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Annataria is a twatwaffle who's notorious in the role play and fanfiction circles. She has a reputation for being nasty, pushy and overly obnoxious.

General Wankery

She is reviled in the Devil May Cry fandom, whining about those who think her love of the Vergil/Dante Sparda incest pairing is weird and wrong. The Final Fantasy VII fandom laughed at her Flower Face fan fiction. It made one of the Remnants from Advent Children into a pedophile. Annatar has also destroyed Sauron in Lord of the Rings, pairing him with Melkor, whose name she is incapable of spelling correctly. She would seem to think that there is another "e" in there somewhere. All things considered, her tenuous grasp of the English language is probably the least of her problems. Should someone dare to criticize her work, they best be ready for bitching and moaning.

Not one to easily give up, she's moved onto Doctor Who. Here she plays The Master, who she insists must have his Doctor. If anyone else dares to pair someone with a Tenth Doctor, out comes another tantrum, which grinds the role play grind to a halt until she's managed to bully them into submission. Ever since The Master was no longer in the show, her hatred has only grown, because if he was the center of the whole thing.

Flower Face

Three male triplets star in her latest fan fiction. It naturally involves incest with a twist, male pregnancy! A baby is born and everything changes for the world. Her latest fan fiction involves three male triplets, if you really must, the fan fiction is below.

Yazoo ran long fingers over his brother's burly shoulders, so unlike his own. So strong, so very, very strong. Chiseled.



Yazoo woke up groggily. Someone was pawing him, fingers gentle but clumsy, eager, hungry, seeking. Hands that were clueless as to giving pleasure, but were willing to learn, perhaps.



Yazoo smiled up at his big brother in the semi-darkness, and pushed his hands away, wishing Loz …knew more.

Because Yazoo……… needed something. He needed it more badly than ever before, and his own fingers failed to bring him what he needed.

"Oh, Loz. Please, please stop."

But he didn't mean it.

Yazoo ran long fingers over his brother's burly shoulders, so unlike his own. So strong, so very, very strong. Chiseled.


His brother's mouth met his in an illicit kiss, deep tongued and wet, probing and hot. Insistent. And then Loz drew back, and spoke in soft, unsure tones:

"I read a story today, Yaz, about a magic lady. She was created….like we sort of were. She was called…Flower Face. Like you. Pretty little flower face." There was another name for her, but Loz could not have managed to pronounce it in his wildest dreams. He couldn't even remember it! But he knew there had been one, exotic and mysterious.

Flower Face.

Yazoo laughed, amused and touched, all at once.

"I love you, Loz."

"I love you too. I love you more than anything. Even more than Kadaj." He shouldn't have said that. He stopped, froze in place, and stammered out a hasty explanation:

"I---I don't mean it like that. I do love Kadaj, I really do. But I…love you a little different. You're different, Yaz. I don't know what it is, but you're so different. You're like candy that burns. Pretty candy. Sweet candy. But hard candy, cuts my tongue…."

Yazoo laughed again, and he arched his hips up as Loz caressed them, so gentle but so unwise, so clueless on what to do, or even what he was really doing. And most clueless of all on how to do it well. He needed….something. Oh, the ache was so deep inside, and there was nothing to ease the need, no way to quench the raging fire, maddening and searing-hot.

He didn't know what to do either.

Didn't really understand the different parts, or why he was made like this. Kadaj and Loz were different. They had perfect and spectacular somethings that hung between their thighs, nestled at the base in silver-fire, matted and thick curls of mercury flame. Kadaj's was not the same as Loz's…it was smaller but more beautiful, more perfect somehow. Elegant. Loz's was larger, heavier, more….he thought of the word "threatening". but that was not really it.


He knew, in that mysterious instinctive knowing, that those "things" were meant to go inside…somewhere. He hated being so ignorant.

But he knew one thing, though he alone knew it.

He had a place for that alarming and enticing whatever to go in.

That was the place that ached now, in rising arousal, blood thumping inside as the excitement heightened. He did not know how to explain it, but he knew he was ready…….ready for….just….ready.

Kadaj was cursing at someone on the phone in the next room. Colorful expletives rang out, and Yazoo and Loz both laughed quietly.

Then Yazoo stroked Loz's shoulders again, pulling off the leather vest he wore, tossing it to the side of the bed. Then back to the touching. Loz's body excited him, and he moaned softly as he ran his fingers over the tight bulging muscles. Loz flexed suddenly, accidentally, for he was aroused as well, and Yazoo sighed in a long breathless groan as the tendons tightened still more.

Loz pushed his brother back on the bed, moving to lie on top of him again. His fingers found a soft nipple and he pinched it, not terribly hard but still too hard, and Yazoo hissed quietly. "No, Loz, I don't like that. Don't be so rough! Touch it……gently….here…." He took his brother's head and urged him down, hoping Loz would get the idea. He did, and Yazoo whimpered lightly as the tongue trailed over the nipple, first one and then the other. "Oh Loz, that feels so good!"

Without thinking, he opened his thighs so Loz could lie between them, and the older brother immediately sensed..something was different again. It was always so different with Yazoo. He sensed / smelled a change, and the thing that was already aching and hot in his trousers seemed to twinge, to positively throb now.

What WAS it about Yazoo!

"Let me touch you there tonight, Yaz…please…please, will you? Let me play with you there? I'll make it fun for you….I'll be gentle and careful, okay? Please, flower-face?"

Yazoo rolled his pelvis without meaning to, the need really raging now, his heart hammering. He needed it so bad, and he didn't even know what "it" was.

"Yes…." he whispered, barely audible. "Oh Loz, oh, oh yes….touch me down there….but it's…..I don't want to disappoint you when you feel it. They forgot…to give me something I think…I—I never told you or Kadaj, but Sephiroth…he knew…he knows…in dreams he comes to me…he touches me there…"

He felt his face color deeply, and yet he was glad he had informed Loz of this little secret.

"He's so beautiful, Loz, and when he touches me I feel… feels…" He stopped, at a loss for words.

Loz was touching him there, and the shock of it made him freeze totally in place, every muscle tense and rigid, in nervous and ecstatic anticipation.

Would Loz be angry? Repelled?

"Oh, Yazoo." Loz stated flatly, his voice thick with awe and amazement. "You are made for me to go inside of. See? It's slippery, and there's a way's just right, it's perfect really! We---we fit together!" His fingers slid up and down, stroking the drenched cleft, and Yazoo cried out in pleasure, unable to stop himself in time. His hips bucked upwards, hungry for the feel of those fingers on that secret and wonderful place. That secret thing… was a way in, Loz was right, and the inside of it was aching, literally hurting.

More. He needed more, and he could not bear to do without it, even one more night.

"We fit together." Loz announced once more, and Yazoo suddenly felt something hot and hard pressing against the wet ache down there, something that felt as if it had a hunger too.

It was a little frightening, and he flinched sharply. But Loz held him down, not cruelly or in any terrifying fashion, but simply in a gentle sort of relentless passion. They'd gone too far this time, and he couldn't bring himself to stop. If Yazoo had really tried to make him stop, he would have, even in his innocent heat Loz would never have forced his brother to do this. But Yazoo wasn't doing that. He was squirming and thrashing in slow motion under the onslaught of Loz's fingers, but not to escape. Loz loved the sound of his brother's breathing, panting and sharp intakes of air. This was the farthest they'd ever gone…Yazoo had never let himself be touched down there, but they had come very close before. They had both always wanted it to come to this, and now it had.

But the calm sweetness of their private discovering of each other suddenly was broken, and the door opened and a crack of light shone in.

Kadaj was coming in to bed.

There was just enough light to see what was happening on the bed, and Kadaj gaped, his mouth open in shock and confusion. The brothers on the bed likewise froze in time, as if they all three had become statues.

"What---are you doing?" He didn't ask it rudely, just in a tone of wonder. Kadaj was capable of very severe rages, childish tantrums and vicious furies. The youngest, he was also highly intelligent and savagely strong-willed. He was the very focus of Sephiroth's desire and determination.

He was not angry now, though, just…intrigued. A little excited….he didn't really understand what he was looking at, but he knew vaguely it had to do with that lovely thing between his thighs, that thing he was so proud of, that he loved to touch and rub against the sheets at night. Sometimes the rubbing became a frenzy, and it would rise to the point of waves of pleasure jolting him, erupting some creamy sort of issue onto the bed. He had never learned anything of his own anatomy, and neither had Yazoo or Loz.

What they learned, they learned all alone…or from each other.

The mystery was about to unfold, for all of them.

Because Kadaj needed to be answered, Loz spoke up, not really answering the question, but at least breaking the tight silence: "Come here, Kadaj. Come here…I love you too."

Yazoo tensed, but still remained silent…nervously watching as Kadaj walked slowly over to them, his eyes huge green spheres, wide in amazement, He looked a little scared himself, for once.

He lay down carefully beside the two, as if they might shatter if he moved too quickly. "Loz…" Yazoo suddenly heard himself say, "Kadaj…I love you both…"

The brothers moved as one, hands and bodies gracefully coming close together, embracing…then kisses, shared among all three of them, touching, exploring. Seeking wisdom.

Yazoo was losing his mind to the excitement that was hot in the night air, the cool breeze coming in through the window seeming to only be fanning flames. Whatever garments the three wore soon lay on the floor beside the bed, and three figures undulated in passionate exploration. Loz was…well he was quite, quite eager, for that which he had no way to name, but nevertheless gnawed at his loins and heart, driving him to pin Yazoo on his back suddenly, parting the slender thighs around his own muscular body…and then up and over the shoulders went the legs, as Yazoo gasped in startled dismay/delight/terror. Kadaj moved his elegant and fluid form so that he might seek and find Yazoo's lips, pressing against them, asking, begging, demanding more than anything else.

Yazoo opened the delicate mouth, and allowed it, was this not the way he had always dreamt it might be, with all the mystery and hammering of hearts together?

As Kadaj closed mako-jeweled eyes in ecstasy at his brother's soft-tongued caress, Loz set about to do that which pure primal instinct told him of, and guided himself into the sweet mystery between the sleek thighs of his long-tressed brother…gently, as gently as he could, for he was on fire.

Yazoo shrank back, trying to escape the invasion as it sought deeper paths inside, but Loz held him in a lover's death-grip, all the while looking into eyes of green-flame.

"I love you, I love you both…so much…you are everything to me…both of you…" Loz knew he was committing a blasphemy of sorts by not including Mother. He feared this, and yet…at this moment, all he could see were his beloved brothers. At this moment, they WERE everything.

With one final, impatient thrust, Loz slid fully into Yazoo, who cried out loudly, pain and joy and fear all tearing away the last vestiges of that cool façade. The bed groaned as the largest brother moved in harder, the rhythm steady and increasing. Even though there was pain, and discomfort, Yazoo managed to control himself so that he did not do any harm to the tender flesh of his brother now encased in his mouth. Each thrust from Loz seemed to go deeper than the one before it, and Yazoo could feel something coming---an indescribable tension, and pleasure, too, finally, pleasure so intense he was near tears from it. He could never have fantasized a feeling so fulfilling or wonderful.

Kadaj whimpered very softly and his release came as he barely withdrew from Yazoo's lips, not wanting to choke him with the mysterious stuff that always flooded out in copious torrents. He shivered at the last spasms of sensations, as his brother licked up the drops he could reach, the come running down his face. Kadaj reached down to caress that pretty face, and then he lay down beside his siblings as they coupled, spent, enraptured.

Oh, something was happening, alright.

Loz was pounding into Yazoo now, lying down pressed tightly to him as he moved, Yazoo's legs wrapped around the brawny hips. Something was coming. Changing.

"Oh. Loz, oh, ahhhhhh…it's….so….good…." His belly seemed to be tightening up, and there was this sense of something nearing, he couldn't understand it, but he thought it might be something akin to what Kadaj had just experienced. Except…he didn't have one of those. Why, he did not know. He could remember somewhere in the mists of his frightening childhood that one of the white-coated doctors had said he was "the one".


None of that mattered now, of course.

All that mattered was the rise and fall of Loz atop him, their sweat locking their chests together, Loz's eyes closed tightly as he suddenly thrust harder, and much faster, groaning deep in his throat.

It was the harder, and the faster, that did it, as well as the fact that the angle of pressure changed, and something inside seemed to unleash and then violently explode. Yazoo would hate himself for it later, but that did not stop a scream tearing from his lips as the thunderous, exquisite ecstasy coursed through him, causing him to surge his hips upwards hard, his legs tightening around Loz.


He nearly fainted.

Loz was lying on him now very still, very silent, save for his heavy breathing. Kadaj was looking at them in the moonlight with a kind of worship on his face. And Yazoo…..

Yazoo could feel Loz's heartbeat, and he smiled, weary, the mystery unfolded, their love and lives enmeshed more tightly than ever. Yazoo was filled with love and happiness, and…..something else. Loz's ( sephiroth's... it is all me...all mine...) seed….trickled out of the seething inner secret, spilling out, but there was so much..Yazoo was flooded inside with it, deeply and well deluged.

In the unseen shadows of the universe, a remarkable, flawless face shines brightly, pleased. The hair is fanned out in the cosmic Void as a halo around an Angel. A single dark wing trembles in aroused satisfaction at the scene below, in the material world.

So, it is done.

My seed is sown, my Will be done….. soon….the Advent comes.




Why were things so bad now?

Yazoo wept often now, his emotions, once so restrained and frozen, now released and wild. At first, he had been able to cry in privacy, sobbing into his pillows at night when they were all asleep. But Loz had caught him at it. Worried and relentless, Loz had demanded to know what was wrong. Yazoo hadn't really had an answer to that.

They had made love together, all of them, several times after that first time. Kadaj had taken Yazoo as Loz had, one time, and one time only, and then Loz had become, well, strange about it all. He hadn't wanted to share Yazoo anymore, not that way, not in that particular place. Kadaj had been very unhappy at this, and so the fights had started, Kadaj and Loz arguing loudly, and then Kadaj bickering spitefully with Yazoo, over nothing, over everything.

Loz had realized that there was a difference between "I love you" and "I am IN love with you", and that was the crucial difference between what he felt for Yazoo and Kadaj. He loved Kadaj dearly, his little otooto, beloved little brother. But Yazoo…he was in love with Yazoo, and trying to figure out rhyme or reason as to why, was a bit beyond Loz's mental abilities. Not that he was stupid—he wasn't—but he was not quick, and things took a long while to sink in.

And then their luck had nearly run out:

Angry and feeling rejected, and confused as to what was happening, Kadaj had walked out in a huff, stormed out into the night. He had walked farther than he ever had before, to dangerous places. And he had gone without any weapon, highly unusual. But he had been too upset to think of such a thing.

He had been knocked to the ground, and pinned down by a force greater than he---and he had found himself staring up into the face of----

"Nii-san! What are you doing here? I—"

"Never mind all that. What the hell are you and your pals—"

"My brothers, they are my brothers…"

"Your brothers, then –what the hell are you doing, trying to knock me off the road, following me, stalking me..what the hell?! Spill it, kid, what's the deal?"

He couldn't tell him the truth. Not yet. It would spoil everything.

"I---we—I like you. I just----like you. Like how Loz likes Yazoo."

"Like how Lo----what are you talking about? You like me? That's a damn funny way of showing it! How old are you, anyway?"


Marginally relieved, Cloud had allowed a soft laugh. "I'm a little old for you, I think. But you can't go doing that shit, you nearly wrecked us both, damn near killed us all!" He didn't know what to make of this. And those eyes! The emerald green mako fire. Reminded of Sephiroth, Cloud had shuddered, familiar bittersweet memory jolting his mind and heart.

The hair. It's a lot more silver than Seph's was, but…

In the end, Cloud had let the boy go, with a very stern warning. The strange young man had even asked if they could be friends, and Cloud had muttered, "We'll see. But stay the fuck away for a while, let me chill out…"

Damn, that sweet face.

It would not be until later that night that Cloud would recall the boy and his brothers calling him "brother".

So Kadaj had stumbled back home, his face ghost-pale from his experience. He had taken up his sword and clung to it, rocking back and forth, and Loz and Yazoo watched, Loz amazed, and Yazoo frowning, irritated. He was very often irritated these days. And it wasn't helping that he knew something was wrong with him now—he was being punished by Mother for what had happened—for what they had done. Many mornings he was ill, violently so. Loz would make it all the worse by doting on him, until he screamed to be left alone. Loz would retreat, in silent worry. But he was used to being screamed at by Yazoo and Kadaj both by now.

Kadaj would never go near him when he was sick, only pout and brood in the bedroom or outside.

One morning after a miserable, hostile breakfast, Yazoo pulled Loz outside to speak to him privately, as Kadaj watched with angry, baleful eyes.

"Loz.." he choked out, "I'm scared. Something is wrong with me. Something is happening…look…"

He pulled up his loose black shirt, and Loz looked. He saw nothing, but he looked anyway. "I---what, Yaz? I don't see…" And then he DID see, and his face went white. There was a swelling. A round, odd swollen-something. And it got worse. The swelling was moving. Something was inside Yazoo's belly, squirming hotly, some hellborne parasite. Yazoo, his poor Yazoo!

Loz began to weep, horrified, and Yazoo slapped him.

"Stop that shit!" he snapped coldly. "That's not going to help anything! I need you to grow up, Loz, I need to grow up too…I—I need help, not baby tears. Babies—oh---babies------" Now Yazoo went very pale, and he began to have a dreadful suspicion. He couldn't be certain, but hadn't he heard somewhere—or seen something about this---belly-swelling.

He remembered.

One of the doctors.

A lady doctor, her belly swollen and gravid. One of the others had gently patted the swelling and asked when her baby was due…….

Yazoo seized Loz's brawny arm with surprising strength--- a baby!---- "Loz!" he hissed sharply, "It's a baby! There is a baby in there! I don't know how it got in there, but it's in there! A BABY!"

Loz looked at him in stunned wonder. "A…baby? A baby …what?"

Yazoo lost his already precarious temper, and punched Loz in the arm. "A baby baby! A, I guess. Or a baby you?"

This was too much.

Loz shook off the terrible feeling of being in a nightmare, and simply took charge as best he knew how. He took Yazoo gently by the shoulders, and looked into his eyes. Firmly, he spoke, and his voice was very soft, and very calm, though he was fighting to stay in control:

"We have to tell Kadaj. We HAVE to. Nothing is worth losing each other. Nothing. We will tell him, right now."

"Tell me what?"

Kadaj was standing at the doorway, and he walked out to face them, looking very sad and alone. He had been crying too, for the tears still stood in his eyes.

Yazoo began to cry as well, and he fell into Kadaj's arms, and they wept together. Loz just watched them, and then he informed Kadaj:

"There's a baby inside Yazoo. We made a baby, or it crawled up into him. But it's in there now, and we don't know how to get it out."

The two brothers sobbed together a few more moments, and then finally broke apart. Kadaj demanded to see the marvel, and Yazoo complied. They all stared at the swollen belly, watching in frightened fascination as it writhed and moved. Yazoo fought off severe nausea as it squirmed in him. He was beyond appalled, he was utterly devastated. Mother was punishing them all in some ghastly fashion.

"I've got to get help. I HAVE to. I…I don't think this is something we can do by ourselves."

Looking into his older brother's scared eyes, Kadaj nodded, and he turned to walk away, as Loz took Yazoo back into his protective clinch. "Where are you going? You can't leave now!"

"I'll be back. I'm going to find help. Someone who can get that thing out of Yazoo. Or cure him. Or…something. I'll be back."

Aware of their baffled gazes upon him as he left, Kadaj set out, to find the one he had been warned to leave well alone. The only hope, the only one he knew of in the outside world to help them now.

Kadaj set out to find Cloud Strife.


There he is, Kadaj thought nervously, watching Cloud from behind the corner of the house. There he is, and here I am, too chickenshit to go up there.

Stay the fuck away from me, he had said. And the look in his eyes had held a dangerous warning, Cloud Strife WAS dangerous, and Kadaj understood that, very well. But Yazoo needed help---and who else was there? They were alone, all alone in the world. The doctors who had tormented them had gone away, and never returned. They had eked out a living—an existence—by theft and blackmail, stealing enough food to survive as they lived in their condemned house, long ago forgotten. One of the few standing structures in the old city of Midgar.

Haunting Cloud Strife. Following him, harassing him occasionally, always shadowing him. He was the only other family they had in this world.

Kadaj closed his eyes, lost in thought. Thinking of how Yazoo had changed, how Loz had changed with him. It hurt so much. He knew they still loved him, he knew this, but he also knew they loved each other in a way he wasn't a part of anymore. It really hurt. Oh god.

He was startled by a cold hardness pressed to his cheek, and he jumped. A gun. Cloud had come up behind him, ever vigilant.

"I thought I made myself clear. You really ought to have stayed away……….Kadaj."

The boy exhaled sharply.

"I've talked to someone who knows you. Someone who knows all about you. I know everything now, thanks to Vincent."


Kadaj wasn't really sure what to say, and he could only blurt out "My brother---Yazoo---he's hurt—he needs help! I came to you to help us…we don't have any other family…"

Cloud listened patiently, but he was determined to not be fooled. Vincent had told him everything about the triplets, and they were a mystery no more. Nor was their intent and purpose a mystery. They were here to bring back Sephiroth. Cloud couldn't let that happen. The Sephiroth he had known (loved) was gone, transmuted into an insane mass murderer.

"Yazoo… is he hurt? What happened to him?"

"He has this….. thing….. growing inside him…a baby…we don't know how, but it's in there, it moves and it's horrible! Please…I knew you would help us…"

Had he heard that right? A baby? "So Yazoo is not really a brother then, 'he' is really a sh---"

"No! He is my brother! It was all just an accident, a mistake. Yazoo is my brother, he is!"

Cloud sighed, and did his best to not lose his patience. Sixteen years old, he had said. This boy was a clone—a product of some hellish experiment. Cloud could only feel pity, but he also now understood just how dangerous they were. All of them, even the apparently pregnant Yazoo.

"Okay, we're going inside. Stay calm, I'm not trying to hurt you, but I don't want any bullshit, okay? Just start walking."

Kadaj resisted, remembering what he was here for. "No! Yazoo needs help! I don't have time, Cloud Strife! Come back with me, you have to, hurry…"

A second voice to the side caused him to look around. A tall man in red with long ebony hair stood with them now, though Kadaj had not even heard him approach. "Vincent, help me get him inside." So this was Vincent. Kadaj didn't recognize him at all. But Vincent seemed to know him, and his voice was soft, gentle even. He was darkly handsome, and for a moment Kadaj thought of Sephiroth, and shivered.

"Come on, little warrior."

He reached out and placed a hand on Kadaj's shoulder, and it was terrible in its power and soothing in its tenderness. Kadaj relaxed immediately, and obeyed, walking tamely under guard to the house.

Inside, he was asked to sit down, and he did so, though he was about to go mad with worry for Yazoo---and what was Cloud thinking, making him come in here and sit? They could talk later! They could lots of things later. But now….

"Can we go soon?"

Vincent answered his question, sitting down across from him, and looking intently into his eyes. Kadaj saw that Vincent's eyes were a ruby red, soft and subtle. They were beautiful. He shivered again, and stared back at this amazing-looking man, hanging on every word as he spoke: "I will go, and I will see to the one called Yazoo…"

"No, no! My brothers don't know you…they only know Cloud. I don't want them to attack you…" Vincent sighed, and looked at Cloud—he did not wish to have trouble start with the two remaining clones—and if one really was pregnant---

"I'll go, then. But you will stay here with Vincent….or no deal! Can you handle that?" Cloud looked as intimidating as he could manage. Damn, these kids were the Apocalypse itself to hear Vincent speak of them, so why did Kadaj look so friggin' innocent….?

Kadaj did not look happy at the proposal. "You promise you won't try to hurt them….they…are your brothers too. You remember that."

"I don't have any intentions of hurting anyone, if they leave me a way out. Tell me the way there, and I'll go right away."

Kadaj hesitated…he really was loathe to give away their sanctuary---and yet---that thing in Yazoo's belly. He HAD to tell. Yazoo needed help too badly, and this was the only way. He gave Cloud instructions on how to find their ramshackle house, and the ex-SOLDIER left, silent and grave, with a medic's bag over one shoulder, and the buster sword on the other. Praying he wouldn't have to use it.

When Loz finally was able to make out the identity of the slowly approaching figure in the distance, he was at first relieved, and then distressed---where was Kadaj? Cloud was coming alone, and that made Loz very concerned. He ran for his weapon, and pointed it at their enemy—their brother, yes, but still an enemy. Oh my god, what had he done to Kadaj?!

"That's far enough!" he bellowed, and as Cloud saw the weapon raised, he wearily raised his sword in self-defense, and called out:

"I have come to help Yazoo, not for trouble. Kadaj is safe, but he will not be returned unless I can go home in one piece as well! Now…will you let me do what I came to do?"

Loz lowered his weapon slowly, and finally lay it at his feet, backing away from it. Yazoo had to get help, that was all that mattered. After Kadaj had left, Loz had examined Yazoo's distended belly more closely. It was perfectly round, and his small boned frame seemed far too fragile for this alteration. It hurt Loz to see what had happened to his beloved Yazoo. No, that was all that mattered now.

As Cloud walked up the steps, his own weapon now on his shoulder again, Loz spoke quietly: "Please, you gotta help him. Please."

"I'll try. Where is he?"

They walked into the dimly lit front room, Cloud letting Loz walk in front of him, still wary. A slender, elegant figure was lying on the couch, apparently ill. Silver hair spread out like tendrils of spilled mercury onto the fabric of the couch, shimmering and oddly disturbing. This brother was beautiful in a way that was almost frightening. It wasn't a normal sort of beauty. And it wasn't effeminate, either. There was a clear masculine cut to that fair jawline, but the boy looked as if he had fallen from heaven.

An angel, Cloud thought dryly.

Yazoo drew back when he saw Cloud, clearly alarmed. "Let him help you, Yaz." Loz ordered gently. Yazoo shot him a go-to-hell look, but complied nonetheless, allowing Cloud to pull up his shirt and examine him. With the utmost of care and delicate pressure, Cloud felt the swollen belly, and paid close attention to the movements of the highly active fetus within.

Cloud noted with surprise that every time he touched where the baby was, it seemed to draw back and then writhe, as if in pain…or…something. Very strange.

Yazoo finally relaxed when he realized Cloud was not going to hurt him, and then he jumped when Cloud spoke up suddenly:

"I…need to do one last thing. I need to…ah…make an examination…farther down…" He nearly blushed as he said it, and he looked at Loz helplessly. "I need to see…if the baby can even come out…ah..the way it ought to…the passage may well be too narrow…the bones..aren't really made for this.."

He shook his head, sickened. Poor Yazoo…Cloud had made no mention of the scars he had found, and what they had meant. Yazoo had been artificially "fitted" to conceive as a female would—and yet he was still basically male –so that meant his hips were narrow and masculine. Too narrow for a child to come through.

What monsters would do this, Cloud mused in bitterness, and he looked again to Loz, for Loz seemed to have a way of convincing Yazoo to comply.

Cloud asked an even more delicate question: "Who is….the father of the baby?"

Loz looked as if he wished he could sink into the ground. "I think I am.", he said. Cloud nodded, and then Yazoo spoke up finally: "You can examine me, down there, if you have to. But I don't want you to have to watch it, Loz, okay?"

Loz looked first unhappy, and then relieved, and he nodded, walking away, but looking back several times. "Don't hurt him." He said warningly to Cloud, and then he was gone.

Gently, Cloud pulled off the black trousers Yazoo was wearing ---he had cut them in the middle of the waistband so they would accommodate the bulge in his midriff. Yazoo lay back and spread his legs, closing his eyes to the indignity. It all seemed like such a bad nightmare. Perhaps in a moment he would just wake up. He could always hope. Cloud made the examination as quick as he could, and his hands were deft and careful with the implements he used. He was no trained doctor in such things, but he had more than enough emergency SOLDIER training to see his way through this. There were female recruits, and sometimes injuries happened to them in ways that required special training.

Babies were sometimes born on the base, and even on the battlefield. It wasn't supposed to happen, but it did.

He was shocked to see that they had implanted a perfectly-normal appearing female organ, and the silver curls above it seemed to lend an air of normalcy to it. As if it belonged there. But….it didn't. This poor creature had been artificially hollowed out, operated on, and forced into being what he was never meant to be.

And why? To what purpose was it all for?

He was a clone.

So why not just make a female clone, if that was desired. Cloud didn't know, but could only surmise that this had been a last minute decision on someone's part.

He finished up, noting again several deep scars as he felt inside with a gloved finger. What horrors had he gone through, what misery must he have known. Cloud shuddered slightly, and helped Yazoo pull back on his trousers. For a long moment, Cloud could not speak. He was very shaken.

"I have to tell you the truth, and I want you to listen, and believe me, okay?" Yazoo nodded, not too sure he would believe anything this man said, brother or not, but he would listen anyway. "If you stay here alone and have this baby, you will die. You can't survive it. Your hips…look, you aren't made for this..I don't know what happened…but your body is…you just aren't made for it, that's all there is to it. The baby has to be taken out surgically. It can't be done here. It's not clean enough, and you'd get infected. But you can't have it…naturally."

As if anything about this was natural.

Yazoo's answer was petulant and annoyed.

"I don't WANT to have it. I want you to get rid of it! Now, right now! Get it out of me!"

Cloud Strife sank down on the couch beside the pregnant male clone, his artificially created "brother", and tried to remember just why he had even wanted to be a goddamn SOLDIER in the first place..

I could be off on a chocobo farm somewhere...........fuck..........!


A fortified compound in Edge....

"Make it happen, Loz, make the feeling come...I need it now, more than ever."

"An orgasm, Yaz, it's called an orgasm...Vincent finally told me...his face was as red as his eyes, but he told me, and---"


Yazoo sat on Loz facing him, riding him slowly, his belly heavier now than before, seeming to grow in frightening haste at this point. He could no longer lie on his stomach at all, and when they had tried to make love with Yazoo on his back, he had found that if he lifted his legs onto Loz's shoulders, he could not breathe---at all.

How long had it been, since they had given up their secret house in Midgar?

Four weeks?

He thought it was about a month, but he wasn't sure.

The acclimation to life in this place, heavily guarded by Vincent and Cloud, as well as Reno and Rude, had been extremely difficult. Reno, more than anyone, had been mocking and unkind, and yet he had suddenly changed his attitude, and was far kinder in words and deeds.

Especially after Vincent had sat him down and told him some of the brothers' past.

The red-haired Turk had gone stark white, and he had never been cruel to Yazoo or any of them again.

"Harder." Yazoo intoned quietly, eyes closed, head back in pleasure. "Harder, Loz, go way up inside, I like it deep, go all the way in me...."

It came, that painfully sweet sensation, sudden and strong, and the long-tressed brother moaned, rocking himself down onto his lover, wanting him as deep as he could take him. Overcome with love and awe at the mere sight of Yazoo in ecstasy, Loz was not far behind, wrapping his arms around the once-slender waist and driving in him for all he was worth.

So beautiful, this feeling, I love him so much....

Yazoo thought groggily, near sleep in Loz's strong arms. Kadaj never slept with them now. Fighting bitterness and the nagging feeling of rejection, he spent a great deal of time with Vincent, who at first was not too thrilled---but now seemed rather pleased to have the young clone around him. And Kadaj was around him almost constantly.

I wonder if they are lovers now...Kadaj needs that, he deserves to be loved that way....

The edge of sleep was broken up sharply by a terrible cramp in his insides, and he sat up, alarmed.

Nothing. The pain eased, and vanished. Yazoo lay down again, his heart pounding.

His eyelids became very heavy and he fell asleep to the thick sound of Loz snoring. Then the oddly frightening tearing pain came again, and he reached over and woke Loz up---with some difficulty.

"Wake up!"

"Hmmmmf...wha---what? What's wrong?"

"My belly hurt me, twice. Remember what Tifa said...?"

Loz was falling asleep again and Yazoo poked his ribs hard.

"Hey! Wh-What did Tifa say...?"

"That if pain came in a rhythm, the baby---might come out. It might be done, Loz, it might be ready. Maybe its going to fall out of me!"

"No, Yazoo, it's not done yet. Be patient. Let me sleep, okay? I'm tired, Yaz."

Again, a third.

"Get UP!" Yazoo hissed. "Go get them, go get Cloud or Vincent or I -don't-give-a-shit-who. SOMEONE. Get UP!"

If Yazoo was cursing, it WAS serious, and Loz wasted no time. Naked, he leapt out of the bed and raced down the hallway. Clad in a red kimono, Vincent was nearly knocked down ---didn't that guy ever sleep?! --and Loz began to babble.

"The baby, Yazoo, the baby, the baby, the baby. Pain! The pains! Hurry! Hurry!"

Arching a dark eyebrow, Vincent was about to say something when his own door opened, and Kadaj came out, also very naked. Loz just gaped, momentarily forgetting all about Yazoo. Then he remembered and he grasped the dark man's sleeve. "Come on! Kadaj too, the baby is here!" he blurted hoarsely.

"It's HERE? Fuck!"

The youngest brother vanished a moment and came back out again, now wearing Vincent's crimson robes.

Three more unusual looking figures one might never see, and now they all hastened to the bedroom where Yazoo waited.

He was now sitting on the edge of the bed, very pale, rocking back and forth. He looked up as they hurried to his side. Vincent kneeled in front of him and Loz and Kadaj watched, numb and in shock at what was transpiring. It was coming!


It was NOT coming, not yet.

"Yazoo." Vincent said gently. "Describe the severity and the frequency of the pains, please. It's important."

"Sharp, very sharp, very deep. I have had three more since Loz left me. They seem to be---ah--steady." He looked at Vincent pleadingly. "How much worse...will the pain become?" he said very calmly. His legs were shaking slightly.

"We won't let it get to that point. I think...I think we need to get started on this. We'll give you something for the pain, it will be alright."

"It will be alright." Loz and Kadaj repeated mechanically. They both looked rather ill. Loz looked downright ready to puke.

Vincent touched the swollen belly, and the baby reacted with a vicious kick, making Yazoo yelp. Vincent frowned, but said nothing. He touched again, and he closed his eyes, as if he were concentrating very hard. The baby kicked again, and Yazoo whimpered quietly.

Vincent stood up, his expression grave. Yet he said nothing to divulge what he was thinking, but only helped Yazoo to his feet. He turned to Loz:

" him get dressed--gently, carefully!--and I will come back in a few minutes. I must wake Cloud."

The stress between the three of them now forgotten, Kadaj and Loz both aided Yazoo in dressing in a long silk robe, handling him as if he were a fragile glass vessel. Yazoo sat down again, his shoulders hunched miserably.

Kadaj took Yazoo's chin and tilted it upwards to look in the beautiful green eyes.

"I love you. I never stopped. I never will."

"I know. I know, otooto. You are my heart, and Loz is my soul. We are all a part of one another. You are my treasures."

They sat with Yazoo on the bed, three beings lost in time, and out of place, only truly complete with one another.

The baby moved in an arcing twist, hurting Yazoo badly, and he cried out. It was nearly time.


The Makeshift Infirmary

Loz was fast becoming a liability in the sterile and highly secured room: it wasn't that he was trying to be a problem, but his extreme concern for Yazoo was resulting in Loz being basically in everyone's way. Kadaj, on the other hand, huddled miserably against the far wall. He still understood so little of how this was even happening to them all. It was dream-like.

Yazoo, of all of them, was the most calm, as he sat docilely on the long white table. He was terrified, but no one would ever know it to look upon that stoic face.

Vincent worked with implements and readied himself, as did Tifa. They would do this together, perform an emergency version of a C-section, tailored to Yazoo's incredibly unusual anatomy.

Highly stressed, Cloud sat in a chair, his Buster sword in the corner. This had begun to anger Kadaj, who was growing used to the new situation and took great offense at the weapon being a constant presence. He saw it as a threat, and Cloud, for his part, had no trust in any of the three clones. He would not start violence, but he sensed great danger from some nameless source--and he would not risk making a mistake.

Vincent approached Yazoo, a mask attached to a softly hissing tank in his gloved hand. "Lie down, Yazoo, and breathe in deeply of this..." Yazoo obeyed, without question. He trusted Vincent, perhaps more than Cloud. As Kadaj glowered at Cloud angrily, Loz hovered at Vincent's elbow, effectively keeping Tifa at bay, though unintentionally.

"Loz..." she said gently. "I need to get close, alright? I know you are worried, and that's why it is so important I do this well--" She carefully edged her way past the big clone---cautiously---he was built like a wall, and she was not eager to set him off. Loz grunted softly, and let her get close to the table where Yazoo lay.

After several moments of breathtaking tension in the room, Yazoo was deeply sedated---and Vincent nodded to Tifa. The baby was writhing, as if it knew--somehow--it was time, time to do this--and they silently prayed for it to go well. Vincent was no doctor, but in his long-ago days he had learned a few things of a medical nature--and Tifa had learned many skills of midwifery ---but all had expected Cloud to assist as well.

He had refused, shaking his head, giving no explanation.

There was no time to argue the matter.

Kadaj suddenly stirred from his place, as Vincent lifted a scalpel ---"Hey! What are you doing! You can't cut him..." Vincent shot him a withering glare and Kadaj retreated a few paces--"This is how we are taking out the child. There is no other way. The hipbones are not made...for this. I--"

Vincent was cut off as the long body of Yazoo suddenly convulsed hard, nearly falling off the table. Alarmed, Kadaj and Loz ran to the table, nearly knocking Tifa down. "Yazoo!" Loz shouted at his unconscious lover, "Wake up, Yazoo!"

This was not helpful, and Vincent calmed him down enough for Kadaj to take him back away from the table again ---but as he moved away he muttered in Vincent's general direction: "If he do you..." Cloud considered reaching for his weapon and thought better of it.

Yazoo's prone body shuddered again and Tifa and Vincent both held him down until it passed.

Vincent made the first incision, and Kadaj wisely blocked Loz's view of this, distracting him. As the blood began to seep out, the two unlikely surgeons worked quickly, as the baby kicked violently. Nothing about any of this was normal. Deeper incisions were made, and Vincent got a first hand view of the internal enigma of Yazoo. The womb was swollen and angry-looking somehow, as if there were something inflaming it. There were, remarkably, fully developed ovaries. Under better circumstances, Vincent would have liked to have taken a better look at all this--it was beyond belief.

Tifa cleared her throat, breaking the silence.

With a soft sigh, Vincent made a final incision, and slipped a gloved finger inside--and then another---and then his hand vanished inside.

When his hand came out again, he held a small pink creature, covered in blood and kicking viciously. This, too, was abnormal. The child looked to be perhaps three or four years of age, but very small, as a newborn would be. They all gaped at him---for clearly male was this little being-- his hair was already grown, and hung down to his shoulder blades, matted with gore but unmistakable in the color : a deep mercury-silver, slick with fluid. He had teeth, as well, for he turned his angular head and bit Vincent hard on the thumb --Vincent never flinched but held the child gently, and wrapped him in a soft white towel.

He did not hand him to Tifa, even as she held out her arms.

"Cloud---I need you to close this up---please---and sterilize your hands please---use the gloves---"

Loz broke free of Kadaj's efforts and hastened to see his child----he looked at him-- and then to Vincent, who returned his gaze steadily. But Vincent did not hand him to Loz, either.

"You have a son." he whispered. "I must---I will return."

And he strode out of the room, the child in his arms, now screaming in anger--not crying but screaming furiously---as Cloud closed up Yazoo and Tifa began to wrap his abdomen, they both stared numbly after Vincent.

The air in the room had gone cold as ice.

Another example of her great nastiness and insanity:


2011-10-21 01:51 pm UTC (link)

"I....I want to stay with you, David. More than anything in this world, I want to stay with you. But it's coming again."

Shivering, he took a deep breath and held it. the images, the memory of the sensations, brutally being opened and violated, blood, pain, begging, a child's voice --his own?-- bedsprings creaking

"I'll get you a dog, David, anything, you want. I was going to say I prefer cats, but I don't mind dogs at all --- I --- I don't mind them --" He needed to get up and leave, but his body wouldn't move -- locked in place, the rage began to build, crippling his mind. "David --- talk to me--- talk to me of good things--- your voice might help ---" (Reply to this) (Parent) (Thread)


2011-10-21 02:17 pm UTC (link) We can have cats too, I guess. They've always given me the feeling that they know more than I do. Maybe that's why you get along with them.

[He swallows, trying to bring moisture to his damaged throat and scabbing lips so he can talk.]

Good things...What kind of movies do you like? I used to watch a lot of them when I was a kid. Mostly action ones. We could watch them together sometime. I bet you'd laugh at them; they're pretty cheesy. (Reply to this) (Parent) (Thread)


2011-10-21 02:24 pm UTC (link) "I'd love to do that, I like that sort of thing too, but for me, for the most, I prefer psychological thrillers--- not the rank overdone horror flick, but something with some substance, Psycho, you know, something that makes you think, makes you really ---"


"Ocelot likes spaghetti westerns, he's such a silly twit, really, but I do love him, I have to say that---"


He paused. Like stopping a tsunami, it was impossible. he looked into his brother's eyes, saddened, apologetic, stricken.

"I'm sorry, David, I'm so sorry. It's taking me."

(Reply to this) (Parent) (Thread)


2011-10-21 05:30 pm UTC (link) Heh...I think there's a joke in there somewhere.

[Ocelot, who enjoyed westerns. Had that been the man who had beaten him so badly?]

[He hates this. There's a sick helplessness to the situation that Snake just can't abide. Watching his brother slip away like this and hating the crimes that Liquid would commit. He fears that the sane part of Liquid may not return this time.]

Liquid... (Reply to this) (Parent) (Thread)


2011-10-21 07:40 pm UTC (link) He moved fast, like lightning again, graceful and deadly hands wrapping around Snake's throat, powerful arms flexing -- and then he released him, eyes widening in horror and anger alternating--

".............O david.............forgive me..."

Liquid moved off him, and when he turned back again, there was a whip with several black leather fronds to it. It descended on David's naked belly and chest, over and over. And over. Liquid laughed, mad despair and joy at this, as the whips did their bloody work.

The Anger was back. (Reply to this) (Parent) (Thread)


2011-10-22 01:55 am UTC (link) [And just like that, his brother is torn away from him once again. Snake's face hardens immediately, refusing to show his hurt to this insane half of his brother.]

[The scourge leaves red welts and bleeding furrows upon Snake's prone body. He grits his teeth against the stinging pain, ignoring it as best he can.] (Reply to this) (Parent) (Thread)


2011-10-22 02:11 am UTC (link)

Liquid descended fast and furious, whipping his brother savagely for several more moments, until his arm finally ached --- he reached out a long finger and trailed it through the blood on Snake's belly, and lifted it to his lips, licking it with an insane smile.

Moving like a lithe predator he moved towards his brother's cock, still bruised from the savage treatment before. Lavishly his tongue lapped over the head, teasing and licking till it began to harden slowly ---and then he bit down, hard, strong white teeth nipping at the very tip -- hard enough to draw blood. One hand slid down to David's balls, gently massaging them before twisting them with malicious fury, twisting and then tugging, all the while grinning madly.

"Not so superior now, are you, my brother?!!" (Reply to this) (Parent) (Thread)


2011-10-22 02:29 am UTC (link) [Snake sucks in a sharp gasp of pain and the edges of his vision grows white as Liquid's teeth cut into the head of his hardening member. The sensation is indescribably agonizing and he writhes helplessly as Liquid moves on to attack further below.]

[The restraints are longer this time; he tries to push his captor away with little success.]

Stop! (Reply to this) (Parent) (Thread)


2011-10-22 02:37 am UTC (link)

"Oh, beg me for mercy! Go on, I want to hear you grovel, Snake! Plead for your life, plead to be spared the pain you so richly deserve!!"

Liquid did move off him, but it was for no good thing--- when he returned he had a coil of wound up barbed wire in his gloved hand, and the smile he wore now was pure sadism, madness incarnate. With pitiless precision he wrapped it around his brother's now again softening organ, cinching it tight, licking his lips as it dug in savagely.

"It will be my joy to raise that lovely erection once more, brother ..knowing what that wire will do to your delicious prick as it swells!!" (Reply to this) (Parent) (Thread)


2011-10-22 02:52 am UTC (link) [The horror on Snake's face can't be hidden. Already the sharp thorns of the wire are pressing into his cock's soft flesh, drawing beads of hot blood to the surface.]

[Snake can only moan weakly and tremble under his brother's ministrations.]

Don't, Liquid...What the Hell do you think this will prove? (Reply to this) (Parent) (Thread)


2011-10-22 03:04 am UTC (link) "Prove that I am superior, dominant, in terms your pathetic brain can understand, Snake, I am better than you ... your folly has landed you here, your foolish and reckless sense of self indulgence allowed you to think to change me, to save me, yes?! But it is I who shall change you!"

Reaching out to touch the jagged points that are wrapped around the delicate flesh, Liquid smiled serenely.

"This is the organ that causes pain, that's all it's for, you see. This is its punishment, duly fitting. I have punished mine many times, Snake ..." (Reply to this) (Parent) (Thread)


Tumblricon.png black-black-hearts

[...and then there was a gay orgy.It was a dark and stormy night...]

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