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Anscathmarcach = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.

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Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
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Left: fake photo Right: legitimate photo
Given Name(s) Cori Davis
Known Residence Ohio, America
Nationality Americunt MiniflagUSA.png
Occupation Animator

NYPA, fuck off.


—ED to AnScath, Literally on everything she writes here

Deviantart-favicon.png AnScathMarcach is a site-wide known Christfag who's known for doxxing those who disagree with her(yet she lies by saying they doxxed her first) and for going on to ED and write a shitty attack article about them, or even better yet; claims to be persecuted and calls the other person "anti-Christian" for disagreeing with her. Yes it's going to be one of those articles alright. She's known for trying to play the victim card whenever someone calls out her bullshit by saying "she's a Christian so I'm being persecuted by Nazi Satanists!!", which we all know she's from the US, so this is already false. She got some infamy after she pretend to be a troll that has been harassing her for several months, and even went full retard mode to even dox her own troll account on Tumblr. When she isn't busy sucking cock from her superiors or B'AWWWWing in her statuses/journals; she writes ED articles on those who corrected her since she's trying to warn others of their "evil" nature. Though this always blows up on her due to the fact that:

  • TARTlets aren't as stupid as their 2006 counterparts.
  • She didn't even incognito mode, proving women still can't do anything right.
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The Drama Backstory In Question

Now this is a story of how a PAR went undetected for more than a year, and I want ya to sit right there and let me tell you the story how of a christfag who got caught red handed. Shit doesn't even rhyme. The subject here joined DeviantART on September 20th, 2010; in order to receive some asspats for the asshurt she earned during Biology, and what better place than good ol' DeviantART? On one of her earliest submissions, her Christ-faggotry can be viewed even before the main drama occurred; thus was asking for it at the beginning.

Before we can really tell you really what happened; let us show you who she is and what's been going on, with her own words!

Why she's supposedly getting "harassed" for:

These people who are spreading my name around are actually one single user who has been creating new accounts to harass me and everyone who knows me for over a year now, just because he hates Christians and the fact that I defend them. This person is severely mentally ill and obsessed with me, and he will stop at nothing to get at me through any means possible. Every time I find out about one of his new accounts, he throws a tantrum and then deactivates only to create a new account sometime later and continue the cycle again. Recently, I resorted to blocking him on sight and reporting every new account he makes for block evasion. However, now that he can't get to me directly anymore, he's resorted to different methods.


—Her own bio [1]

By "people" spreading around her name, one is not more famous than herself. She created a alt account under the name Deviantart-favicon.png fearlesspickle trying to pin the blame on previous DA superhero, Sonneillonsakarabru. Under the name "fearlesspickle"(which is a nickname she gives to anyone's cock who viol-I mean corrects her), she attacked herself posing as Sakarabru in order to gain some sympathy votes. Not only that, but she also doxxed herself as well; by giving out her troll Tumblr acocunt; which we'll talk about later. She claimed there was a "troll" who originally went by Sonneillonsakarabru and was harassing her for "being Christian". If you have been on the internet longer than a day and have an IQ past 75, you would know she lied already. Since:

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OMG you're correcting me so you must be a Christ-phobe!!1!
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Another thing is notice how she keeps mentioning mentally ill, crying, and being lonely allot when ever she talks about this "troll", totally a coincidence guys!! And notice how she added the fact that "he attacked her for being a Christian and defending them", that is HIGHLY exaggerated; why? Because if you simply disagree with a view that happens to be Christian or her own; you're an auto Anti-Christian. No srsly, that's it. And if you do point it out that this is a classic SJW move, she'll call you one instead, along with "neckbeard Atheist" and a "fedora" tipper. Thus proving even the so called anti-SJW movement have their own group of special snowflakes.

What She REALLY is

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Smart move Cori

Anscath(Cori Davis) is some vagnigger with an over inflated opinion of herself and who acts a lot like another rather infamous DA user Brianna Bater; with the difference is Brianna was a socjus wench and Anscath dreams of being boned by Jizzus. If you visit her: prepared to see nuttery that makes Alex Jones look sane. Cori has a persecution complex that's bigger then the kikes or the Musfags combined and makes it seem like she is living in an alternate reality where America is 1942 Nazi Germany hunting down Christians like they are da J00z. This is something we can only wish for. Nearly every conversation she has with someone who disagrees with her faith is either:

  • A.) An AthiSJW if you are an atheist
  • B.) Some fake Christcuck who doesn't love Jesus enough.

Basically, not even BEING a Christian will save you from her tantrums since even disagreeing slightly with her brand of of Christianity means you want to gas the Christians in a holocaust. It is worth noting she's some vagnigger living in 60-70% Christian America and she feels oppression there. One can only wonder what she would be like in a land abandoned by god. Get ready ladies and gents and strap your buttz in for we're in for one hell of a ride.

The Doxxer

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Good job Scooby Doo!

Did we mentioned this person doxxed someone and still claims to be innocent? This can easily be found on her Tumblr and DA ID:

Thinking about doxxing me?

Go ahead, try it. It sure worked out well for this guy. You'll never find me, and if by some freak instance you manage to do so, I WILL get you arrested and/or take the necessary measures to defend myself, and you'll only end up as another head on a pike just like him.


Edgy shit there Cori.

Surprisingly Self-Aware

Anscath surprisingly enough is not autistic so many of her lulzy antics cannot be easily explained like many other inter personas. What's more surprising is she seems vaguely self aware of her surroundings and what she actually does. She thinks ED is a horrible place filled with Christophobes, Atheists, and Jews and in trying to deflect our attention off of her wrote her on ed article seen below: Be sure to get some eye gear for this one

Use scrollbar to see the full text

About: AnScathMarcach is an evil Christian who's always attacking atheists who rightfully tell her what a horrible person she is for being a Christian and how evil Christianity is. She believes "Christophobia" is a thing even though it doesn't exist. All Christians are disgusting pieces of shit who all deserve to die. Did I mention Christophobia doesn't exist? She is a typical fundie christfag scumbag who wants to kill all gays, as evidenced by the fact that she has the horribly homophobic opinion that gays can be bigots, even though everything they do to Christians is perfectly justified and they deserve it! She doesn't realize that ONLY Christians can be bigots and that the definition of "bigot" is literally a Christian! She calls herself "The CommunismKills of Christianity" because of how many people try to take the necessary measures to shut her up. Which is funny because CommunismKills is a horrible person too and deserves everything that's happened to her]. It's like comparing yourself to Hitler thinking it's a term of endearment.

AnScathMarcach is also a brony, but she refuses to admit it (and let's face it, doesn't deserve to be called one regardless of how cancerous they are) because she also likes the horrible, cringeworthy, worst animated series to ever exist; fugly, awful, stain of shit that is G3. That's right, she actually LIKES G3 My Little Pony. The WORST incarnation of My Little Pony that doesn't deserve to be called My Little Pony. And if that wasn't bad enough, she actually defends the series as if it had anything redeemable about it. The only answer to G3 is to KILL IT WITH FIRE.

She recently joined the front against Minor-Attracted People because pedophilia (But she's a Christian and is obsessed with cartoons for toddlers? HMMMMMMMMM......), and thinks drawn and animated porn of children is child porn when it's about as much of a threat as christophobia is. She famously admitted she was one of those people who believes in the slippery slope fallacy that LGBT acceptance would lead to pedophilia acceptance when THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. There's NOTHING wrong with these people being sexually attracted to children! Because it's only wrong if you act on it, and even then children can totally consent.

      • All non-christians beware*** because if you're not a Christian she will track down your phone number address name ip address and credit card and get you arrested by the FBI because she wants all non-christians to DIE! This is all 100% true, verified by locally grown organic Satanists™.

WTF is With That Name? AnScathMarcach is supposed to be Irish GAY-LICK for "The Shadow Rider" which is her really stupid pirate persona. She even does colonial reenactments where she actually dresses up as this character like a fucking furry at a convention. (Not letting go of the past, anyone?) As it turns out, she's not even Irish. Nobody knows why she has this creepy obsession for Irish people when she's not even Irish and it's a really disgusting fetishization and cultural appropriation. Maybe we could call her an Eireboo.

Relationship Status AnScathMarcach is currently single because none of the boyfriends she had were good enough for her. As if anyone would want to date her in the first place. She claims one boyfriend "emotionally abused" and "manipulated" her, but in reality she was the one who was abusing him with her religion by denying him sex because she wants to "wait until marriage". He probably "neglected" her so he could get what he needed from someone else who deserves him. AnScathMarcach is a virgin and a total freezer because she feels obligated by her religion to do so. But don't let that stop you from calling her a well deserved slut and a whore. Everyone knows it's stupid to cherish your virginity as if it's something that matters, even if it's basically rape when you give it up. She deserves to be raped so she'll finally get it, and maybe ditch her stupid religion too. Next she revealed she has a fetish for Indian guys when she ended up dating one. Remember kids, fetishizing a race is just as racist as hating a race. As is tainting precious POC lineages with your white genes. But then she broke up with him too because he was Hindu and her attempts to shove her religion down his throat failed. This shitty bitch doesn't deserve ANYONE.

As for her friends, she hardly has any. In real life, her only friends are pastors, who only further her beliefs and encourage her behavior as a hateful fundie christfag, because ALL christian churches are connected to the WBC. She hides behind them in real life, as they took her side the time her information was exposed by the-christian-atheist so he could do a public service and take her out. Thanks to them, he was unsuccessful and she still roams free, still shitposting all over the internet and gracing us with the displeasure of her shitty "art". The few friends she has online are all her precious little white knights who fail to defend her from the punishments she deserves.

Job AnScathMarcach tells everyone she does filming and video editing for her church, which sounds fake because christians aren't smart enough to do such a job. But if it is true, it says something about how lackluster these so-called "skills" must be if only a church, and her own church at that, would hire her.

Other ways she tries to take people's money she doesn't deserve is by doing commissions for her "art", but nobody with half a fraction of a brain would ask for her terrible art, especially for money. Her art is worth her paying THEM to accept it.

Finally, she greedily has ads enabled on her YouTube videos hoping to make money off the people who watch them while they're all secretly making fun of them. She's making money off of every view whether you like it or not. The only video she has going for her is a retarded FNAFag music box she made that looks like a torn up piece of garbage that fell off the back of a dump truck and sounds like a dying chicken. The ONLY reason it has so many views is because all the FNAF fanchildren gobble it up as if it were proof that the world's stupidest game series was real. Then there was a stupid video of her cat that only got popular because the incompetent mods at Cheezburger accepted it and it made it to Youtube's trending page. Thankfully everyone hates it and continues to put her in her place in the comments. She keeps trying to pop out one shitty video after another hoping to "make it big" again, but she never will.

"Art" AnScathMarcach's "Art" consists of shitty drawings of G3 ponies. It's shitty because it's G3, and because when a person is bad, that automatically makes their art bad. If any of her art looks "good", it was probably traced or stolen even though nobody can find references to prove it. When she's not drawing ponies, she's drawing other animals like cats, and she also apparently makes official art for the obscure furry game called Furcadia, which makes her a furry and a cataboo. Even though her persona is a human and she completely denies being a furry.

Due to her religiousness, she refuses to draw porn or NSFW material. But because she likes ponies and animals, that means she must be sexually pleasuring herself to them regardless. She also admits that she would refuse to draw gay porn if someone commissioned her for it, which is extremely homophobic just like the cake bakers who refuse to cater to gay weddings. She should be forced to make exceptions for LGBT people.

She also thinks she can animate. These "animations" are just as terrible, if not WORSE than the abominations produced by her butt-buddy FCU777. Which is HILARIOUSLY ironic because she's actually trying to prove a point that Christians can create things. She prefers to animate "traditionally" and hates modern cutout animation and 3D because she's a stupid fundie Christian who has to have tradition and live in the past and hates progress. It's not because traditional animation looks more natural and less cheap or anything. She just prefers to be stuck in the middle ages.

She's planning a stupid show called "Galacticats" that she wants to put on Youtube that, as far as you can make out, consists of three mary-sue, horribly disfigured, hypersexualized, sparklecats from space that fight with magical gems. Based on what we know so far, it's basically a ripoff of the Powerpuff Girls and Sailor Moon combined, but with stupid cats instead. And not one of them is LGBT, which is homophobic and transphobic. Apparently the show is based on a comic she wrote when she was in third grade, which explains why it's SO BAD because it was literally written by a 9-year-old. As for the animation quality, she has NO experience whatsoever and has never taken a single class on animation. That's all that needs to be said. You shouldn't even bother seeing it for yourself because she has ads enabled on her videos, and every view gives money to this shit. She really should banish the thought of EVER becoming an animator, actress, or writer.

Let's face it, nothing that comes from a Christian is good, and Christians should never try to make media. AnScathMarcach is just one more laughable failure.

Bullying As noted above, AnScathMarcach thinks people saying horrible things to her, spamming her page, doxxing her, and sending her death threats, is "bullying" and "persecution", when it's really just criticism.

AnScathMarcach claims to have been doxxed, but since doxxing only happens to minority and oppressed groups, it has to be fake, even though there is overwhelming evidence of it and the supposed doxxer (our hero, the-christian-atheist) admitted they did it. What happened was, in a stupid move of her Christian unintelligence, she shared a video from her church. This allowed the-christian-atheist to find her and save us all by trying to get her fired from her little video job so she'd shut up and never show off to the public again. Unfortunately, those pastor friends of hers just wouldn't see how shitty she is and wouldn't believe him. But we all know she had to have fabricated the whole thing somehow. Even if it was true she totally deserved it and it's such a shame that she didn't get fired like we all hoped.

She's also received numerous death threats, and several people at this moment are trying to find her and take her out personally. She deserves every one of them until she kills herself. They need to hurry up already! Her little pastor friends can't protect her forever.

If anything is bullying, it's her when she replies negatively to the comments other people make on her own personal pages rightfully telling her how horrible she is.

Not even good at parodying herself

Naturally there are some flaws with this and she can't even get this right. So we're here to make some corrections:

  • 1.) Every MLP show ever is shit
  • 2). She attacks anyone including Christfags that disagree with her
  • 3). She uses the block button on any single opposing opinion

The White Knight

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How to be a hypocrite 101

Despite whining about hating ED and making her own article above the idiot has her own ED account and has made several articles on people on the interbuttz she does not like on here and tried to vandalize one of the articles on her friends who is equally as retarded. Seen to the right is an article on here about FCU777 that needs some love. FCU is some Ethiopian Italian nigress that also loves Jesus and bitches 24/7 on either the gays or how Five Night's at Freddy's is Satanic (if she said autistic she would have been right at least). Anscath being one of FCU's biggest clit lickers tried to vandalize the page saying she is a good girl who dindu nuffin. This makes it all the more ironic that she made an ED article parody about herself on DA since she already tried to vandalize a page before realizing we have history of every edit. It is as if she was expecting ED to raep her and self-raep would prevent it. Alas it only lubed her up for round two 100 here.

Not learning her lesson she the made two attack articles on people on DA she did not like:

Sonneillonsakarabru We fixed this one ;^)


Both of them short stuby articles similar to the dick sizes of the men she gets (JK she gets no D). Meanwhile she pisses and moans about her own ED article. It is recommended that you point and laugh at her. Since getting her own article on here Anscath has done a 180 claiming that she is now proud of getting an ED article on here since all the good Christians have their own article here since ED is run by evil atheists despite the fact she has never read our articles on atheism and that we mock everyone. This is also ignoring the fact that she herself had an account on here and made shitty attack articles on people but she wouldn't want to tell her fanbase that so they can eat out her musty cunt and go in droves to defend a women on the interbuttz.

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Persecution Complex

As mentioned above her persecution complex is what makes her really lulz worthy. For instances she made a top ten examples of Christophobia or Christian persecution of 2016. An archived version in case the tartlet tries to delete fucking everything can be found here Unsurprisingly Isis and Islamic terrorism was not listed on any of them. Instead she has listed as the examples of her persecution Bull Nye the Goyim Guy saying that parents shouldn't teach their kids creationism thus further polluting America's already polluted gene pool. Note this is an example of harassment to her and not being able to speak about creationism and not get questioned on it is anudda shoa! Also unsurprising is that all the other examples of persecution are either Tumblr posts or comments or may-mays from deviant tartlets. Move over Christians being be-headed by Isis. This chick faces first world problem with the horrible offense of people being mean to her online :'[ on tumblr and DA no less!

What is interesting however is one based anon in the comments put it best.

And? The conclusion is?

I'm suppose to be disgusted? Feel sorry for you? Or can I continue to be indifferent about it? Some of these are obvious trolling that doesn't prove they are atheists at all, doesn't mean they aren't either of course. But then again I have a vague feeling you are trolling here yourself. As you being a programer and designer who is employed at a church doesn't add up. I mean ok you can design a church but obviously the church is not your work place. Also you say you like to keep your personal data secret yet you revealed these tweets here with your supposed name. And in one post you blotched out a user name so if you were so secretive about your data you would do the same here. Plus since you are so secretive I doubt you have a degree in anything. I don't have to believe you regardless but your inconsistency makes it that less believable. These tweets too I think are fake. Assuming there was such an asshole who tried to get you fired why would your boss ever reveal them to you? Unless he/she took them seriously and normal people would just ignore them and not reply at all. And a person who spends his/her working hours on social media is obviously incompetent especially if they are the boss. I rather think you asked a friend to help and you made this fake conversation.



Now keep this in mind as this comment and her reaction and persecution complex is going to play a big role in things to come. Most of the bulk of this article.

Baity Tumblr

Now an interesting little tidbit about Cori here is that she started a Dumblr account. Though not just any sort of Dumblr. No Cori who whines and complains that she is always persecuted, always being hunted by Christophobes... made a troll account on Tumblr just to try and piss off Atheists or bait the,. The account in question being called typical-atheisjw which honestly if anyone did fall for this they themselves are an idiot and almost as idiot as her. Now she ran into problems here since someone either Tumblr mods or anyone with two functioning braincells ignored her. This lead toher whining that she wasn't causing the intended trouble that she wanted.

So some of you may know about my atheist parody blog, [email protected] where I take real hostile atheist quotes and post or reblog them, even make a couple of my own, just to see how many people agree with the posts unironically and generally expose them.

Well, very early on, I noticed the posts weren't getting any notes, despite how controversial and baity they were. I thought this was really strange. Then I noticed that when I checked the tags, the posts were nowhere to be found. I didn't think much of it at first, because posts often get lost in super-active tags like #atheism and #religion. But then I made a post under #christophobia, which isn't that active at all, and I still didn't see my posts. That's when I knew something was up.

So just for the heck of it, I turned Safe Search off, and sure enough, there my post was. For some weird reason, all of my posts were being marked NSFW automatically. I checked my settings, thinking maybe I marked it as "Adult Oriented" by accident, but it's not. This can only mean somebody falsely flagged it.

The blog obviously doesn't contain any porn. It does contain swear words, but I and others cuss all the time on Tumblr and I can see all of those posts just fine. It most certainly has controversial and hateful opinions, but the actual people who originally say those things are not flagged either. The flag is definitely unwarranted.

When you get flagged as NSFW on Tumblr, you don't get any notification or email that your blog is now NSFW, so you'll have no idea. Then you're stuck wondering why your posts aren't getting any notes. Posts from NSFW blogs are hidden from all users who have safe search on, and all users who are not logged in. Safe Search is on by default, and most people don't turn it off unless they're porn blogs, and porn blogs aren't looking at any other tags but porn, so you're essentially pseudo-shadowbanned. Effectively censored. And anyone can do it with a mere click of a button.

(Shadowbanning is the new way Tumblr bans people by hiding their blog and posts from everyone except the people who already follow them)

But the worst part is, there's currently no way to get the flag removed. As you can see in the Adult Content [email protected] of Tumblr's community guidelines, there is a link that says "If you think your blog was inappropriately flagged, file a report with our Trust & [email protected] team", but if you click the Trust and Safety link, it just takes you to the Report a Violation form which contains no such link to appeal a flag. I even tried filing a bug report to let them know this link doesn't work and ask them where I could find it, I was of course met with a useless automated reply.

Obviously what happened was some SJW didn't want this violent side of atheism called out, so they took the opportunity to censor it. And they succeeded.

At least until (or if ever) this is fixed.

Now this may make a few people wonder. Really scatch those noggins. For someone who whines that atheists and Christians not Christian enough are persecuting her she decided to take time out of her day and make a hate blog ironically in order to start shit and then her troll blog which is just one of her multiple Tumblr accounts get shadow banned at least according to her she still whines that she is being persecuted by SJWs. This was even acknowledged by one of her own watchers

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Waaaaaah. You've gone to the darkside

As one can see there are a few problems that start to crop up. Notably the fact that once again people pointing out the obvious to her is labeled as persecution and sadly we can confirm this is not a troll but someone suffering from severe GOTIS. However it did not stop there. archived post revels a fight she had with some other Dumblr user and basically it went as well as you think it would go. The user in question Smugpawn pointed out she was basically lying in order to make atheists look bad even though her attempts at trolling where shit. This lead to Cori trying her best to save face and claim that she is not lying and that in fact she is being persecuted. Another archived post of that selection shows the shit between the two. Exampled here is what Anscath usually does when someone catches her in her shit. Play the victim and claim that the SJW atheists are out to censor her. Then send her white-knights in an attempt to back her up. Then when she is called out for lying ironically try to claim the other side is lying. In short do nothing then what we expect her to do. Nothing Anscath does is wrong and anyone being means to her is just an atheist out to persecute her.

The Fake Troll Account

Information icon.png This is also mentioned in Sonneillonsakarabru's page, go there to read more lulz

In August of 2016, Scath appeared as Deviantart-favicon.png FearlessPickle, this time pretending not to be her but Sakarabru instead and doxxed her own atheist parody blog, Tumblricon.png typical-atheisjw. Before she could successfully get away with it, she decided to give her BFFs Deviantart-favicon.png CutestSith, Deviantart-favicon.png ACommissionReviewer and Deviantart-favicon.png ReclusiveChicken a visit before her departure. This however, was a big mistake, since this exposed Pickle to be AnScath the whole time due to

  • 1) her terrible acting,
  • 2) her all of sudden pro-Christfag responses, and
  • 3) 'TARTlets have more than 4 brain cells;'

Which made her deactivated quickly before there was about to be a massive gang-bang occurring. Not only did she got exposed pretending to be Sakarabru, she also gave trolls access to a her troll account on Tumblr, to which she got massively violated and then proceed to B'AWWW about it. Despite it being a troll account, it itself got trolled and she failed to see the irony behind it; then again, we're expecting too much from her, are we?

Age Lie

Princess here claims to be 15 in the profile picture we oh so explicitly "edited", in order to be sure of this; we asked for verification of her birth-date, to which she just gave us:

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Where's your birth year?

She still fails by trying to claim that just holding it is an offense ignoring the fact no one cares, not to mention the picture she's bitching about isn't even CP; so she also fails at law school. Below you can see the video interpretation that we did:

  • Another thing: In her status post, she admits to being born in 1994; and gave us her real birthdate; not to mention if she was 15 in that photo by her logic due to the age of consent the picture would still be fine. Another thing is, the photo is not considered sexualization of a minor since the photo wasn't erotic in nature nor is a child holding a dildo illegal. She fell for a simple trick set up by the professionals at ED. You dun goofed Cori, and know you're paying the price for it. Not to mention her Facebook cap was extremely suspicious, why you may ask? If you use Facebook, log on and go to your about page, scroll down to events. Now the first bottom two(irremovable) must show:
  • (Your birth-date)

What did she showed children?


AnScath Facebook Cap.png

Correct version:

Example Facebook Info.png

So how was she able to join in 1995, at age 1, on Facebook when it launched in the early 2000's? Meaning she created this event as a lie and the birth-date was edited could be the only possible explanation; so did she lie about her birth-date?

Shipping A Minor

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She dun goofed.

It seems our subject here decided in order to make some sort of backlash against those who "harassed" her, or by Internet logic; trolled her decided to declare a 3 way ship. What she didn't know is that one of the trolls she decided to use was 15 years old and shipped them against 2 adults, which is borderline pedophilia; but she's a good Christian so she can't be a pedo! Neither was Mohammed either!

Social Media

  • Skype username: AnScathMarcach

Game tags:

  • Minecraft: AnScathMarcach
  • Xbox: AnScathMarcach

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