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There is nothing wrong with hating anime in the way one person may say "I hate mint chocolate chip ice cream" or another may say "I hate eating seafood, those tentacles haunt my nightmares," but there comes a certain point where repeatedly saying how much a person hates anime, especially in completely unrelated conversations, makes you wonder what they are hiding. Could it be possible that a stringent anime hater is in fact a closet-weeaboo or could it be something much darker? Welcome to the bleak, inane world of the Anime Hater.

Anime haters range from many people of many disapora and demographics; from the typical slave-society schlomo who is brainwashed into being a hivemind slave to outdated and contradictory ideas, to the edgy alternative rebellious rebel who hates anything that's not entirely composed of shades of black and grey. Similar to how the most gay-bashing Republicans are later caught pants down in a between a nigger and a gloryhole, the most stringent Anime Haters are themselves: dysphoric, self depreciating closet-weeaboos attempting in vain to shamefully deny their past and current urges for the two dimensional ideal. Let us examine the three main reasons reasons for the Anime Hater's denial-of-self:

  • Not wanting to be associated with loli, shota, pedophilia, tentacle porn and other "degenerate fetishes" (at least the animes keep child fuckers off the streets; next thing you know an anime hater will film IRL kiddy porno, so watch your fuckin' back)
  • Wanting to be perceived as less childlike and more mature thereby distancing oneself from animation, sticking to the stereotype that animation is entertainment for children (ironically, such behavior exists in 13 year old boys desperate for manhood and instant sexual gratifications, and dickless flakes into adulthood who have this mentality)
  • Wanting to weaken an organization where anime is part of the root culture (i.e. banning anime from /pol/)

Origin of Anime as Root Culture: A History Lesson

Anime for the most part is an inescapable force, cluttered only by the brainless, cultureless white trash alcohol fueled work slave livestock to the dumbfuck self unaware and hopelessly clueless weeaboos, all whom share the trait of worshiping the fallible ideals of the status quo and empirical pedantic's maxim of adhering to the book and all kinds of stereotypes. TL;DR, the lot of them think that the animes get their powers from being 100% pure Japanese and being an exotic form of art that only the Gorirous Nipponese can ever birth. This in turn should be regarded as pure faggotry and makes them all fucktard Weeaboos of the highest caliber.

Long ago when Japan was given two big kicks to its ass for sucking the dong of the frat house of Imperial Colonialism, this was known as World War II and we can all thank America for getting their head out of their ass from that hazing ritual gone horribly wrong. Infact, we can come to claim that anime is just as American due to this.

Unfortunately, by the time of 1995 War Was Beginning. Frat Boys of the Insecure Manhood of The Superior White Man spreads their bullshit mindsets once more, but into soft power ie society. Amurica is ruined. Entertainment especially recieved a hard blow to the genitals. Comic books were still plagued by the Comics Code of the 1950s, a shitty rule of censorship all because the Tequila Bible got Christian housemaker moms upset, and in turn buried a dead Superman several kilometers underground after he sucked a universal record's worth of dicks within the known universe and choked on the cumflood that came after. Edgelords came out from the woodwork, and did what all feared before even the Internets were born: Degrade comic books by pouring in their grimdark gritshit uber violent fantasies. Cartoons were soon turned into commercials for children when parents were sent to the 9-5 gulags, and Disney and Nickelodeon were given glass and eggshells to walk on by Hanna Barbera and Filmation from their exploits in the 1970s of making shitty cartoons monitored by Christian Morality For the Family groups.

Little did they know, Anime was sent out for great justice. Anime and Manga was the sequential art of legends and told Christians that their God was a fucking fake puppet of a tyrant used by angry nihilists for the biggest orgy since Jonestown. Anime and manga was the thing that ninja'd the Insecure Manhood and told them that they were all insignificant trash with fucktard thinking and left them for dead. Anime and manga was the stuff that brightened the darkness, smashed down dickhead oppression, and even invited the ladies over to get to know them better, an achievement that not even comic books could admit to doing. For all of the shit that anime haters like to give about virginity and anime, at least those of the anime don't have to clean out their genitalia for centipedes and give birth to deformed syphilis babies.

Anime is used by all facets of the political and autism spectrums but most particularily have prominence in the greater chan culture and sub-branches such as Æ and Frog Twitter. From 4chan's /a/ to wizchan's /wiz/, every board with any significant ammount of traffic has a high ammount of anime posters, that being natural as 4chan and it's Japanese predecessor 2chan, were popular for it's discussion of anime. As 4chan expanded to include boards anout different topics, the original weeaboo natives also migrated to other boards and clashed with the foreign hordes who, being from forums of the same topic (i.e. forums members migrating to /fit/) yet completely barren of Waifus, began a culture war that last to this day.

Animephobes deny their cultural heritage as anime remains an integral part of the root culture of not just all imageboards, but also America and the rest of the free world.

Greater Context of Anime Themes

What is it that gets anime to be loved and enjoyed by millions around the world? Is it its variety of content as a style and medium of animation? Is it the sexy girls, the abstraction of the human anatomy that emphasizes and exaggerates and even accentuates humankind's more handsome and alluring aspects? Is it the flexibility and variety that it can allow when one has understood its traditions and methods? Is it the sense of wonder, freedom, and hope against all odds in its more optimistic tales? Is it that this style is able take on any narrative it would like? Is it its spirit being able to move and touch the interconnected soul that all of humanity shares?

Maybe it's all of the above. Perhaps, it's this and even more.

As for anime haters, it's honestly a bit flabbergasting and bemuddling what drives their hatred and overt abhorrence for it.

Japan in this context

For all intents and purposes, IRL anime in Japan is about as common as you'd see Mickey Mouse and Disney movies elsewhere. Granted, it's not like anime itself is accepted entirely over there either. Mama and Papa Gung Ho Imperial Japans also live in the state, and for many reasons of their own, they find anime as a detriment to society as well, mainly because they see the medium as an obstacle so that they can belt switch their kids to become doctors and other kinds of upper class stiffs for the cash money and rights to brag to keep up with the white man before they ride in on battleships to truly establish Pearl Harbor as their foothold before war on America. This is not a joke.

See here folks, Japan was once a great country where once people had a sense of life and death. Along with celebrating living and the natural world, badass motherfuckin' samurais traveled the land and were also held to ensure the deaths of any scum who dared to turn society into their own cesspool of depravity and exploitation. Unlike today, where people are coddled to hell and are often goaded to be materialists with a childlike ignorance about the harsh understandings of reality, Japan had a sense of balance about such things. Where anime comes in, it was thanks to 265 years of isolation from the world that people were able to have peace and enjoy such things like manga and theater, while the rest of the world was still reeling from the Black Plague, being taught to be stupid, and Abrahamic religion fueled takeovers, and we can all thank the samurai for ensuring the deaths of thousands who dared to preach about the bullshit of how Israel is the center of the world and that the white man is superior for killing the Jews that lived there while claiming it as their own land and becoming the new Jews in turn. Pre AIDS AIDS was very serious as well, and those who were instilled with aforementioned garbage also had caught it while sucking on the preacher's dongs. Meanwhile also overseas, history vindicates that Japan was widely venerated and cherished from nations all over the world for being a land of gold and riches beyond compare, meaning that Japan was as integral to human civilization as much as water is to all life.

Granted, nothing lasts forever. Due to Japan getting asshurt over America politely asking to open up doors to trade for a measly island, several decades later America came back a knockin' and demanded Japan reopen the country to the world before it blew its fucking brains out. We can come to blame the samurai responsible for this. Soon enough, after a war waged on about samurai between samurai blaming who and who, and soon plenty of them fought and died, before the Insecure Manhood came in through the shadows and gave some samurai a lot of guns and weapons. Soon after, they won, and the samurai were abolished, all before the biggest asian gangbang orgies of the turn of the century. Of course, the Insecure Manhood pulled some strings and manipulated Japan into being a facist power much like Nazi Germany. Thankfully America came through and slapped the fucking shit out of Japan into shape as we know today.

Anime for the most part is the cultural accumulation and congregation of years of cultural selection and open breeding, unlike the shit that Nazi Germany and all eugenics from the Age of Imperialism that only brought garbage and shit thinking. It is superior proof that Japan, as the originator of the aspects of modern civilization, will and forever will have influence and righteousness through impregnating the seeds of openmindness and love far and wide. Japan already has won the globe myriad times over. Anime haters are willingly ignorant losers who are much like those of the legendary Waco siege and Ruby Ridge: A fringe of loserly bitter cucks who "hate the gummimint" but will ultimately be barbequed for the wild beasts; ie furries. What a way to go.

Anime as Aristotelean Ideal

Waifus come in many different shapes and sizes but all represent the feminine ideal. A virtue that has been lost in Western civilization, the resistance into modern times was only thanks to a combination of WW2 aftereffects of taking women out of the kitchen and into the work place, the sexual revolution of the 60s, and the democritazation of the world where democracy usurped monarchy or facism and women got the right to vote. Unfortunately, said resistance was a fucking crapshoot for also thinking that feminism meant wearing strap ons and getting dick transplants, as the Insecure Manhood succeeded in its diversionary tactics of brainwashing young girls into thinking that white supremacists have actually any influence and power. The collective unconsciousness cried out for a resurgence of female grace but the material solid objective 3D world clenched firm and allowed no passage, therefore this wish was manifested in the 2D. The Aristotelean ideal: young, pure, innocent, willing, unconditionally loving, aesthetic, agelss and immortal. Even the harshest of tsunderes were found to be unconditionally loving if you submitted to her absolute rule. With this came the greenest of envy. The rage of feminists flared up for they coveted something that they once had but had lost long ago and could never retrieve it and so they seeked to destroy it, just as all moral relativist seek to destroy any form of beauty in order for them not to be reminded of their own putrid ugliness. Thankfully, even in the face of their jihad and crusade for white prided first world equality in the white man's image has been denounced by even the white slaves of their own ranks, leading the world into realization that being an anime woman is the ideal, and will get real women to be anime waifus too.

Politics? In My animes? it's more likely than you think

Within politics, anime is hated to no extent. Within American politics, the left hates anime for its love of tradition that isn't American in culture and its portrayal of women who aren't blinded by the sensationalist grips of fake first world individuality and openmindedness that only closet white supremacists could only make up off the top of their heads, while the right fears anime for being the medium that has openly criticized aspects and values cherished in its spectrum, including being influenced and doing favors for Fundamentalist Christianity and calling out right wingers as a bunch of cabalists who hope to plunge the world into chaos just so that they can get more people to praise Jesus and God while filling up more church pews through non stop breeding of human cattle and purposely putting people through suffering in their attempts of world domination. Overall, Anime is hated in politics because it's a threat to the bullshit of modern day politics, including how it champions virtues over dick sucking and that die hard bureaucracy will eventually fail into a miserable and horrific death.

Even into this day, the faggotry still continues. Ever since the pairing of Donald Trump with various waifus and anime imagery into 2016, this convinced leftists the conspiracy that anime hosts subtle nazi propganda inherent to the core of anime. Such bullshit includes how Super Saiyans in Dragonball Z secretly refers to the almighty power of the Aryan Ubermench, how the Sharingan vaguely looks like a swastica if you squint the right way and how Naruto Uzumaki, along with him being seemingly white, utilizes the power of pure Nazism through his Rasengan. Some attempt to go the distance and bridge Imperial Japanese sentiments through correlating Ichigo Kurosaki of Bleach's third Bankai as the ultimate proof of undying ties with the Nazis due to its handguard featuring a swastika.

Let's be honest, leftists in the USA are no better than their right wing counterparts. History tells that originally, democrats were infact diehard proponents of the spread of United States imperialism and social darwinism back in the early 1900s. If anything, they saw nigras as little as monkeys, asians as little as dog eating coolies to do their maths and paperwork, along with servant work like washing laundry and cleaning their houses, and even their own kind if they didn't leap up high enough on the Social Darwinism checklist, considering them the most useful of manipulable slaves, and this includes You into the current day. While they would have championed human rights for minorities in the States, they in turn see everyone else outside rather as a bunch of savages who need to be assimilated into the "right cultured way" of being American whether they want it or not. Even for Republicans who had ties with the KKK and lynch mobs back then had a great deal of respect for other nations than the democrats. Democrats are also the most culturally uneducated people to ever walk the earth too. What is known as a swastika was once used in Buddhism and Hinduism, and it wasn't until the white man's burden that he culturally appropriated it that bastardized it. Not even democrats are that openminded as they claim to be.

Leftists are also associated with ultra feminists and pro western world humanists, who consider Japan a horrid super patriarchal place where women are treated like slave cattle and sex toys. Unfortunately for them, the virtue "don't throw stones if you live in glass houses" go way over their heads, and we have a lot of rocks ourselves to throw as well. Although crime is existent in Japan, and there is sexual abuse and whatnot, such groups refuse to say that their own nation's rates of sexual assault, rape, domestic abuse, and serial killing is way, way much worse than even in Japan. At least in Japan, you could be a 10 year old girl with 5 million yen taped to your back, be sent out at 1 am in the morning, and walk a mile buck ass naked with little to few chance of being abduced and sold into sexual slavery, or worse, being the target of one sad pathetic cuck's sexual frustrations by being murdered and raped to death. At least in Japan you can walk in the park and not be chopped up into pieces the next day if you're a woman. While being groped on the subway is a problem, it's less of a problem than being targeted for your purse or being chased by someone who wants to fuck you to death because of your own shit society that you instead bitch and whine about instead of doing some actual change. Even real feminism has the problems of men entering the front as a way of easily white knighting pussy and having little to no interest into what feminism really is.

Furthermore, targeting one of their biggest fallacies is the matter of Japan seemingly throwing wives into the kitchen and keeping them there like how a Jewzoid hoards money in their dungeons. Likewise, their insights are fueled by nothing more but ignorance and bitter people who did little to take fate into their own hands. Unlike the ass end of America that is growing like a rapid case of frostbite, Japan has a sense of marital responsibility and can do so without feeling like insecure ego driven losers. This means that gender roles aren't something to be afraid of and are cherished, unlike in the States where double standards are rife and where values haven't been touched since the first year of the 1950s. Moreover in Japan, the wife is given full responsibility of the household, while the husband works his ass off and does what he can for a living and a life. That means the wife rules over the money that comes through in the household and wears the pants when the husband comes home, allowing them more power than their American counterparts and their whiny abusive husband addled relationships. Hell, at least in Japan women can be women, unlike in the States, where the feminine is denounced as weak and stupid, even among women.

Into anime, again, ultra feminists are some of the worst cases of the far end of anime hatedom. While they finger themselves to strong female characters, any girl or woman being a plain girl or woman to them is considered the 100% factual evidence that Japan is a hell for women. It's also ironic that anime portrays a bigger career diversity than comics and even real life; anime implies that the brave strong and beautiful women who dare to venture into deadly careers are raised in a society that isn't a fucking shitheap of backass and two faced hypocrisy, or teach themselves to be morally enduring and virtuous, unlike the ultra feminist, who is simply a mouthy ego driven bitch who is angry that more beautiful women are given more attention than she is and is so morally bankrupt that she'd have no ethical integrity into what she'd do to even affect the smallest bit of change for the better.

Back on 4chan, most however, did not care about the screeching of landehales and continued their work to express the purity of feminine grace. Shills tried everything they could to cripple various /pol/ boards from the inside, the majority of attacks being focused on 4chan's and 8chan's /pol/ boards. One argument a shill used would be the banning of anime. It was then realized that Anime could be used to trigger leftists, the smuganimegirl.jpeg being a symbol inspiring fear in beta cucks and despair in feminists for the virtues they would never have.

As for right wingers, the news has shown us that the vast majority of them are actual pedophiles and human slavers. Again, right wingers have a massive campaign against the "sexually alternative", including gays and the lesbians because it runs counter to their plans of encouraging people to be lower middle class white trash losers who do nothing but fart babies and turn to church whenever they are faced with hardships that could be solved with such things like medicine and common sense. This also goes for the waifu crowd who are doing themselves a favor for humanity by fucking body pillows and fictitious anime people in the face of the world becoming filled ass to mouth with so many people that you'll eventually not have a sense of personal space. The only answer the right wing have in the face of this event is to come to a "final solution" and deny any relations with National Socialism and Hitler before they eventually wipe humanity out by its own stupidity. These lots are also very rooted in racism and its many sentiments, as due to this lack any spirit to the 13th Amendment and the idea that America is a land of freedom, so it's no surprise why they don't like anime either.

A unique case within the Right Wing, anime is either loved or hated to no extent. Those who don't like anime are usually those who do engage in IRL rape and pedophilia, and this even goes for the senators and higher ups. Even Donald Trump had sex with the America Dance Girls he brought up on stage during his campaigns to bring out the pedos to vote for him. George Bush Jr. even banned animes before he left the white house before letting his cohorts fuck children. On the other hand, right wingers usually come to love anime for the wrong reasons. Some of them include believing said "Nazi imagery" allegedly found within anime, and believing that the Japanese love pale skinned people and the whites because of how predominantly "white" the cast is. This is what happens to you without self discerning education people.

About Anime Haters

Anime haters for the most part are people who don't like anime. Granted, while any fuckhead on the street we'd give less than a fly shit on the ass hair of an elephant's stinking crusty asshole on a blazing hot dauy about their interests, they are the obssessors of this inane, miserably pathetic topic that would give anyone a lifetime's worth of cringe and mystified bewilderment that it would get any regular person to walk away and tell them to not ever relate to them again, and occasionally pop up non stop in comments sections and innocuous places on the internet. For literally littering one's shit grudewank, it's thanks to them that we should write this article on them.

Of course, they do come in several varieties:

  • right wing conservatives, confederates, and other kinds of supremacists not covered
  • liberals, communists, anarchists, jews and moral relativists of all sorts
  • animation schools, especially the teachers
  • /co/mic book nerds
  • Bitter, vindictive, and antisocial nerds who are usually gamers and other fiction connoisseurs who usually can't keep to themselves and are egotists with a hobby to throw their weight around
  • Small town white trash of suburbia and small towns who are your typical expendable peon molded and shaped by your local government
  • Upper class trash who are your typical expendable peon molded and shaped by your local government
  • Racists and ethnocentrists born out of society's dregs
  • Christians
  • Muslims, anime is Haram
  • Atheists
  • Diehard fans of John Kriflauski and western animation who can't get off their sinking ship of an artistic medium if they tried
  • Your Mom
  • The philipino contract-basis animators working 12 hour shifts for little pay.

Anime haters for the most part are grudewankers beyond all known comprehension. They're like bacteria and plague, a scourge on mankind who just can't stop talking about how much they don't like anime in order to stand out. Ironically, a majority of people feel indifferent about anime; the group they belong to are just as self fellating and hivemind to where they all look the same as a personality. Usually they tend to gather around low hanging fruit on Youtube and forums to spread their word, however they also look like a bunch of middle schoolers trying to make sense of their ignorance and hormone addled unresolved pathetic excuses of lives.

The ass end: Nerds on the pecking order secret society

Not all nerds and geeks like anime. That's a proper state to fact. Another is that the internet is the refuge for the dysphoric, the unversed, and most bitter of them. Let's get into the topic of how these nerds and geeks make the internet their claptrap cum dumpster when reality gets too real for them.

in b4 "You fucking hypocrite", the writer of the article does so to guide future discoverers of this page instead of solely blaming society for their ills and bearing all cases of what gets people to convert to atheism and normalfaggotry. IE what makes you a butthurt fag.

Nerds and geeks who are anime haters come in many varieties. We can usually pin down these reasons down:

  • Not being cool or manly enough: An attribute typical with the cynical and the manhood challenged.
  • Not being what they grew up with in their childhood: ie racists and shiteaters.
  • Not what is being used to entertain them, and themselves only: You can call these people the kinds of faggots who worship internet reviewers and are tasteless clueless shitheads who need to go back to their basements for being society's cucked.

Often, these reasons comes from the same line of faggotry that fuels South Park styled small towns and congregations of white trash. Usually these nerds ride on hobbies for the sake of hoping to fit in with their fellow lowlife brethren or magically garner attention like Jessica Nigri to ride on as emperor nerd of the world. Unfortunately, these losers are even more poser than The Big Bang Theory, and even more pedantic to the facts made when you pull shit out of your ass at the last second. Usually these faggots are "so smart" that they are instead on the computer at cruise control on forums, comments sections, and IRCs instead of being at the throttle of actual cool nerd shit like being a scientist or a rocket pilot/astronaut. Instead they toss their efforts towards useless shit like console wars, repeating video game playthroughs, knowing what the next release of tabletop figurines are, and waiting around for life to give them that so called opportunity to not be a loser.

Don't ever fear if you meet them in real life. Usually they are ugly, ranging from fat neckbeard mouthbreathers, unseenly aesthetic clueless looking tryhards with bad fashion sense, to those that portray the stereotypical depiction of nerds and geeks as scrawny glasses wearing dorks who stick to their chic and yet somehow fucking sink it further into fuckugly faggotry like how unseenly geeks wear fedoras and problem glasses. They don't even have to be aesthetically flawed to be ugly either. Even the fucking Big Bang Theory and Killer Nerd have truth in that they know the value of carrying yourself without being a clueless and out of touch fuck. Usually socially they'll be so fucking awkward and queer that you can tell they have something to hide, and not in the good sense of having actual life issues.

What kinds of them are there? Well....

  • Gamers: Gamers on their shit end usually shit on anime for being too catering for weeaboos. Little do they know, many of them who play Japanese games usually have their art done in anime styled and inspired design, especially for 3D games. This means they are reject weeaboos who think that because their games aren't like anime with their stories, that means it doesn't count as anime. This is usually the kind of flat earther bullshit they pull because much like normalfags, they stick to stereotypes and don't take their time to learn anything like real nerds. Even Pokefags who fag up Pokemon to no end with their gameplay focused fuckery can't figure out why Fairies are weak against their weaknesses other than "they just are". Other gamers are usually racist and littleminded faggots who retreat to their video game communities when daddy isn't pleased with who they are as a human being and take out their existential frustrations before getting back into the vicious cycle. PS, their favorite tagline is from a game from a guy who draws anime but approved of a promotional line that draws in these faggots like flies. Mainly found on Let's Player and video game reviewer channels on Youtube and Twitch TV. IRL can be found like barflies at your local game store.
  • Bronies: Bronies can get as vicious as furries when they decide to put on the power play of internet dick waving. This usually means posting up how anime isn't as good as their cartoon series aimed for children and hyped to beyond relief. When weeaboos spazzed out and couldn't stop shoving anime into people's faces, they were unlikable, but they had credence, despite being annoying shitheads. Bronies have a cartoon series that only got up by margins from zero in comparison what anime has done for writing and is known for grown men fantasizing about lesbian cartoon ponies having sex.
  • LARPers and Renaissance Fair Goers: See European Martial Arts
  • Tabletop Gamers: Warhammer 40K people can be an cool people. Then you have the other side. Thankfully they mainly congregate in basements and hobby game stores where they are quarantined and cordoned off from the rest of society.


For all of the talk on Christians and their shithead ilk, Atheists also get the lowdown too. For as much as they claim themselves to be free from the doctrines and creeds that are believed to "enslave humanity", the fact remains that they are still descended from kinds of shitheads whose thinking is still rooted in their Christ fearing lineage. Atheists for the most part are hardcore hedonists when it comes to entertainment, and are some of the most vile fans you'll ever come across. Ever since they witnessed Mythbusters, atheists are the bane of the entertainment world, as they have helped spread mankind's hubris of its knowledge gained throughout its existence and to show it off in excessive affluence and bigotry. In short they're the kinds of people who have spread the act of nitpicking to death anything they witness and have absolutely no sense of valuing anything intrinsic and beyond their first world cultivated delusions of edification to where no one has fun in the sake of "realism". Because anime is "unrealistic", many of these socially unseen and hidden pariahs usually find the medium and its fans as punching bags whenever they don't feel adequate on the geek pecking order, while in reality they are the kind of loser you'd fit into the description of a nerdy socially inept looking dork and are the kinds of people who ruin anime conventions for claiming to be "superior" than everyone else, while they go back home and face the reality that they have no friends other than other bitter likeminded nihilists.

Animation schools

Animation schools in the US are nothing but a big fucking joke and might as well be considered a scam that leaves your ass in debt. Within their territory dies the sense of the freedom of expression and creativity, as animation school teachers and scholars are two faced and filled with double standards, including how they strictly adhere to one kind of a specific form of animation, and that they engage in absolutely no support nor sponsorship of the research of innovating 2D western animation all while pushing all of their blame and cause of ills on anime.

In reality, anime mainly won over western animation because it was soon learned that much like within the world of video games, better graphics don't usually mean a better kind of entertainment. For the most part, western animation emphasizes entertaining through elaborate and detailed displays and scenes. Unfortunately, this failed for many reasons:

  • If western culture, especially in America, was one of subtlety and had a better degree of artistic appreciation, people would actually give a shit. IRL the foundation that it provided was as best as quicksand above a leaking septic tank.
  • An emphasis on developing your "own style". Again, the double standard hypocrisy is just oozing here like a freshly came vagina. Much unlike anime, where a sense of tradition has something to work off of and especially for its own style of anatomy and details, western animation practically has little to shit of it. For this, the industry spread itself thinner than a Hellraiser orgy fetishist. Don Bluth's stuff could have seen some tits and ass, but no, "you gotta be an individual". Fun fact, animation schools strictly adhere to animation rules from Walt Disney. If that's not something that explains the two faced bullshit, then we don't know what does.
  • Ironically, being pushed into only finding work at places like Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. For such an industry that desires new content, society tells a whole different story. Even if you wanted to start your own animation studio, even a small one, good fucking luck. CN and Nickelodeon these days thrive off of series until they are forced to pull them off of life support, and if your proposed series isn't something like that, enjoy being at the bottom for a good while.
  • A better term to fully explain the paragraph above is "style over substance". For all of the animation and hard work put into such western works, anime was able to provide something called story content of varied degrees and a wide lexicon not regulated for the kind of stuff used to distract kids at day cares. When you've been hammered into the corner of being able to only provide kid's content and not fight back against what is doing that to you, you deserve the title of bitch.
  • Efficiency. Western animation budgets are fucking massive to fund, and by massive we mean millions of dollars. Even if said money could be afforded, the fact remains that infrastructure is unsurprisingly shit to support such huge ass projects, and especially if more is wanted in the future. Anime and manga on the other hand may seem to cut corners, but can cover their weaknesses well, and don't rely strictly on visuals to entertain.

Does western animation entirely blow hard as a medium? No. In honesty it doesn't. But as it stands, animation schools are the bane of western animation's existence. Do yourself a favor and at least burn one down. At least in Japan western animation falls into anime as well.

Correlations between anime hatedom and being a loser

It's been revealed through much science and logic that being a person who doesn't like anime makes you even more of a fucking loser than if you did. According to research and monitored experiments, not liking anime bears the side effects of:

  • Being a close minded shit for brains that repels anyone sociable in your life
  • Being a dreary hopeless loser than even emos and goths, like over 9000 fold, holy shit that's fucking serious business
  • Being the excess indulgent bane of society through non stop drinking and drug use as if it was a lifestyle
  • Being a tasteless boring fuckhead cog stiff who is destined to die working past their death
  • Being an expendable peon who sucks the dicks of being a simple minded bitch to the dicks of conformity
  • Having shit taste in art
  • Having no sense of joy or wonder in life
  • Belonging to the end of humanity that deserves their Darwinistic extermination for the betterment of future generations
  • Being a racist and ethnocentric shit who has no place in society
  • Being an annoying fucking scuntfuck who is an unlikable human being
  • Endless wanderings on the internet because reality dictates you are infact more forever alone than an anime fan
  • Being a nihilistic miserable piece of work that no one wants to be around
  • Being a shiftless skeezy loser who commits crimes due to lack of direction in life

Life in the world of an Anime Hater


Like holy shit. It's like anime haters are not very fucking interesting as people! To hate anime is to hate life.

See Also

  • /a/ - Despises anime with a raging passion more than anyone else.

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