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The Copypasta (now in image form)

City Empires is a fail-filled, faggotry ridden cesspool of a browser game. It is inhabited by players who were too stupid for Cyber Nations or too poor for Sim City. The admin himself is an abomination who crushes free speech with an iron fist of failure. The admin, known as Oracomm, crushes any and all opposition to his power, and ended up provoking the already irked legion of /b/ into fighting dirty. The war continues, with neither side showing any signs of surrender.

The raid begins

Last Thursday, some basement dweller, banned from his crappy, spreadsheet version of Sim City MMORPG. Of course, he wanted revenge on the mods and the power-hungry perma-virgins that would actually spend time in this shit-fest. To do this, he turned to /b/, in order to try and inflict the MMORPG with some of its cancer. Unsurprisingly, /b/, seeing how easy it would be to rape the fuck out of such an unpopular corner of the internet, proceeded to draw up plans for an OMGEPIC invasion of the site. Due to the enormous mental task of buying tanks, infrastructure, additional pylons and other crap, the majority of /b/ never caught on. Never the less, there were some tenacious enough to see it through, simplifying the complex game with a walkthrough. Soon after this Google doc from god appeared, the anon country - UME Ouch_Wittes David had over 9000 times the number of members than any other country (2/3rds the entire game). Of course, Google, where anyone can search for it, is the most sensible place to host raid information.

The plot thickens

Pretty soon, the pretty cool guys that spent all their free time on a spreadsheet Sim City MMORPG caught on to what was going on and joined forces to expel Anonymous from their "game." Since the game protects noobs with a two day immunity bubble, there wasn't much fighting to be had, but gradually an all out war escalated. Interestingly enough, the recently emancipated black person got banned by the mods for stating the obvious truth that Jews did WTC, and the only thing keeping the country up is the sheer perseverance of its members. Utopos has proxies.

To date, the Anons have hopped nations at least twice as butthurt mods, disappointed in the raep of their web 2.0 utopia-game, banned national leader. Anon has, since then, continuously goatsed and CP'd their forum, leading to a moderate amount of lulz and concerned mom type reactions. The mods, in turn, began to auto-ban anybody with a meme-themed name. The Anonempire, however, has continued to grow, using the irc user UNCLE_JIM_BOB's knowledge of older, subtler memes that the newfag administrator's advisers could never know. However, the hard thrust into the furry force's family jewel region, (which are rumored to be located near their penis), has sent the forces of CE fleeing in all directions.

This Video was created by UNCLE_JIM_BOB for the sole purpose of documenting the events of the raid:

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