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Anna Anthropy is actually a tranny.

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Anna, looking sexy as fuck

Anna Anthropy (born Anthony Testa) is a fat, ugly, tranny indie game developer who failed so hard at being a man that he/she/it had to let go of "the scepter and the crown jewels" to get a second chance as a woman, or at least as something that may pass as woman in the eyes of aliens who never have seen one. Amazingly, Anna Anthropy is even less talented at making video games than Brianna Wu.


Anna Anthropy is an "indie game developer," which means that he's a lazy and untalented hack who uses Atari-era pixel art because he can't draw for shit, Twine and Scratch because he can't program for shit, and Patreon because he can't produce games for shit. In September 2015, he wrote an article saying that he gets "overwhelmed and lost" using game-making software like Game Maker and Stencyl even though they're specifically designed for people with no programming ability. He supposedly has a decade of game development experience, though, so maybe there are other issues besides the software.

Most of the stuff Anna Anthropy produces has a central theme. Try to guess what it is.

Mighty Jill Off

Platformer from the mid-80's, made in 2008. Features a BDSM-obsessed lesbian with a boot fetish.

Lesbian Spider Queens of Mars

Flash game made to look like a Pac-Man clone. The protagonist is a lesbian bondage-spider thing.


At first blush, the autobiographic Dys4ia may seem like a shitty pixel-art tranny simulator. However, is often held up as a prime example of an "empathy game," and for good reason. In one memorable scene, the player navigates through a row of characters calling Anna Anthropy "sir." Even the most cold-hearted player will emphathize with the characters as they struggle to maintain their composure talking to Michael Moore in bad makeup and shapeless black clothing.

Queers in Love at the End of the World

A ten second long Twine "game" that makes Depression Quest look like Grand Theft Auto V in comparison. It's about two faggots who only have ten seconds left to live.

Indie Games Don't Pay the Bills

Despite constant clit-rubbing cock-sucking fawning coverage from undisclosed friends and ex-girlfriends respected games journalists like Patricia Hernandez and Leigh Alexander, and despite constant lectures and panel appearances, Anna Anthropy barely makes any money off his five-minute lesbian pixel abortions. All of the people unwilling to spend money on "games" with no actual gameplay are clearly oppressing her, which explains why he needs a Patreon.

In September 2015, Anna Anthropy was hit by a car. You may wonder how someone managed to hit something that large, but it's understandable that a driver would pass out in fright after seeing Shrek standing in the middle of the road wearing a black wig. Leigh Alexander decided to "help" her injured friend by writing an article in Offworld telling the whole world that Anna's poor as fuck, despite being "one of the foundational 'names' in [his] 'scene'", and is worried about paying the bills. Sharing that sort of embarrassing information may not seem like something a true friend would do, but at least Leigh didn't call him a "hood man" this time.

Fear not, though: Anna Anthropy bounced back by using the experience to make yet another text-based game with ear-raping electropop in the trailer. This game also includes a shit-tier Frogger ripoff in PuzzleScript, so it's by far his most technically ambitious work to date.

Games by Anna Anthropy


Since shitty indie "games" won't pay the bills, he went and did "queer" pornography with some hambeast called Aleister Church. The results can be seen on some shitty paysite for the low cost of $25/month.

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