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The World's Luckiest Guy: An Ebony Goddess Sits Next Door
Because nothing honors Black History Month quite like the jungle fever fantasies of an overweight aspie whiteboy.
Callie Briggs, A-Log's fantasy furry fuckbuddy.

A new tale from the files of The World's Luckiest Guy, in honor of Black History Month. A-Log meets a former porn star, who moves next door to him, and the fun begins.

Story tags: Anthro, I/R, I/S, OC, Self-Insert, M/F, Celeb, Crossover, COMPLETE


Anthony "A-Log" LoGatto

The World's Luckiest Guy presents:

An Ebony Goddess Sits Next Door

An adult story by Anthony “A-Log” LoGatto featuring Chaka T.

Anthony wakes up like he usually does in the day time. He gets out of bed, brushes his teeth, brushes his hair, and has breakfast alongside his beautiful feline secretary, Calico Briggs, but every one calls her Callie. Anthony, or A-Log as his friends usually call him, and Callie have been together for as long as they remember.

They have been not only two friends, but they are also lovers as well. As they eat breakfast, however, they soon look outside the window to see moving vans next door.

“Hey Callie,” says Anthony. “Do you see what I see?”

Callie takes a sip of her coffee and rubs her eyes a bit. “Well, it's obvious that those are moving trucks,” she said, with a yawn that comes after her sentence.

Confused, Anthony says, “I don't recall any one buying that house next door. How long has it been, several months? Years?”

Callie, sullenly, says, “It's the economy, Anthony. Things change.”

As they watch on from the window, they see several of the moving men bringing forth furniture and other belongings into the house.

A moment later, Anthony notices a woman that peeked his interest.

The woman stands in at about five feet, six inches tall; weighs about 140 pounds; is of African-American descent; has long curly black hair; and in what would be the most attractive and obvious eye catcher would be her size 36H breasts. She is wearing some eyeglasses and wears a gold and black button-down blouse and black mini-skirt. Anthony grins to himself as he eyes the attractive new neighbor.

“Would you look at her!” he said with excitement.

“I can see she has some unique proportions,” Callie says with a smirk.

“Yes,” says Anthony with a lustful tone. “I remember seeing in some of the movies I have.”

Callie soon figures out that A-Log may have seen the new neighbor in one of the movies from his... private collection.

“I thought Rita and Josie were the ones you know from that line business,” Callie says with suspicion.

“I know,” says Anthony, “But our lovely new neighbor hasn't been seen since 2005.”

He then grins even wider.


“Yes?” Callie says.

“I think I might introduce myself to our...” he pauses as he glances back at the window, “New neighbor.” He smiles lusciously to himself, as he has found himself in a very lucky situation.

An hour later, Anthony walks over to the new neighbor next door. By this time, Callie is already off at work in Manhattan, so this leaves Anthony an opportunity to meet this bouncy new neighbor. When he reaches the door, he immediately rings the doorbell and waits patiently. Seconds later, the door opens to reveal the busty black beauty he saw earlier. She has a smile on her face as she sees him for the first time.

“Hello there,” she said in a sweet voice. “Who are you?”

“My name is Anthony LoGatto,” he said as he extended his hand out for her. “But everyone calls me A-Log.” He then takes her hand and kisses it. “I'm your next door neighbor, and I would like to come in and get myself acquainted.”

“Well come on in, baby,” she said cheerfully. “Make yourself at home!”

Anthony walks in and the woman closes the door. Even though most of the furniture has not been placed (as she just moved in), he can tell that she has some fine taste in her furnishings. She had a couch with full-on brown leather. He decides to sit himself down on said couch and crosses on leg on top of the other.

“How long have you lived here?” she said as she walks over to him.

“Most of my life,” he said with a smile. “Speaking of which,” he said with a sly tone, “You seem familiar to me.”

“Oh?” she said in confusion as she sat beside him.

“I've seen you in some movies. As a matter of fact, they're for men my age,” Anthony said, as if he wants to make sure who his neighbor is.

With a look of feigned defeat, she said, “Well, I guess the jig is up. How did you know--?”

“That you're Chaka T?” Anthony said. “I can recognize your figure a mile away; especially your two not-so-little calling cards.” He says this as he eyes her enormous breasts.

“Well,” she says modestly with a hint of blush in her cheeks, “I am guilty as charged when it comes to the twins.”

“One thing I still don't get,” he says, “Is why you left. Why did you leave the porn and modeling world?”

“Well,” she said with some doubt in her voice, “I kinda needed a change in scenery and needed a break after that scare with Darren James. I'm sure you've heard of it?”

“Of course!” Anthony exclaimed. “It was over the news back then.”

“Well, don't get me wrong,” she said. “I'm not embarrassed of my work, but I only left as a safety precaution. I'm sure you understand?”

“I do,” Anthony said. “I really missed your work and seeing you on the screen and print.”

“You do?” Chaka said in surprise and confusion.

“Yes. I'm a really big fan of your's,” A-Log admitted. “It's always a dream of mine to meet a beautiful woman such as yourself and have an opportunity to... to...” he shied off a bit, unsure to go any further.

“Fuck me?” said Chaka T.

Surprised, Anthony says, “Well, of course! How did you know?”

“Well,” she said with a seductive giggle, “I can tell you were watching me when I moved in.” She then gets a little closer to him on the couch. “As you walked in, I can feel that you were hiding a hard-on down below, so I couldn't help but notice your attraction to me.”

With a sweet smile, Anthony then says, “I guess that as a porn star, you can tell when somebody wants to fuck you?” Chaka T nods. “Now that I think about it, I do need to give you a go. I haven't had much sex since I left the industry, so it'll be nice to remind myself of what I missed.”

“I'd be so happy to oblige,” Anthony says as he gets in closer to kiss Chaka T on the lips. Both A-Log and Chaka are kissing each other softly on the lips. Moments later, the kisses go faster as they start connecting their tongues on each other. It's obvious the intensity between them has gotten higher with each kiss. Anthony then guides his left hand onto Chaka's blouse and squeezes her right breast. To make it easier for him, she breaks off the kiss and unbuttons her blouse and takes it off to reveal a black bra.

“You like big breasts, don't you?” Chaka said seductively, as she jiggles her jugs with hands. Anthony nods. “Of course I do!”

She chuckles and says, “You've wanted a taste of my black puppies for all this time, and I can't keep you waiting any more!”

She then unhooks her bra and takes it off to reveal her bountiful breasts. Anthony takes a look at the two chocolate Hershey kisses in front of him, and he cannot help but let his eyes bug out of his head.

“Y'all ready, baby?” she says as she holds her breasts up by her hands.

“I've been waiting too long for this!” he says and, like clockwork, he lunges towards her breasts and proceeds to knead and suck with his hands and mouth. Chaka is surprised and amazed at how Anthony can perfectly lick and suck a woman's teat, let alone caress them to perfection. Within moments, Chaka lets out several moans as Anthony hungrily buries his head in between her monstrous mammaries.

“Damn, baby!” she said. “I never knew you're that good!”

For a short second, he lets himself go and says, “I've had many women that I hang out with. I know how this goes!” He then digs back in; licking in between her breasts, as well as smelling her sweet scent from in between.

Chaka T cannot help but smile as A-Log does his work. “Damn,” she thinks to herself. “This fox boy has gotten himself a lot of experience doing this thing. I wonder how many women he fucked before meeting me?” She giggles a bit and continues her thought, “Either way, he's getting to that level of my old co-stars; and I bet he never appears in any porn films before. What's his secret?”

As Anthony continues to suckle her bosoms, she eyes his erect penis, which are pitching a tent inside his jeans. She cannot help but wonder what sort of monster hides inside his pants. She then reaches her hand down to his pants and she softly strokes his protruding junk.

Anthony then opens one eye on instinct and sees that Chaka T, the big-titted ebony porn star, is stroking his member through his jeans. He then takes his mouth off her breast while keeping his hand on the other and asks her, “Chaka baby, what'cha doin' down there?”

“Oh,” Chaka says in mock surprise, “I'm looking to see if you've get what it takes to pleasure little ol' me. And from the size of it, I can't wait to check it out!” She then looks at Anthony at his eyes and says, “Wanna show it to me, baby?”

Anthony grins from ear to ear and says happily, “Ask and you shall receive, hot momma!”

He then lets go of her breasts and stands up besides the front of the couch. He then proceeds to take off his belt and drops his pants, and then his boxers onto his knees, to reveal the marvel that beholds her: his huge six-inch penis. The sheer thickness and smoothness of the head and ridge; the shaft also standing tall in its smoothness along the 2-inch in diameter testicles that completes the set for an unlikely stud such as A-Log. Chaka T cannot help but be amazed at this sight.

“Damn!” she says in shock and awe. “I've never seen a size like that before!”

“Well,” he says, somewhat modestly, “It comes to being an anthropomorphic animal; it does seem a little bigger than a human penis. I bet you're amazed at the mere sight of my manhood, aren't you?”

Chaka T nods slowly, “I see, baby...”

“I've been waiting for you to give it a taste for a long time. Now I have the opportunity to achieve my wish. Wanna suck on it, honey?” he says in a soothing voice.

“Baby,” she says as she moves her curly hair a bit and kneels down towards him, “I'll be honored to suck this magnificent dick you wield! Consider your fantasy fulfilled, baby!”

She then grips it wit her hand and feels how warm it is. She then starts to lick the head softly with a flick of her tongue; the feeling surges inside Anthony as he lets out a moan. Chaka keeps licking the head as she strokes his shaft with her hand. She keeps this up until she decides to kick it up a notch. She places her mouth onto the head and begins to suck up and down, from the head to the shaft. A-Log cannot help but feel pleasure as he decides to take off his shirt and place it on the table as Chaka T sucks him off.

“Oh, shit Chaka,” he moans. “I can't believe you're even giving me a blowjob!”

“Well, seeing is believing, baby!” she says as she continues the blowjob. “So, have I still got it?”

“Damn right, you still got it!” he says as he takes in several deep breaths.

She bobs her head back in forth in furious fashion as the sounds of her suckling on fox meat permeates throughout the room. Anthony then notices her breasts bouncing and swaying below as she gives him this pleasure. This gives him an idea.

“Chaka baby,” he says. “Your oral skills are still the same. But I still want to know if you can titty-fuck?”

Chaka takes her mouth out for a moment and says, “Give you a tit-fuck?” A-Log nods. She smiles and continues, “You've been wanting to fuck my breasts for the longest times, huh baby?”

“Yes,” he says. “Not a day goes by since I seen those tits getting fucked on screen! Please fulfill my next fantasy for me!”

Chaka T can't help but smile at her biggest fan. “You really love my tits, don't you?” she says in a sly, seductive voice.

A-Log can only nod his answer.

“Ok baby,” she giggled as she inserts his penis in between her bountiful boobs, “Let's get this titty-fuck started!”

Anthony smiles as he thrusts into her breasts as she perfectly holds them in place. He starts out slow to get used to the mounds of mammaries, but he quickly quickens his pace as his desires overflow him. He places his hands on Chaka's shoulders for support as he continues to fuck her breasts into bountiful oblivion.

With every whack and thud, Anthony fucks Chaka's breasts in a rigorous and quickened pace. Chaka can only squeeze them together as she brings more pressure on A-Log's pride.

“You love my tits, baby?” said Chaka in an erotic tone.

“Hell yeah!” Anthony said as he keeps fucking her breasts. “My cock is buried beneath those wonderful boobs, and I'm loving every minute of it!”

Anthony takes in a few more thrusts in between her boobs, and Chaka squeezes them as he gives in one last push. She then lets go of it from her boob grip.

“Are you ready for more, baby?” Anthony says.

“I'm more than ready,” she says with a seductive smile on her face. “But why don't we continue this in my room? We'll finish everything else in there.”

“I'd love to rock your world, any time, any where,” A-Log says as he takes off his pants and shoes, thus leaving himself naked except for his watch and glasses. He holds out his hand and Chaka T takes it and they walk out of the living room.

They then enter her bedroom. Anthony is amazed on how beautiful her room is-- from her queen size bed with rose red blanket, sheets and pillows, to further show the erotic appeal of his new lover.

“Damn, girl!” A-Log said. “You've got some nice threads!”

“Thanks,” she said. “It does make the setting appropriate.”

“So, what are we gonna do now?” he asked.

“Well, how about we finish it all right here?” she said, patting the bedside with her hand.

“Ok,” he said. “How about I get your pussy wet while you get my dick ready?”

“A 69?” she said in surprise. Anthony nods. “Why didn't you say so?”

Anthony then lays himself on the bed with his head on the pillow and waits for Chaka to get in with him. She crawls over, kisses him on the lips and places her pussy on top of his face. As she sits herself on his face, she jiggles her hips to get herself in place and ready for him to suck her.

A-Log cannot be more than happy at this moment as he gets himself ready to lick her out. He then starts off by softly licking her vagina as his tongue presses against her pussy lips. His tongue goes into every crevice as he laps up her sweet honey.

Chaka T buckles her hips as she moans in pleasure; she is amazed on how well he uses his tongue. Seconds later, she leans forward and takes his erect cock in her hand and proceeds to insert it into her mouth, thus giving him a blowjob.

The 69 commences as both lovers suckle on their lover's respective parts. A-Log places his hands on her ample buttocks as he continues to eat her out. His hands immediately rub and caress her ass as he commences with licking her pussy. As she sucks on his erect tool, she can tell that A-Log is enjoying her assets.

“I can see why this boy wants me,” she thinks to herself. “But wait 'til he gets a load of what I can do in the act.”

She continues sucking on Anthony's cock as he finishes licking her pussy. He then gives her a light slap on the ass and says, “Chaka baby, you ready to go?”

“Ready when you are,” she says as she gives his dick one last lick. She then moves herself off his face and sets herself onto Anthony's cock. She raises her hips as he holds his dick up for it to enter.

“Ready?” she asks as she turns her head to face him.

“I've been waiting for this when I first saw you on screen,” Anthony said with joy. “Do it!”

She smiled and she slowly inserts his erect six-inch monster inside her, putting them into the reverse cow-girl position. She shudders a moment as she takes it all in.

“Ok?” he asks with concern.

“I'm fine,” she says. “I've dealt with this size before.”

Seconds later, she slowly moves her hips as she gets into the rhythm. As she rolls her pussy around his dick, Anthony cannot help but gaze at her ass. Her ass jiggles with each movement and the mass of cheeks hypnotizes him. He then reaches out and grabs a handful of her ass, making her moan.

“That's what I want to see,” he says with lust. “That marvelous ass of yours drives me wild like how I feel about your tits! Keep shaking that ass, baby!”

Chaka then quickens her pace as more of Anthony's dick goes inside her. She feels it going deep in her body as she keeps thrusting her hips against his cock. Her moans fill out the room with every thrust of her body onto his cock. She then stops for a moment and turns herself around, facing Anthony.

“You wanna see more of my boobs?” she asked.

“Hell yeah!” he said.

“Enjoy them while I fuck you,” she said as her hips once again thrust and gyrate around his cock. Anthony lets out a moan as Chaka fucks him. To return the favor, he thrusts his hips into her as she does to him. Anthony becomes hypnotized as he watches Chaka's 36H breasts bouncing up and down as they continue their love making.

“Have you ever fucked a dick this big before?” he says as he continues to thrust himself upwards.

“No... not as big as this...” Chaka states as she keeps fucking him. “You're about as good as Lexington Steele in my book, baby!”

“Yeah... you like that foxdick, don't ya?” he asks.

“Yes, baby,” she says. “I love your foxdick... very much...!”

She continues to thrust herself down on his penis; every thrust widens her pussy with each stroke. She then bends herself over him and she lets him suckle her humongous bosoms. As he sucks her breasts, he thrusts himself upward in a mad fury. His testicles slapping the tail end of her buttcheeks as he continues fucking her. He gives a few more thrusts before releasing one last thrust for now.

“Enjoyed it, baby?” she asks, as she catches her breath.

“Of course I do,” he says. “But that's not I want to finish it.”

“How do you mean?”

“Let me get out first. I want you to get on all fours,” he says.

“But,” she says. “Aren't I on all fours?”

“Oh. Silly me,” he says with a nervous laugh. “Just let me get behind you. I want to fuck you doggy style.”

“A favorite of your's?” she asks.

“Of course!” he says.

She then lets him get his dick off her and he gets off the bed. Chaka T resumes her position of being on all fours and she waits for him to enter her. She then turns her head to him and smiles as he strokes himself off in preparation. As he gets back on the bed on his knees, he smiles at her awaiting ass jiggling in front of him.

“You ready, baby?” he says as he places his hands on her booty.

“Yeah,” she says, waiting in anticipation. “Fuck me. Fuck me hard! Make that fantasy come true!”

Anthony smiles as he shoves his dick inside her pussy. Slowly, but surely, he goes inside her vagina; inch by inch; bit by bit.

With every inch of his cock entering her, Chaka lets out a long satisfying moan to show her care. He starts to thrust his hips slowly, but with each thrust, he quickens his pace. He fucks her like a mad man as he fulfills a long awaited fantasy of his.

Chaka moans and breathes lowly as she takes all of A-Log's cock in her wettened honeypot. Her hands grips the sheets as he continues to fuck her from behind. As if to further her sexual frenzy even further, she moves her hips towards him to fuck him back, thus driving them towards ecstasy.

“You like my foxdick, don't you?” he asks as his hips hit against her ass.

“I can't live without it, baby!” she screams out in ecstasy.

“How much?”

“Very much, baby!”

“You can't live without it, wouldn't you?”

“Of course not! Your dick is much better than many of the men I've fucked before!” she says in erotic joy.

“Oh really?” he says. “Say how much you love it!”

“I love it!” she screams with passion. “I love when you fuck me with your foxdick! Fuck me more with that big foxdick! Fuck me hard!!!”

Anthony continues to fuck her doggy-style in a furious pace, grabbing her ass as hard as he can. Although he feels his penis is ready to cum as it twitches inside Chaka's pussy, he decides to hold it off. However, Chaka cannot take it any more and releases an orgasm which splashes onto his erect penis. As she releases her orgasm, Anthony pumps a few thrusts into her pussy and then quickly pulls out.

“A-Log, baby,” she said, panting. “What are you doing?”

As he strokes himself, he says, “I won't end it this way. Lay down!”

She then lays down on the bed and Anthony gets on top of her and sits on top of her stomach.

“What are you going to do?”

“I want to end it with the best way possible,” he says as he eyes her breasts. “I want to fuck your tits one last time before I cum!”

“Then do it, baby! Fuck my breasts one more time!” she says with erotic joy.

A-Log then proceeds to slide his penis in between her breasts once more and Chaka T squeezes them together as Anthony thrusts his hips against her boobs. His six-inch monster repeatedly rams in between her soft, fleshy mounds with quickening fury. Chaka T can plainly see that this is no ordinary man; he may be two-points shy of a player, but a kind soul that can still penetrate like a real man-- in short, she sees a true sexual machine at work.

“Fuck my tits, Anthony!” she screams. “Fuck my tits until you burst!”

Anthony complies with several more quick thrusts.

“You really like my tits this much, don't you?”

“Damn right, Chaka baby!”

“Well you better show your appreciation soon, baby!” she said, as she then uses the tip of her tongue to lick the head as it goes in and out between her boobs. “Your little friend cannot wait to show it!”

With her erotic words guiding him, he gives in a few more pushes until the moment itself finally comes.

“Oh shit,” he says, while thrusting away. “I'm gonna cum!”

“Fulfill your fantasy baby,” she says erotically. “Cum on my breasts! Do it!”

Pulling his cock out of her breasts, A-Log proceeds to stroke himself several times until he shoots out several ropes of cum onto her big, bountiful breasts. Several dollops of the white stuff also land on her chin and neckline as he strokes himself to the finish. After a few more strokes, he finishes cumming.

“Well, mama,” he says, his penis still erect. “Was I right?”

“Hell yeah, baby,” she said. “Chaka T still got it! I never lost my style!” She then rises her head up to clean his dick with her mouth.

“Well, well, well!” said an unidentified voice. “I'm gone for an hour and already you're getting acquainted with the locals!”

A-Log loves dem black bitches.

Surprised, Anthony and Chaka turn to see another individual in the room.

The person is also a black woman who stood at 5' 1”; weighing in at 127 pounds; with long-flowing black hair; a tattooo of a circular ying-yang on her left shoulder blade and has piercings on her tongue, navel and back of her neck; and her boob size are 36F, waist 27 and hips 36. She wears a red and black tight tube top and form fitting blue jeans, and black high heels. She stands there with a hand on her hip and seductive smile on her face.

“Hey, aren't you--” A-Log was about to state.

“Sierra?” Chaka says, confirming the other woman's name. “What are you doing back so soon?”

“Well, I thought I would come back to see how things are going,” Sierra says as she walks up to the bed, her hips swaying with each motion. “But as far I can tell, I see you've found a fan in our new neighbor.”

“I know. This is Anthony LoGatto, or A-Log as his friends call him.” Chaka says, introducing Anthony to Sierra. “He told me he was a big fan of mine, and he asked if he can fuck me.”

“I didn't expect to see another one of my favorites be here as well,” Anthony said with surprise in his voice. “Do you two know each other?”

“Well,” Sierra said, “I normally don't like to brag, but I did help Chaka get into the industry. Shame she didn't last too long, even though I eventually decided to give myself a break from the biz, too.”

“Well, it's nice to know that two of my favorite porn stars are here next door with me,” a boastful Anthony said.

“And from what I can see,” Sierra said as she eyes Anthony's still erect cock, “You've given Chaka T here a good time with that magic stick of your's. I've been hearing some people talk about you while I was out. I would like to see if the rumors are true.”

As she says that, she places an index finger on top of his erect penis. “Shall you give me and Chaka an encore?”

Chaka looks on at A-Log for his answer as Sierra looks at him with a seductive gaze.

Anthony then gazes upward and says to himself, “I love it when new women come to my town...”


With the voices of:

Anthony LoGatto: Himself

Chaka T: Herself

Sierra: Herself

Callie Briggs: Tress MacNeille.

The World's Luckiest Guy: Neapolitan New Year
An artist's impression of the events of this story.

Neapolitan New Year Synopsis: A-Log and his ladies start 2011 off with a bang!

M/F/F/F, Four-way, tit-fucking, Furry/human, crossover

World's Luckiest Guy presents: A Neapolitan New Year!


Hello Nurse (Animaniacs)

Sierra (porn star)

Maria Rivera (El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera)

New Year's Eve; Friday, December 31st, 2010. The city itself is already aglow with the coming new year. As 2010 draws to a close and 2011 draws near, everyone is in Times Square on 42nd street getting ready for the celebration of a lifetime that can only happen once a year. We also see the bars and dance clubs in full swing as the year comes to a close. We then spread through the crowd and see four familiar figures at the bar. The first figure is a male fox, aged 25, sports a short moppet of brown hair, wears a green sweat shirt and black jean pants and green sneakers. The individual in question is also hatless, since he does have common courtesy of being in a public indoor area. We immediately recognize him as Anthony LoGatto, aka A-Log; well-known comedian and DJ; but even more so remembered for bedding many a beautiful woman. His record has given him the nickname of “The World's Luckiest Guy” since he gets many a woman with just his kindness.

Speaking of which, we also see three woman watching along the partiers as well. The first is a white woman with long blonde hair, red lips, an hourglass figure complete with a bust of 34DD and wears a red dinner dress with slits on the sides. The second is a black woman with long black hair, a 36F bust and wears a black dress that shows off the cleavage perfectly. The last woman is of Latin decent with long flowing black hair, a bust of 40DD, and wears a lime green cocktail dress with black heels. The other two women have red and black heels as well, respectively. In order, they are the aptly named Hello Nurse, one of A-Log's many lovers from way back when, who works in the hospitals in the city; Sierra, a black porn star that moved to Staten Island alongside her protege, Chaka T, whom A-Log met back in February; and Maria Rivera, the divorced mother who moved from Miracle City to get away from the crime and villainy, but has become one of A-Log's lovers as well, thanks to an introduction from another lover of his. The four of them are out on the town for one thing, and one thing only: partying in the new year.

“Isn't this exciting, guys?” Maria said with a tone of excitement in her voice, a drink in her hand. “My first year in New York City is capped off with being where the action is!”

“Same here, Maria baby,” said Sierra, taking a sip of her drink as well. “I've been to many parties in LA and Miami, but never in New York City; especially on New Year's!”

“Enjoy while you can, ladies,” Hello Nurse says with a grin on her face. “'Cause we've just begun when it comes to the kissing 2010 goodbye! Isn't that right, A-Log?”

“Damn straight, Nursie!” A-Log said cheerfully. “What better way to ring in the New Year than spend a night with the women I love!”

All three are touched by his words, especially Maria, who couldn't help but titter at his modesty. (Either that, or the martini is setting in.) As a matter of fact, the drinks are alcohol, but not too much to drive them in a drunken stupor.

“Either way,” says Nurse, “We're here to party until the sun comes up!”

As the music starts to get louder, Maria tries to get the others on the dance floor.

“Come on, guys,” she says, “Let us dance the night away!”

“Why not?” says Sierra. “It's New Year's.”

All four leave the bar and head over to the dance floor. They see many people dancing on the dance floor; many of the couples were grinding on each other, without being too obscene for a bar. As soon as they hit the floor, they start to dance. Anthony dances with Hello Nurse, her body gyrating over his. Maria and Sierra follow suit as Maria dances besides Anthony, rubbing her big Latina ass across his hips; Sierra dances behind him, her big breasts rubbing against Anthony's back. All three ladies rub and gyrate themselves on Anthony, their bodies making contact with his as they danced alongside their fellow New Yorkers, tourists and partiers. He can feel how hot and horny they're feeling as they rubbed themselves all over him, nearly anticipating the erection that will pop up any second.

As they dance, he then notices one of the television sets above the bar. He sees that the moment is about to come. As quick as a flash, he drags the girls off the dance floor.

“A-Log?” says Hello Nurse, in a confused tone, “What are you doing?”

“We're leaving the club,” he says.

“What for?” asked Sierra. “I was about to get my groove on.”

“Save it, Sierra,” he says, “We're going to have a change of scenery.”

“Change of scenery?” asked Maria. “Whatever for?”

“It's nearly midnight. I know of a much more appropriate place to ring in the new year!” he said as he pays the tip, as does the girls, and they walk out of the club.

Minutes later, Anthony comes into a hotel room with his girls in tow; Maria has become a little tipsy at this point from the drinks at the bar earlier. He turns on the light to reveal the room with a huge bed, a big screen TV, and several other accommodations for the room.

“You booked a hotel room for us?” asked Sierra.

“Not exactly,” says Anthony. “My friend V-Dogg lent it to me for special occasions such as this.”

“Does the fact that Maria's drunkenness qualify?” says Hello Nurse, who is supporting Maria by her shoulders.

“Oh, please no worry, Nurse,” Maria says, tipsy but reassuring. “I'm usually fine in this situation.”

“Either way, I know how we'll end 2010!” Anthony says with a smile. “But a dance club would be too miniscule in comparison.”

“How do you mean?” asks Sierra.

He then answers their question by walking towards the windows, which are obscured by the blinds. He pulls them away to reveal that the hotel they're in is close to where the ball drop is located, near the building to be precise, where they can see the ball in plain view. The girls have become really excited by this development.

“Oh my God!” exclaims Hello Nurse, her eyes glued to the ball from her view.

“Dios mio, I've always heard of this ceremony, but I've never been this close to the action!” Maria says, her eyes big as saucers.

“Did V-Dogg hook you up with this?” asked Sierra. “'Cause I can tell how he chose the appropriate places for the right occasions!”

“Well, normally V-Dogg brings his girls up here,” A-Log said, “But he loaned it to me while he parties with Rouge, Chaka T, Donna and Delilah at his place. I'm sure given his luck, he should be tired before dawn breaks.”

As he spoke, he goes over the mini-bar and picks up a bottle of champagne and four wineglasses. He gives three of the wineglasses to his girls, and sits on the be with them as they watch the window, where they can see the ball drop.

“It's a nice place and all, and I appreciate V-Dogg for lending it to you,” says Hello Nurse in her caring, soothing voice. “But isn't it a bit much?”

“Ladies,” he said with a hint of reassurance, “It's perfect for tonight. Now let's watch the ball drop; it's almost midnight.”

All four of them sit on the bed and they watch the ball drop, second by second.

10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Happy New Year!

The city itself is amassed with joy and laughter as 2010 became 2011. Everyone is dancing on the streets, blowing out their party horns, throwing streamers and singing Auld Lang Syne as midnight struck.

Back in the hotel, Anthony and his girls celebrate as well, with him popping the cork off the champagne bottle and pouring wine into the respective glasses of his girls and pours one for himself. They begin to drink the champagne in celebration for the new year.

“Happy New Year, ladies!” A-Log said with pride. “Let's party!”

On cue, he receives an overenthusiastic hug from Maria, who is beyond tipsy at this point.

“Senor LoGatto,” Maria said with a mix of drunkenness and seduction. “Now that 2010 has ended, how about we start 2011 with a bang?” Her boobs pressing against his chest as she says these words. Sierra and Hello Nurse cannot help but smile seductively as well at this moment.

“It's healthy for us to celebrate with as much vigor as we can,” Nurse said. “So why not have your first sexual pleasure of the year with us?”

“Yeah,” said Sierra. “It's just you, me, Nursey, Maria, and the city lights of New York. Why not make this night complete?”

Anthony gives it some thought: should he start the new year with a bang with all three of his lady friends? On the first day (well, early morning portion) of 2011 busting his nut? It soon becomes clear on what his decision is.

“Why not?” he says with a sly grin. “What better way to start the year off then making love to the three of you? Let's do it!”

And with that, Anthony shares a kiss with Maria, tasting a bit of the champagne she drank as well. As he helps Maria out of her dress, Hello Nurse and Sierra come up to Anthony kneel down towards his lap. They soon notice the bulge protruding from his jeans. Feeling wet in their nether regions, they decide to caress his bulge as he kisses Maria and feels up her breasts.

“I remember him telling me about you, Nurse,” Sierra said to Hello Nurse. “I recall him telling me about that orgy he made a while back, as well as his visits to the hospital you work for.”

“Same here about you,” said Hello Nurse, as her hands softly strokes his bulge. “He told me about you and Chaka T; I recall hearing that he was a big fan of yours”

“Hey, I have fans around the world that wanna fuck me. I'm happy to live in the same area as one of my biggest fans.”

“And I guess you know how he tastes?” asked Nurse.

“Oh yeah?” says Sierra with a raised eyebrow. “Let's see how a petite white woman like you can handle this monster?”

“You're on!” Nurse said.

And with that, Hello Nurse unzips his pants and pulls them down to reveal the bulge that is still seen through the boxer shorts he wears. As the pants come off, along with his shoes, of which Sierra takes off for him, they both pull down the underwear, thus releasing his six-inch monster of a dick. Both are in awe of his size as they begin to softly lick his erect shaft. Slowly and softly, their tongues connect with his tool and they go up and down to create stimulation for their famed lover. They then start to alternate: Sierra sucks on the head of the cock, while Hello Nurse continues to lick his shaft. Sierra feels the precum on the tip of his penis as she sucks on the head, also feeling how warm it is. Ditto for Hello Nurse, as she feels the warmth around her tongue. They switch parts and repeat the process until an idea comes to them.

“Why not make this appropriate, Nurse?” says Sierra in an erotic tone.

“Really? How?” asked Hello Nurse.

“Having our personal ball drop with his... little friends below,” Sierra said, eying the testicles below the shaft.

“Teabagging?” asked a surprised Hello Nurse, “I never thought I would try this on him. But, since the it's New Year's...”

Nurse and Sierra then place their tongues onto each testicle and begin to lick and suck on it, thus giving A-Log the teabagging treatment. They suck onto their respective testicle with much force, that although it would normally hurt a man when being kicked, it feels more pleasurable as if it was being massaged softly by hand. Hello Nurse does her best to hold up his black cock as she and Sierra continue to suck on his balls.

While this is going on, Anthony is still feeling up Maria, sucking on her big breasts and paying very close attention to her nipples. As he sucks her nipples, Maria notices the teabagging below her being done by Hello Nurse and Sierra.

“A-Log, sweetie,” Maria said, slightly pushing Anthony off her breasts, “I see that the others are doing their own personal ball drop?”

“I know; I'm feeling it right now,” says Anthony.

“Do you mind if I help them out?” asked Maria.

“By all means, Maria,” says Anthony. “As long as I eat you out as well!”

“Another 69?” Maria asked in mock surprise. “Alright, you naughty boy. I'll let you pleasure me as I will you.”

Maria sets A-Log down on the bed and places herself on top of him, her pussy smack dab on his face. She leans over and immediately begins to suck on his six-inch tool with much vigor. Her tongue making contact on the shaft and her lips providing the suction. Anthony also does well in pleasuring Maria orally as he moves her thong out of the way, and digs in to her honeypot. His tongue goes in deep to lap up the juices that emanate within her pussy. As Maria blows A-Log, Hello Nurse and Sierra take notice.

“Hey Maria,” says Nurse, “When you're finished sucking him dry, wanna help us down here?”

“I bet you haven't had this before?” says Sierra.

Maria momentarily takes A-Log's dick out of her mouth and says, “I'll join you soon. I'm also getting some action as well.”

As she continues to suck him off, Anthony continues to lick her succulent cunt. Anthony does his best not to blow his load, despite the combined efforts of Maria's BJ and the twin teabagging done by a porn star and a health specialist. After a few seconds, Maria releases Anthony's cock from her mouth, saliva emanating from her bottom lip, and she gets her pussy off Anthony's face.

“Maria?” Anthony asked. “What are you doing?”

“Joining Nurse and Sierra on the ball drop,” says Maria, getting herself between Hello Nurse and Sierra. “I'm sure you'll enjoy it!”

She then joins them in licking Anthony's testicles. Her soft tongue gives his furry nutsack a tingle as Nurse and Sierra join in the act of teabagging. Anthony has never felt a teabagging from three women before; 2011 has already started, and he's enjoying the first sexual pleasure of the year from three gorgeous ladies; human ladies to be exact! To him, this feels like heaven.

They then finish the job with one last lick from each of them, still letting his penis stay erect. Their variation of the proverbial ball-drop is complete.

“That was awesome!” said Anthony. “Looks like this year's getting off to a great start!”

“Any idea on how to make it even better?” asked Hello Nurse, hands on her hips.

Anthony thinks for a second and then eyes the still open champagne bottle.

“I think I have one,” he said. “Can you ladies give me the first tit-fuck of the year?”

Hello Nurse, Sierra and Maria look at each other in confusion over his request.

“Baby,” says Sierra, “You know that there's three of us and one of you?”

“Yes,” Maria agrees. “Only two women at a time can tit-fuck a man. Surely you know that?”

“I know. But, I would like to see some volunteers,” he said. “But first, I have an idea for this bottle of champagne.”

“Really?” asked Nurse. “What's that?”

“Why not make your breasts taste sweeter with this?” he says, holding up the champagne bottle with his right hand. “I'm sure you ladies can get an idea with this?”

“Damn right we do!” Sierra says with excitement and grabs the champagne bottle from his hand. She then summons both Hello Nurse and Maria over to stand in front of her. She motions Nurse to pull down her dress top, which she does, exposing her large breasts, and an already topless Maria to set one boob in between her's. Sierra then proceeds to pour the champagne all over their breasts, the liquid sliding across their mammoth melons. Anthony smiles wide at the sight as his penis becomes even harder.

“Dios mio!” exclaims Maria. “I feel so wet!”

“Damn right, girl!” says Sierra. “This beats tanning oil any day!”

“I got an idea,” said Nurse, “Why don't you two tit-fuck A-Log, while I get him drunk off of me?”

“I like that idea, Nurse baby!” says A-Log in joy. “Come on over here!”

Hello Nurse releases a girlish giggle as she takes off her dress and leaving it on the floor, thus only leaving her high heels on. She then sits besides A-Log on the bed, and softly kisses him on the lips. He then decides to lick and caress her champagned soaked breasts. Nurse bites her lower lip to hold in a moan as he gets drunk off her boobs.

While this is going on, Sierra helps Maria out of her dress and then takes off her own before they kneel forward towards his lap, with Maria on his right and Sierra to his left. From their vision, they can see his erect penis stand perfectly upright; waiting for even more pleasures.

“Sierra,” Maria said, “This may be a dumb question, but have you ever tit-fucked anyone before?”

“Have I?” said Sierra. “Girl, you're talking to one of the most popular big tit ebony girls on the market! Many dicks have penetrated my bust! I suppose you only had that with your ex-husband?”

“Sadly no,” Maria said. “Rodolfo had no interest in my bosom. Only my culo.”

“Damn,” Sierra responds. “Your ex was an ass man?”

Maria nods.

“Well, he don't know what he's missing with tits like yours!”

“But yours are bigger than mine!”

“No worries,” Sierra said in reassurance. “The most important thing is, you've put your titties to good use other than being sucked on! I'm sure the last time A-Log gave it to you, it felt real good, didn't it?”

“I know. It's been a while.”

“So why don't we give lover boy here his first titty-fuck of the year?”

Maria nods and says, “Si!”

They place Anthony's hardened rod in between their breasts and with their combined bustiness, they start to rub his cock with their tits. Anthony's eyes shoot out of his head as he feels the combined bustiness of Sierra and Maria as they give him the first tit-fuck of 2011. As they move their boobs up and down, they can feel the warmth of his cock from between their respective bosoms.

“Oh, shit!” A-Log says in joy. “This feels so good...!”

“And I know how healthy this is for a growing boy like you,” says Hello Nurse as she kisses him on the cheek as he continues sucking on her breasts.

Nurse looks down and smiles seductively to herself as she sees Sierra and Maria pleasure A-Log with their double tit-fuck. If she had a chance, she would be in their position. But, since it's New Year's, she feels that she'll give it to him before the night is through.

“I can't believe I'm even doing this!” Maria says, with a blush. “It feels like a disappearing act!”

“I'm sure the magic is done by our boobs,” says Sierra, as she and Maria continue the tit-fuck. “Besides, our boobs are so big, the little guy disappeared before our eyes. Yet, we could feel him within!”

“Wow, that's deep!”

“Well...” trails off Sierra, “That's not the only thing that's deep!”

They continue their tit-fuck as they feel Anthony's cock getting warmer and warmer, and they feel it twitching in between their respective bosoms. Anthony tries his best to hold in the inevitable, but he couldn't hold it in any longer.

“Oh god...!” he said, his mouth escaping Hello Nurses' breasts. “I'm gonna cum!”

“Don't worry, baby,” Hello Nurse said in a soothing, yet reassuring voice. “I'm sure you'll save the rest for later! The night is still young!”

As he is about to lose it...

“Is he...?” asked Maria.

“A little early,” says Sierra, “But I'm sure he'll go another round!”

With just about one more squeeze, they force A-Log to shoot out several dollops of cum, giving them both a pearl necklace and a facial as well. Each drop of his love milk splashes onto their already champagned soaked breasts, which gives off an alluring smell in the process. Sierra and Maria let their breasts off his penis and start to lick the mixed amount of champagne and cum off their breasts. Hello Nurse watches on and smiles to herself.

“I see you two are enjoying the taste?” she said with an amorous smile.

“Damn straight!” said Sierra, licking off some of the cum from Maria's breasts. “I'm still surprised that he can shoot out this much!”

“I'm sure you've been used to that back in your career?” said Nurse.

“Nurse is right,” Maria said, containing her laughter. “But I've been used to how much cum he sprayed unto me from time to time.”

“At least he's careful to avoid the eye!” Sierra joked.

Nurse continues to smile as she looks downward to Anthony, who is tuckered out with his head in between her breasts. She then concocts another idea.

“Ladies, it appears that A-Log has fallen asleep on us,” says Hello Nurse.

“Really?” says a confused Maria. “It's a little early, isn't it?”

“He must've had too much of us at the same time,” deduced Sierra.

“Well,” says Nurse, “I have an idea on waking him up...” she then eyes his head between her bosoms, “But I need your help to do so.”

Sierra and Maria took a second each to conjure what Hello Nurse meant, but they get the idea as fast as lightning. They both get on the bed with Nurse and A-Log, with Sierra on his right and Maria to his left. Nurse lifts herself up with A-Log still in between her breasts. She nods to them and Sierra presses her bosoms onto Anthony's face, as does Maria.

“Wakey-wakey, A-Log!” says Sierra in a teasing tone.

“Time to get up, baby!” says Maria, also letting Anthony get a taste of her breasts.

“You know the night is still young,” teases Hello Nurse, “And it's still the first day of the New Year; so why not get off your little funk and continue this party?”

With the combined efforts of their respective boobs, A-Log manages to wake up to see this piece of heaven happen. Seconds later, Nurse notices A-Log's dick standing up in attention once more.

“I knew this would work,” said Nurse.

“I had a feeling he still had more in the tank!” said Sierra in agreement.

“Ugh... where am I?” Anthony says in a groggy tone.

“You're in heaven, A-Log!” chuckled Maria. “Or a more pleasurable version.”

“Now that you're awake after coming to a conclusion,” Nurse says, “What's next on the agenda?”

Anthony looks upward in thought. Seconds later, he gets an idea.

“Ladies,” he said, “I want you to stay on the bed on all-fours; your asses facing me!”

“Whatever for?” asked Maria.

“You'll see...” he says as he jumps off the bed.

The girls do as they're told and get on all-fours, their bodacious asses presenting themselves to Anthony. In order, Hello Nurse is on the left; Maria on the right; and Sierra stuck in between them. Anthony cannot help but look onto this beautiful sight: three women-- beautiful, busty, bootylicious-- lined up in front of him on the bed like Neapolitan ice cream; with Hello Nurse as Vanilla, Sierra as Chocolate, and Maria as Strawberry. His dick hardens in thought of the sweet flavor this human ice cream treat in front of him. All he needs to do is pick a flavor. He feels like a kid in line in front of the ice cream truck... he couldn't decide which flavor to choose.

“Seeing the three of you like this is just scrumptious!” he said in joy. The girls also noticing his little ice-cream imagery at hand. “But it's so hard to choose!”

“I see where you're getting at, baby!” said Sierra erotically.

“I love a man with creative energy!” said Maria.

“Come on, honey!” Nurse said while shaking her ass in a teasing fashion. “Pick a flavor; any flavor!”

Once more, all A-Log can do is study his bevy of beauties and choose which one to penetrate. After thinking it over, he decides to choose the best flavor. He walks right up to Sierra and proceeds to stick his penis into her moist vagina. Sierra moans in ecstasy as she feels A-Log coming in inch by inch.

“Oh, baby!” Sierra screamed in joy. “Now that's what I'm talking about!”

As she speaks, A-Log quickens his pace, slow, and then fast. Nurse and Maria look at each other in jealousy.

“Surely he hasn't forgotten us?” Nurse said to Maria.

“Well, judging from Sierra's body, he does seem obvious he would pick her,” said Maria, despite the fact her juices are wettening in anticipation.

“Don't worry, ladies,” A-Log said as he continues fucking Sierra in doggy-style, “I haven't forgotten about the two of you!”

Before they can say anything else, Nurse and Maria immediately feel two sets of fingers penetrate their pussies. The shock surprises them at first, but they then feel more comfortable as he penetrates them with his fingers from each hand; Hello Nurse with his left; Maria with his right.

One by one, the three beauties feel an immense amount of pleasure as Anthony fucks them in each respective way.

“Nurse! Maria!” A-Log said. “I want you to spread Sierra's ass! She wants me to go deeper!”

Hello Nurse and Maria complies and spreads Sierra's ass cheeks, which causes Anthony to hit harder and deeper. Sierra moans louder and louder as he continues to fuck her. Her feelings are absolutely clear: she doesn't want this to stop as the new year comes.

Feeling that he gave Sierra much as she needed, he immediately pulls out and starts to fuck Maria with much ferocity. Maria is taken by surprise, but lets her pussy take in his six-incher as he rams into her latina pussy with much force. After a few minutes of that, he switches over to Hello Nurse, and proceeds to fuck her doggy-style as well; giving Sierra and Maria a break from the action to catch their breath.

“Now this is how to start the New Year!” A-Log thinks to himself as he fucks Hello Nurse with all his might.

Moments later, Anthony and his girls find themselves in a different position. Maria is upside-down on the floor by her neck with her ass in the air. She's familiar with this position from her first encounter with A-Log. As he teases her pussy by slapping his penis on top of her pussy, she's going into the piledriver position. Hello Nurse and Sierra sit by and watch on. Sierra is familiar with the position, but Nurse is curious about it.

“I've never seen anything like this before,” she said.

“Baby, it's called a piledriver,” says Sierra. “I've been in the position a few times with my old co-stars, but I never seen any woman enjoying it after the first time.”

“All I know about that is when he puts someone upside-down.”

“Like a tombstone piledriver?”

“Like that!” Nurse says, snapping her fingers. “But I've never seen him do it like this! I hope her neck is ok.”

“You ready, chica?” asks Anthony, as he teases Maria's pussy lips with his cock.

“Do it, papi! Fuck me senseless!” shouts Maria, begging to be fucked immediately.

He then shoves it into her pussy and he thrusts himself in and out as Maria moans and squeals for more, much to the delight of Nurse and Sierra. He starts slow, but baited onward by her moans, he quickens his pace; his nutsack slapping themselves on Maria's backside. Maria is enjoying this with much ecstasy, but hopes her neck will make it out with all this on her.

“Ay, papi! Ay, papi! Ay... PAPI!” Maria screamed in delight. “You know Rodolfo would never do this to me!”

“Oh, mami... you've come a long way from your ex!” he says with enjoyment. “At least I know to give you pleasure in many different ways 'til Sunday!” And with that, Anthony continues to furiously pound into her pussy as she stays upside-down. While Maria is enjoying this amount of pleasure, Hello Nurse and Sierra grow a bit bored and impatient. A-Log soon notices this and says to them, “Don't you two sit there! There's a little something for the two of you in the bedside drawer!”

“There is?” Nurse asked, as Sierra gets up to find the object in question.

“Yes,” he says. “V-Dogg always has a little something for the ladies in case of preoccupation!”

As he continues to pound the upside-down Maria, Sierra opens the draw and digs through the various objects and knick-knacks until she finds what she was looking for: a long, purple, double-ended dildo. She's surprised to see this in there.

“Damn!” she says in bewilderment. “I didn't know your homeboy had prepared us for this!”

“Well Sierra,” says Nurse, a slight purr of seduction in her voice, “Anthony did say that he wants us to keep ourselves busy as he fucks Maria, right?”


“So why not pleasure ourselves with this! It'll keep us busy until Maria tuckers out.”

Sierra shares a smile and proceeds to kiss Nurse on the lips. As they kiss, Sierra places her end of the dildo in between her massive breasts, as Nurse does the same. To them, the dildo represents A-Log's penis, and they proceed to tit-fuck with the double-ended dildo. They also take the time to lick the tip of each end as well, also adding fellatio into the mix.

As they do their impromptu tit-fuck, Maria is getting nearer and nearer to her orgasm as A-Log continues to fuck her in the piledriver position. Maria bites the lower end of her lip as her pussy tightens onto A-Log's dick. (Also hoping that the blood doesn't rush to her head from being upside-down.)

“Antonio... Antonio... I think I'm going to cum...!” Maria says in between the pussy pounding.

“Say it in Spanish, mami,” A-Log says. “Say it in Spanish!”

“¡Voy a venir! ¡Voy a venir!” she shouted repeatedly as her pussy continues to grip A-Log's cock like a vice. Seconds later, the moment finally comes. She gives out a long, drawn-out moan as she goes into a huge orgasm. After a few seconds, A-Log pulls out, leaving Maria's pussy spasming during the orgasm. Maria catches her breath slowly and lowly as she feels tired from the pounding.

“Looks like Maria needs to rest for a bit,” he thought to himself as Maria continues to catch her breath. He then turns his gaze towards Hello Nurse and Sierra and says to them, “I'm done with Maria now. Why don't the three of us go at it?”

“About time,” says Sierra. “Anything you have in mind?”

A-Log then thinks of something for the three of them in thought...

Moments later, A-Log finds himself with Sierra on top of him, eating her out as she grinds her pussy on his muzzle, and also placing his hands on her ass. Hello Nurse, on the other hand, sucks on his cock; her tongue connecting to his shaft once more. A-Log is laying down on the bed as his girls continue giving him pleasure as he does for Sierra.

“Oh yeah baby...” Sierra moans. “Lick that motherfuckin' pussy! Lick it good, fox boy!”

Anthony can only respond by continuing the pussy licking, as well as squeezing a handful of ass. As Sierra grinds herself on his face, Hello Nurse continues to suck his cock. She even starts to get it harder by sucking on the head and stroking the shaft. It doesn't take Sierra too long to lustfully gaze on as Nurse blows A-Log.

“Nurse baby,” says Sierra, “Are you gonna have that dick all to yourself?”

Nurse releases the blowjob, faces Sierra, and says, “If you want some, why not share with me?”

Sierra nods her answer to her as she bends forward and joins Hello Nurse in the oral sex. A-Log can feel both of their tongues connecting to his penis as he digs his tongue deeper and deeper into Sierra's pussy. The combined effort of Sierra sucking his dick and Hello Nurse teabagging his balls makes him as excited as before in anticipation.

After several minutes of the double BJ, Sierra lets it go and holds it erect with her hand.

“Setting that baby up for me?” Nurse asked, coyly. “You shouldn't have.”

Nurse then proceeds to get on the bed with Anthony and Sierra. Sierra holds up his dick as Hello Nurse proceeds to insert it into her pussy by connecting her pussy to his hardened dick and sitting on his lap. Now that his penis is inside her, Nurse starts to slowly grind herself on his lap, but goes faster with each thrust from her hips to his. Sierra, meanwhile, is still in extreme bouts of pleasure as Anthony eats her out and slaps her bountiful buttocks.

Throughout this whole fucking, Maria begins to stir and regain consciousness She is now awake, thanks in no part to the sounds of the fucking going on above her, and sees that Nurse and Sierra are enjoying their lovemaking given to them by A-Log from below.

Nurse is the first to notice the newly awakened Maria. Before Maria says anything, Nurse places a finger on her own lips, and gestures her to come below her. Maria puts two and two together and decides to follow her lead. Maria then crawls back onto the end of the bed and sets herself up below Hello Nurse; as she sees her being fucked in the cowgirl position, Maria gazes onto the only free area left: his balls. She then decides to make this feel even better for A-Log as she begins to connect her tongue onto his balls and proceeds to teabag them.

Immediately, A-Log's eyes shot out as he begins to feel Maria soft tongue rolling his balls around in a circle and suckling on them as if they're gumballs. The shockwave of pleasure causes him to grab Sierra's ass even tighter, letting her release a surprise yelp as she continues to grind her pussy on top of his mouth, letting him lap up her juices in the process.

Once more, the year 2011 has already started, and yet here he is being pleasured by three lovely human women at the same time, as well as giving them some as well. This would be a very good year of sex like this keeps up. Eating out Sierra while she's on top; fucking Hello Nurse in the cowgirl position; Maria teabagging his balls down below; the first day of the new year has become one huge fuck party for him.

Suddenly, Sierra decides to turn herself around. She releases A-Log from the pussy lock as she turns around so she can face him before replacing her pussy to his face. “Oh, Anthony honey,” she said erotically, “You ain't done licking my pussy yet! I want to see that handsome face before I continue!”

“Don't worry,” Anthony says, reassuringly, “You'll see it afterwards. Now face fuck me, baby!”

Sierra obliges and places her pussy to his muzzle once more. She buckles her hips and grinds them on his face as he licks her out, even thrusting onto his face in the process. Hello Nurse then decides to cop a feel as she grabs a hold of her breasts. As he's eating her out and being face fucked at the same time, he decides to reach one hand onto her right breast, while placing his right hand on one of her buttcheeks. From this combined force of pleasure (no doubt Maria's teabagging helping throughout the way), A-Log, Sierra and Nurse all feel an orgasm coming; A-Log, however, chooses to control it this time, not wanting to pop the cork too soon unlike the earlier tit-fuck. Moments later, Sierra and Hello Nurse simultaneously hit their respective orgasms, cumming over his mouth and dick, respectively. Maria licks his balls one more time and releases them from her tongue as Sierra and Nurse catch their breath.

As Sierra removes herself off of his mouth, he says, “Now that's how you ring in the New Year. But I'm not done yet.”

Maria, just finished licking his ball, says, “Not done? How much more can we do?”

“I think I know a way,” he said. “Why not the three of you pleasure each other? I'll show which position to go; but I'll join you when it's appropriate.”

“You mean eat each other out?” Sierra asked.

A-Log nods. “Besides, I need to get my second wind before we end this.”

He then gets off the bed and gestures what each girl should do. He points to Maria and gestures her to get on the bed and hold on to the headboard. He then instructs Hello Nurse to lie back first on the bed and eat out Maria. He finally instructs Sierra to get on the end of the bed on all fours and eat Nurse out. Each of the girls comply.

Hello Nurse is the first to get back on the bed and awaits for Maria and Sierra. Maria then gets on the bed and sets herself on Nurse's face and eagerly awaits for the end result. Sierra then gets to her position and begins to lick Nurse's awaiting pussy. A-Log watches as each of his girls pleasure themselves and starts to jack off to get his stiffness back; the sight of them licking each other does help in a way.

“Ay, yai, yai...” Maria moaned. “I didn't know you had a nice tongue, Senorita Nurse!” Maria then gyrates her body onto Nurse's face so she can dig in more of her honeypot. Sierra, meanwhile, eagerly licks Nurse's pussy and also licks the clitoris in order for Nurse to feel a better form of stimulation. To see this lovely sight, A-Log regains his hard on, and starts to fondle Sierra's bountiful ass.

Sierra stops for a moment and says, “A-Log? I guess you're ready to join now, huh?”

“Sierra...” Nurse moaned. “Don't stop...”

“You bet I am!” says Anthony, erect with anticipation. “How else are we going to finish the first fuck of New Year? Get ready!”

He grabs a handful of Sierra's ass and proceeds to slowly insert his penis into her pussy; letting Sierra release a slow, satisfying moan of pleasure. A-Log then proceeds to thrust back and forth into Sierra's pussy and fuck her as she licks Nurse faster and harder. Hello Nurse, also feeling Sierra's intensity, also licks Maria with increased speed, thus making Maria moan louder. The room is filled with muffled moans and cries of pleasure coming from all four of the lovers as they proceed with this fuck chain as the early morning darkness shines on them with the city lights in the background.

“Man, V-Dogg is gonna be so jealous!” A-Log said in thought, as he is currently balls deep in Sierra. “I know he's probably fucking the others back at his place, but I know he hasn't thought up how many positions I'll be in. I'm gonna fuck each of these girls until I pop!”

With that thought in mind, he furiously fucks Sierra at an extremely fast pace; her ass jiggles every time it hits his pelvis After several more thrusts, he slaps Sierra on the ass and says, “All right, it's Nurse's turn now!”

Sierra complies and releases her liplock on Nurse's pussy as A-Log pulls out of her pussy. With Sierra out of the way, A-Log strokes himself in anticipation as he gets on top of Hello Nurse and proceeds to fuck her in the missionary position. Sierra watches on from the side of the bed and fingers herself in pleasure.

With each thrust from A-Log, Nurse intensifies the pussy licking for Maria, who continues to buckle her hips with each loving lick from Nurse. A-Log can hear Hello Nurse's muffled cries of joy as he continues to fuck her; his penis swiftly going in and out of her tight pussy and reaches over with one of his hands to fondle her boobs. He can feel that Nurse will come on his dick from the combined efforts of him fucking her and Sierra eating her out, but he still wants to fuck one more girl before he cums.

“Ok Nurse,” he says, stopping for a moment. “Your turn's up! Maria's the last to ride!”

Hello Nurse stops licking Maria's pussy and says, “Ok. I need a little rest after this.” She taps Maria on the butt and tells her, “Ok Maria, your turn!”

Nurse moves out of the way and Maria looks back at A-Log and says, “Already? Ok papi, let me finish you off!” as he shakes her booty up and down, teasing him in the process.

“Alright mami, let's make the New Year complete!” He immediately moves up to Maria on the bed and proceeds to insert his erect penis into her vagina, and begins to fuck her in the doggy-style position. Anthony can feel how tight she is, even though she is a mother with a child. He can tell that her birth giving hips were made not just for childbirth, as he strongly remembers from their first meeting months prior. The sound of skin hitting skin fills out the room, but not as much as Maria's pleasure filled moans and groans from her booty hitting Anthony's pelvis throughout the fucking. Hello Nurse and Sierra watch on with excitement as A-Log continues to plow his Latina lover.

“Damn, I'm still surprised he can go on with the three of us!” Sierra exclaimed.

“Darling,” Nurse said, “You should see him in an orgy. He's like a machine when it comes to this!”

“Remind me to invite him to few shoots with that cat girl he knows,” Sierra says. “I would love to see him with my fellow starlets.”

Nurse nods in agreement as they continue to watch A-Log fucking Maria's brains out. The entire room is filled with her calling A-Log “papi” over and over again, much to the chagrin of the tenants in the other rooms, let alone the rest of the hotel. As he continues fucking her in a furious pace, he feels his penis writhing and twitching inside her pussy; it seems the inevitable is about to happen.

“Oh Christ... I'm about to cum!” he exclaimed.

“Cum all over me, papi!” Maria said.

“Don't leave me out of this!” said Hello Nurse. “I want that white stuff on me too!”

“Me too!” exclaims Sierra. “Bust your first nut of the year on us, baby!”

“Alright ladies,” he says pulling out of Maria's pussy and furiously jacks himself off. “I'm about to pop the cork!”

Hello Nurse and Sierra come towards him, with Maria in the middle, and eagerly await for him to cum. Their tongues hang out in anticipation as he furiously strokes himself in front of them. After several strokes, he finally shoots out several ropes of cum on each of their beautiful faces, giving each of them a facial in the process. They also catch his cum into their mouth, and several dollops of the white stuff also lands on each respective breast from these lovely ladies. He keeps stroking himself until he runs out of for the time being. The first nut he's blown for the New Year was for these three sexy ladies.

As his girls lick the cum off each other, A-Log immediately collapses on the bed. The New Year's sex has really tired him out this close to 2 in the morning. After the girls are finished cum swapping, they lay down with him and watch as he catches his breath.

“Now that's how you ring in the New Year!” says Hello Nurse, a dollop of cum on her cheek.

“Damn straight!” says Sierra. “It's better than the dance floor for once!”

Maria lets out a girlish tickle and says, “I can't believe this is how I spent my first New Year's Eve here in New York!” She then notices A-Log breathing and then says, “I think we've worn him out.”

“Don't worry girls,” Nurse says with a reassuring tone. “He's used to this. He'll be back on his toes tomorrow.”

“But what would we do on New Year's Day?” asks Sierra.

“I think we should have some more fun with him before we get home,” Nurse says seductively, her cumstained breasts pressing on his chest. “If you you're up for it, that is?”

After catching his breath, he says, “Ladies, I'm always up for everything. But we must sleep. Tomorrow's a new day.”

“And a new year,” Maria chimes in.

All of them share a little chuckle as Anthony pulls up the blanket to cover all four of them; Hello Nurse, Sierra and Maria snuggle up close to him.

“Good night ladies,” Anthony said, kissing each of them on the lips.

“Good night,” they said in unison and he reaches for the light switch to turn it of.

As they sleep, A-Log continues to think of what the rest of 2011 will hold for him. As well as how many more women he'll bed before the year's over. But one thing is still in agreement: he let the New Year start off... with a huge bang.


With the voices of:

Anthony LoGatto: Himself

Tress MacNeille: Hello Nurse

Sierra: Herself

April Stewart: Maria Rivera

Hello Nurse is © Warner-Bros. Animation

Sierra is © herself

Maria Rivera is © Nickelodeon and Mexopolis

The World's Luckiest Guy: A Big Birthday For Big Tyme

An extra special birthday gift for friend and artist bk7socko that I've been working on for a year. He gave me permission to post it here, and I hope you guys loved as he did! Oh, and to whoever is stalking me here and giving out info to the infamous 789chan, I'll say this: I'm still going to write this stuff, whether you like it or not. I'm not taking you guys seriously; and you know I'm not worried on what you say about me. No one is going to take you guys seriously, unless it's lolcows that are incapable of ignoring you. To all who like my fics, enjoy!

World's Luckiest Guy presents:

A Big Birthday for Big Tyme

A special birthday lemon for Lance “Big Tyme” Byrd by Anthony “A-Log” LoGatto


Big Tyme (aka The EdMinistrator)

Mary Kay Foxman

It was a day, like any other day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing; everything was like an ordinary day. But, as it is in life, not everything stays ordinary. We see two individuals walking on the streets of a lush neighborhood in Staten Island. One of them is a 26-year-old male fox with a green and black baseball cap, an open green button shirt with a black shirt underneath, black jeans and green and black sneakers. He also has brown hair and wears glasses. The other individual is an African-American male with a blue shirt with a yellow stripe across the middle, a black skull beanie with a white strip above it, black slacks and white sneakers. Both of them also sport a goatee. Respectively, they are the comedian Anthony LoGatto, aka A-Log, and cartoonist known simply as Big Tyme. Both of them have been known throughout the East coast for their skills with the ladies. Today is Big Tyme's birthday, and Anthony is planning something big for his New Jersey friend.

“How's your 27th year of existence going for ya?” said A-Log.

“It's going great man!” Big Tyme responded. “I can see you and V-Dogg know how to make a guy feel special!”

“Yeah, me and V-Dogg sure know how to party,” A-Log says with modesty. “I still remember how I opened 2011 with me, Hello Nurse, Sierra and Maria.”

“Yeah dude,” agreed Big Tyme, “I'm surprised you know Mrs. Rivera?”

“Same to you! I didn't know you met her before I did!” said Anthony.

“Glad you got the experience I had with that fine body,” Big Tyme said in reflection of his earlier encounter with the latina MILF. “But I'm still curious on who we're meeting today.”

“Don't worry, Lance,” Anthony said, referring to his real name. “This babe and I have known each other for a while. She's big...” he paused for a moment. “... In all the right places.”

Big Tyme grinned and said, “I'll see it when I believe it, man!”

Minutes later, they reach a house. The house in question is a normal two story home, with a garden in the front, showing off many of the flowers strewn about it. Lance is amazed at the exterior, but Anthony is used to it. They then reach the door and Anthony knocks on the door. Seconds later, it opens to reveal a orange furred vixen, with long red hair down to her shoulder blades, bifocal glasses, wears a red long sleeved blouse which shows off her bracelet and blue jeans. The woman is also curvaceous with 38G breasts. This is Mary Kay Foxman, one of A-Log's many lovers whom he met during his vacation in Jamaica. She may be in her thirties, but she has some amount of sexiness within her, with some added shyness from. She also has a wedding ring on her right hand, thus making her married; but that doesn't stop her from having her own fun. She greets Anthony and his friend with joy.

“Anthony! What brings you here?” she says in merriment.

“Hey Mary Kay,” he says. “I would like to introduce you to that friend of mine I told you about,” he says as he gestures to Big Tyme. “Today is his birthday!”

“Oh, wow!” Mary Kay says in enjoyment. “I'm so glad to meet you! Anthony has told me so much about you!”

“Thanks,” Big Tyme says, sheepishly. “My name is Lance, but most of my friends call me Big Tyme or The EdMinistrator. It's very nice to meet you.”

“Why don't you and your friend come in?” she says to A-Log. “I'm sure you need to rest your feet.”

“Thanks, Mary Kay!” says A-Log.

“Thanks, Mrs. Foxman!” says Big Tyme.

“Please,” she said sweetly to Big Tyme, “Call me Mary Kay.”

She lets them come inside where we see the interior of her home, which includes pictures of her family strewn about the living room. Big Tyme couldn't help himself as he looked over Mary Kay's plus-sized body. He has been with many a woman with varying sizes, but he never seen one aged to perfection like her.

“How did you get with a woman like that?” Big Tyme says to A-Log from aside.

“Vacation to Jamaica,” he said. “Husband was cheating on her; took matters to her own hands with me. Thankfully keeps it a secret.”

Big Tyme nods in agreement, despite the fact that looking over some of the pictures on the wall that featured her and her husband. He can tell that Mary Kay has a somewhat lifeless marriage, but the pictures fail to tell those words.

“So,” Mary Kay says as she sits on the couch, “A-Log has told me that today's your birthday, right?”

“Of course,” says Lance, sitting next to her on the couch. “I turned 26 today!”

“Oh good,” she says in joy, “I can tell that you're getting bigger each year!”

“Even though it's the first time we met?”

“Of course!” she said. “Now what do you do for a living?” she asked, as Anthony sits besides them on the couch arm.

“Well, I normally draw cartoons in my normal life, but I do have a life when it comes to my free time,” Big Tyme says with a grin.

“I heard that you've attracted many women in your life,” says Mary Kay, eying his crotch for a split second. “A-Log has told me that you have some wild parties.”

“Yeah, I do attract many a babe,” he said sheepishly. “Normally I don't mean to brag, but...”

“I don't mind at all!” she says with reassurance. “I've been stooped up in this house while my daughters attend school and my husband works in the city, that I've been bored with just being a housewife; keeping everything in order at home while I wait for my loved ones to return. I'm sorry if the burden of an everyday mother and housewife is too much, Big Tyme.”

“No worries Mary Kay,” says Big Tyme. “I've known some housewives myself and they seem fine around me.”

“And you know how they act with me, right?” A-Log chimed in in good humor. Big Tume and Mary Kay laugh amongst his banter.

“It's good to laugh again,” she says. “Anyway, I have something to give to you. I'll be right back.” She then goes off to the kitchen to fetch something for Big Tyme.

“I'm going to leave you two alone for a bit,” says A-Log, rising up from the couch.

“Where are you going?” asked Big Tyme.

“I'm going to take a nap,” he says. “The walk over here has made me tired. I'll be back with you and Mary Kay a little later, 'k?”

“Sure thing,” Big Tyme says as he sees Anthony walk upstairs to take a nap. Now Big Tyme is all alone in the living room, unsure of what is going to happen. He does, however, takes the time to look at the family album on her coffee table. He fans through it, seeing several pictures of her and her husband and daughters. Lance sees the happiness and laughter between Mary Kay and her young daughters. He also takes some time to look at the body language between her and her husband. They show their love from their old wedding photo from years back, but he can tell her husband's lack of interest in her despite smiling besides his wife.

He still looks at the family album until he notices something coming out of kitchen. He nearly drops the album when he sees Mary Kay enter the kitchen carrying a vanilla and chocolate birthday cake... as well as wearing nothing but an apron. Big Tyme's eyes became big as saucers as he sees her cheery expression as she walks up to him nearly naked, her goods shielded by her ruby red apron, setting herself down to sit besides him. He would never expected a housewife and mother of two to act like this!

“Here's the cake, Big Tyme!” she says with a smile on her face. “I'm sure you know what comes next?”

“I know,” he says, while trying to keep his composure, “But not like this!”

“Oh, this thing?” she says. “I simply thought I make this a little more... interesting,” her voice giving off a seductive air.

Big Tyme had a moment to think about and says, “I assume this is A-Log's idea?”

“Well, he does want you to have a present to enjoy for once,” she says seductively. “Now aren't you going to make a wish?”

Without provocation, he takes out a mini-fan and uses it to blow the candles out for him. He then turns to Mary Kay, tosses the mini-fan away, and says, “I think it's already granted!”

On cue, Big Tyme plants a big kiss onto Mary Kay's lips and they proceed to kiss passionately on the couch. They can feel the warmth of their lips and various amounts of saliva swapped as their tongues intertwined with each other. There is silence, except for the kisses surrounding the air.

Big Tyme then guides his hands down to Mary Kay's apron and proceeds to grope her bosom. She feels his hands go softly around the fabric that shields her huge breasts as they share this tender kiss.

Big Tyme releases the kiss and says, “I'm surprised a mother like you has got such a huge rack? What's your size?”

Mary Kay blushes and says, “I'm about a size 38 G cup. Even though I was a bookworm in high school, my breasts have been growing to this size ever since.”

“I'm guessing puberty was kind towards you,” Big Tyme says.

“I'm sure you can say that,” she said with a smile. “But I'm sure they need a little breathing space.”

“Leave that to me!” Big Tyme says while wearing an ear-to-ear smile.

His hands go behind her neck to untie the strip that keeps the top part of the apron on. But when the strip is untied and reveals her 38G breasts, not anymore.

“Let's see if there's some milk left in these udders!” he says in joy as he starts to suckle on her breasts. Mary Kay softly and slowly breathes in and out as she lets Big Tyme suck her boobs.

“He's just like A-Log when suckles me,” Mary Kay says in thought. “It's nice that men like him and A-Log still find me sexy. I wish my husband still looked at me this way. But what he doesn't know won't hurt him.”

As he continues to suck her tits, Mary Kay decides to do a little exploring of her own. She sneaks her hand down towards his pants and immediately places it on the bulge in his jeans, thus bribing out a muffled moan from him. She is then surprised by the length and girth that hides inside his jeans.

“Oh my!” she exclaims in thought. “I've been told that he's big, but not this big! He feels the same girth as V-Dogg, bigger than A-Log's... this man is like a monster! I want to see this close up!”

She then pushes Lance off her breasts for a moment. “What's wrong?” asks Big Tyme. “Did I bite too hard?”

“It's not that,” said Mary Kay. “You're doing fine. It's just that...” she trails off as her eyes set sight on his bulge, “There's a not-so-little something that intrigues me down below.”

“Wait,” he said in surprise, “You don't mean...?”

“Yes. I want to see how big a boy you are!” she said, with a mix of seduction and hunger in her tone. This foxy MILF really wants to see what they say about him are true.

“Well, if that's what you want,” he said, as he starts to unbuckle his belt, unzips his jeans, pulls them down, and reveals to her his massive nine-inch penis. Mary Kay is amazed at his length; around the same as V-Dogg; bigger than A-Log's by three inches; this black penis is perfect for her!

“Oh my!” she exclaims, hands on her cheeks in surprise. “You're a monster!”

“Well...” Big Tyme says, blushing, “Many of the ladies are amazed when they see it.”

“But now that I've seen it up close,” Mary Kay says, feeling wet down below, “I want to give it a taste! If you don't mind, that is?”

“Go ahead,” he says. “Show me what you got!”

Mary Kay then holds his dick in her hands, feeling how warm it is in her touch. “He's so warm!” she says in thought. “I'm sure that he's been holding it in since this morning. It won't be long now!”

She then starts to suck on his massive tool; her mouth covers the shaft and wettens it for satisfaction. Her tongue twirls around the shaft and head as her head bobs up and down in motion. She still cannot believe that A-Log's friend has this big of a penis size. With every movement of her mouth, she imagines how it will feel in her pussy, which wettens at the pure thought of it all.

Big Tyme himself is surprised on how good Mary Kay is when it comes to the art of a blowjob. A married mother of two young girls having the blowjob skills of a porn star shows that this married woman still needs to be satisfied when it comes to love making. He wonders to himself if she still had a sexual experience or two back in her high school life, even if she was a nerd back then. Let alone a big breasted nerd. Guess her brains can't be the only ones to be big, he thought.

“God damn, Mary Kay,” Big Tyme said, while breathing heavily. “How come you're this good when it comes to sucking dick?”

She stops for a moment and says, “Other than my husband, I've had some experiences in my younger days.” She then continues the blowjob, her mouth keeping his dick shut for his pleasure.

“Ah... shit...” Big Tyme said, holding in some grunts. “For a mom, you can suck a dick with perfection!”

After several minutes of oral sex, Mary Kay gives him one last slow lick from her tongue; his penis continues to stay erect in the process.

“Got anything else in mind?” Big Tyme asked.

“I do,” she says, licking her lips of his precum. “I want to return the favor by putting your little friend in between my twin girls.”

“You don't mean--?”

“Uh-huh,” she says as she presents to him her breasts.

“Damn!” he says. “I can see why A-Log hangs out with you!”

“It's still a shame my husband doesn't like it like he used to,” she said, with regret in her voice. “But Anthony does love it when I give him a titty-fuck. Looks like you're game for it as well!”

“Damn right, baby!” he said. “Let me fuck those big ol' titties!”

“But first,” she said teasingly, “Sit yourself on the couch. I want to do this myself! It feels much better this way!”

Big Tyme complies and sits back on the couch, legs spread. Mary Kay moves herself over to face him and his crotch area and proceeds to place his penis in between her big 38G bosom. As she gives it a starting squeeze, Big Tyme eyes shot out in joy as his dick is smothered by her large foxy mounds. His dick has been in between many a boob, but he has never been in a pair as soft as these.

Mary Kay starts to move her bosoms up and down, all the while still squeezing his dick in the process. She can feel how warm he is underneath the squishy mass that is her tits. Big Tyme's penis pops in and out of her boobs like a gopher popping out of his hole.

“God damn, Mary Kay!” Big Tyme said, in between several deep breaths. “Those are the best tits I've ever seen on a momma like you!”

“Why thank you!” she said, still continuing the titty-fuck. “A-Log and his friends love it when I wrap my tits on their erect dicks! They act like little boys when they're around my breasts, and I can't help but enjoy it!”

Big Tyme chuckles and says, “I bet your girls were happy with the milk you've produced when they were babies.”

“The thing is,” Mary Kay says as she continues the tit-fucking, “I've never lost my size after the milk was gone. I guess there's an advantage of being a big beautiful woman like me!”

“Damn straight!” said Big Tyme.

The titty-fuck goes on for a few more minutes until Mary Kay decides to give his dick one last hard squeeze; to top it off, she even licks the head for a few seconds, teasing it in the process.

“Now that's how you suck a dick!” Big Tyme exclaims in joy.

“Thanks to several years of marriage, it helps,” she says. “I think it's time to go a little further.”

“How do you mean?” he asked.

“What do you think?” she said seductively, as she unties the apron off of her body and lets it flow onto the floor. “Personally, I would love to see how you would feel inside me.”

“You don't mean--?”

“That's right,” she said. “I want you to fuck me! And I want it hard!”

Before Big Tyme would spout out an agreement, Mary Kay immediately straddles herself onto his lap. With his help, she teasingly rubs his hard dick onto her pussy lips until he shoves it right into her wet pussy. Mary Kay releases a long, drawn out, sensuous moan as each inch of his cock enters her pussy. She then slowly gyrates her hips onto his and proceeds to get fucked in the cowgirl position. With every thrust of her hips, she can feel his dick overwhelming her insides. Big Tyme decides to combat that by thrusting upward, getting in rhythm with her hips.

As she gets fucked, Big Tyme decides to take another taste of her large breasts. With one hand remaining on her hip, he guides the other on on of her breasts and takes it to his mouth, sucking on her hardened nipple in the process. He grabs a hold of her ass as he continues to suck her tits, letting Mary Kay release a pleasured moan as she continues to get fucked by her new lover.

“Are you enjoying your present, Big Tyme?” she asked as her pussy spasms onto his cock below.

“Damn right I am!” he says proudly. “It's not every day that a girl can be the birthday present for a certain someone!”

“You should give thanks to Anthony for putting this together!” she says erotically.

“Remind me to do that after we're done!” he says, letting his cock drive into her pussy upward.

He keeps fucking her in the cowgirl position until he says, “Before I make you cum, let me see that big ass of yours!”

Smiling, she says, “Ok, Big Tyme! But be careful, it's a handful down there!”

“I'm used to it,” he says as he pats her on the buttocks to let her off. She gets off his cock temporarily and turns herself around, her backing facing him, and inserts his penis into her cunt again, this time in the reverse cowgirl position. As she slams her pussy onto his dick, Big Tyme took the opportunity to grab a handful of her bountiful buttocks, giving them a huge squeeze in the process.

Mary Kay bites her lower lip to contain her moans as she not only feels his dick thrusting upward into her snatch, she can also feel her orgasm coming closer and closer with every thrust of their bodies. Finally, she couldn't contain it any more and screams, “Oh God, I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum on that big, black dick!”

Big Tyme just smiles and says, “Let your juices flow, Mary baby! But don't forget to let me return the favor afterward!” He gives her a few more thrusts upward as her hips connect with his cock. After several more thrusts of their body, Mary Kay succumbs to her orgasm, letting her pussy juice spill all over his hardened tool, her body quivering as she releases her feminine cum until it subsides.

“Rocked your world, didn't it?” asks Big Tyme.

As she catches her breath, she says, “Yeah. I've never been pounded like that before.”

“Especially with someone my age?” he says teasingly.

She laughs and says, “I know how you mean. Anything else you have in mind?”

Big Tyme gives it some thought and then says, “Why don't you lay face down on the coffee table? I want to see that ass some more as I fuck you again!”

She smiles and says, “Oh... wanna give me a try on doggystyle?” Big Tyme nods. “Well, I'm glad that you know such a classic position!”

“Anything to see that sweet MILF body of yours,” he says as he softly pats her buttocks to let her off his cock. As she slides herself off, she moves a few things off the table, with the exception of the birthday cake and sets herself stomach first on it. Her hands holding the edge of the coffee table and her ass being presented to him, her tail wags in anticipation. Big Tyme is nothing short but mesmerized at this sight.

“Ready to fuck this fox again?” she asks in a seductive tone.

“Damn straight!” he says as he stands up and slowly inserts his black cock in her pussy, inch by inch. Feeling his cock going through her pussy again lets her release a pleasurable moan of satisfaction as she feels every inch of his cock enter her body. He starts off slow as he fucks her in the doggystyle position; her ass cheeks jiggling with each time his hips made contact with her buttocks. She smiles to herself as she knows she's giving him a wonderful birthday... even thinking that this beats any of the presents she gave to her loved ones on their birthday. Well, those who weren't related to her anyway.

“Doing ok, Mary Kay?” asks Big Tyme as he thrusts his member inside her pussy.

“Wonderful...” she softly moaned. “If I could have that dick in more than just your birthday!”

“And from what I can tell,” he says with a grin, “It might just happen. Now work that ass for me, baby!”

Mary Kay responds by moving her hips back towards him, thus letting her ass jiggle with each thrust. With every move of her body, she can feel every inch of his cock entering her pussy; feeling the thickness of the shaft as it rubs itself all over her vaginal walls. She smiles with cocks that she is making another man happy with her body. At least she'll have a way to say “I'm not feeling it tonight” to her husband if he wants some later tonight, without telling him why. That's a secret she must keep.

Big Tyme can feel her fluffy tail wag across his chest with anticipation. As he continues to fuck her brains out over the coffee table, he can tell that the table is shaking alongside Mary Kay's large frame. “I really ought to hang out with more plus-sized girls like her,” he thought to himself. “This girl definitely has more bounce to the ounce!”

Mary Kay gripped the sides of the coffee table tightly as she continues to feel his thick dick ravaging her insides; the table shakes due to her size, but maintains enough strength for her body. She is careful not to drop the cake that is still on the coffee table. Not only would it leave a mess, but it would raise some suspicions as well.

However, the cake does give Big Tyme an idea. He dabs a bit of the icing of the cake on to his index finger and presents to her as he continues fucking her. “A little treat as you get the meat, my dear!” he says. Mary Kay willfully suckles the frosting off his finger while being fucked from behind. “Good girl... now spread that ass for me, baby!” Mary Kay complies, letting one of her hands off the table to spread one of her ass cheeks out to let him go even further. As she continues to get fucked from behind, she can feel his dick throbbing throughout her pussy, meaning that he's about to cum any minute. She has other ideas though.

“Oh baby...” she moans with erotic joy. “I love when you're fucking me doggy style... but I want you to fuck me on the couch again...!”

“Really?” he says with confusion. “What for?”

“Before you cum, I want to see that handsome face of yours!” She then added with a seductive grin, “Plus, you can see my tits as fuck me one more time!”

Big Tyme smiles and says, “Baby, I'd love to see those gorgeous tits before I blow my load! Let's do this!”

Big Tyme quickly pulls out and lets Mary Kay get herself off the table and lays herself down on the couch, spreading her legs to let him see her pussy before he reenters her snatch once more. He gets on the couch as well, inserts his erect dick into her pussy and resumes fucking her, this time, in the missionary position. As he pumps his hips against hers, Mary Kay moans and groans in seductive and erotic joy as she continues to get fucked by a playboy like him; especially a younger man still finding her fuckable for her age.

As he thrusts himself into her, her large breasts bounce up and down from every thrust from her lover. She squeezes her boobs with her forearms as she uses her hands to grip her shoulders during the lovemaking.

“You like this, Mary Kay?” asks Big Tyme as he continues to hump her brains out missionary style. “You like this shit?!”

“I'm loving every single moment of it!” Mary Kay says with erotic joy. “That fat dick of yours is tearing me apart!”

“Baby,” he says, “That's what happens when you hit the Big Tyme!”

He continues to fuck her as he leans forward to suck her nipples in the process. This lasts until she places her hands on his cheeks and gives him a deep, refreshing kiss during the lovemaking. As he continues to fuck her, he can feel her pussy walls clamping onto his cock like a vice; in that regard, he can feel his cock twitch around her snatch. It seems like he's about to blow any moment now.

“Mary Kay...!” he says as he keeps fucking her. “I'm gonna cum!”

“Cum anywhere you want, Lance baby!” she says erotically.

“Let me cum on those gorgeous tits!”

Smiling, she says, “Alright! Shower those tits with that warm cum!”

After pumping himself into her, he pulls out and starts to furiously stroke himself off as Mary Kay hops off the couch and kneels down on the floor; cradling her breasts onto her arm, waiting for him to blow his load. After several strokes, his cock shoots out several loads of cum onto her large bosoms; several dollops also land on the nape of her beck and cheeks. After shooting several loads of cum, he finally ends after the last drop. Mary Kay smiles that Big Tyme has shot that much of a big load onto her; she was very impressed.

“Did you enjoy your birthday present?” asks Mary Kay, licking the cum off her tits.

“Enjoy it?” he says. “I loved it! That was the most kick-ass present I've ever had!” He kneels down and kisses her on the lips and says, “A-Log was right about you. You still got it at your age!”

“Well, just because I'm married doesn't mean that a girl like me can have fun once in a while,” she says with much motherly joy. “Now go upstairs and take a shower. You do need to wash up after creating all that sweat.”

Sheepishly, Big Tyme says, “Ok. Where is it?”

“It's in my bedroom, towards your left.”

“But isn't A-Log snoozing in there?” he asks.

“Don't worry,” she says, “I have my own way of waking him up.”

And who wouldn't want this fine gentleman to write some porn for them?

Big Tyme smiles at her as he picked up his clothes and went upstairs. As he makes his way to shower himself off, Mary Kay looks at the clock on the wall. She smiles to herself and is glad that it's not time to pick up her daughters from school. She might as well have some fun with A-Log while Big Tyme takes a shower. “Who knows? Maybe Big Tyme would join in,” she thinks to herself as she walks upstairs to wake A-Log up in her own special way.


With the voices of:

Anthony LoGatto: Himself

Lance Byrd: Himself

Bridget Hoffman: Mary Kay Foxman

Mary Kay Foxman is © Wacked-Out Entertainment, 2012.

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The World's Luckiest Guy: The Guardian's Mother

It's been a while, but the "World's Luckiest Guy" series is back with a two-fer for Mother's Day! The first features Lara-Le, the mother of Knuckles from the Archie Sonic comics, in the spotlight. I still feel she needs a lot more love from both the Sonic fans and the Rule 34 section. Enjoy!

Tags: Sonic, Crossover, MILF, OC, Married, tit-fucking

World's Luckiest Guy Presents:

The Guardian's Mother

a lemon written by Anthony “A-Log” LoGatto

featuring Lara-Le

Just so we're absolutely clear, this is what A-Log masturbates to.

The sounds of two fighters beating the living crap out of each other fills the air as a battle rages on. However, we see that it is a mere video game; a fighting game to be precise. The players are both a red echidna with spiked gloves and a white ring on his chest and red and gold shoes and a male fox wearing a mixture of black and green and wears glasses. Respectively, they are Knuckles the Echidna (or Knux to his friends) and Anthony LoGatto (or A-Log to his friends as well). Both are not known to hang around as much, despite past experiences with their respective friends (especially Knux's girl Amy Rose).

“How does it feel to taste asphalt?” asked Anthony as he continues to pummel Knuckles to next week in game.

“Ha!” he shouted. “You haven't feel anything once I cave your face in!”

“Bring it!” A-Log shouted as he pressed the buttons on the control with such fury.

The echidna community frowns upon A-Log's faggotry.

As they play their game, another individual soon enters the living room. The person is a female echidna with green eyes, red fur and brown hair; her dreadlocks have a criss-cross pattern of white stripes and they go down to her knees; she also has a long brown braid with an ornamental orb which she can take off at any time; and she wore a yellow-and-white layered robe which is normally closed. However, she has it open to reveal a white sport top and gray sweatpants; her usual brown boots are replaced with black-and-white sneakers for the time being. As we can see, this lovely echidna femme is Lara-Le, the mother of Knuckles and his half-brother Kneecaps. From her outfit, she appears that she is getting ready for some exercise later on. As she enters, she cannot help but smile at both her son and his friend as they enjoy some friendly video-game action.

“I see that you two are having a good time with that game?” Lara-Le asked in a happy tone.

“Yeah mom!” said Knuckles. “Wish I can chat, but I've got some butt to kick!”

“Hi, Mrs. Le,” A-Log said, despite some trouble with the last names of echidnas. “Thanks for letting me come over!”

“Think nothing of it, Anthony,” she said with a smile. “And please,” she added, “Call me Lara. You don't have to be so formal around me.”

A-Log smiled back as he continues to play the game with Knuckles.

As they play their game, Lara-Le proceeds to pick up some cleaning spray and a paper towel. She makes her way towards the dining room table and proceeds to clean the top of the table, giving it a nice clean shine. As she does her work, she cannot help but look at Anthony. As she does, an amorous smile comes across her face.

“It has been a while since I saw Anthony,” she thinks to herself. “I haven't seen him since he was younger. He looks so handsome now! I wonder how much he's grown since then?”

Lara-Le continues to think back as Anthony catches a gaze at her, being careful not to piss off Knuckles for checking out his mom. It appears that he remembers her from his youth. Moments later, Lara-Le finishes cleaning the table and proceeds to bring out her elongated duster. She begins to dust away several items around the house, mostly the furniture, until she gets by the TV. As she dusts the TV off, this interrupts the game between her son and his friend.

“Come on, Mom!” Knux says in an annoyed tone. “Down in front! I'm playing a game!”

“You mean, we're playing a game?” says Anthony.

“Boys, boys!” says Lara in an authoritative tone. “Let me clean this room up a little. Besides, there is a pause button.”

Begrudgingly, both A-Log and Knux hit pause as Lara-Le cleans the TV. Anthony cannot help but check her out, as she bends over, showing off her well-shaped ass. He wonders to himself on how a woman in her late 30's still have a body this good and still have a newborn child in the process.

“Man, Knux,” Anthony says aloud. “Your mom is hot!”

Sadly, this proved too risky, since the person sitting next to him is not only her son, but also has anger issues to deal with.

“Ugh! Fuck you, dude!” Knuckles says in disgust and anger. “That's my mom you're talking about!”

“I know,” Anthony says. “But at least I'm giving her a compliment.”

“Still, she's my mom!” Knux says in fury. “I've sucked those tits before you were even born!”

“Are they the same tits your little bro's sucking on now?” teasingly says A-Log.

“Shut up, you!” Knux yells as Anthony playfully sticks his tongue out and places his closed fists besides his head.

“Hold it you two,” Lara-Le says, still bent over, but glances her head towards the two. “Don't get too snippy at my presence. Not to mention obscene as well. You know that's not an appropriate choice of topic to discuss!”

“Sorry, ma'am,” A-Log said.

“But mom---” Knux says.

Knuckles reacts to A-Log's writing.

“No buts, son! Besides, all A-Log did was give me compliment,” she said, turning towards them as she speaks. Afterward, she turns her head towards a seated A-Log and says, “Thank you, Anthony.” with a smile.

“You're welcome!” he said.

“Besides,” she says with a little bit of vanity in her tone, “You should be proud that your mother still has her looks after all these years. I'm sure both your father and step-father would agree that I've aged well into perfection, wouldn't you say?”

“I know, but I don't want to hear other people say it!” says Knuckles. “It just sounds so... strange.”

“Oh?” Lara-Le said in a mock-confused tone. “Aren't you shy about your own mother still has her looks and wild side? I'm sure you're old enough to understand now.”

“I could, but...” he says before getting interrupted by his ring tone From the sound of the song “My Sweet Passion”, it appears that he recognizes who is calling him. He then takes the cellphone out of his pocket and answers it. “Hello?”

“Hi, Knuxie-poo!” says the individual on the other end, sounding too lovey-dovey to the edge. From the tone of the voice on the other end, it's Knuckles' girlfriend, Amy Rose. Knux cannot help but blush a bit as his mother gives off a slight titter of laughter.

“Hey Amy,” Knux says. “What's up?”

“Nothing much, sweetie!” Amy says in a sing-song voice. “I just need a little help shopping at the mall today! There's a huge sale that I cannot miss! Oh, and I'm sure we'll pick something up for you as well for all the good work that I know you always do for me!”

“Sure thing, baby,” Knux says with a nervous laugh. “I'll be there soon.”

“Cool! See you in a bit! Bye!” Amy says before hanging up.

“I see that Amy needs you to run an errand for her?” Anthony says with a sly tone in his voice.

“Shut it, A-Log!” Knux says harshly. “Don't forget that you're still on the shit list for earlier!”


Knux then turns his gaze towards his mom, who seems a little disappointed with her son's attitude.

“May I remind you about your blood pressure?” she says with forewarn in her tone. “That anger of tour’s has gotten you into trouble many times before.”

“I know, but--”

“Besides,” she says as she places her hands on his shoulders, “Going out might release the tension in here for a bit. Get some fresh air and some exercise while you're with your girlfriend. I'm sure you'll feel better when you come back.”

“Ok,” says Knuckles.

“Don't forget to bring home something if you have enough, 'k?” she says with a kind smile. After Knuckles nods his head, she gives him a small peck on the cheek. “Don't be too late now.”

“I won't,” he says as he walks out the door, gliding off to the distance after shutting it.

As soon as he's gone, Lara-Le decides to sit herself besides Anthony on the living room couch. As she does so, she thinks to herself, “I still don't understand why he left Julie-Su for her? I thought she was perfect for him.”

“So, Lara,” says Anthony. “Thanks for saving my butt back there.”

“Not a problem,” she says. “I know how my son acts from time to time.”

“Anyway, it's been a while since I last saw you!” he said. “How long has it been?”

“I'm sure it was before Locke and I divorced-- oh!” she says but nearly messes it up. “No offense to what happened to your parents, by the by.”

“None taken,” he says. “It's been a while, but we're still adjusting without him.”

“Besides that,” Lara-Le says, trying to change the subject, “I still remember baby-sitting for you and your sisters way back when.”

“Of course!” Anthony says, smiling at the fond memory of youth. “I still remember you coming by to watch over us when my parents went out!”

“Yes, and I'm sure you've remembered me feeding you three and helping you get into bed,” she says with a smile. “Speaking of which...?”


“Did you ever find me attractive back then?” she said with a seductive smile on her face.

“Well, I do recall you were beautiful when I was younger,” he said.

“Well then,” she says as she takes off her robe and places it on the side of the couch, “Do I still look the same all those years ago? I'm sure you haven't changed a bit since then as well?” she says as she eyes his physique.


“Of course,” she said seductively. “I'm still amazed at how much you've grown into a nice, handsome young man. As well as in other places as well.” As soon as she says this, she then points to a certain object protruding in his pants.

Anthony then realizes this, and looks down on the erection that is contained in his jeans like giant pole inside a tent. He laughs nervously and says, “Woah!” He covers momentarily and says, “How did you know?”

“I can tell when you first saw me today,” she said with seduction on her mind. “I'm flattered that you found me attractive after all these years, and I can tell that your not-so-little friend can't wait to give me a try. Besides,” she says, “I'm sure you've had me in your dreams for a while now, haven't you?”

“Well,” says an uneasy A-Log, “You were one of the women I've masturbated to from years back.”

“Well, I'm honored that I was one of the first women you've fantasized since puberty, I presume?” she said, with her right hand inching closer to his bulge.

“True,” he said. With a gulp he then says, “But wouldn't this be a bad time?”

“For what?” she asks, “To get ourselves better acquainted?”

Anthony nods as he feels Lara's soft hand on his crotch.

“Don't worry,” she says with reassurance. “Wynmacher will be late with his work at the hotel, and only Aurora knows when Knuckles will return from his little date with Amy. You and I have all the time in the world to do whatever we want.”


“Yes,” she says as her lips get nearer to Anthony's, “Even that.”

And with that, another wish has been fulfilled in his life: the woman who babysat him and his sisters in his youth is kissing him in her own home. The kisses start slow and normal, but with every waking moment, they intensify each kiss as they connect their tongues during the embrace. Every few moments that he kisses her, Anthony reaches out to softly stroke her quills with his left hand, while Lara-Le places her left hand on his cheek; her right hand, however, is still firmly placed on his crotch as she softly strokes the bulge in his jeans, waiting for the perfect moment to come.

“You like this?” she asks, breaking the kiss for a moment.

“I do,” he said and they continue kissing each other.

As they kiss, Anthony guides his hands to a certain pair that he's been wanting to grab for years--- her breasts. Her breasts, a size 34DD, feel so soft to the touch as he touches them beneath the fabric of her sport top.

“This size takes me back,” he says with passion.

“They do?” Lara-Le said with a mock puzzled tone. “I've been intrigued on how obsessed you are with breasts.”

“It's true. I can't help myself in this situation,” Anthony says. “I've been enamored with breasts since I was younger. Call it an unusual desire, if you will.”

“Of course not,” she said with reassurance. “It's natural for a boy like you to be attracted to mammaries like mine. I'm sure you have the others consent to do so.”

“I do,” he said as he continues to softly massage her breasts from inside her sport top. “It's just a curse that I'm happy to be blessed with.”

“And here I am thinking that curses were bad,” Lara said as he continues to knead her breasts.

Anthony continues to knead his fingers on the fabric of her top until he decides to go all the way. He then lifts up her white sport top to reveal her bountiful breasts; making him glad that she wasn't wearing a bra. Before Lara-Le says another word, Anthony immediately suckles on the nipple of her left breast; his mouth suckling on it like a baby while he twirls his tongue around the aureola As he licks her left nipple, he also continues to caress and knead her right breast. Lara-Le is definitely pleased and surprised on his breast-sucking technique. Not even Locke or Wynmacher would suck her boobs like that.

“I guess your mother didn't give you the bottle when you were young?” she asked, in between sighs and moans.

Anthony stopped for a second, but still kneaded her breast, and said, “I alternated between her and the bottle back then,” and continued sucking on her right breast this time.

Lara-Le continues to moan her affection as Anthony continued licking and caressing her breasts. As he does so, she decides to intensify the action a bit. She then starts to place her hand onto Anthony's bulge, thus giving out a muffled gasp as she caressed his hardon through his jeans.

“I take that you enjoyed it?” she asked, stroking the area in which he pitched a tent.

“Yes...” he said, forcing his mouth out of her bosom.

“How long have you been keeping this from me?”

“I can hardly remember when to begin with!” he said, with renewed breath.

“Well,” she said, with a seductive grin on her face, “How about I have a taste of your little friend?”

“Of course!” he says with anticipation.

He then gets up from the couch, stands up, and starts to take off his belt; Lara-Le takes heed and kneels in front of him. Afterward, he takes off the belt, pulls down his pants, revealing the bulge from within his boxers. Lara-Le seems impressed at this at first; but to her surprise, he takes off his boxers to reveal his huge six-inch penis standing erect in front of her. Her eyes grew big in surprise as she gazes at his size and stature.

“Oh my!” she said in total shock and awe. “Look how much you've grown!”

“Yeah,” he said with a modest and sheepish tone while placing a hand behind his back. “The little guy has grown from time to time. You and every other woman I met have been surprised as well. I hope you're not scared...”

“Don't worry,” she said with a reassuring tone. “I'm okay with this size. I've never seen it this big before!” She then placed a hand on it to feel how warm it is. Seconds later, she reaches over the table to retrieve her duster and placed it besides his penis for comparison. “It's even bigger than my duster!”

“I'm glad that you're saying that. Now what are you going to do?” Anthony said.

“Well, why don't I have a little taste and find out,” Lara-Le said with an erotic tone.

She smacks her lips seductively with her tongue, and proceeds to use said tongue to softly lick the head of Anthony's penis, thus sending a shock wave of pleasure into his system. As many of the females that he met have known, this is one of many things he likes when it comes to sex. He breathes in and out as Lara-Le licks his cockhead. Seconds later, she decides to fire it up by placing his dick in her mouth and proceeds to suck him off, thus making this into a blowjob. Anthony eyes immediately shoot open as he feels her mouth and tongue sucking on his piece, thus knowing full well her experience in love making.

“Damn, Lara!” A-Log says in ecstasy. “I didn't know you're this good!”

She takes her mouth off his dick for a second and says, “Well, what can you expect from me when I'm married twice?” She continues to suck his dick, as she bobs her head back and forth at varying speed. The soft feel and touch of her mouth engulfs his penis as the sounds of her suckling fill the room. Anthony breathes hard with each motion of her mouth, and as she keeps this up, Anthony takes off his shirt and hat and placed them on the couch, thus showing his normal and average body; not too muscular, just normal.

As soon as he does this, Lara-Le momentarily releases his dick from her mouth and says, “I see that you're keeping yourself fit all these years?”

“Well,” he said, “I work out on occasion, but I don't go overboard.”

“I'm very glad that you're keeping yourself healthy, baby.” she said in her seductive, yet motherly, tone. “Your little friend has become strong and fit as well.”

“Actually, there's one thing I haven't asked you about yet.”

“There is? What is it?”

“Can you give me a titty-fuck?” he asked.

“A titty-fuck?” she said in confusion. “Are you sure?”

“Yes. I'm sure your breasts are a good size.”

“I know, but,” she stopped for a moment, “I haven't done that in a while.”

“Who did you do that for?” he asked.

“Locke.” she answered.

“Interesting,” he said. “I didn't know that he was a breast enthusiast such as myself. But that's besides the point! I've been dreaming of sucking those tits for as long as I can remember! And now it happened! I still want to please those tits of yours; and now is the right time! Wouldn't you agree?”

Touched by his inner feelings toward her, she says, “Yes, I agree very much. Besides, I'm sure I need a little warm up with these babies.” She continues as she clasps the undersides of her bosom, “I'm sure they need a break from Kneecaps' breastfeeding.”

She holds her breasts up to Anthony as he strokes himself to get prepared. He then inserts it in between her bosoms, in which Lara-Le gives a playful squeeze to get into place. Anthony lets a moan escape his lips as he feels the warmth of her bosom covering his penis.

After getting used to the feeling of her breasts on his dick, he begins to thrust himself onto Lara-Le as he titty-fucks her. With every thrust from his hips, Lara can feel the pressure building inside his cock. Surely this was a feeling she never had with Wynmacher; and God knows how long with Locke before the divorce.

“You've practiced on more than one woman, haven't you?” she asked playfully.

“And they're all worth it!” he said as he continues to fuck her breasts.

As he continues to fuck her breasts, he then notices a small dollop of milk coming from each nipple. Surprised, he says, “You're lactating?”

“Yes,” she says, her boobs still in the process of being fucked, “I do have a baby son, after all.”

“I know that,” he said. “It's just that it never happens when I tit-fuck a beauty like you. This is getting interesting now!”

A-Log continues to fuck Lara-Le's lactating breasts; his penis is still erect and writhing in delight from between her soft melons. He remembers to control his sperm, and try not to cum too soon. Throughout all this, Lara proceeds to stick her tongue out and lick the head of his penis softly and slowly. All this does is furthering his lust and drives him to fuck her boobs even faster. Several minutes pass by before A-Log gives one more thrust in between her breasts; Lara-Le squeezing them in the process. Thankfully, he didn't ejaculate this time; now is not the time.

“Now that was a tit-fuck!” A-Log says. “I'm sure Locke can eat his heart out on that?”

“Yes, your strength does differ from his,” she says, standing up in front of him. “But I think we need a different place to continue our little liaison”

“What do you have in mind?” A-Log asked.

“I'm thinking of continuing it... in my bedroom,” Lara-Le said with seduction in her tone.

With a hint of joy and excitement in his voice, he says, “Lead the way!”

Before he follows her, Lara-Le immediately grabs onto his erect penis, thus letting out a surprised yelp. “Don't worry, I'm just making sure it stays hard as you're following me,” she says. “Come on.”

With penis in hand, Lara-Le leads A-Log out of the living room, leaving his clothes behind. Later on, they enter her bedroom. We can see a huge queen size bed that Lara-Le and Wynmacher have slept and fucked on. The bed has white linen, beige blanket and two sets of pillows on the back of the bed. Across the bed, there's a large mirror hung on the wall; no doubt perfect for what is going to happen.

After giving off a low whistle, he says, “Nice digs! I can't believe this is where a beauty like you sleep!”

“Well, Wynmacher always promised me anything when it comes to perfection,” she says as she sits on the side of the bed. “He tries so hard to satisfy me, but I still go for the simpler things in life.”

“Well played,” A-Log says. “Now what?”

“We'll continue our fun, what else?” she says in erotic joy. “But first...” she pauses mid sentence to grab his dick, “I want some more of this!”

Before A-Log can say anything more, Lara-Le resumes the blowjob from earlier on. She bobs her head up and down as the suction of the BJ drives A-Log wild. It's pretty much plain to see that Lara-Le cannot get enough of his erect six-inch dick, let alone its stamina. Anthony is still amazed that a woman her age can still pleasure a man orally. He cannot wait for this to go even further.

“Shit... you can't get enough of that dick, can't you?” he asks.

She stops for a moment, strokes him and says, “What can I say? I have good taste!” She then continues to suck him off.

“Lara...” A-Log says, as he's getting sucked on, “As much as I love to see you suck me off, I want to return the favor.”

She stops sucking him for a moment and says, “You mean?”

“Yes,” A-Log says. “I think you can connect the dots here.”

Lara-Le thinks for a moment, but eventually decides to go forward. “Ok then,” she says, taking off her sneakers and socks, “I'm sure that you've been waiting to give me a taste in a while?”

“Definitely!” Anthony says. “It's my way of thanking you for your son letting me in your home. As well as reciprocating my feelings towards you.”

Lara-Le smiles and says, “That's what you get for having your little crush on me.” She then takes off her sweatpants and places it on the floor. She then lays down, and spreads her legs to reveal to him her pussy, completely shaven and wet in anticipation. “Dig in, baby,” she says seductively.

A-Log nods and licks his lips in anticipation. He then gets on his knees and places himself in front of her vagina. Before he digs in, he decides to tease her for a bit. He starts by inserting his index finger inside of her pussy and moves it back and forth, thus letting Lara-Le bring out a long and drawn out moan of satisfaction. He can tell that Lara-Le is loving this as he continues to tease her.

“Anthony...” she moans erotically, “Don't tease me like that!”

“Oh?” he then asks. “How do you like this?”

He then puts his middle finger in as well, thus fingering her snatch with both fingers. He moves them up in a fastward motion, feeling how tight Lara-Le's pussy is. Lara-Le bites her lower lip as he continues to finger bang his echidna lover, trying in vain to contain a pleasure filled moan. He then intensifies it even further by softly licking her pink clitoris; this hot combination forces her let out a squeal of joy as he continues to tease her.

“Anthony...!” she screamed in erotic joy, “I can't take this teasing any more! I want you to give it to me now!”

“Are you saying that...?” he asked but was interrupted by Lara-Le who says, “Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

A-Log smiles and says, “You've just made my dream come true.” As he takes his fingers out of her pussy, he then asks, “Should I get one of my condoms?”

“Anthony, please don't worry,” Lara-Le said. “It's my safe day. I'll remember to take the pill first thing in the morning.”

A-Log smiles even wider, knowing that she didn't want to delay him this chance any further. He gets up on his feet and moves himself towards Lara-Le's hips. He then teases her by rubbing his penis on top of her vagina; seconds later, he finally inserts it slowly inside her pussy, thus letting her give out a long, drawn out moan of satisfaction; thankfully not alerting the neighbors. He looks on at Lara-Le, who nods her approval. He then starts to fuck her in the missionary position; starting off slowly, but goes faster with each thrust. The sound of skin hitting skin fills the bedroom, as well as Lara-Le's squeals of joy from being fucked by A-Log.

“Oh god...! Oh... fuck!” Lara-Le screamed out. “Fuck me harder with that big foxdick, Anthony! You're so big, Anthony! Fuck me until I cum out of my ears!”

“Ha, with the pace I'm going,” Anthony says, while fucking her, “I'll be sure to make that happen!”

He then lets go of her hips and proceeds to kiss her passionately as he continues to fuck her in the missionary position. Lara-Le places her hands on his back and squeezes him to drive him even farther. With every thrust, he feels her pussy tighten around his penis like a vice grip. He can feel that she hasn't been getting any in a while, what with her first husband dead and her current one busy with work. He is still amazed that a year ago, she was pregnant and had another child. You can say that Lara-Le still has it even after giving birth to two kids; and he's really lucky that the oldest son is away at the moment.

A-Log decides to give her a few more quick thrusts and end that for now; once more, it is too soon for him to cum. Rightfully so, since he wants to have some more fun with her.

“Aw...” she playfully whined. “Why did you stop?”

“I feel like we should give another position a try,” he says as he sits next to her on the bed.

“Anything you have in mind, sweetie?” Lara-Le asked in her seductive tone.

“How about you do some action up top for a change?” he says with a sly tone of his voice.

She smiles and says, “Sure thing? As long as I can have another taste before that!”

A-Log nods as he lays down on the bed. Lara-Le then proceeds to suck his cock once more. As her tongue makes contact with the shaft, A-Log moans in ecstasy as she pleasures him orally. After several sucks from her mouth, she stops the BJ to move herself on top of A-Log, facing away from him. She grabs his erect cock once more and slowly inserts it back into her pussy, letting out a satisfied moan in the process.

Lara-Le looks back at her lover to check up on him. He nods his approval to her, and she starts to slowly gyrate her hips onto his erect cock. As her body connects with his tool, her moans fill out the room once more. As she feels his penis penetrating her insides, she cannot help but enjoy every thrust of her body, as well as the thrusts coming from A-Log below in perfect sync.

“You like it when my pussy covers that fat cock of yours?” says Lara-Le in eroticism.

“Damn right I do!” says A-Log as he continues to thrust upward. “Especially when I could do this!”

Without warning, he grabs a hold of one of Lara-Le's dreadlocks and pulls onward, thus letting her release a surprised yelp. “What are you doing this for?” she asks.

“It's a little played out if I grabbed your hips or your wrists,” said A-Log. “But I'm sure an echidna girl like you should feel turned on by someone pulling your dreads in this fashion?”

“Why should I be turned on by something that is akin to boys pulling on a girl's pigtailed hair?” she asks in a scolding matter.

“I'm sure you can feel a little more of my cock if I can arch your back like this!” he says as he pulls on her dreads again, and she does begin to feel the length of his loins go further in her womb! Every inch she can feel as she arches her back to get the fill brunt of his cock.

“Feel that?” asks A-Log.

“Oh God, I can definitely feel that!” Lara-Le says as she continues to grind on his cock. She then looks back at him and says, “But I know something you would love a little more?”

“Really?” says A-Log. “What's that?”

Before she responds, she takes herself off his cock and turns around to face him. “Seeing both my lovely face and my bosom at the same time!” As she says that, she places a hand on his cock and slowly inserts it back into her pussy; this time, they're now in the normal cowgirl position. Her hips make contact with his own once more as she continues to grind her pussy with his erect cock.

Anthony is enjoying this moment with Lara-Le, as he thrusts upward to connect with her pussy; nearly hitting the womb at certain points. He also enjoys the fact that her huge breasts are swaying and bouncing in front of him as she's getting stabbed by his meat rod.

“Tell me,” he says. “I'm I the only guy that had a crush on you?”

She shakes her said and says, “Not precisely! You know Vector?”

“Yes!” he says. “He's one of Knuckles' friends!”

“I've always sensed that he had a thing for me,” says Lara-Le as she continues to get porked from below. “I remember how he was polite to me; much to my son's annoyance!”

“I always had a suspicion he was a mother lover,” says A-Log. “I remember hearing that he had the hots for this mother rabbit lately!”

Lara-Le stops for a second and says, “Wait? Mother rabbit?” Intrigued, she asks, “Does this woman have a six year old daughter named Cream?”

Surprised, A-Log says, “Yeah! You know her?”

“Sweetie, Vanilla and I have been friends since college!” she says. “I'm surprised that you didn't know that sooner!”

Smiling, he says, “Maybe we should hook up and see how it goes?”

“Perhaps,” she says. “But aren't we in the middle of a little something of our own?” She insinuates the fact that as they were talking, they were in the middle of sex.

“How silly of me!” says A-Log as he immediately sits himself up and sucks her breasts once more, as Lara-Le continues thrusting herself onto his cock. As she continues to thrust herself onto his cock, she can feel her vaginal walls tightening up his dick like a vice. She feel another orgasm coming in any second, as she feels A-Log's hardened cock thrust into her like an upwards piston.

She bites her lower lip, trying not to scream, but succumbs to that temptation as she hits yet another orgasm; her womanly cum splashing over his erect cock. After a few more thrusts from her lover, she collapses on top of him, catching her breath as her pussy quivers for more.

“Felt pretty good, didn't it?” asks A-Log.

“Wonderful...” gasps Lara-Le. “Haven't felt that good in a while...”

“In that case,” he says as he moves off the bed for a moment. “Feel like one more round?”

Surprised, Lara-Le says, “Again? What else do you have in mind?”

“A position that I've always adored,” he says as he gets behind Lara-Le, teasing her by rubbing his cock on her buttocks. “Besides, you came at least three times, and I haven't even popped once!”

“True,” said Lara-Le. “I do admire your stamina!”

“Thanks!” he says. “Now let me get that fine ass up!” He does so by grabbing her hips and bringing her to her knees while her upper half is still lowered and resting on the pillows. As he caresses his dick in between Lara-Le's ass cheeks, teasing her in the process, he says, “Ready?”

Lara-Le looks back and nods. “Yes! Fuck me hard!”

On cue, A-Log shoves his hard cock into her wet pussy, letting Lara-Le release another satisfying moan as she feels his dick enter her snatch once more. A-Log starts of their little doggystyle session slow to get her in the groove, as his cock explores her insides. Lara-Le gives a little smile of content as her lover fucks her from behind. It's been a while since she was fucked like this, what with her ex-husband Locke dead, and Wynmacher stuck at work. It was nice that she was still attractive to many people's eyes; especially since those eyes belong to the man who she use to baby-sit for in his youth.

“You lovin' this?” asks A-Log as he continues fucking her from behind.

“Of course I am!” she said erotically. “But... you're going just a little slow.”

“Excuse me?”

“Well...” Lara-Le said with a hint of tease in her voice, “I do recall both of my husbands being a little faster when they fuck me! Wynmacher does have stamina, but he doesn't compare to Locke when I was with him!” She smiled back at him during her little tease with A-Log, “Can't you please speed it up a little? I might fall asleep from this if you don't pick up the pace!”

“Oh, you want fast?”

“Is that a trick question?” she said with a smirk.

“Ok, you asked for it!” he says as he thrusts into her pussy harder and faster than before, taking Lara-Le by surprise. As he continues to fuck her from behind, Lara-Le bites her lower lip, trying in vain to contain her moans and screams. But as A-Log continues driving his dick into her pussy, she finds out that it was a little too hard to do. But as he continues to drive her pussy into submission, Lara-Le screams out more lustful commands as she tightly grips the sheets. An “Oh God” this and “Fuck me” that, she can feel every square inch of him going into her insides; even hitting her G-spot in the process, which causes her to roll her eyes back in content.

“Fuck me, Anthony!” she screamed. “Fuck me with that hard, young cock of yours! You've already gotten your wish, so keep fucking me until I go crazy!”

A-Log complies by gripping her ass harder as he drills her harder and faster than before. As he does so, he can feel her pussy tightening his cock. He also feels his dick twitch inside as well. He feels that he's about to burst any moment.

“Oh shit, Lara!” he said, still fucking her doggystyle, “I'm gonna cum!”

“Really?” she says. She smiles and says, “If you're going to cum, shoot that wad all over my face!”

A-Log continues to pump into her snatch until he pulls out and strokes himself off. Lara-Le turns to face him and awaits for him to shoot his load. After several strokes, Anthony shoots off several dollops of cum all over her face; several drops land on her cheeks and awaiting mouth. After his discharge, he stops cumming, leaving both him and Lara-Le satisfied.

“Did you enjoy that, Anthony?” asked Lara-Le.

“Loved every second of it!” said A-Log. “Never thought I would fuck the woman who babysat for me and sisters!”

Lara-Le chuckled as she starts cleaning his cock with her mouth. However...

“Hey mom! I'm back!”

Knuckles comes back home from his excursion with Amy Rose. As he reaches the bedroom, he says, “I got some stuff for dinner, so what do you feel about--” he cuts himself off as he catches A-Log with his mom. He drops the shopping bag on the floor in shock.

“Knuckles?!” Lara-Le said in shock.

“Oh crap!” said A-Log, knowing what's coming next.

And his assumption is correct as Knuckles lunges towards Anthony and grabs him by the throat. “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING TO MY MOM?!” he says as he throttles A-Log.

“I can explain Knux--!” A-Log manages to squeeze out during the throttling.


“Son...” Lara-Le said, trying to calm her son down. “You should really calm down! Please remember your blood pressure!”

“I CAN HANDLE THIS SITUATION FINE, MOM!” he screamed as he readies to land an aptly named knuckle sandwich on A-Log. But before A-Log gets creamed, Lara-Le notices something on Knuckles and could help but stifle a laugh. Confused, Knuckles calms down and asks, “Mom? What's wrong?”

She continues to hold her laughter as she points at something on her son. Knuckles looks down and notices another uninvited guest: an accidental erection. Knuckles blushes beet red in embarrassment at this situation.

A-Log smirks and says, “Either you have an Oedipus complex that I don't know about, or are you happy to see me?”

Unimpressed with his joke, Knuckles promptly lets go of Anthony's neck and says, “Shut up, you!” As A-Log coughs, Knuckles tries in vain to conceal the tent in his jeans with a nearby pillow.

Lara-Le couldn't help but giggle and jokingly says, “I suppose you felt this way whenever I breast feed Kneecaps?”

“MOM!” says and embarrassed Knuckles. “And for the record, I don't think it's normal for you to do that in public!”

“Oh?” says Lara-Le. “I remember you telling me that you wanted to marry someone like me when you were younger?”

“That was when then!” Knuckles said, his face going redder than ever. “Besides, I wasn't that serious! I was a kid!”

As she giggled at her son's predicament, her facial features turn from amused to shocked as she asks, “What time is it?”

Knuckles breaks out of his embarrassed funk and checks his watch, as does the recovering A-Log. “It's about 3:30,” he says.

“Yep, rad red is correct!” says A-Log.

“Oh no!” Lara-Le shouted. “I'm supposed to pick up Kneecaps from preschool! I can't believe that I'm late!”

She jumps off the bed and rushes around the room to put on her sweatpants and sports top, and and back to the living room to retrieve her robe. She comes back in to use the bathroom and proceeds to wash the cum off her face. As she exits the bathroom, she asks her son, “Am I alright?”

“Your fine, mom,” said Knuckles. “Don't get too caught up.”

“Um, Miss Lara-Le,” A-Log said as he noticed a little glop of cum on one of bangs.

“Shoot!” says Lara-Le. “Forgot about that! At least your step-father doesn't aim for the hair!”

“TMI mom!” says a disgusted Knuckles. “TMI!”

“Don't worry, dear,” Lara-Le said as she notices a nearby baseball cap and puts it on. “Haven't used this for a while! When I return, I'll cook you both dinner!” She then runs off, but not before saying, “And clean this mess up while I'm gone!” Afterward, we hear the sound of the door slam shut and her car driving of to the day care center. Knuckles glares at A-Log and crosses his arms in disgust.

“Just so you know...” he said in disgust. “You're cleaning the wet spot!”

“Can't I have the right to clean myself up first?” says A-Log. “I can't clean up while I'm drenched in sweat here!”

Rolling his eyes in annoyance, Knuckles says, “Ok fine! But don't stay in the shower too long! You're already on my shit list as it is!” As Anthony runs of towards the shower, Knuckles adds, “And if you're going to use any shampoo, use mine! I don't want Wynmacher to get suspicious!”

As Knuckles is by himself in the bedroom, he grumbles, “I should have known he would do this! I had a feeling he left his clothes in the living room!” He sighs to himself and starts to fix the bedroom up as A-Log showers up.


With the voices of...

1.Anthony LoGatto: Himself

2.Veronica Taylor: Lara-Le

3.Dan Green: Knuckles

Knuckles and Lara-Le are © Sega of America and Archie Comics, 2013.

The World's Luckiest Guy: Ay, Mamacita!

Here's the second WLG lemon for Mother's Day! This one takes place before "The Guardian's Mother" and it features Maria Rivera of "El Tigre". In this regard, this fic also takes place months before "New Year's Neapolitan". Enjoy!

Tags: El Tigire, Crossover, MILF, OC, latina, big ass, big breasts, tit-fucking, anal

A World's Luckiest Guy Special

Ay, Mamacita!

A Mother's Day lemon by Anthony “A-Log” LoGatto

Featuring: Maria Rivera (El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera)

It was another day, just like any other, in one of the five boroughs that are a part of New York, Staten Island. A little mix of suburbia and city life, the borough itself may seem peaceful and normal on the surface. However, even the Borough of Parks has its own titillating side.

Enter Anthony LoGatto, better known to his friends as A-Log. A young fox who's days shy of 24 with short brown hair and glasses. Today, the young fox is wearing a green shirt and black jeans, and black sneakers. Now, from the way he looks, he may seem to be a few levels shy of a pimp or a lothario, but his niceness has attracted many women to him, thus earning him the nickname, “The World's Luckiest Guy”; for all we know, his record of bedding women has been well known around and beyond the state.

Today, however, he is visiting one of the many women he's met through another of his many female acquaintances. The woman recently moved from Miracle City to Staten Island to get away from the crime and villainy. Due to her previous career as a mariachi singer, she was able to afford a nice home in one of the nicer neighborhoods. And that is the home he is visiting today.

He then drives his way to the woman's home and stops at the correct address. He marvels at the beauty of the home's exterior: several fountains around the lawn, flowerbeds with roses, and the look of a regal mansion. He smiles to himself as he shuts off the car's essentials (A/C, radio, etc.) and steps out of the car to reach his desired destination.

He walks up the door and proceeds to ring the doorbell, which plays a little mariachi when pressed. Seconds later, a woman answers the door. She has long, curly, flowing black hair and wears a lime green short-sleeved blouse and a pink skirt and pink high heels. She is Latina with a beautiful brown completion with rosy cheeks with three freckles each. She also wore golden hoop earrings. This is Maria Rivera, the mother of Manny, better known as El Tigre; and ex-wife of Rodolfo, mostly known in the hero circle as White Pantera. She sees Anthony and greets him with a jovial smile.

“Hola, Senor LoGatto!” she said with a smile. “It's such a pleasure to see you!”

“Hey Maria,” Anthony said as he kissed her on the cheek. “You and I are somewhat close now, so we don't have to use much of the formalities.”

“I know,” she said. “But it is still a pleasure for you to come to mi casa, Antonio!”

“Of course,” he said, grinning at the mention of another use of his name. “May I come in?”

Maria nodded. “Yes you may, Antonio! Mi casa es su casa!” she stated as he enters her luxurious home.

He directs his gaze towards many of Maria's possessions. Amongst them are several golden records from her days as a mariachi singer, each framed for posterity, and each of them hanging proudly on her wall; among them is one with her and her son on the album cover. He also admired the furnishing of her home.

“Do you mind if I sit down?” he said.

“Of course not,” she said as she walked into the kitchen. “I'll fix you something to drink. What would you like to have?”

“Soda will do fine!” he said, and watched her as she enters the kitchen.

He sat down on the couch as he watched her go in the kitchen. He cannot control his gaze over her. It is obvious that he is enamored by her beauty. Not to mention two certain parts that come to his mindset.

The first would be her soft, natural, heaving breasts. Maria's breasts, which are about 40DD to his estimation, have always attracted many an eye from many male part of the species. Anthony, like most men, wonders on how Maria kept her bust size after giving birth to and raising her only son. He smiles to himself as he sees Maria's breasts heave against the strain of her green blouse. “Perfect,” he thinks to himself.

Another part that attracts Anthony to Maria is her round, firm gluteus maximus-- or the butt, if you'd prefer. It is normal for Latina women to have a profound derrière, but at her age, Maria was able to keep her posterior the way it is as she's in her thirties. Anthony seems surprised that she gave birth with those child-bearing hips.

Meanwhile, as Maria prepares the drinks, she remembers what the other women had told her about Anthony. Several of the women she met, most of them mothers as well, have told her about their exploits with Anthony in the past. Several of the women told her about Anthony's personality; kind, funny, knowledgeable and above all, nice. However, in Maria's mind, she's curious about his famed girth that manifests in his pants. She wonders if they were correct about his exact size.

“I wonder if they were right about Antonio's... well...” she struggled in thought to say the organ in question, but decided against it. “I'm sure they're exaggerating. I doubt he'll be bigger than Rodolfo. Although...” she resumed her thought, “I'm sure he's more mature than him. But I'll see how this will go.”

She then walks out of the kitchen with the drinks in hand. Not only did she fix Anthony a drink, but Maria also made one for herself; a margarita. It's as if she would expect something spicy to come from this whole meeting. She then sits besides Anthony on the suede couch. She coyly crosses one leg on top of the other, making herself more comfortable.

“So,” Anthony says, “How are you enjoying living in Staten Island, Maria?”

“It's a very nice place, Antonio,” she said. “It was a nice change from my old home in Miracle City. It doesn't have as much crime and villainy, but I love the fact that your home's a mix of city and suburbia.”

“Right,” he said. “I've been here all my life. And I still thank my friend for introducing me to you.”

“You mean Mrs. Foxman?” she said. Anthony nodded. “Well, I met her as I was working in the school's library. She was thinking of coming back for a teaching job in the art department. She then told me about you.”

“She did? Well, Mary Kay and I have been close since we met in that resort in Jamaica,” he recalls. “She did have some issues with her husband over him spending more time at work than with her.”

“So, she had some trouble with her husband?”

Anthony nodded.

“I see,” she says to herself, sipping her margarita. “Well, I myself had trouble with my ex-husband, Rodolfo. I'm sure you've heard of him?”

“Yes, he's White Pantera,” he said. “I've heard of his heroics in Miracle City. By the way, I've heard much about your son as well.”

“Of course,” she beamed. “Manny has been doing well in his heroics as El Tigre. I hope he doesn't stray into his Grandpapi's path.”

“It happens,” he said. “I still appreciate her introducing you to me at the restaurant.”

“Indeed. She was right to say that you're a funny fellow,” she said, with a giggle. “I would love to see your stand-up one day.”

Anthony smiles to Maria, taking her giggle as a compliment. He also caught a slight jiggle of her breasts between her blouse. He then takes a sip of his soda as he continues the conversation.

“I'll be sure to invite you to one my shows,” he says.

“Although,” she said, trailing off a bit. “Mrs. Foxman has also told me about several of your exploits while you excused yourself.”

“Oh?” he said, in question. It seems that Maria might be curious about his conquests, or rather, his luck with women.

“Mary Kay told me on how two met,” she said. “At that resort. You two met on the beach and you two seem to hit it off very well. As a matter of fact, the two of you made love.”

“Well,” he said, shyly putting a hand behind his head. “I was attracted to her figure.”

“She also told me that she believe her husband was cheating on her. Is that true?” asked Maria.

“Yes,” Anthony answered. “She had found some clues before vacationing to take her mind off of it. I bet her husband was surprised on how she felt better afterward.”

“Well, I suppose,” Maria said, with an unsure tone. “However...” she said as she changed to a more seductive tone.

“However?” Anthony asked.

“When Mary Kay told me about your stamina,” she said seductively, setting her drink down on the table and scoots herself over to his side. “I couldn't help but wanting to give you a try and see how you would compare to my ex-husband.”

“Really?” said Anthony. “How so?” he asked, quizzically.

“Well...” she said as she gets a bit closer to A-Log; her right breast pressing onto his side. “For one, I want to see if you're a good lover?”

Anthony grinned and said, “Well, why don't we kiss and find out?”

Maria gave him a seductive smile as she presses her ruby red lips against Anthony's own. (Lips, that is.) They kiss each other slow and softly as the air conditioning gives them the coolness of the air to keep them in line when the passion gets hot. The kiss then intensifies as they start kissing with their tongues, or French kissing, occasionally opening their lips for releasing a simple gasp and sigh.

As they kiss, Anthony guides his hands around Maria's body, starting with caressing her rotund hips slowly and firmly, then guiding his hands around Maria's blouse to cop a feel with her breasts, thus releasing a satisfying moan in the process. As Anthony feels around her blouse, he sees that Maria is not wearing a bra; her breasts are free from restraint.

As Anthony caresses her breasts, Maria reaches her hand down to his pants and starts to caress the bulge in his jeans. As she caresses his bulge, she becomes surprised at the size and girth that is trapped in his jeans. She had never felt anything that big, let alone seen one that stretched out the fabric. She remembered her ex's size, and thought about it for comparison. As she does so, she continues to caress Anthony's bulge.

Anthony then senses Maria's touch and stops caressing her breasts a moment. “I see that you've found something from me you like?” he said sort of smugly.

Maria nods. “Mary Kay has also told me about your not-so-little friend down below. She told me that you've satisfied many a woman with your chorizo.”

“Chorizo?” said Anthony in confusion. He took a second to figure out what it meant in Spanish but makes a realization. “Oh, right. That's how you call it in your language.”

“Well,” Maria said, seductively, “There has been several different ways to call it. But I wonder if muy grande would be most appropriate?” she said as she continued to softly caress the bulge trapped in his jeans.

“Well,” he said with a sly grin, “Only one way to find out. But first...” he stops mid-sentence and reaches over to Maria's shirt and pulls it up to reveal her bountiful breasts. Before Maria says anything, he immediately pulls her body close to him and shoves his face in between them! Maria cannot help but look on (complete with sweatdrop), at Anthony as he feverishly smothers his face into her boobs.

She then starts to moan softly as Anthony cups one of her breasts in his hand and suckles on the nipple to make it erect. Maria can feel the sensation of his mouth suckling and his tongue flickering on the nipple, thus making it erect. He repeats the same process to her other breast, while kneading the previous boob with his hand.

“And to think,” Maria said in thought, “I used them to feed Manny with when he was born.”

Anthony then spat the nipple out of his mouth, making it erect in the process. “Are you impressed?” he asked.

Maria nods in approval.

Anthony grins and says, “Now you'll get your reward.” He sits himself down and leans back a bit, putting his arms around the top area of the couch. Maria then kneels down, her breasts wobbling on the way down, and caresses his bulge once again. Her soft fingers touching the fabric and making its way towards his zipper. As she slowly unzips his pants, the bulge starts to increase in size as it stays erect from inside his boxers. Maria cannot help but look in awe and caress again. Seconds later, she then pulls down the jeans and underwear to spring forth his erect penis, standing in at a satisfying and amazing six inches. As it bobs up and down, Maria's eyes grew big as saucers at his girth and size.

“¡Ay Dios mio!” Maria shouted in surprise. “You're this big?”

“Yeah,” Anthony said with a satisfied smile. “Many of the ladies have had that reaction when they meet A-Log Jr.; you're not the first.”

“Oh my...” she said as places the tip of her finger onto its head. “I suppose you've beaten Rodolfo in this department.”

“He's not the only one that got beat,” he said proudly. “The question is, will I have the same taste?”

Maria gave him a smirk. “Well, there's only one way to find out.”

She then takes a firm steady grip on Anthony's pride, feeling how warm it is in her hand, and proceeds to insert the piece of fox meat into her mouth and starts to suck his penis, bringing them into oral sex. With her mouth in place, she bobs her head back and forth in a steady rhythm as she sucks on his cock, her tongue wrapping itself onto the shaft and taking in the taste.

Anthony leans his head back and gives out a satisfying moan as he enjoys Maria's oral skills. He takes several deep breaths as he feels Maria's warm mouth covering his pride with her warm saliva and tongue. He thinks to himself on how a woman like Maria could remain so beautiful at her age and still remain sexually active as well, even for a divorced woman.

“Oh, damn Maria...” Anthony moans in satisfaction. “Keep up the pace, chica!” He then extends a hand to softly brush Maria's cheek and extends it towards the back of her head to further receive pleasure. “Oh baby, don't forget about the huevos as well...” he says with a satisfied tone in his voice.

At that moment, Maria then takes the penis out of her mouth and starts to inch her way down to his testicles, which she gives a few soft licks with her tongue before sucking on one of the testicles with her mouth, thus bringing Anthony into the teabagging stage. With his hardness in mind, she strokes his penis with her free hand. This gives Anthony a large amount of pleasure from Maria stroking his penis and licking and sucking his balls.

“Maria...” Anthony says through his moans. “Can you do something for me?”

Maria stops sucking his balls for a moment. “Yes, A-Log?”

“Can you please give me a titty-fuck?”

“Oh?” Maria said in confusion. “A titty-fuck?”

“Yes. Have you ever done that before?” Anthony asked.

“I have, but...” Maria stalls for a moment. “It has been many years since I've ever done that sort of position.”

“Did you ever do that to your ex?” Anthony asked.

“Not so much,” Maria said with a hint of sadness. “Even when we were married.” She then pauses in thought for a moment. “There were a few times with one or two boyfriends in college, but that's it.”

“Well,” Anthony said, “You can show me you've still got it. You've got the right size to perform said feat.”

“Really?” she said.

“Of course,” Anthony said in confidence. “Now...” he says as his penis stands erect in front of her, “Show me what you got, mamacita!”

Maria smiles to him in appreciation as she places Anthony's six-inch penis in between her bountiful brown breasts. She then squeezes it in between them as she holds the underside of her breasts and moves them up and down onto his penis. Anthony can see in his eyes that Maria may have not a lot of experience in the past, but she have enough size and determination to make it up. He also feels a similar sensation from the blow job earlier as she caresses his penis in between her boobs.

“Ooh, Maria...” Anthony moans. “Your boobs feel so soft...”

As she squeezes her breasts onto his dick, she looks up and says with a smile, “That's because they're real!” She then giggles as she continues with the tit-fuck as A-Log looks on with a smile.

Several minutes fly by as Maria uses her fleshy maracas to caress Anthony's penis. She then gets in one more good squeeze before she licks the head of the penis with her tongue. She knows that now's not the time for Anthony to cum.

“Well?” she says as she stands up. “Have I still got it?”

Anthony nods. “You've got natural talent,” he said with a slight emphasis on the word “natural.” “But..” he said as he leans forward.

“But what?” she asked, confused.

“There's another part of you I like to see,” he said with a sly grin. “A part of your body that catches the eye like your breasts.” As he says this, he shifts his gaze to her birth-giving hips and her bountiful buttocks.

“You mean--?” she asked as she sets her gaze down below as well.

“Of course. Your ample butt has also caught my eye, and I would love to play with it, if you want me to?” he said.

“You do?” said Maria, with a hint of blush around her already rosy cheeks.

Anthony nods.

“I've never had any man compliment me on my posterior; not even Rodolfo,” she said. “There's always their worry of offending me, but--”

“No, I'm not being offensive in any way at all,” he said. “I know how beautiful you are. Since we're alone, you should show it off more.”

Maria gave him a seductive, yet satisfied, smile with his words. “So,” she said seductively. “Shall I take of my skirt? It's a snug fit, but I don't want it to get in the way.”

“Agreed,” Anthony said. “But I want you to bend over for me. I want to see your firm booty before I take off the skirt.”

Maria gives him a seductive smile and turns around. She then bends over, placing her hands on her knees to support herself. As she does so, Anthony notices no panty line coming from inside the skirt. In short, she is wearing any panties at all.

“I guess you were aware of my arrival,” Anthony says.

“Really?” Maria asked. “How come?”

“I can see that you're not wearing any panties underneath that skirt,” he said, with a sly grin on his features. “I'll bet you were even wetter without them during our oral session?”

“Please,” Maria said shyly, a hint of blush showing on her freckled cheeks. “Don't say it like that! It's kind of embarrassing!”

“Regardless, I'm still going to take them off,” he said as he reaches over her skirt and pulls them down to her ankles. As he takes them off, he sees the promised land-- her bulbous bountiful brown booty. Anthony has met and fucked many a woman with a big butt, but never one with the size that Maria wields.

He then places a hand on her left cheek and softly caresses it, sending a pleasurable sensation towards Maria's senses. He can see that this area is a hot spot for pleasure (despite thinking her breasts were the only areas). As he places his hands on her booty, he also sees the wettened treasure trove that is her pussy. He can see the juices that still flowed as she sucked him off and the tit-fuck from earlier, but he sees that this is another area to enjoy.

Without any warning beforehand, Anthony digs in to Maria's crotch and starts licking her pussy. Maria gasps in surprise as Anthony connects his tongue to her nether regions, licking her in every which way; even as he continues caressing and spanking her buttocks in the process. An astounding triple threat of sexual pleasure, Maria hasn't had these feelings after her divorce from Rodolfo. In her mind, she is happy to receive these pleasurable feelings again after a lone time.

“Ay dios... ay...” Maria moans as Anthony licks her pussy from behind. “It's been so long since I've been licked by another man... especially a man with your stamina!”

He stopped for a moment and said, “I appreciate the compliment,” and then continues licking her pussy.

Anthony continues to lick Maria's pussy for several minutes until he finishes it off with a one, long, last lick onto the pussy lips and clitoris. Afterward, he sits back down on the couch, his erection still erect.

“How did I do?” he said. “Am I better than your husband in this regard?”

“Of course,” Maria said. “Rodolfo may be good as a superhero, but not as good as you, mi amore!”

Anthony blushes for a moment at her compliment. “Thanks,” he said, “So what else is next?”

“Well...” Maria said seductively, as she turns and faces him, hands on hips, “You and I have satisfied each other in an oral capacity, I have a feeling that you and I shall go into 'Jódame'.”

“Jódame?” Anthony said in confusion. “What does that mean?”

Maria could only chuckle at Anthony's curiosity as she walks over to him, her hips swaying sensually left to right, to and fro.

“Oh, Antonio... jódame is very simple to translate in this situation. It means...” she pauses and leans closer to Anthony's ear to whisper the translation. “Fuck me...” she said softly to his ear, a smile appearing on Anthony's face.

“That's all I needed to know!” he said, with a tone of excitement in his voice, over the fact that he can finally fuck this Latina mama.

Maria, with an amorous smile on her face, she sets herself on top of Anthony's lap, thus straddling him. She takes a few seconds to rub her buttocks onto Anthony's penis in anticipation, as he takes a chance to caress her butt cheeks. Anthony than places a hand onto his erect dick to keep it straight so that Maria can enter it into her pussy.

Maria glances below to see the engorged member of her new lover near her pussy. She then nods to Anthony, signifying that she is ready. She moves her hips downward as Anthony's penis enters her vagina inch by inch. As this happens, Maria lets out a long, sexy and satisfying moan and breathes deeply as she goes into penetration. After settling the feeling in, she begins to move her hips forwards and backwards onto Anthony's penis; back and forth, up and down; gyrating her hips to give herself and Anthony some well-needed form of pleasure as she gets fucked in the cowgirl position while he is seated on the couch.

Maria then lowers herself onto Anthony as she smothers his face in between her breasts. Anthony, of course, can happily oblige to her offer as he pumps his hips upward into her pussy. The boobs are an added incentive for him to go farther.

“Dios mio... dios mio...” she says in between breaths. “I've truly never felt anything this big before... and so good as well...”

Anthony takes a moment away from smothering himself to say, “Then I'm glad you've ran into a guy like me!” He then places his face in between her breasts as shakes his face and also sucks and licks her nipples. He also frees one of his hands to fondle one of her breasts as well.

He then motions Maria to get up and turn around for a different position. Maria complies and brings herself off his penis for a moment and turns herself around. She then sits herself down again and spreads her legs wide as she places her hand on Anthony's penis again. She gives it a few quick strokes before inserting into her pussy once more. She then gyrates her body into the rhythm as Anthony gives himself a view of her Latin assets. He then grabs a handful of her ass he pumps himself into her pussy as she pushes herself on his dick as well.

“I cannot get enough of that luscious ass of yours, Maria!” he said. “I really envy your ex!”

“Oh?” Maria said as she glanced back at him and moves her hair of the way in the process. “Rodolfo may be a good husband, but you're the better lover!”

Anthony cannot help but grin from ear to ear when she told him he was the better lover. This caused him to thrust himself harder inside her pussy as it clenches tighter and tighter onto his swollen member.

Maria feels her pussy getting tighter as well, and despite her best efforts, she arches herself back, placing her hands on Anthony's knees for support, and let loose a moanful scream as she goes into an orgasm; what might be her first of many, if she's up to it. Anthony, who hasn't come to a conclusion yet, pumps in some more as Maria lets her juices flow onto his hardened penis.

“So Maria,” Anthony said as Maria catches her breath. “Ever had an orgasm like that before?”

Weakly, she shakes her head. “Not since my honeymoon with Rodolfo!”

Anthony then smiles and says, “Wanna take a break from fucking and get into one of my favorite numbers of all?”

Maria glances back as she continues catching her breath, “You mean...?”

Anthony nods. “Of course. Double your pleasure, double your fun I'd always say!”

The position in question is, of course, the 69 position. He motions Maria to get off his lap and allows himself to lay down on the couch. Maria leans over for a second to plant a kiss on his cheek before she sets herself on top of Anthony's face; letting her pussy make contact his awaiting mouth. In no time at all, Anthony clutches onto Maria's firm buttocks for support and proceeds to lick her pussy once more.

Maria buckles her hips as she feels his tongue penetrating her pussy; her buttocks move slowly in rhythm as she feels the sensation of his tongue. She then leans downward and places his erect cock in her mouth, her breasts placed softly on his underside as she blows him in the 69 position.

The two immediately feel each others' mouths on their own respective parts, and they feel the pressure intensify in themselves. Anthony's cock twitches inside Maria's mouth as she blows him, but he must control himself and try not to cum. But he doesn't hold the same thought for Maria, who feels like cumming from the sensations his tongue gives to her as he eats her out. He then thinks of something else to intensify the 69; he places a finger onto her asshole; the mere pushing of it causes Maria to release a muffled yelp in surprise.

“Dios mio!” Maria thinks in shock. “Not there! Anything but there! Not my culo! Lord knows how sensitive I am down there, but how does he know? Only Rodolfo could fuck me down there!”

Anthony smiles to himself throughout this tease; he had a belief that a woman with a big ass might be an anal freak, but they wouldn't never admit it until to tease the puckered flower. It appears that Maria's ass may be a pure example of that. He can imagine shoving it up her ass, but he decides that it'll be too early a task. He'll just do it slow until the time comes.

Maria, on the other hand, continues to suck on A-Log's tool in this position. As she blows him, she anticipates when he'll stick it in her again. Although, one side of her fears that he'll stick it somewhere other than her vulva. She knows how sensitive she is down there, since she had been fucked there before. Would she let her new lover take her there as well?

“Maria...” Anthony says, giving her pussy a lick in the process, “I want to fuck you again!”

“Again?” she asked. “Aren't you tired?”

“I can never get tired of making love to a beauty like you,” he said.

He then lightly pats her on the rear as she moved her body off his. She then sets herself by placing her hands on the arm of the couch and eagerly awaits for what will come next. Maria then looks back at him, her ass wiggling in anticipation and says, “I can tell by your little friend that you like this position?”

“Of course!” a happy A-Log said as he gets on his knees and moves closer to her hips. “However, I want to try a different area for a change!”

“A different area?” she asked. She then realizes what he meant and hurriedly says, “Not there! I'm very sensitive down there!”

“Too late!”

He then immediately shoves his cock into her ass, thus making Maria yelp out in a mixture of pleasure and pain. She bites her lower lip as each inch of his penis goes into her asshole, even gripping the arm of the couch as well.

“I was right to assume that you're an anal freak,” he said in glee. “I can tell by the sways of that fine ass of yours! Your ex certainly had a taste for a baby who has back!”

“Si...” she said weakly. “Rodolfo fucked me in the ass many times during our marriage. I will admit that it's my own little weakness.”

“I can tell,” he said. He continues to grip her ass cheeks and says, “Shall I continue?”

Maria nods weakly and says, “Si... fuck my culo...! Fuck my culo hard!”

He gives off a wicked smile and proceeds to fuck her ass with much ferocity. The sound of skin hitting skin excites him to the core, especially the fact that he is fucking this Latin mami in the ass; once more, with an ass like that, he knows she's an anal freak. He feels her asshole tighten around his six-incher; it feels even tighter than her pussy! With every thrust he makes, he makes Maria squeal louder and louder as his balls also smack her pussy from below.

“Christ almighty!” A-Log exclaimed in thought. “I thought her pussy was tight, but I didn't expect her ass to be even tighter! God damn this is one mamacita who's tighter than a mouse hole!”

The sounds of her booty slapping against his hips continue to fill the room, and Maria bites on the couch arm to contain herself from screaming her head off. She can remember the many times she had been fucked in her ass beforehand: her old high school boyfriend, the football team in college, as well as her ex-husband White Pantera. If she had a wild side, she would've gone on to be a stripper or a porn star with a set of T & A she has, but thought better and became a mother. After Manny's birth, it was worth it that the baby fat went straight to those areas. She then reaches one arm under herself and proceeds to finger herself while A-Log fucks her asshole into next week. Even though she would never admit it, she loves to get fucked in the ass very much; a true anal freak.

“Antonio...!” she says erotically. “If you keep this up, I'm going to cum again!”

“With an ass that tight...” he says as he continues thrusting from below her, “I might cum even sooner!”

“Please, Antonio!” she pleads. “Don't cum yet! I want to have it all over me after this!”

With this plea in mind, Anthony thrusts even harder until letting Maria hit another orgasm; this time, her pussy juices were squirting out due to her being fucked in the ass this long. Afterward, he gives a few slow thrusts, and lets her ass release his erect schlong in the process. “I have one more position in mind,” he tells her.

“Oh?” she asks with curiosity. “What is that you have in mind, Antonio?”

“Well, I normally don't do this with other women,” he says, “But with a body like that, I think you're worth a shot. Now stand.”

Maria nods and stands up, although she tries to keep her footing after having her ass reamed to oblivion. He then stands as well, and moves the coffee table away from the couch. He then takes one of the cushions and places it on the floor.

“Maria,” he says, “I want you to be upside down for this one?”

“Upside down?” she says with confusion. “Whatever for?”

With a broad smile, he says, “You'll see soon enough.”

Maria does as she is told. She lets her head down on the cushion as she brings her body up in air, legs spread apart. As she maintains her balance, A-Log gets on top of her on the couch and proceeds to tease her by rubbing his dick on her pussy and her gaping ass.

“Antonio...?” she says. “What is this position I'm in?”

“It's called a piledriver,” he says. “Since you got a body like this, I thought this would be a much more appropriate end of our love making. Now...” he strays off as he continues to tease her body parts, “Shall I go for the pussy, or spread that ass a little more?”

“I want to feel that hard cock up my ass one more time!” she says with much eroticism. “But I'm unsure if I can stay in this position for too long.”

“Don't worry,” he says with reassurance, “It won't last too long. But first...” he trails off as he notices the margarita on the coffee table, “Why not make that pussy a little more spicy?”

Before Maria can ask what he meant by that, he grabs the glass of margarita proceeds to pour it onto her pussy; her pussy lips tingle as they feel the coldness of the drink onto them. Maria gives off a pleasured shiver as she feels the drink enter her vagina. He then sets the cup down again and proceeds to insert his erect dick into her moist pussy. As he drives his penis into her pussy like a piston, Maria screams her head off on how fast he is in his pacing, all the while having her upside down in this position.

After several seconds of fucking her margarita soaked pussy, he immediately switches over to her tight ass and continues to fuck it. Even if she is in the piledriver position, she is still tight down there. Once more, a woman with an ass as big as her's is definitely an anal freak. Her tongue is wagging out of her open mouth as she feels his hard cock drive itself into her tight asshole. That, as well as the blood rushing to her head being in this position and all.

“Ay dio!” she yells out in delight. “This is so fucking good!”

“Bet you can feel the head rush, can't you?” he asks as he continues plowing her from above. He pumps himself into her ass a few times before pulling out; knowing that he doesn't want her to lose consciousness in this position... not before he comes to a conclusion himself.

“Another position?” Maria says, catching her breath. “I was really enjoying that!”

“Didn't want you knocked out after I shoot my load!” he says. “Let's go into one more position before I pop!”

“Anything in mind?”

“Stay on your side!” he says. “I'll fuck you in the ass while spooning!”

Maria then lays herself on the floor and places herself on her right side as she awaits for him come lay behind her and fuck her one more time.

“Once more in the ass, mami?” he asks, as he slides his dick in between her ass cheeks. Maria nods and says, “Do it! Fuck that ass!”

A-Log cannot help but oblige as he slides his hard cock into her tight ass once more, this time, while in the spooning position. As he places his hand on her thigh, thus helping her spread her legs in this position, he rams his erect cock into her ass with much ferocity, making Maria yelp and moan throughout the intense lovemaking. With a free hand, Maria takes the time to pleasure herself by fingering her vagina. In all her life, she has never had a lovemaking session this intense before divorcing White Pantera... that and her time in college as well. Young, wild, and uninhibited, after all.

“¡Joda mi asno!” she says repeatedly in Spanish. “¡Joda mi asno! ¡Joda mi asno! ¡Jódame!” Which in Spanish means “Fuck my ass!” and “Fuck me!” respectively.

“Call me papi!” A-Log said.

“Papi!” she cried out.



“Louder, mami!”

“¡Ah papi, usted me jode tan bueno!” she shouted aloud. “¡Joda mi asno más duro!”

As she continues to scream out in Espanol, A-Log can feel his dick writhe around her tight asshole. As her ass continues to tighten his cock like a vice, he can feel that he is about to explode any second. He has never fucked an ass as tight as Maria's before today.

“Oh shit, Maria!” he screams out. “I'm gonna cum!”

“Cum anywhere you want, papi!” Maria yells with much eroticism. “Shoot that hot load anywhere you like!”

He then motions for Maria to get up as he pulls out and strokes himself off. “Let me cum on those tits!” he said.

Confused, she asks, “Why not on my ass!”

“Another time!” he responds. “Now let me slather those maracas with my load!”

Maria complies and holds her large heaving breasts by holding them with her arms. A-Log furiously strokes himself off as Maria patiently waits for him to blow his load. Seconds later, he shoots out several dollops of semen onto her bountiful bosom; the cream hitting her mocha skin like it was coffee. A few drops also land on her cheek and chin, but she dabs a finger on the spot and licks it off. After several strokes, A-Log has finished ejaculating on the boobs of his latest lover.

“You still got it, mamacita!” he says, catching his breath.

“Of course,” says Maria, licking the cum off her breasts. “Even at my age, I can still give anybody a good time.”

A-Log smiles and bends over to give her a peck on the lips. He then adjusts his glasses and asks, “Can you direct me to the shower around here?”

“Oh,” she says, “Well, you can go to the upstairs area and the bathroom should be on the left, next to the bedroom.”

“Thanks!” he says as he picks up his clothes and heads off downstairs. As he does so, Maria then says, “Oh, and Antonio?”

He turns to face her and says, “Yes, Maria?”

“Could you also give me the number of that rap artist you're friends with?” she says. “I've also heard some good things about him from Mrs. Foxman.”

He smiles to her and says, “I'll be sure to let him know about you. He does need a little more Latina spice in his diet.” Maria giggles at his little joke and he goes upstairs. Maria gives off a little smile to herself and thinks to herself, “That boy has a lot stamina for a man his age. I've never knew that I would go from a panther to a fox!” referencing her ex-husband in comparison. She then decides to follow A-Log upstairs and take a shower as well. With her clothes in hand, she cannot help but wonder if her stay in Staten Island would be anything like in Miracle City? However, she does know that New York City would be a close second for some excitement in her life.

The End

With the voices of:

1.Anthony LoGatto: Himself

2.April Stewart: Maria Rivera

Maria Rivera is © Nickelodeon & Mexopolis, 2010-2012.

The World's Luckiest Guy: Stuffed

Here's a story in time for Thanksgiving! Enjoy this bountiful feast!

Tags: Big breasts, tit-fucking, original, crossover, anal, doggystyle, anthro, avian, Thanksgiving, blowjob, curvaceous, BBW

World's Luckiest Guy presents:


A Thanksgiving lemon by Anthony “A-Log” LoGatto

(Thanksgiving, 2010)

Thanksgiving. A time for togetherness. A time for family. A time for eating. It is a time when families come together and have a feast, all the while being thankful for what life has brought onto them and for the years to come. Such a feast is happening today.

As if writing a story about you fucking a turkey wasn't bad enough... Why would you include members of your own family under their real life names as characters in the story. Why?
Also, why the fuck are the rest of his family mice when A-Log himself is a fox? That doesn't make any fucking sense.

We start at the home of Anthony LoGatto, who is currently indulged in a Thanksgiving dinner alongside his lover and secretary Callie Briggs and three other people. All three are female mice of varying age. The one at the head of the table has glasses, short, shoulder length hair, and wears a purple turtleneck blouse and pants; the other has long black hair, medium body size, black sleeveless blouse and gray pants; the final guest has long brown hair in a ponytail, regular body size, a New York Mets sports jacket and jeans. They are Margo, Angela and Elena, his mother and sisters, respectively. They've come over to visit Anthony for Thanksgiving dinner.

“So guys,” begins A-Log. “How have you been doing lately?”

“Well, I've been doing well as a paralegal. I've been helping others on a recent case,” said Angela, as she eats the turkey.

“I've been doing well in the art realm as well as being a court stenographer,” says Elena. “You couldn't believe how many cases I've been in from time to time.”

“Agreed,” said his mother. “And I supposed you have done well with your comedy career?” she asked her son. “I recall your father wasn't very pleased with your choice.”

“Pfft, please!” he said as he eats, being careful not to talk with his mouth full, “I'm sure the ol' man is delusional as always.”

“Not to mention bitter,” Elena says.

“Can we at least skip talking about dad for once?” says Angela. “Besides, the food's getting cold.”

And with that, Anthony and the others resume eating.

“Miss Briggs,” says Margo, “I'm still fortunate that you're keeping my son under control?”

“Don't worry, Margo,” Callie says with reassurance. “I've known Anthony since high school, and I'm sure he's doing well under my watch.”

“Despite hanging out with Enchantra, which started this whole mess,” she said under her breath, making sure the rest of the family, including Callie, heard her remark. She is worried about her son's actions since Enchantra came into his life, but she still has some comfort knowing that she hasn't done any harm to her son, and Anthony has never done likewise to another woman.

“So how are you doing in Manhattan, Callie?” says Elena, with a hint of inquisition. “I'm sure your company is doing fine.”

Callie, with baited breath, says, “It's been difficult since the economy has been going up a roller coaster these days.”

“I know how you mean,” said Angela. “A few months ago, I've seen several people getting laid off from the law firm because of budget cuts.”

“I've been trying to get at least another stable job since I got laid off from the driving school down the road,” says Margo, with regret.

“Well,” says Anthony, her son, “At least we can not blame this on just Obama. Mom, you know how much Bush did for eight years, right?

“Yes. We got out of the bushes, but we still can't get out.” she said with a chuckle.

“You're just glad Dad isn't here right now,” Elena said. “You two would blow the roof off.”

Immediately, everyone shares a laugh over the only political difference amongst family; but he isn't here at this moment. As they laugh, Anthony then takes a look into his watch and sees what time it is.

“Oh crap,” he said. “I really hate to skip a meal with you guys, but I gotta get going!”

“Go?” asked Angela. “Go where?”

“Oh,” he said as he walks away from the table and grabs his jacket. “To the city. I have a little Thanksgiving tradition of my own.” He walks back and kisses Callie on the cheek and says, “I'll be back home tomorrow. Keep an eye on the house for me.”

“I will,” she says. “If there's any leftovers, we'll save them for you.”

He nods and waves to his family as he exits the house and drives off. Soon afterward, Margo asks, “It's a little strange for him to go to Manhattan at this time of day.”

“How do you mean?” Callie asks.

“Well,” she says, adjusting her glasses a bit, “The parade has been over since noon, and there isn't anything else to do in the city tonight.”

A turkey reacts to A-Log's desire to fuck it.

“Unless he's going to a soup kitchen to help out,” says Elena.

“Well,” Callie says, “He doesn't usually do that unless it's around Christmas time. He did say he's going to do a Thanksgiving tradition of his own.”

“What type of Thanksgiving tradition makes him go into the city?” asks Angela.

We then cut to an hour or so later, as A-Log exits the subway and takes a walk in the city as the night falls. From what he sees, he can tell that Manhattan is still reeling over the Thanksgiving Day Parade that made its way through the city. He passes by many of the citizens, as well as many families overjoyed that the holidays are soon arriving. He walks a long distance before entering a bar. He looks up to see that the name of the bar is “Down the Ale” and then enters the bar.

As he enters the bar, he sees several people partying after their Thanksgiving away. As he scopes around he notices several beautiful women surrounding the place. From human to anthros, as well as few pokemorphs, the beauty is everywhere. He also notices a lot of turkey girls cavorting throughout the bar. As you can tell, this is his own personal Thanksgiving tradition; after spending the day eating a dead turkey, he spends the rest of Thanksgiving night eating out a live one. He continues to scope around the bar until he sets his sights on a particular turkey babe sitting at the bar. This turkey has brown feathers, a nice set of curves on her body, especially her onion shaped booty, 44K sized breasts, finely tuned beak, three feathers on her head representing her hair, red waddle below the bill, and is wearing a black cocktail dress which does well to show off her many curves. “Target acquired!” he thinks to himself as he checks her out from afar. “Now let me get some of this bird before the night is done!”

He walks over to the bar and sits on the stool next to her's. He then strikes up a conversation with her. “Hey there!” he says. The turkey girl notices him and takes a look at his body structure. “Same to you, darling!” she says with a soothing and sexy accent. “Do you come here often?”

“Only on certain occasions,” he says. “Do you?”

“Well, I'm a little new here,” she says. “I've been here a couple of months at that law firm, and I really want to unwind after Thanksgiving.”

“Big family?” he asks.

“Yes,” she says. “This is the first Thanksgiving where they visited me for a change. Keeps a single girl like me some company this time of year.”

“I see,” he says. “I almost forgot; name's Anthony, but everyone calls me A-Log.”

“Charmed,” says the big turkey girl. “My name's Tammy, Tammy Gobbleberg!” She takes another sip from her glass and says, “It's nice to meet people in a place like this.”

“Agreed,” he says. “But it's nice to see someone as beautiful as you.”

She blushes and says, “I bet you say that to most of the other turkey girls you meet!”

“All a part of the charm, Miss Gobbleberg!”

“Please,” she says with a soft and alluring voice as she places one leg coyly on top of the other, “Call me Tammy!”

As she continues sipping her drink, A-Log cannot help but check out her curves. Her breasts softly heave and wobble from her tight dress, and her smooth legs also capture his eye.

Tammy notices this and says, “You're checking me out, aren't you?”

“Oh?” he says, snapping out of his trance. “You can tell?”

“Look at me, sweetie,” she says with pride, “I've got a body that has a lot more to love, and I've been turning heads with a body like this!” She then leans forward to show off her cleavage to tease him and says, “I bet you want to play with my girls, don't you?”

Nodding, he says, “Definitely!”

“How's about we continue our conversation in a more...” she trails off as she places her hand on his thigh, “Private area?”

Knowing that he has this turkey girl all set for a night of passion, he says, “I know a hotel nearby. Let's go!”

Tammy places her money and tip down on the bar for the drink and grabs her purse as she and A-Log walk out of the bar. As they walk out of the bar, he can feel aroused as he walks by her, feeling her body sway as she walks alongside him; her breasts bouncing up and down as she walks, as well as her round and brown turkey booty. “This is going to be a fun night with this chick! She's already better than Teri, that turkey girl I fucked last year!”

Moments later, we see them check into a fancy hotel in the city. A-Log and Tammy make it to the hotel clerk who immediately recognizes him. “Spending another Thanksgiving night here, Mr. LoGatto?”

“Yep!” he says proudly. “Got myself another turkey girl this time. And she's eager to get going!”

The clerk notices Tammy and says to A-Log, aside, “She's got a little more meat than the last few girls from your previous visits.”

“Don't worry,” he says reassuringly, “Tammy's got everything you want in a turkey girl; especially a little more meat in her bones!”

“I see what you mean,” as the hotel clerk notices her 44K size breasts. “The usual room?”

“Of course!” says A-Log.

The clerk then gives the key to A-Log and lets him and Tammy go into the elevator. Tammy does have a little suspicion on how A-Log knows the hotel clerk and the other times he was there on Thanksgiving. But she doesn't want to ruin the night for themselves.

As they make their way up in the elevator, Anthony and Tammy make out to pass the time. As they kiss each other in mad passion, A-Log takes the time to guide one of his hands behind her and gropes her ass as they make out. He starts rubbing her ass with his hand, feeling how round and big it is as her tail feathers react with arousal.

She releases herself from the lip lock to say, “Can't wait to give me a try, huh baby?”

“With a fine turkey girl like you, I can't hold it for long!” he says and they continue making out in the elevator. This lasts until it hits the 20th floor, for which they stop as the doors open. They exit the elevator and they make their way towards their room for the evening.

As A-Log unlocks the door and opens the door, Tammy is amazed to see the décor. It is a lover's paradise with silk sheets, a big bed for two, champagne, and various other items strewn about. “How did you get digs like this?” she exclaims.

“There's a lot of things I've done with my jobs as comedian and DJ that have helped me pay for this stuff,” he says as he walks in. “What do you think?”

“You've got a lot of taste,” says Tammy. “I'm guessing that you have a lot of experience with girls of my type?” she says as she places her hands on her hips.

“Well,” he says, “It's a little tradition of mine I do for Thanksgiving. So far, I've been doing this since I was 21!”

“And you look for a girl like me for some fun?” she says.

“Yep!” he says. “How else am I going to spend Thanksgiving night?”

Tammy then goes into thought about A-Log's tradition of fucking turkey women every Thanksgiving. She does know of the irony of him eating a dead turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, and then go out to “eat” a live turkey girl later that night. She then becomes intrigued and asks, with a seductive tone, “So, am I like the other turkey girls you've fucked so far?”

“One way to find out...” he says as he starts to kiss her passionately once more. Tammy kisses back by having her tongue connect with his, in a French kiss. As they make out, she guides her hand down to wrestle and grabs a hold of his erect cock, touching it as it pitches a tent inside his jeans.

She breaks the kiss and says, “I see that you have a monster down there! I didn't expect a fox like you to be this huge.”

“Why don't you take these slacks off and find out?” he says. “You know what they say about curiosity!”

Intrigued by his words, Tammy kneels down on her knees and unzips his pants. She licks her lips as she readies herself for what will spring up. She then pulls them down to reveal the erection emanating from his boxers. His boxers are then pulled down to reveal his large six-inch penis bobbing up and down in front of her surprised face.

“Jesus Christ!” she exclaimed. “You're this big?”

“Still the average size, but compared to others, it's bigger,” he says. “What are you going to do about it?”

Tammy cannot find the words to describe what she saw. His penis is standing erect in front of her face; pointing at her as the one to give it pleasure. Without a second thought, Tammy engulfs his penis into her mouth and starts to suck him off, thus bringing them into a blowjob. A-Log takes a sharp moan as he feels her warm mouth bathing his dick with her saliva; her tongue coiling around the shaft in hunger.

“I can see that you haven't had a good dick in a while,” he says, enjoying the sounds of her sucking his cock.

What a slut.

For a brief moment, she releases the cock from her mouth, jerks it with her hand to keep it erect and says, “Not since my last office party back around Christmas last year!”

Surprised, he then says, “I'm surprised that your office would allow such activity. Isn't that sexual harassment?”

“I know,” she says. “But it does help that a girl like me can get some stress relief during the holidays. I'm considering you an early treat for me!” she says erotically as she continues to suck him off, her head bobbing back and forth, her bill getting all of his penis in the process.

“Oh shit, Tammy!” he says. “I can see why you're popular at your law firm! You're very good when it comes to diction and oral presentation!”

Tammy contains a giggle at his humor as she continues the blowjob. As she sucks him off, she places one of her hands in between her legs and feels her pussy getting wet with anticipation. She fingers herself feverishly as she thinks to herself on how he'll fit inside her plump pussy.

“Tammy, baby,” he says as his cock continues to get sucked on. “I love how you give head, but I want to return the favor!”

She releases his hardened cock out of her mouth and says, “Oh? How so?”

“First off,” he says, “I want to fuck those plump turkey breasts of yours!”

“You want to see my girls, do you?” she says with a teasing tone, placing a finger on the middle of her top. He nods and says, “Of course! Out all the turkey girls I saw at the bar tonight, you outdid them when it comes to tits!”

“Glad to hear that!” she says erotically. “But I do need you to do at least one thing...”

“What's that?” he says with a quizzical tone.

“Take a seat on the bed,” she says with much eroticism. “Let me do all the work!”

A-Log complies and he sits on the edge of the bed, shaking off his pants from his ankles and taking his shirt off in the process. Tammy proceeds to take down her top to free her 44K sized knockers. Her breasts are big and soft, brown with her feathers as does her nipples. She comes over to his erect dick and teases him a bit by slapping his dick onto her breast. After this bit of teasing, she places them in between her cleavage and gives them a tight squeeze, letting him release a gasp of air in delight.

“Ready, baby?” she says erotically.

“I've been waiting to fuck these tits all night,” he says. “Do it!”

On cue, Tammy uses her hands to push her huge bosoms up and down with his dick stuck in between them like a heavenly bond. Her soft breasts caress his hardened cock as she feels how warm his dick is in this mammarial vice grip. A-Log takes a deep breath as his foxdick is massaged by her butterball sized breasts. He is amazed on how good she is when it comes to tit-fucking.

“Damn Tammy,” he says as he catches his breath throughout this joyous torture. “Your tits feel so soft...!”

She gives him a seductive smile and says, “That's because they're real!” She winks at him and continues to have his dick penetrate her boobs. She also intensifies the situation by licking the head of his erect cock, letting her saliva coat it as her breasts comfort his cock like a meatier security blanket. A-Log arches back as he continues to enjoy Tammy's tit-fucking.

“I'm sure I've got those other turkey girls beat with these tits!” she thinks to herself. “I bet he's met at least one turkey that had some silicone implants from his little yearly tradition! But at least I know mine is all natural, and fit for this boy's tastes!”

She continues to squeeze his dick from in between her engorged melons, when she feels it writhing around, signaling that he is ready to pop at any moment.

“Oh shit, Tammy!” he says while gripping the sheets with his hands. “Those tits are so good, I'm about to cum!”

“Aww, too early?” she says with a teasing tone. “I sure hope you'll have enough stamina for some more?” She winks at him and presses her tits tighter against his cock. With just one more hard squeeze lets him release several ropes of cum onto her awaiting face and bill. When the cum subsides, she cleans his dick with her mouth, leaving his cock still erect in the process.

Catching his breath, he then says, “Sorry for popping too early. It's a rare occurrence nowadays.”

“Don't worry about it, baby,” Tammy says as she licks the cum off the edge of her bill. “As far as I'm concerned, you have a lot left in the tank,” she says, gesturing to his still erect manhood. “Why don't you return the favor?”

“How do you mean?” he asked.

“Anthony, baby, do you really need to ask?” she said teasingly as she unzips her cocktail dress and letting it fall on to the floor. “Why not eat this turkey girl out?”

A-Log thought of her words for a moment, but it didn't take too long for him to get what she's saying. “Good idea! But let me have a taste of some other parts as well!”

She giggles softly and says, “If you wanted some more of my breasts, you're welcome to have another taste!” She then lays down besides him as she awaits for him to pleasure her. As she lays down, A-Log then gets on top of her and starts to suckle her swollen nipples. His tongue hungrily circles around her nipples and suckles on them as he fondles her large bosoms. After doing that, he slides himself downward to her wet pussy and proceeds to lap up her juices as he eats her out. Tammy gasps sharply as she feels his tongue going in and out of her pussy. She cradles her boobs together as she allows him to dig in further into her pussy.

“Lick that pussy, baby!” she says erotically. “Eat this juicy turkey out!”

A-Log willfully carries onward and sticks his tongue even further inward. He is enjoying the fact that he is eating her out, but he decides to take this into overdrive. As he moves his tongue up to lick her clitoris, he inserts two of his fingers inside her snatch and moves them in and out. Tammy opens her eyes wide as she feels his index and middle finger move in and out of her pussy like a piston. She tries to refrain from yelling her lungs out, so as not to disturb the other guests in the hotel. But she soon realizes as she feels his fingers going in faster and faster, she can't hold it any longer.


A-Log obliges as he fastens the pace his fingers and tongue, as Tammy is on the throes of an upcoming orgasm. After severing licks and finger thrusts, Tammy lets out a powerful moan of delight as she has her first orgasm of the night. She arches her back as she holds on to the back of his head until her orgasm subsides.

“Well...?” she says as she catches her breath. “How do I taste?”

“You taste wonderful, Tammy!” he says, wiping off the womanly cum off his muzzle. “Has anyone ever given you that strong of an orgasm like that?”

“Very few,” she says. “Most guys wouldn't taste my pussy for that long. I'm just glad you're patient enough to work me out!”

“With a pussy like that,” he says, “Who could resist?”

“I know, right?” she says.

“Anything else you want me to do?” he asks as he gazes at her naked body.

“Now that we have a taste of each other,” she says seductively, “Why not go all the way?”

“You mean...?”

She nods and says, “Of course. But first...” she trails off as she eyes his erect cock once again, “I want another taste of that fat dick before you fuck me!”

“Really?” says A-Log with surprise on his tone. “I'm surprised you haven't been addicted to A-Log Jr. as of yet!”

“Don't be silly, baby!” she says. “At least I won't get killed for giving a BJ to a lover!”

Before A-Log continues, Tammy sits herself up and bends over to suck off A-Log's tool once again. She knows that she wants to coat it with enough saliva so it will be slick enough to enter her pussy afterward. Not only that, she wants it remain hard for the rest of the night. A-Log can't help but moan as Tammy continues to suck his cock. After several seconds, she gives it one last long lick with her tongue, and releases his cock from her mouth.

“Now...” she says erotically. “I want you to fuck me! I want you to fuck this hot body of mine!”

“That's all I want to hear!” says A-Log. “But...”

“But what?” she says.

“Why don't you lay on your side?” he says. “I've been thinking of trying this position since I first saw you.”

Tammy does as she's told and lays on her side. She then asks, “What do you have in mind?”

“I'm going to give a variation of spooning a try,” he says.

Curious, she asks, “But shouldn't you be lying besides me?”

“I know,” he says. “But I would love to see that body jiggle as I fuck you! Wouldn't you agree?”

“I do,” she says.

A-Log then proceeds to insert his erect penis into her awaiting vagina. As he slowly inserts it in, Tammy lets out a slow moan of satisfaction as she feels every inch of his dick; her pussy tightening up as he enters her moistened valley.

“Ready, Tammy?” he asks.

“Yeah...!” says Tammy. “Fuck me, baby! Fuck this turkey hard!”

A-Log starts to thrust himself into her pussy as he places his hands onto her plump ass cheek. As he gets a steady rhythm, he starts to go faster with every thrust from his pelvis; putting his back into it as he fucks this curvy turkey babe. With every thrust he's giving to her, he can feel her pussy tightening up to his cock.

“Please don't cum too early, Tammy,” he says in thought. “There's so much more positions I want to fuck you in before Thanksgiving is over!”

With his hips making contact with her's, he can also feel her ass jiggle every time his penis makes contact with her pussy. As he fucks her, he reminds himself of the first turkey girl he fucked: Trisha. He met Trisha in the city when he was 21, and he remembers how good she felt. Her breasts weren't as big as Tammy's, but he remembers how firm and round her ass was when he made love to her. Hard to believe that Trisha got married two years after he fucked her, but he knows that a girl like her is being treated well by her hubby. He wonders the same for Tammy in regards to her future after tonight.

“You like that ass, don't you?” Tammy says erotically, snapping A-Log out of his thoughts.

“Damn right I do!” he says as he keeps fucking her. “If only I could see more that tail feather of yours!”

Smiling to him, she says, “Ask and you shall receive!”

Before he says anything, she moves off her side, thus letting his dick go free. She then goes on all fours and presents her big ass towards him, her tail feathers swaying with delight. “What's wrong?” she says teasingly. “Haven't seen a set of tail feathers this good before?”

“On a girl like you?” he says, “Hardly. But they wouldn't be the only part of you that needs some shaking!”

Before Tammy can say anything else, A-Log shoves his cock into her pussy; this time in the doggy-style position. A-Log places his hands on Tammy's hips and gets a grip on her round ass as she pounds his pud into her pussy in a quick pace; her ass jiggling with each time her ass makes contact with his hips.

A-Log still can't get his memories of Trisha out of his mind as he continues to fuck Tammy doggy-style. Both turkey girls have a nice ass-- plenty of meat where it counts. But they still have some subtle difference; mostly in breast size and weight. But the past was the past; he's fucking a fine turkey girl tonight.

He then lets go of her hips, and lets her move her hips onto his, letting his penis probe her repeatedly. Once more, her ass jiggles each time she makes contact with his hips. She breathes in and out as she continues to be fucked by A-Log, enjoying his erect cock in the process.

“That's right, Tammy...” says A-Log. “That's how you defend yourself; work that turkey ass!”

I will gobble. FOR YOU.

“Like this, baby?” she asks erotically as she continues to thrust herself on his cock.

“Yeah... like that!” he says, “Just like that...!”

“I bet you're gonna make me cum again if I keep this up?” she asks.

“Even so,” he says. “But I still want to keep fucking you until you make me cum as well!”

She smiles back as she continues to thrust herself onto his hips. He then thrusts himself back to drive himself into her, trying to make her cum a bit faster, still letting her enjoy herself at the same time. Suddenly, he smacks her ass with his hands, thus letting out a surprised moan from Tammy.

“Enjoying that ass, baby?” she asks erotically.

“Damn right I am!” says A-Log as he keeps fucking her. “Never have I fucked a turkey with an ass as great as yours!”

“Oh?” she says teasingly. “And I suppose my ass is better than the other turkey girls you've fucked in the previous years?”

“Yeah... one in particular!” he says as he keeps drilling her.

She smiles at him and says, “Bet she never had a bod like mine, didn't she?”

“No ma'am!” he says. “For one, your tits are bigger than her's!” As her pussy tightens around his cock, he says, “Just thinking about the two of you is enough to make me cum again!”

“Uh uh uh!” she says teasingly. “First you've got to make me cum again! You'll end it when you want to!”

Like an obedient dog, A-Log does as he's told and continues to fuck her doggy-style. Tammy can feel her orgasm coming again, as she grips the bedsheets in anticipation. After a few more thrusts, she lets out a long moan as she cums on A-Log's shaft, draping it with her womanly cum in the process. After a few moments, A-Log takes himself out of Tammy and lays on the bed besides her.

“Enjoy that doggy-style, Tammy?” asks A-Log.

Tammy catches her breath and says, “Anthony, nobody has ever fucked me that hard before! I'm surprised you're an ass man as well as a breast man!”

“I like whatever pleases me,” says A-Log. “Any other position you want to do now?”

“Well...” she says as her mind thinks on what else to do. She then says, “Why not a 69? I suck you, you suck me?”

“As long as I can have a nice grab of that ass of yours, it's worth it!” he says with pride.

A-Log moves upward on the bed and places his head on one of the pillows. Tammy then joins him as she places herself on top of him, placing her pussy onto A-Log's face. Once more, she is face to face with his erect cock. To her, this is the best dick she has tasted for a while. Before she decides to dig in, she turns her head towards him and says, “Ready?”

“Dig in, baby!” he says, as he immediately starts to lick her pussy again.

Tammy moans as she gyrates her hips on his face, getting the full length of his muzzle inside her pussy. She can feel his tongue dig deeper than he did a few minutes ago. But she knows that she can't be the only one receiving pleasure; she leans downward to suck his dick once more. Her head bobs up and down as she fills her bill with his cock; fully enjoying his erect penis as it throbs in her gullet. Her tongue reconnects with every inch of his cock, coating it with her saliva once more.

As she continues sucking his cock, A-Log feasts on her pussy; paying close attention to her clitoris as well. As he does this, his hands are placed on her firm and round ass. His hands caress her big buttocks as her tail feathers sway back and forth, as if she's fanning him. As he continues eating her out, he can't help but slap her ass cheeks with much joy, thus letting Tammy releasing some muffled moans of satisfaction.

“Damn,” she says to herself in thought, “He's really enjoying my ass! Looks like he's not only a breast man after all! But I still have to remind him to play with my tits before the night's over!” She then feels his hand swatting her ass again, and thinks to herself, “But still, no other man has ever paid attention down there before. I suck and they fuck; why can't they pleasure me like that once in a while?”

Momentarily, she releases his cock from her mouth and asks him, “Enjoying that ass, A-Log?”

As he's eating her out, he says, “It's the greatest ass I've ever held!” and continues to eat her out.

Grinning to him, she then asks, “Did any other turkey girl have a fine ass as well?”

He stops for a moment, unsure of what to say. He says, “I'm not sure if it's the right time to discuss this!”

“Hey, you were honest about me not being the only turkey girl you fucked on Thanksgiving,” Tammy retorted, “So the least you can do is tell me about your first one?”

“I don't know...” A-Log teased a bit. “I need a little incentive in order for me to comply!”

“Oh?” she says. “In that case...” she then moves herself off of his mouth and proceeds to straddle herself on his stomach, facing away from him. She then inches herself towards his erect cock and, after lifting herself up so her pussy lips can meet the cock head, slowly inserts herself back onto his dick; a moan coming out from her lips. After a moment to cool herself, she turns her head to glance at him and says, “Why don't I get the truth out of you?”

Before he can say anything else, she moves her hips up and down, taking every inch of his erect cock once more. As she gyrates her hips onto his pelvis, A-Log cannot help but gaze at her ass jiggling once more; she really wants to know the first turkey girl A-Log fucked, doesn't she? A-Log then places his hands on her ass cheeks and gives them a good slap, as well as thrusting upward into her pussy. Each thrust from below, as as her ass being felt up, gives out a few moans from her.

As she's getting stuffed, Tammy glances towards A-Log and says, “So? Ready to tell me who your first turkey girl was?”

Having no choice, A-Log decides to spill the beans. “Ok Tammy, you win! Her name was Trisha; Trisha Turksworth!”

“Oh?” Tammy says, intrigued. “What was she like?”

“She was pretty sexy bird,” says A-Log, “But not as hot as you. A friend invited me over to the city during Thanksgiving a few years back and told me about a few turkey girls he knew.”

“It wasn't prostitution or anything, right?”

“Of course not; it was a party he was throwing after his family left!” he said. “Anyway, he introduced me to Trisha and we hit it off pretty well. She was a stockbroker who wanted to unwind after the holiday.”

“A stockbroker?” Tammy said.

“Yeah, she really knows how the money flows,” says A-Log. “Her breasts weren't as big as yours, but she had a nice big ass. Her ass was a handful as I fucked her brains out. But still, she had a great time with me. Still a shame that she got married two years later.”

“Are you still in contact with her?” Tammy asks.

“Yeah,” he says. “But she won't have sex with me, since she doesn't want to break it off with her husband yet.”

“Although,” Tammy says erotically, stopping herself from being fucked for a moment, “You did say she had a great ass, right?”

“Of course!”

“Did she ever take it up the ass with you?”

“No,” he says. “She wasn't a big fan of anal.”

Smiling to him, she moves herself off his dick and says, “In that case... why don't you shove it up mine?” Like clockwork, she inserts his erect cock into her awaiting asshole, much to A-Log's surprise, as she places herself back on her knees, her hands holding on to his shins, and moves herself back and forth onto his dick once more.

A-Log is still surprised to see that out of all the turkey girls he fucked, he gets one that is a total anal freak. He's not complaining, since he does enjoy a woman that can take it up the ass like the rest of them. “God damn!” he thinks to himself as his dick is being sucked into her tight asshole. “I thought her pussy was tight, but her ass is even tighter!”

Once more, he grabs a handful of her ass and repeatedly spanks her, sending shockwaves of pleasure throughout Tammy's body. She bites her lower lip as she continues to take all of his length she continues to get reamed up the egg-hole. She can feel another climax coming, but decides to fight it, knowing she doesn't want to cum too soon.

“Oh shit, Tammy...” says A-Log. “Your ass is definitely better than Trisha's! She would never let me fuck her up the ass! And she was a tight ass thanks to her job!”

“My job isn't as easy as her's!” says Tammy, as she continues to get fucked from below. “But I know my ass can take just about anything!”

Smiling, he then says, “You don't say? Why don't you turn yourself around? I want to see those big titties of yours as I fuck that fine ass of yours!”

“Still love my tits, don't you?” Tammy says. A-Log nods. “Your wish is my command, baby!” She then turns herself around to turn this into the cowgirl position, as the anal sex is still going on. Her knees rest on the bed once more and she places her hands on his shoulders to support herself. As they're in the anal cowgirl position, she moves her ass back and forth to get all of his penis in her tight ass once more.

A-Log smiles as he sees her large K-cup breasts bounce in front of him, so he decides to lean upward and starts sucking on each respective tit once again. Having both her ass fucked and tits sucked forces her to moan even louder than before. Tammy is definitely enjoying being fucked by a guy like A-Log-- kind, gentle, nice, but has a bit of a wild side when it comes to sex. The only one to come to mind for her is a nerdy looking errand boy from her job, but she knows that he's too shy to ask her out. Maybe the office Christmas party will loosen him up, but she puts that thought on the back burner for later.

He also takes the time to shake his head in between her large bosom for a little motorboating action. Tammy can't help but smile at this hungry little boob nut, as she knows how her assets have helped her, as well her knowledge of law. She leans downward, her breasts nearly smother him in the process, as she feels her ass tightening around his cock. She thrusts herself a few more times until another orgasm hits her with full force. As she breathes lowly to herself, A-Log pulls himself out of her ass; his penis still erect. As she catches her breath, A-Log asks, “Did you enjoy me tossing your salad, Tammy?”

With a few gasps, she answers, “Fuck yeah, baby! I haven't had a man fuck me down there in awhile!”

“Fellow employee?”

“How did you know?”

“Just a shot in the dark!” he says. “Any other position you want to try?”

“Well, you're my lover for this Thanksgiving night,” she says with a sexy smile. “Why not give me a suggestion?”

Giving it some thought, he glances towards the window, showing the city outside. He then conjures up what to do and says, “Tammy! I want you to go towards that window over there and bend over!”

“Oh, a little daring, aren't we?” says Tammy. “I suppose you really want the city to see how lucky you are!”

“Don't worry,” he says. “It's a big enough city as it is. There's way too many distractions for the eye; what makes you think New York City's a popular tourist stop?”

“But won't the police spot us?” she asks.

“Of course not,” he says. “I'm really close with one of the cops. She won't mind.”

Smiling to herself, Tammy rises out of the bed and walks over to the window. As she gets close, the lights of the city, such as that of the Times Square area, gives her an aura of sensuality as the line flows around her body; the yellow lights give her brown feathers a lovely glow from the night sky. As she bends over, placing her arms folded on the windowsill, she eagerly awaits for Anthony to fuck her from behind.

A-Log smiles at this gorgeous site as he rises from the bed himself. He walks over to an eagerly waiting Tammy, as she shakes her tail feathers in anticipation. He then gets behind her and teases her a bit by holding his erect cock, and slapping it on her ass cheek. “Ready, baby?” he asks, teasing Tammy in the process.

“Fuck yeah!” Tammy says erotically. “Fuck this turkey raw!”

Smiling at the double meaning, A-Log inserts his cock into her vagina once more, releasing another satisfying moan from his plump lover. He starts off slow, but quickens his pace as Tammy's moans drive him further and further into her tight pussy. The glow of the city lights basks them into an aura of eroticism as they fuck by the window; nary a bystander has noticed the act being played out above the city streets. Not even tenants of the nearby apartments seem to notice, since they're mostly busy either preparing for the next big holiday or sorting out the leftovers from their Thanksgiving dinner.

“Enjoying the show, Tammy?” says A-Log as continues to plow her senseless.

“I'm enjoying every single inch of your cock, baby!” Tammy screamed aloud. “I want to be fucked by this dick forever!”

“You love this cock, don't you?” he asks.

“I can't live without it, Anthony!” she screamed. “I wish it wouldn't be just on Thanksgiving night!”

“Play your cards right,” he says, “And you and I will be fucking a lot more than once a year!” To emphasize his point, he gives her booty a large smack, thus letting out another moan from his plus-sized turkey girl. “Gobble for me baby! Gobble as loud you can!”

Tammy starts to gobble out in ecstasy as she continues to get fucked from behind. Her ass continues to back up to his hips as she lets every single inch of his erect cock enter her tight pussy; the pussy in question is squeezing his penis like a vice, like she doesn't want to let it get away. Her large breasts also sway to the rhythm, as well as becoming pressed onto the window as the lovemaking continues to intensify.

“Who's my turkey girl?” says A-Log.

“I'm... your turkey girl...!” Tammy says in between gasping every few seconds.

“Who's my turkey girl!”

“I AM!!!!”

As she says this, her ass continues to jiggle every time her ass makes contact with his hips. As they continue the standing doggy, A-Log can feel his dick writhe around her pussy. He can tell that he's about to cum any second. And he's not the only one.

“Oh, I'm such a nasty turkey girl!” Tammy screams erotically. “I want you to shoot that cum all over my big, plump, turkey breasts!!!”

“I might just do that, Tammy...!” he says as he gets ready to pop.

After several more thrusts, A-Log pulls off and furiously strokes himself off. Tammy turns herself around and kneels in front of him, holding her large tits as he gets ready to burst. Seconds later, A-Log shoots out several loads of cum all over her butterball sized breasts; several dollops of the white stuff land in between her cleavage, as well as her cheeks and chin. She is surprised that he can shoot that large of a load onto anyone. After several seconds, he finishes discharging his cum onto her bountiful bosom. Tammy licks the cum off her boobs, enjoying the warm taste that has come from her foxy lover.

“How did I do, A-Log?” Tammy asks.

“You were wonderful, Tammy!” he says, as he then kisses her on the lips. “I can tell you and I will have some more fun in the months ahead.”

“Fuck yeah!” she says. “Besides, I'm sure you've got a lot more women you need to introduce me to. I want to know how they love that cock of yours so much!”

He chuckles and says, “You really are that inquisitive, aren't you?”

“Well,” she says, “Before I went into law, I dabbled in psychology for a few spells. I really want to be a little more well-rounded.”

“Speaking of well-rounded,” he says, eying her tits and ass once more, “I really love to see more of that well-rounded body!”

“Maybe tomorrow,” she says. “But I need a little shut-eye. Need some rest before I get back home. Don't want my family to be suspicious after my visit.”

“Agreed,” he says as he and Tammy get into the bed and drape the covers above them.

“Out of curiosity,” says Tammy. “What about your other lovers? Aren't they a little worried about you?”

“Don't worry,” he says with reassurance. “They have plans of their own, and I'll be with them when I return.” He then reaches over the lamp and shuts it off. He kisses her and says, “Good night, Tammy.”

“Night, Anthony!” she says, as she and A-Log drift off into sleep after fucking the night away.

Meanwhile, back in Staten Island, we see a line at around 4 in the morning in front of Toys R' Us. We see two familiar figures in the line of people waiting for the deals; Mary Kay Foxman, the curvy vixen who is wearing a red winter coat and black pants to fight off the cold; and Blondi Bee, who is wearing a black and yellow snow jacket and cap that covers her beehive hairdo.

“Remind me again on why that husband of yours put you on Black Friday duty this year?” Blondi says with annoyance as she struggles to fight the cold.

“I just got the short straw of it all,” says Mary Kay, blowing into her hand and rubbing her hands to stay warm. “Besides, he did so last year, so it's my turn!”

“I just don't get it,” Blondi says in disgust. “Why is it so important for everyone to spend an entire night in front of a store just to get some deals the day after Thanksgiving?”

“They are some good deals,” Mary Kay says in recollection. “I remember getting a few deals on a few presents my daughters wanted last year.”

“Yeah, and I have to get some for my nephew at least,” says Blondi. “Cute kid, but I swear he can't wait for me to get it in December. I mean, how desperate do you have to be in order to do this?”

Mary Kay then taps the shoulder of another person in front of her and asks, “Excuse me? How long have you been on this line for?”

The male sea lion turns his head to her and says, “I've been here since September!”

Surprised, as well as shocked, at his answer, Mary Kay and Blondi look behind them at the long line, and then in front of them. Finally, in confusion, Blondi asks, “How do you survive and go to work?”

“I take my precautions!” he says as he holds out a jar that has some yellow liquid in it. Mary Kay and Blondi look at each other in disgust, as Blondi says, “Damn! Black Friday attracts the most desperate people!”

“I can see what P.T. Barnum said about how suckers were born every minute!” Mary Kay says, as she tries to keep her breakfast from escaping her esophagus.


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5.Tress MacNeille: Callie Briggs

6.Sara Jay: Tammy Gobbleberg

7.S. Scott Bullock: Hotel Clerk

8.Bridget Hoffman: Mary Kay Foxman

9.Suzy Prue: Blondi Bee

10.Bobcat Goldthwait: Black Friday Line Member w/ Piss Jar

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