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Ann Liv Young is a crazy sick fuck from North Carolina trying to make it in performance art in New York City, living, conclusive proof that white people can't dance, and probably every red stater's worst nightmare. She says, "I have done, like, stuff that makes people want to strangle me afterwards." Indeed, she deserves the fate of Anna Beshnova. She purports to be a feminist, but she is nothing more than a compulsive exhibitionist. For the love of God, save your money and go to a strip club in a state that allows full nudity and serves alcohol. Yes, it is possible to have sex in the Champagne Room. Moreover, she doesn't even know how to do a proper striptease, as she can't stay clothed in front of a crowd for more than thirty seconds. Some argue that this whore should be driven to a remote location and firebombed in the car as in Rammstein's Du Hast video so that her male "partner" can have his balls back. The guy really needs to learn the meaning of 'bros before hoes'.

Analysis of the video performance for "Michael," or "Two Girls, One Eunuch"

If you can't stand the sight of hairy pussy, tits flapping, or a man's dick and balls in shrinkage mode, well, don't watch this video. It's a laughably wacky trip into a realm of weirdness most people never see, performed by two slutty-hot womyn and a dude who looks a lot like Russell Brand, who happens to be her "partner."

The video is softcore porn: the man and woman embrace and basically dry hump on the floor, however it is not pornography because a couple of Ann's whores continue their tortured spastic dancing of the damned instead of doing what a bitch whore should do, which is go lick the guy's asshole while he fucks the other bitch. On the positive side, one of the girls removes her panties and puts them in her mouth then wears them on her head. Ann doesn't appear nude in the above video, she's the fully clothed bitch that blocks the view of the naked chicks at around 1:35. Ann however has no qualms about appearing nude in public, the only problem is that she's much saggier than the two naked bitches in the video. Oh yeah, and they're dancing to "Take On Me" by Aha.

Ann on what she won't do

"This is a little teeny-tiny church that was converted in to a performance space in Ridgewood, Queens. They were doing a show and they called me and asked if I would do a performance about masturbation and at the end sacrifice a chicken. I told them I would do it, knowing that I really wasn't going to sacrifice the chicken, so I came up with a plan. I kept my station wagon idling outside and I went on stage to do the masturbation show with all this fruit. During the show they hand me the chicken and this girl in audience, who thinks I'm going to kill it, freaks out and jumps on stage to try and save it. So Michael (her parnter) knocks her over and she shatters this vase that was on stage. I grab the chicken back and run naked to the car, with this chicken dangling from my arms. The next day we drove the chicken to this animal farm upstate near Saugerties."


So, she will masturbate with fruit in front of a crowd of people in a place where people used to get married and have funerals and try to find peace of mind, but she won't kill a fucking chicken? Why the hell would she take it to a farm? You'd think a farmer would kill it and it, not rescue it. What a sick exhibitionist whore this woman is! She must have been raped as a child, or almost raped in art school. Once one has done the donkey (or chicken) show, nobody in porn would be interested anymore. So, her only employment options right now would be being bottom bitch for some pimp with a DC Jail fighting ring on his pimp hand and a switchblade in his pocket.

Drinking piss on stage, a hit in Germany

Ann Liv Young also pissed on stage, collected the urine into a bowl and spread it on her partner, and even drank it. That really isn't all that shocking to those who know the honest and angry sexual pleasure of pissing on one's girlfriend's face. Ann pulled off this pissoir performance last February, at the PS1 Contemporary Art Center in New York, whose officials decided to cut the power during her wanking "performance" to put an end to so much foul buffoonery. Lots of butthurt ensued, and Ann, like the tool she is, called her lawyer and threatened a lolsuit, to which the museum replied that, "she could eat shit and hopefully die, but not on their stage anymore." Such a sick fuck is highly revered in Germany, a country with a passion for Kaviar films and ugly fat whores, as witnessed here. The video ends with her partner pissing on stage and with her dipped in shit.

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