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The trollfuck's FB page picture. It's pretty creepy.

Anime is Satan was a Facebook page created by an amazing group of people to troll weeaboos. The original page was taken down because a bunch of butthurt anime fans with no life kept reporting the page, even creating campaigns to take it down, which was very lulzy (now rebooted but inactive since Dec 2012). You can still have your dose of lulz by going to Anime is Satanic and Anime is Shit. It may be considered one of the best trolling pages in history.

More Drama from teh Weebs

  • Anime is Satanic, new trolling page

Apparently the dumbfucks who believed "Anime is satanic" was serious started abusing the admins of the page by giving them death threats, forming a new page called "Anime is Satanic is Satanic" (no I'm not shitting you, they actually made a group called "Anime is Satanic is Satanic") and eventually hacking and leaking personal information from one of the admins, and THEN cyber-bullying the admin constantly until he didn't want to admin anymore. OVER FUCKING ANIME! REALLY? PEOPLE HARASS AND ABUSE PEOPLE ONLINE JUST BECAUSE THEY POKE FUN AT FUCKING JAPANESE CARTOONS!?

Hilariously, a fan of the page created a joke out of the "Anime is Satanic is Satanic" page, "Anime is Satanic is Satanic is Satanic" -- DISREGARD THAT, SEEMS BALEETED, the count is now at Anime is Satanic is Satanic is Satanic is Satanic, which can be found here. Where this madness will end?.

  • The weeaboos retaliate with new strategy

As previously stated, Anime is Satan page is back on. After realizing their furious crusade was render completely ineffective by a simple key stroke on a keyboard of a Facebook employee (because nobody cares about that shit except Weeabos), all Japanese animation lovers reunited in alliance to set up their own page where they took the pledge to erase AiS from the internet once and for all! The page in question: "Anime is Satan" Must Be Destroyed

That didn't mind the trolls at Anime is Satan who, delighted with satisfaction to see Anime is Satan page obtaining so much success with the gullible fans of Japanime, decided to set new lulzy back-up Facebook pages and groups.

  • If you make an entry in the wonderful Facebook search engine, you will see that there is literaly dozens and dozens of page and group that rally agains't AiS and other trolling pages. (I'm dead serious, look for yourself)

Weeaboos Attacking AiS LOL

Ii went through their page and i couldnt stand after seeing almost quater of da page............they mainly post about hentai which is way more different dan anime........they got da concept n da meaning of many anime series wrong.................i read through many descriptions of anime series in their point of view n i saw dat dey took da scene wich shows sum symbol or sign related to evil stuff ( for ex. Nazi) wich i found completely bogus.....................anime is made fr da happiness...


—Weeaboo not realizing that hentai is actually a genre of anime

anine and cartons ar diferent, baka!


—Weeaboo not realizing anime is what the Japanese call cartoons

Anime is Satan which in a brief description claims that anything related to anime is Satanic. This is offensive to many members of the facebook community for being hateful towards anime and people that watch anime. The owner of the page enjoys demonizing anime and is clearly using this website to defemate people that watch anime. Help me by signing this petition to have this fan page removed from facebook.


—Petition description


The fact that people don't recognize it is satire, and make videos like this is hilarious.


The Original page that started the shitstorm
Anime is satanic's FB page
Anime is Satanic FB group
Anime is Shit FB page
Anime is Shit FB group
"Anime is Satan" Must Be Destroyed
Anime is satanic is Satanic is satanic is satanic (Geez....)
Butthurt weeaboo rants on Anime is Satan without even considering that it's more than likely a troll page

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