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I don't care if you guys ban me from the Internet side of Chanology, go ahead do it-- I won't participate in this online at all, I'll take my contributions ELSEWHERE.


—AnonNation, Asking for it

Being the fucked up person Nation is, he enjoys being painfully raped by women

AnonNation is a Xenufag and overly sensitive young man from New York who often uses Google and Wikipedia to do his shitty work for him. Nation is famous on the tubes for having previously dated forced meme New York Nurse and subsequently being dumped due to his constant stalking and unusually strong right arm.

"Nation" has filmed several videos for Chanology of Scientologists acting badly while making ridiculous conclusions he read off Google about Scientology and what people have told him combined with his symptoms of "Fox News syndrome."

New York Nurse

Sometimes after the events of March 15th 2008, Nation began to date New York meme New York Nurse and as one moralfag proclaimed loudly "It's going to be funny when you guys break up!" and indeed, it was. Around September, Nation was told to get out of forced-meme girls life and take all his pot and crack pipes back.

Stalking & Threats

In October, New Yorkers headed to Boston to hang out with Scientology, fuck with them and take pictures with their camera things. It was not known at the time that Nation was coming, but he decided to do so anyway to the chagrin of everyone involved (including his ex-meme girlfriend). During the time he was there, it was discovered that he cries in his sleep and moans.

After being confronted with being a loser, deadbeat, jerkoff hippy faggot Nation exclaimed that he would soon make a deal with the devil and plot to take down all of the New York City Chanology community along with him when he bydid. It is this thinly veiled threat that has made members of New York City believe Nation is close to achieving An Hero and will soon join the ranks of other famous losers who have done the same.

After three weeks of unremitting hostility and trolling from fellow New Yorkers, Nation decided to challenge New York City moralfags by claiming that if he goes down and out of Chanology he will take them with him. This has lead a lot to conclude that Nation may be plotting to do as he suggested, making a deal with the devil "Scientology".

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