mouth, and shares the same facial expressions James uses, but up a level by looking like a pot-smoking Cheshire Cat. A typical 16 year old, she enjoys many of the gay things James likes. As of now, whether it was by pure luck, or her finally getting the message that James was a fag, she broke up with him. James took it as well as you'd expect.

Burn, baby burn

The signs of a future abusive relationship had it continued.

Last Thursday, mariotehplumber's faggot buddy TheBalishChannel uploaded a video actually bringing up some decent points about our hero failure by showing his secret accounts, his history, his losses, and many other things we already fucking know about. Skip to 16:20 to get right to business. It's a good video if you want the raw basics of why he's such a fucking weirdo and you're too lazy to read this article.

He hates everyone, including you

In an extremely autistic move, he made a journal, claiming that he hates everyone, even the very people who supported him the entire time. How did James respond to the deserved flack he received? He claimed he was drunk, even though people are more likely to be honest and forthcoming when they're drunk rather than make shit up. So remember, if you're a big fan of James, this is what he really thinks of you:

My fans: How can i say "I love my fans" when my fans consist of the kind of people I hate the most. People who agree with whatever I say, people who like whatever I make, people who demand that I make shit I don't want to make, people who don't bother critiquing or looking deeply into anything, People who post comments that start with "I totally understand, *insert their own life story that no one cares about here*", GOD I hate comments like that.


Releasing the gas

Oh Jesus, he's at it again.

On December the 27th, 2015, sitting alone at lunch-YouTube user DoritoButler uploaded a video with horrible sound-quality about James choking his acorn penis to his shitty fart drawings of Steven Universe, The Wizard of Oz, Sonic and other underage kiddies that your Dad would want pictures of. Somehow, it's not a surprise that people still want to help James, however they probably don't realize that the autistic fuck is incapable of help at this point due to his severe nature of recognizing everyone as retarded or unfit (even professional psychiatrists). This is a lulzy video to watch about how much of a self entitled and pedophillic prick AJ decides to be, but be aware of misinformation as the closeted-homosexual DoritoButler believes James is talented. What's even more fucking hilarious is that James expected you to pay for these drawings that are most likely unrecognizable with his shit covered cum bubbles.

A Departure That'll Make You Shed a Blood Tear

In his only instance of self reflection, James declared that he'll be leaving the internet. In these journals, James admits that his fart fetish prevented him from being taken seriously by other animators and how he lied to his own fans to see if they were gullible idiots to his shitty excuse. After producing one last animation, he'll leave the internet permanently (and hopefully an hero his online profiles too, along with himself after his girlfriend dumped his shit crusted ass.)

Except not really, because he will still keep on making his horrid fart porn. And with this, the only possibly good idea James has had in his 22 years of existence goes down the shitter.

"Off Saving The World"

In early 2017, James made an announcement about another series and upcoming "projects brewing". (Except this time, it's a comic book because he's lazy and untalented and can't be bothered to animate.

A year of keeping the fans he had left in the dark later, he came out with more updates and announced a Tumblr blog similar to the Shadbase built solely for fart faggotry, proving neither himself or his art style had improved.

Animated James begging Twitter fans for cash. (AKA still asking for it.)

James, being the egotistic he is, faps to his own characters, and as of February of 2018, uploads images of them farting/shitting themselves on his social media and Tumblr blogs.

How to troll James

  • Ask him how C-Students/Middle Ground/Sonic vs MLP is doing
  • Tell him the writers of Teen Titans Go! are more talented than he'll ever be.
  • Explain to him what ephebophilia is
  • Say that his girlfriend draws like shit
  • Ask him about his stand up comedy career
  • Call him Butch Hartman.
  • Contact any company he starts working for and link them this page.
  • Pay him for a commission and refund your pledge


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