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In before Russia
We Can Do BarrelRolls
Anonymous we have Refreshed
Anonymous tucks into some F5

On Saturday September 8th Wired Magazine's Loretta Hidalgo Whiteside had called for a new NASA slogan. Of course the brilliant massive mistake was made to use the internet to gather public input on what the new slogan should be. Once the brave freedom fighters of the internet got wind of this news, they immediately fucked Wired magazines shit entirely up. The sounds of F5 keys being repeatedly slapped could be heard any where kissless virgins had access to internets.

/b/ goes into space

Fact: All but two on the top-rated page are Anon. Fact: Anon came out tops. Fact: Anon. Improving things everywhere. Fact: None of Anon's slogans were chosen.

Some of the better suggestions for the new NASA Slogans

Eventually the Wired Science Server Crashes - WIN

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