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This is an article about the now defunct image board. Perhaps you were looking for Anonymuncule as in's IRC server


The Site

The main page.

Due to the the cancer that is killing /b/, sites like 4chan now export more AIDS and fail than they do lulz. Plus, 4chan seems to be dying out and constantly getting shut down anyway. To keep the lulz alive, some EDiots decided to start Anonymuncule, the latest imageboard to hit the Internets.

Also, "anonymuncule" is apparently a real word. Srsly.

17:54 <@Homicide> ajt: what is the story behind anonymuncule?
17:54 < ajt> if I can get a hold of wang tonight I am going to next level this bitch
17:54 < ajt> Homicide: it was an experiment in how to do threaded commenting
17:54 <@Homicide> i meant the name
17:54 < ajt> oh
17:54 < ajt> well
17:54 < ajt> I read this article on this guy preparing for a spelling bee
17:54 < ajt> and that was one of his words
17:54 <@Homicide> it’s a real word?
17:54 < ajt> the definition is:
17:55 < ajt> ‘petty anonymous writer,’
17:56 < ajt> via:
17:56 <@Homicide> ah

Because the site uses 1337 new features that other image boards don't have, plus the fact that it has not yet become well known enough to be infested with retards, the site technically owns other sites. However, because the site is so new, it has yet to produce any win memes.


Ideally, the site should have no rules, but some exceptions have to be made:

  • There is currently an ongoing debate about posting furry stuff of any sort should result in a banhammer, but the OP of the thread was a furry faggot himself and it has pretty much been decided that furfaggotry should be perma-banned. However, a few were willing to let it be posted for the sake of lulz, like posting the shit art of potential lolcows.


  • Site News: Self-explanatory. Should be useful in keeping up-to-date on current drama as well as any changes made to the site.
  • Chance: This is pretty much the equivalent of /b/. Random shit is here, and thus the most popular board.
  • CSIII: Computer-related posts go here.
  • Request: Pictures plz.
  • XXX: This is where you post porn. Shock images may also appear, so be warned.
  • Current Events: A board for IRL news-related copypasta.
  • p2p: For downloading porn.
  • Queer: For all things gay.
  • Plzadvize: A place for n00bz to ask dumb questions.
  • Shoop: Place for shooping.

Categories are currently being debated on site news, and the site could be updated to include a new section at any time. It it is requested moar categories could be added later to better organize the site, or simply for the lulz.


  • ajt: The guy who brought Anonymuncule to the world.

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