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Antandrus aka the professional dirty supreme sick fuck child rapist & zoophile pervert[1]. David is an infamous registered child sex offender TOW administrator known for his extreme love of Nazi Jews (like himself), hate of Polish Jew Nazis (like himself) but in reality he is a total NeoNazi[2], a leader of famous Pants Nazi, with a very small homophobic microscopic penis size. When he plays with himself he need to use HUGE NASA TELESCOPE.[3] He loves to leave annoying shitty excuse & bogus messages toward his beloved 'vandals' on their talk pages. Whatever majority says on wikipedoia, he goes with it, knowing the edits were absolutely correct. When a user is blocked (of course for no reason at all = wikipedoia's policy), he will revert all of blocked user's edits. He loves to masterbate when he is doing this, that gives him a temporary fix. Poor shmuk, bastard cant help himself.

Here are links proving antandrus is totally perverted fag:

Antandrus, Adolf Hitler, Goering, NeoNazis & Adolf Eichmann

Nazi David Antandrus in police car after being found guilty of killing 10 million innocent jews in cold blood

Together with Adolf Eichmann, a fervent pants Nazi, also known as "The pantspenis of Gambia," David Antandrus was arrested in autumn of 2003 and faced trial for crimes against pantsfree civilization. He was found guilty & his punishment was to join wikipedoia and become supremo head wikipedo aka super wikipedoidiot! Some wonder if that was a punishment or present for him?! He claims he is so much better than any vandal he fights (later fucks) but in truth he is a piece of poor dirty white trash raised in utmost poverty in the California mountains east of the Santa Barbara Channel praising Fuhrer all day. His profile picture shows him currently near Gaviota Peak, meaning he is a mountain-fucking hippy bastard. His pedo profile also claims he is a professional pianist and violinist. This is only partly true since being a piano-playing circus monkey can be considered a job; and he is exceptionally good at fiddling and banging infants.[4] He prefers Anal sex, that's why he always back reverts everything he does not agree with on Wikipedia, of course he has tons of pure bs, bogus excuses [5] [6].

Psycho Fugitive

File:Antandrus possible powerword.jpg
Another satisfied customer...

Antandrus is a psycho retard fugitive. He tends to block and provoke 'vandals' and calls them bullshit like "whiny trolls". Seriously, what total wikihomopedoidiot full bullshit. Who gives a shit for Antandrus, he's just an unsophisticated troll himself who loves Jews (excepet he hates Polish Jews) and always whines his ass off. He thinks he is God of free encyclopedias. Nobody likes him.[7] He claims he loves Jews, his real name is David and has a star of David toilet that he shits on and sometimes fucks.

He was repeatedly raped by his own father and gang raped by many child molesters as a child, he put an advertisement in the newspapers to all pedos, Antandrus wanted to be raped and has since been caught in pedo acts himself. He has raped young children as young as one year old. A sick man. He considers edits against him a victory, what? What a psycho maniac. He is a definition of a perfect bastard hypocrite. He does what he preaches nobody should do, except him.[8]

Antandrus and Encyclopedia Dramatica

File:Antandrus ED AFD vote.jpg
His recent ED AFD vote. Antandrus is an expert on the subject of turds, having burgled many in his day.

Recently Antandrus has been seen commenting on his pedo Wikipedia site on the relative merits of Encyclopedia Dramatica. Antandrus considers it strictly a 'local phenomenon only', notable only for it's attacks on him and his sick Wikipedos, which is not true. Moar likely that he resents the fact that Encyclopedia Dramatica is growing and getting worldwide support and is one of few pages that tells the truth about vandals like pedo antandrus. [9] Antandrus also admitted that its all true what they write about him here, he regularly checks the updates and approves of them; he enjoys bullshit written on him.

What antandrus loves and hates

NeoNazi Antandrus has a tendency to lie his ass off about all topics and situations above anyone else, thus he is a racist. He claims he has academic credentials, but like Essjay, he is a total fucking bigot liar. Various other bollocks he has expounded has proven him to be wrong as Jews are about the Holocaust (according to antandrus). His hobby (Together with Persian Poet Gal, Isotope23 DGGaka Daveid Goodman Badman gay librarial, Arkyan, Thatcher -the super supreme lesbo shemale bitch bangs Jimbo all the time for pee-nuts on her face, DGG (Antandrus' gay lover), Luna Santin, PTO Sean Williams, Chic Bowen, Anetode and other sick bastards) is to suck lots of gay cocks and get banged hard all day. He is the master at it. He thinks he is the master, expert in Western music of the "classical" tradition but in reality he only knows how to suck classic dirty AIDS infected cocks. Sometimes when he catches a "vandal" he finds him and rapes him, then he goes home and listens to his dirty classical music, I mean classical fucking. His editing range comes from Cox provider, based in U.S. He claims he has a life outside wiki[10] but in reality he spends time at a transexual/gay whore house banging other pedos and getting drunk.

Antandrus' Gay Tree Lover, Radioactive job & More

On May 15th of 2008 pedo Antandrus celebrated the passage of gay marriage in California, he was the first one to marry his long time gay tree[11]. On May 22nd Antandrus took a wikibreak until May 26th, after all he had to be with his treeman, even gaytree marriage must be consumated, aka tree must be raped. For many decades his favorite activity was and is having some extra sex with totally gay trees. [12] He visits his tree daily, brings him flowers, lubricants, condoms and other sex toys, it was antandrus fag who carved out a huge cock on this poor abused tree, when he fucks his tree he invites his pedo administrators, they practice gang rape, the experience serves them well when it comes to raping one year old babies. After sex they cuddle around the tree, they all think the tree enjoys the hot "massage" and owes them favors!

Antandrus is a radioactive bastard freak, U.S. government used him as an experimental pig. He thought he had a real job. There are millions of radioactive atoms inside of him. He has no idea what atoms are, the mixture burned his little dick but satan gave him all the lessons he needs. It helps him to pray to his beloved father satan, his other gaylover and master. Antandrus and satan are busy building slave institutions for kids they will rape & swallow.

Even as we speak, antandrus is busy turning millions of wiki carbon atoms, protons, neutrons into a powerful energy source he can use. Saddam hid all his WMD at his whore house before American/Bush fucked up invasion & destruction of Mesopotamia Iraq. Antandrus has demonstrated time after time his ability to combine atoms of hydrogen and oxygen right out of his raped ass and he is getting better at it! He will destroy wikipedoia, he will release stockpiles of gay agents into pedo wikimaniacs, in its facilities, underground, on its servers, above ground facilities; his gay nuclear warheads will turn wikipedia into his gaypedia graveyard, he will rape Jewbo, kill him and become wiki's one and only master, he will cut off his head and put it on display with his beloved Fuhrer, he will show off how powerful he is! Wiki air, water, soil, all surroundings even pets will be poisoned, he will hide them in flaky pastries he stole. And then he will sing... O my pedo wiki how I love thee, let me count the way, how I masturbate over thee and all administrators will join in chorus, their cd will go platinum but only on pedos charts.

Pedo Antandrus has been unemployed since the time he delivered newspapers to the Fuhrer (and pleasured him, of course) when he was five years old, that tree bf is his only contact outside wikipedia. The loser has no life. The gay tree filed assault & rape charges, the interpol is searching for this scumbag, he is hard to find as he dresses like a woman, then again he is a shemale transsexual homo! The gay tree filed for divorce, accusing Antandrus of Gay Nazi sex with Gay Nazi men. Such experience comes in "handy" when he pleasures all wikipedo's, especially at pedo wikimania's!!! His super pedo knowledge is highly sought and 'respected' !!!

The world according to antandrus

According to antandrus he has "phd" in classical music composition but he never named his university, except that he is the homeless bum with fucked up life & his life only evolves around wikipedoia & wikimedia refuse articles. He said: Im unrepentant highbrow, PHD is sodomy, zoosex, child pornography, music composition while i fuck sadowski and dungodung (in serbian djubre = trash), undergraduate work in some other stuff, former editor of a music research journal, im lying but believe me i have part-time career as a 21st century obscure composer. O shit, I'm also 20th century obsure composer.

On October 27 2018, Dozens of federal, state charges filed against Jew Killer Robert Bowers, Antandurs David's Best Pal

David is an American Jew but his loylty is with Israel. He really hates American & Polish Jews like his old vandal pals he blocked, so he gave Nazi fag Robert Bowers lots of free blow jobs in exchange to kill bunch of American Jews at their place of worship, at American center for Jewish pedohilia & zoophilia[13]. After killing dozens of Jews at Tree of Life in Pittsburgh's Squirrel Hill neighborhood, Robert Bowers was wounded in a gun battle with Pittsburgh SWAT officers and received medical treatment, he said “he wanted all Jews to die and also that they (Jews) were committing genocide to his people."

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