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Anti-Anonymous (alternatively known as Witty, Ryan Witt, and Ryan White) is a fag who has declared jihad on Anonymous. Or at least he is trying to. In reality, he is a fucktard who was almost instantly owned when he debated the nature of Anonymous with an heroine on MySpace.

It all started when Anonymous spammed his page, called his girlfriend ugly and Stephanie Brown decided to correct Witty's horrific misspelling of the simplest words:

How Witty pictures himself
  • S: It's ANTI, not ANIT
  • W: oh thanks i guess
  • S: You're welcome. Can't have people thinking you're #1 supporter of the Italian Association for Thermal and acoustic Insulation Anonymous.
  • W: lol your right;-)
  • S: Also, it's supporter, not "sopporter". However, you should leave it spelt improperly, as it induces much lulz.
  • W: im not going for lulz im going for lol
  • S: Did you know that lulz is a corruption of lol?
  • W: lulz is used by hackers call anonymous
  • S: I see. So I guess you're anti-lulz then?
  • W: no im the anti-anonymous i like fun just not hackers
  • S: But Anonymous does it for the lulz, so to be anti-anonymous is to be anti-lulz.
  • W: yea but the lulz are them hacking in to your computer and making you looking like a total whore , that would give them lulz
  • S: But I've done that myself already. Does that mean I am Anonymous, and have induced lulz by making myself appear to be a drug whore?
  • W: well damn it ,say if you didnt want to come as a drug whor...they spam people ,they put viruses on your computer , witch cost monye they try to mess up lives
What witty really looks like get the idea. Eventually Witty figured out what an idiot he is, and much lulz were had at his expense.

Spamming of the official AntiAnonymous MySpace page(whoops, BALEETED) by persons unknown also occurred at this time, which forced the insignificant nothing to block comments to his page and to hide his friends list.

Sopporters of Anti-Anonymous

The Ryans offer Erika booze and cash for sex. The fugly bitch still says no.

All of them go to Lansdowne High school so any anons in the area who want to partake in some IRL trolling may go right ahead.

Interestingly, Witty became very inactive a few days after his phone number was leaked. Not long after that, White became brave and began harassing Stephanie Brown's comment section. In retaliation, his page was lurked until it was revealed that White (much like Witty before him) spends his weekend nights fucking around on MySpace.

After being mocked, White had this to say:

"and i didnt start with the anonymous i thought it was pretty funny u nerds sit at ur computer all day making ur "LULZ"or watever.One of the anonymous started with me by telling my friend ryan(witty) that they were gonna kill him,his family and me...i dont know why the fuck my name got thrown into this shit but i dare one of u anonymous fags to come try to kill me...U have no clue who my family is bitch we will fucking kill u and anyone who thinks they can fuck with me or my family so if u jews feel brave enuf to follow thru with your threats come and try bitch and we will fucking wreck u"

Anyone who knows what he's talking about, please share the lulz. Oh, and he's apparently too retarded to realize that the fact that his headline at the time said "Suppporter of Anti-Anonymous" may have had something to do with why "his name got thrown into this shit".

Nice tits. Too bad they're only nice because she's fat.

"Raiding" of 4chan

After being informed of the secret hacker websites Witt and White attempted to piss in a sea of piss. It is unknown whether or not anything has come out of these "raids" (alpha-male copypasta?) , however it is safe to assume that nothing but fail and faggotry commenced.


Within 24 hours of the posting of this article, Anti-Anonymous' MySpace page has mysteriously disappeared. Thus, Anti-Anonymous has proven they are full of fail and faggotry. As if we didn't know that already.


White's Ancle Has Healed, and He's Ready to Fuck YOU

When White was made aware of this article, he had this to say:

"i looked on my fan club page and saw the website you made.I think its kinda funny that you have nothin better to do.And Erikas dad works for the FBI...and just to let you k now my ancle is healed so i am more than ready to stomp one of you fag jews if you wanna follow up on your threats to come hunt me down 4434167164"

Again, not sure who threatened to hunt him down, but his "ancle" is healed and he's ready to stomp you. He wants to stomp you so bad he has posted his phone number so you can set up a date TONIGHT.

Obviously, he has been reincarnated in his current form, which explains alot.

I'm detecting a trend here....

epic fail

In a failed attempt to take the heat off of her, Erika makes a new profile. Troll for great justice![1] here. After she made a new profile Erika had this to say about Anonymous:

"n these annonomys haters are gay fags n we know who sbrown is s o u really need to get ur own lifes instead of worrying bout everyone elses moves that they make u guys are fuoolish n have way to much time on ur guys hands"


This demonstrates just how fucking stupid she is, not only does she have her facts wrong but she didnt even bother to TRY being literate. Also, her new profile contains new pictures that show just how fugly she really is. I guess she found a cure for her internet disease. WARNING: looking at her new pics for prolonged periods of time may result in permanent damage to your vision.

In other news Rayn white made an anon profile.....nuff said

What White looks like when cruising the gay bars for cock.

MOAR epic Fail

Since Erika "can't take it anymore", Ryan White makes a peace offering, saying "Why cant we just settle this and be friends??". Unfortunately for them, Anonymous does not forgive.

Also, White claims this November will be when Anonymous is pwnt:

"wow this is pathetic u Anonymous r so tough when ur on 4chan or ur Anonymous profiles but now we have figured out who u are...u n the rest of the Anonymous should give up now cuz when November comes there will be no mercy"

He also claims to know who wrote this article, but in reality is a deluded transvestite. Upon being told who wrote the article, White says "why dont we talk about it", proving that he is not only a coward, but is a hypocrite for bashing people who talk shit on the internets but not IRL.

Additionally, White claims not to care about this page, but has spent all day trying to find out who wrote it and is threatening to kick innocent people's asses. Thus, he proves he fails at lying, and at life in general.

She wants to feel you inside her.

It should be pointed out that White loves to use the word "sike", which is supposed to be the word "psyche" (or alternatively, "psych"). Apparently, White is too fucking stupid to realize that since the word derives from "psychology", it might actually be spelt similarly. Of course, anyone with a brain could figure that out, considering the word is used to essentially mean "I'm fucking with your head". But more importantly, due to it's profound faggotry, I've not encountered anyone who says it since 1996. Way to stay current, fairy.

Erika's a Cock Fiend

Erika's profile now says, and I quote, "I wanna fell u in muh veins". Not only can the retarded skank not spell, she is blatantly begging for penis. But, of course, no one will give it to her. Just look at the picture to the right and tell me you would, you sick fuck.

In response to this, Erika says "so wat if i spell wrong". Not only does she apparently agree that she is a fat, ugly whore, she is too stupid to realize the importance of being able to spell properly in the real world. Have fun working in fast food for the rest of your life, stupid.

  • Update: Erika has changed her profile name to Erika(is lookin for her black person). So erika now confesses that she is on the lookout for black cock!
  • Update to an update: Lulz killer changed it:(
  • Moar Updates: Erika's profile now says "Time is my worst energy". Just more proof that Erika makes Forrest Gump look like Albert Einstein, though said proof was of course totally unnecessary. Also, her headline says "grrrrr", so apparently she was a bear in a previous life.
  • Even moar updates: Her profile as found above now says shes in need of someone, showing she is an attention whore who is Sexually Confused. Meaning now she wants the pussy

Holy shit! Hell has frozen over and pigs can fucking fly, Fatty Fugly Hensler has a boyfriend. He's a Wigger named Nick. You can troll him here Dumped her lulz.

Apparently, ERka (more like ORca, amirite?) is so devastated about the loss of her man that she "is givin up on everything". Please don't do it, Erika. There are plenty of fish in the sea, and you have a beautiful life ahead of you. Just think of all the people who will miss you.

Now, Erika is "keepin it gangsta". Sorry, Fatty, but despite the fact that you do all your grocery shopping at convenience stores and your insistence on mangling the English language, you'll never be black person; being fat and stupid just makes you a redneck.

Now, Erika is referring to herself as a hoe. While she is technically calling herself a garden tool, we know what she really means.

White Surrenders

According to a confidential source, White is waving the white flag of defeat. Little does he know, Anonymous does not forgive.

His declaration of surrender:

"I thought i knew who S. Brown was but i was wrong. Then i sat down to accually think about it...I waste my time arguing with a bunch of nerds who have no real friends so they make fun of people on myspace all day. They are no real threat to any1 bcuz they are scared little fags and a waste of time arguin with anyway because they are nobody important so nothin they got to say matters anyway. Fuck "Anonymous" im just deleting them from my friend list and just ignoring anything they send to me because they are a waste of time."

Even though he has surrendered, he continues to threaten to kick the asses of people he thinks are responsible for this article. Also, he is bragging about how he beat a fan of the lulz on x-box live, as if this somehow matters.

White's master.

It is believed his surrender has something to do with his new girlfriend, for whom he has declared his love for, even though they haven't even been together for two weeks. Interestingly, he has also declared his love for Ivan.

Shirley is the wigger skeezer who has made White her bitch. Stop by her Myspace and say what you think about her boyfriend.

In order to test White's resolve, epic trolling of his new girlfriend is being planned. More to come soon.

The Internet is Serious Business

White, in a fit of retarded faggotry, continues to talk smack on the person who he believes wrote this article. So far he's accused three different innocent people of being friends of the lulz.

White insists that only someone who knows him in real life could have possibly written this article, thus proving that White is a fucktard who has no idea how the interbuttz work. And, as if it couldn't get any lulzier, White has done all of his shit-talking over the Internet even though he actually has the opportunity to do it IRL. This makes White the ultimate ITG, and the biggest IRL pussy.

According to the accused, White's inflamatory statements have been deleted by White himself, but amounted to the following:

"It was something along the lines of him asking this kid why he talked to me, a little faggot, and my bitch of a girlfriend Megan. He got butthurt and said that because he posted a bulletin asking who would win in a fight, ninjas or pirates, so I replied with "Anonymous"."

The accused's pwning response:

"I see you talking shit about me and my girlfriend on MySpace. Why not wait 'till November, then, if you think I'm the one who did all that shit? Come see me now."

Even the accused's girlfriend totally pwns White:

"So, I heard you were saying shit about David and I. You sir, are a hypocrite. You call Anonymous a bunch of pussies, yet you say shit about us online and have not once said it to our faces. Why is that? Are you scared? If you truly believe that either of us are affiliated with Anonymous then why would you be scared of us offline? Come to our faces and say something. Do it, faggot. I dare you"

So we can all expect an epic IRL battle soon, where we can only hope that White will be ass raped by someone who is NOT a total pussy.

And, of course, White has done all of this after declaring his surrender. But don't worry, we will still test his resolve by trolling his girlfriend, just because we can.

Trolling of Shirley

White can't satisfy a woman.

An exact replica of Shirley's Myspace page was created, which can be found here(Banhammered). Said account was used to send messages to people on White's friends list, discussing White's tiny dick and Shirley's desire to find a man who can satisfy her, as well as White's penchant for beating on Shirley (she was asking for it).

White likes to hit girls.

This resulted in much lulz as word got back to White, and he took his anger out on innocent people.

OH SHI--: IRL Drama

The epic battle has been arranged. Obviously, White cant fight someone in a one on one battle so, White plans on "stomping the faggot with hella people" because that obviously is the only way someone can win a fight, right? Turns out November will not be the month. It will actually be on October 16. More on this after the fight occurs. Please note that White is planing to "stomp" an Innocent person, making this more lulzy then it would be if White wasn't a dumbass and got the right person!

Apparently, White has confronted the accused, but of course had to bring his slave Witty and two other toadies. As if this blatant display of ballessness wasn't enough, the accused totally pwned White by dealing the first blow and busting him in the jaw. It is unknown what happened after that, but it is safe to assume that White and his cronies ran for the hills as the authorities moved in to keep the peace.

All of this has proven that White is not only a coward OTI but also a giant pussy IRL, and that Witty is a true hypocrite for hating Anonymous for "ruining innocent people's lives" and then attacking an innocent person. Good going, guys! Way to show those Anonymous fags. Guess it's time to go own them somemore in Gears of War, eh?

November Will Be Their Month

Well, after much anticipation, November has arrived. As our good friend Ryan White said, "u n the rest of the Anonymous should give up now cuz when November comes there will be no mercy". Much to our surprise, White has done absolutely nothing. Of course, this is because he is organizing his armies to prepare for the final solution to the Anonymous question, and not because he is a fucktard who is completely full of shit.

Well, it appears White has finally crawled out of his bunker to rid the Internet of the plague that is Anonymous. Unable to implement the blitzkrieg White originally hoped for, he must've resorted to a suicide bombing, since it was full of fail and self-own.

The attack consisted of White responding to Anonymous mocking White's warning that messing with Erika would get them v&ed. White's attack:

"wow im scared...i better not buy a van omg" BALEETED?

The thing that makes this so fail is not only the childish response, but the fact that it was placed in Erika's fanclub. Erika's fanclub is itself a completely fail attempt by our favorite fat fugly fuck to whore up attention for herself, but of course the only people to actually care enough to post there are Erika herself and Anonymous, and not even that had occured for three months. So pathetic was this assault that Anonymous was not even aware it had occurred until 4 days later, and even then only because Anonymous was bored and had no drugs.

Well, Ryan, you sure have made November the month of Anti-anonymous. We crown you the Lord of Failure and King of the ITGs.

It seems apparent that he doesn't understand that Anonymous is legion and not just one person

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