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Like Uncle Ruckus is to black person, Anoex is to Anonymous.

AnoEx, or Anonymous Exposed, was a website that had purported itself as trying to "expose Anonymous". It was a sloppily throw together website that zealously argued the same worn out talking points seen in the Fox News reports or the same fucktarded regurgitations repeated ad nauseam by any number of willfully ignorant or butthurt vloggers on les tubes, except in a much more low-rent fashion. Recent news has revealed an ulterior motive was at hand.

...dedicated to the goal of exposing Anonymous for what it is, evil people doing evil things.



AnoEx had contacted moot and claimed to have received a reply from him:

Topic: I really should have sent out a statement earlier.

''I am only going to take my time to reply to you once, so i hope that you will understand the 
current situation. I am the current webmaster of 4chan (moot), and i can assure you that my site is not a 
safe haven for hackers and people who wish to commit such hateful things. Now, we have a very strong 
moderation team and staff that do their best to provide as much support to all of our users. I started 4chan 
back in 2003 as a side-project to the Something Awful forums. My goal was originally to make it a site 
dedicated to animes and Japanese culture, but as you can now see we have attracted users with all kinds of 
different interests. Now, as far invasions go; they are grounds for getting banned from the site. The next 
time around, it's a permanent ban. I would also like to make this other notion aware to anyone concerned. 
4chan is a knock-off of one of Japans most popular image boards: 2chan. Now, the source code for creating 
these "chan" sites is available to everyone, and is in no way our own-doing. Over the next few months we 
will be hiring many more moderators and janitors to help police 4chan, and we expect these invasions thread 
to die fast. Now, it seems to me that you are singling out 4chan due to the fact that it is currently the 
largest image board in North America. I really can't blame you too, since it does cast a shadow on the 
thousands of other sites that share the same code (7chan, 420chan, 7/11chan), but i must warn you that while 
i am have taken an ear to all of your concerns, i will not go any further with them. If you wish to contact 
me, then this is the email address that i would like you to send it to. In the meantime, here is a partial 
archive of all the "chans' around the world."

The "Goal" of the Site

It seems that The Owner is trying to stamp out cyberbullying by comparing trolls to Nazis. We're fucked.

Oddly enough, The Owner believes that if more people visit 4chan, it will reduce the number of sick psychopaths on the board. To quote: "Visit their pages, and try to talk some sense into them. Many of them are just desperate and lonely. They are social outcast who take their pain out on people who are even more miserable than themself or who haven't got that much experience with the dangers of the internet. Don't forget that the owners of image boards like are mostly nice people with common sense. And try to encourage other people to do the same."

In other words, for Anonymous to be stopped, 4chan must be a hugbox.

A Side by Side Comparison

Some argue that AnoEx is, essentially, a chan for self-hating Anons. To support this, here's a side-by-side comparison of the critical similarities between AnoEx and the Anon's:

1. The Owner is upset about the state of 4chan.

2. The Owner is furious with moot.

As you can see, AnoEx is literally one click away from being one of us.


The Owner of the site has recently issued a statement to Anonymous:

"I have some bad news for Anonymous. Some very bad news. Some very good news for all decent human beeings. This WILL have a big impact on their group, it WILL end their evil doings, but i won't say anything further. I thought the best would be to tell you about it in a video. This way, we have a powerful piece of media that we can refer to in the future. You will understand what i mean with this, after you watched the video. You will find the video right here, at the front page. I will upload a link to it on this thursday, 6. march, about 6 o'clock in the evening, PST time.

As you already know, you will be able to access this page directly under this address or you can let you redirect with . If we would have to change that, i will let you know.

Anonymous tried to attack this site in the past few days. So far, they suceeded at taking the page down from time to time i while was out in the real world. Congratulations. You did very well. Have a cookie or something.

They did this by liying to my host and tricking him into taking the page down. I can now be confident, that this won't happen in the future, thanks to the great host

Anonymous, just give it up, you will never be able to harm this page. You won't censor anyone. Just leave us alone here and go back at doing what you usually do, getting off to child pornography or whatever. Enjoy it while you still can.

Oh and here's another newsflash for Anon: Hotmail blocks images attached to a mail. But as i happen to be a big fan of "Where's waldo?" i certainly enjoyed the game "Where's the pixel?". I know at least as much about proxy servers as i know about public accesable wireless networks. Have fun with your Ip's!"

Other News

As the site itself is a virtual lulz factory, one would think that Anonymous would sit back and lol. It would seem some anons have reacted violently to the sites existence and have attacked it repeatedly. Now, unfortunately, no one is able to view the lulzy accusations of Anonymous being Nazis or enjoy the continuous rantings of a delusional lolcow. You can watch the madness unfold here if you like.


  • Speculation that The Owner might be a Scientologist.
  • Speculation that The Owner might be Goronchev or Mrfetch.
  • The guy that runs the site compares Anonymous to Nazis on nearly every page.
  • AnoEx sounds more like a constipation drug than an organization.
  • The only people that visit this site are Anonymous looking for a cheap laugh.

The Aftermath

On March 6th, 2008, a week or two after the initial launch, the owner of the AnoEx website released the video he had promised concerning Anonymous. In it the masked anon with a eurofag accent revealed that the entire thing was just a troll and that he'd done it "for the lulz". Thus, a little over a week after the site had been put up it was confirmed what many anon had already assumed, that it was merely a rouse for some cheap lulz (and some apparently some quick cash too) and at Anon's expense. Some anon were apparently quite butthurt, some were apologetic, but most were too busy fapping to JB to care either way. No one knows who he is yet, but he's likely just another desperate basement dweller like the rest of us. See YouTube Favicon.png this video for an example of his faggotry. Apparently he's disabled embedding because he wants us to subscribe to him?



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