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The Anti Wulfhere Front is a group of creatard skinheads in shit bands who got pissed when Arab-American troll known as Arab spread rumours that the shit NSBM band Perdition had non-white band members and played shit music, and trolled their websites and message boards. The group is named for Nourizadeh's own shit band Wulfhere.

Epic Trolling

Nourizadeh took it a step further and proved himself to be a true /b/tard when he impersonated Creator Reverend Brian J. Moudry, successfully fooling other White Supremacists. He also founded the (now defunct) Condemned Records and released stolen recordings of Moudry's band Xenophobia and printed fake issues of Moudry's metal zine. After a spy reported that Nourizadeh is, in fact, not Reverend Moudry, the tides turned against him, but since nobody gives a shit, Nourizadeh continues to release music under the name Xenophobia and troll the fuck out of retarded black metal kiddies and skinheads. Moudry is currently serving time for a hate crime he didn't commit.

The aftermath butthurt

The wannabe Aryan Warriors Nourizadeh trolled have made about 100 websites to express their hatred and butthurt of the troll Nourizadeh, and continue to believe they are the final boss of the internets.

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