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This should give you an idea what to expect. And it spawned a greater one.
A classic, [1]

Animutation is that genre of Flash where someone posts pictures from around the Internet in a flash animation and sets them to music (like that dancing guinea pig video).

It's existed for a while, there just hasn't been a name for it. The term 'animutation' was coined by Internet celeb Neil Cicierega, who is famous for supposedly making the first animutations (actually, he didn't). Neil's first animutation was The Japanese Pokerap, but that was total shit, so most people say it was "Hyakugojyuuichi" (the proper rōmaji is "hyakugojuuichi" and means 151 in Japanese and is pronounced "hya-ku-go-JEW-i-chi")< Weeboo.

This flash became a hit on Newgrounds, and Neil soon went on to produce more works. People began to imitate him with videos done in the same style. Verylowsodium (another animutator) sums the history of animutation up best: "Once upon a time, some guy took a copy of an overpriced animation utility and animated a bunch of strange pop-culture images sent to even stranger Japanese music. Like moths to a flame, a dozen copycats completely ripped off the idea, starting a freaky movement." The movement continues to this day, but as more and more people have found out about it, the quality of the animutations has declined. The beginning of the end was heralded by the Animutation Portal, started by one such "artist" named Mudi. Now that many people had heard about this "new" genre,teenagers who were too indie for Newgrounds could post their shitty Flashes. The "new generation of animutators," as some Portal denizen put it, have made flashes characterized by references in place of humor, crappy animation, pointless secret messages, and mondegreens that don't mean anything funny. People still make animutations occasionally, but they pretty much died out in 2005 to make way for Youtube Poop.

A "new" animutation [2]

How to create an Animutation for Animutation Portal

Throw quality out the window, just as long as Hyakugojyuuichi is referenced SOMEWHERE.
  1. Go steal yourself a copy of Adobe Flash.
  2. Raid Google Image search. Images you will need: Colin Mochrie. Do not question this.
  3. Go find yourself a song. Does not matter what song, as long as it's not English. Also does not matter if the song is terrible and sounds like a whale having sex, as long as it's Japanese or Dutch.
  4. Go onto the Animutation Portal Message Board and Advertise your piece of shit in the making.
  5. Slap together your animutation. Be sure to include plenty of obscure references to past Animutations, like spitting out "Yatta" every 10 frames. Characters who appear quite often in in older animutations like Pee Wee Herman, Jay Jay the Jetplane, and Lesko should also be included. If you find yourself doing anything other than motion-tweening bitmaps, you are working too hard.
  6. Don't forget to include seizure inducing frames of animation, so that when people start to watch you can hope they will get sick and die. That's worth a couple of lulz, amirite?
  7. Hidden Messages are necessary. Make sure half of your animation is full of 1 frame hidden messages. This makes your flash interactive, cause it makes Hardcore Colin Nerds want to replay and try to catch the hidden message, especially if you're too lazy to include a pause and/or rewind button. However, normal people won't give a fuck and will not bother to watch your hard work more than once.
  8. Pray to your lord, Colin. May he grant you a bountiful flash and 5/5. He won't, 'cause he's an ice nigger
  9. Get your flash posted onto the Animutation Portal, and then go onto their wiki and include a bunch of factoids about all the obscure references your flash has.
  10. ????
  11. PROFIT!!!

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