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Anonymous Anomaly is an 13-year-old boy faggot who lives with his parents somewhere in the anus of the United States. He spends his lonely nights haunting the Yahoo! chat room Paganism:3. Believing himself to be gay after numerous molestations from his father's hearty fuck-pole, Anonymous now relies on cam-whoring himself to Internet strangers and writing on shitty online blogs.

Anonymous contemplating whether to take some sex-piss up his man-cunt this evening.

General Attire

To the untrained eye, a glimpse at Anonymous's face on his webcam will look something like a Klingon trying to take one almighty shit. But to those who can see past his horrific sight to his physical features will note how the skinny fag looks like he's just survived 10 years of heavy chemotherapy.

Anonymous models his hair off his idol Donald Trump, believing that a 1990s comb-over will be a way to 'score' with the men-folk. When reminded that Saved By the Bell styling is no longer "cool", Anonymous will often give a long rant about how he doesn't care, followed by a good cry of "Nobody unerstands me!11", as fags are prone to do.

Anonymous realises he has a page on Encyclopedia Dramatica. Not able to cope with his recently found Internet stardom, he gives himself piles.


Anonymous lives with the rest of his nocturnal friends in Paganism:3 on Yahoo Chat. Anyone who thinks that mental spastics like Anonymous and all his friends should be gassed ASAP should get their asses on there. Pronto.

Take care also to mention his shitty Xanga journal which details all his love affairs with boys in the back of their cars, and mention how classy he is for it.

A picture of some old man. The piles in all their glory.

The Backlash

After viewing the article, Anonymous pissed and moaned about it. Paganism:3 was in uproar. All of them threatened to get their e-lawyers to sue Encyclopedia Dramatica. Here are some lulz from the chat.

  • anonymous_anomaly: I may not be versed in wicca, but I am WELL versed in law.

anonymous_anomaly: what he wrote is LIABLE. anonymous_anomaly: Lible*

  • anonymous_anomaly: I filed a report for the Division Of Internet Crime.

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