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<Anthony 'A-Log' LoGatto
A-Log's fursona - the star of his fanfiction.

What follows is a series of links to logs of Anthony 'A-Log' LoGatto's shitty self-insert erotic fanfiction, seventeen stories from his World's Luckiest Guy series and eighteen from his as-yet-incomplete series of Halloween fapfics, 31 Tricks, 31 Treats. Of the World's Luckiest Guy stories, eleven are sequential, happening in a series, and six (An Ebony Goddess Sits Next Door, Neapolitan New Year A Big Birthday For Big Tyme, The Guardian's Mother, Ay, Mamacita! and Stuffed) are standalone. The Guardian's Mother and Ay, Mamacita! were also apparently written especially for Mother's Day. Just think about the implications of that for a moment.

The stories are reproduced unedited and unaltered, complete with author's notes - a glimpse into the deranged and emotionally stunted sexual fantasies of an overweight, autistic male virgin furfag - for your reading pleasure.

A warning: while reading these stories does provide a very amusing and telling insight into A-Log's bizarre fetishes, sexual inadequacies and insecurities, reading them in their entirety is recommended only for the most brave and/or sexually jaded. Many, upon reading the stories over a long duration, have claimed that A-Log has left them a shell of their former selves, unable thereafter to enjoy physical love. The stories also feature many beloved children's characters who may be forevermore be tainted in the eyes of the reader.

Those who wish to experience a similar, but slightly less disturbing read are advised to look elsewhere.

How You Can Help

Those of you who enjoy the stories might wish to share them with a wider audience, who might gain similar enjoyment from them - such as A-Log's mother, Margo Bornstein LoGatto, his friends and his employers at the radio station where he records his weekly radio show, A-Log On The Airwaves.

We at Encyclopedia Dramatica would recommend copypasting the stories into a Word document, printing them out and then sending them to the following addresses:

  • A-Log's Mom's Mailing Address:

Margo Bornstein LoGatto, 90 Braisted Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10314

Or, alternatively, you might want to e-mail the stories to A-Log's mom's personal e-mail at the following address:

  • WSIA-FM's Mailing Address:

Philip Masciantonio, WSIA-FM 2800 Victory Boulevard Rm 1C-106 Staten Island, New York 10314

Or, alternatively, you might want to e-mail the stories to the general manager of WSIA-FM at the following address:

A-Log is also known to contribute to Operation: Three-Legged Dolphin, a humor magazine written, published and funded by the students of the College of Staten Island, but, for some reason, he seems to have neglected to submit these stories in spite of how undeniably hilarious they are.

Perhaps you might want to remedy that?

  • Operation: Three-Legged Dolphin's Mailing Address:

Operation: Three-Legged Dolphin, 2800 Victory Boulevard, Staten Island, NY 10314, Campus Center 1C, Room 230

Or, alternatively, you might want to e-mail the stories to Operation: Three-Legged Dolphin's submissions department at the following address, expressing an interest in having them published in the magazine and Mr. LoGatto receiving the credit he so richly deserves:

Links To The Stories

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