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Oh yeah Baby!
Delicious BBQ, you must eat it.
I'd hit it...with giant drawings of dongs.

Anshe Chung (powerword "Ailin Graef") is the main avatar on Second Life who rose to fame and fortune after being whored out by her IRL husband to other avatars, building up an epic slumlord business inside the game, and eventually becoming extremely fucking rich.

Dong Attack

In December 2006, during a serious business in-game interview with CNET, Anshe came under attack from the dong lovers at Something Awful. Said gayboys bombarded her with images of penises and a BBQ'd macro of her IRL holding a cock.

This caused the interview to be canceled and Anshe and her hubby to throw a shit fit and file fake lawsuits and DMCA's against anyone posting video or images of the lulzy event. This included IRL newspapers that anyone with a first life would know not to fuck with. Accordingly they fucked her right back by writing disparaging revenge stories which she 100% asked for.

As this video shows, she was badly pwnt by giant floppy cocks.

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