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Specially suited for forced fluids.

Antipsychotic Drugs, also known as Neuroleptics (nerve killing), major tranquilizers, and crazy pills are a class of Psychiatric drugs designed to make people STFU IRL. All of the terms have the same meaning, because Psychiatry is hilarious. Mostly the drugs are administered to people with schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, your elderly mom and dad, PTSD, depression and internet disease.

Most Antipsychotic drugs are poorly researched, have hundreds of often horrible side affects, and develop tolerance over time. Antipsychotics replaced electro convulsive therapy, insulin shock therapy, straitjackets, convulsive medication, and the lolbotomy. Most of the prior methods had little to no therapeutic use to the subject, and were simply for lulz and to make insane asylums quieter.

Typical Antipsychotics

Older Antipscyhotics are called typical Antipscyotics because psychiatrists are not pharmacologists.

"Weak" shit


Chlorpromazine, better known by Americunts as Thorazine, and by britfags as Largactil is the oldest typical

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Thorazine was created before ad standards

antipscyhotic medication still in use. It was invented by French scientists as a allergy medication in 1933. After it failed as such, it was used as a horse tranquilizer. It is still a popular horse tranquilizer.

In 1951, psychiatrists started injecting it into insane asylum patients against their consent because fuck them, that's why. It turned out that chlorpromazine made some batshit crazy people come to their senses and STFU. One person was released from the asylum after the first trial, which meant he probably should not have been there in the first place.

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The amount of jew gold produced of chlorpromazine for Smith Kline and French caused a gold rush for further drugs.

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Thorazine is profoundly calming for bitches.

Chlorpromazine, along with Haldol, is known to cause a condition called the Thorazine shuffle, where patients are unable to walk forward due to being "high" as fuck. Being high on Thorazine is generally not fun unless you have schizophrenia, or bipolar mania, and even then...

If you feel worried, angry, or any strong emotion; Thorazine will take that emotion away. It will probably give you Parkinsonism for the lulz. Thorazine was a popular 1950's alternative to feminism and Tumblr.

Thorazine is considered a low potency antipsychotic by nerds.


Chlorprothixene, also known as Cloxan, is not used in the USA because of its inability to produce jew gold. It is similar to Thorazine and is used as an antipsychotic in Germany.

It was invented in 1959 by a company other than Smith Kline and French, and did not get sweet adverts or use in the USA.


Levomepromazine is also known as methotrimeprazine and Nozinan. It does pretty much the same thing as chlorpromazine, but with half the strength, triple the Parkinsons disease, and a significant risk of sudden death. Vital signs should be monitored if someone is on this drug.

It is the flamethrower of antipsychotics because it fucks up the brain and everything attached to it.


Mesoridazine (Serentil) was used in the US, but was withdrawn by the FDA due to a high risk of cardiac arrest.

It is still used in Africa by poor people.


Periciazine is sold in places outside the US as Neulactil or Neuleptil. No one has any idea how effective it actually is. It is considered "rather sedating", which means it could knock you the fuck out faster than 20 shots of whiskey.


Promazine is not approved for use on humans in the US. Despite that, it still is used on humans elsewhere.

It is also used on batshit crazy animals, such as cats and Australians.


It pretty much kills people. Withdrawn globally, even in Africa, in 2005.


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A real Seroquel™ clock. SLEEP TIL FOUR: THEN EXPLORE!

Sold as Seroquel™, aka sleepytime. is a atypical Antipsychotic and does not belong in this section.

Originally tested and marketed for schizophrenia, it is now used to help newfags deal with emotional distress. The major side effects are becoming a land whale and getting diabetes. Seroquel™ is given to PTSD, emos, bipolar and borderlines because it is difficult to use for suicide. Seroquel™ is given to soldiers to make them freak out and kill people. Using more than 1 gram (1000mg) can put you in a coma, but is not likely to kill you. 700-800mg of Seroquel™ delivers similar effects to dosages of Haldol.

Not getting your daily 12-16 hours of sleps? Try Seroquel™. It's not Benadryl because it blocks more than adrenaline when taken at low doses. Off-label sleep users take 50mg or less, because after that point it becomes a antidepressant and mood stabilizer. After 100mg it becomes a mild antipsychotic. Eventually it fucks with with your dopamine (which is the entire point of an antipsychotic drug), serotonin, and is also an alpha AND beta blocker.

Side effects are pretty pathetic compared to Thorazine or Droperidol. It is normally the first drug used by psychiatrists because it is least likely to kill you.

Seroquel™ is popular with people who are new to drugs but who are too afraid of black people to get weed. People take it wanting a disassocative experience like Benadryl (aka white trash heroin), but Seroquel™ was created to do the exact opposite of Benadryl trips. High dosages of Benadryl will make you hear voices. High dosages of Seroquel™ will take away your voices. Both will make you mumble incoherently to parking meters until the police find you and inject you with Haldol.

Protip: stock up on diet soda so you do not become a fatass from the sugar cravings. Seroquel™ can give you diabetes and heart disease faster than you can weigh yourself. If you have to take more than 100mg of Seroquel™, Coke Zero is your new best friend. Avoid diet Pepsi, it tastes like semen (they wish) jenkem.

If you cannot afford your Seroquel™,AstraZeneca may be able help. Unless you are part of the military, a veteran, homeless, on medicare, on Medicaid, on Tricare, or in a psychatric hospital. You are any of those things, AstraZeneca wants you to go fuck yourself.

Medium potency

Mid level Antipsychotic drugs are given to people who will not shut the fuck up, but have not yet donkey punched a nurse.


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Loxapine is either an typical or atypical Antipsychotic. People who sell and use the drugs are not sure which.

It is most often snorted via a rolled up FDA-approved snorting form. Credit card not included.

There is little evidence that it was particularly effective in treating schizophrenia.

Despite this, it has a wide array of very serious and potentially lethal side effects, such as cessation of life.


Molindone works by blocking the effects of dopamine in the brain. It is essentially the opposite of alcohol.

It actually has fewer side effects than comparable drugs, and is one of the rare antipsychotics not associated with harpoons.

Discontinued for its inability to make jew gold.


Also known by humans as Trilafon, it is five times as dank as Thorazine. It is pretty much just really dank Thorzine, with similar side effects.

It is used to make pregnant woman shut the fuck up (though it gives the fetus flipper limbs and a pin head), and to stop depressed people from hearing strange voices.


Has a lot of names. It is a forced meme within psychiatry.

Dank Shit

This is what you get if you punch an orderly, rape a nurse, troll the ward, write shitty articles, or if the psychiatrist is nostalgic for the good ol' days of the lobotomy.

If you see some crazy fuck getting dragged into an ambulance, they are probably getting a needle of the following drugs the moment the door closes.


True to its name, DROPERidol is used for sedation in intensive-care treatment, and anesthesia in surgery. It will stop you from feeling anything. It was invented in 1961 to stop people from flinging literal shit at asylum walls.

It is also known by a bunch of stupid names, such as Inapsine, Droleptan, Dridol, Xomolix, and Innovar.

Works by suppressing dopamine to the point of unconsciousness.


Mostly used by commonwealth Britfags, Russians, and Africans. Not used in the US because Haldol is cheap.

It is really nasty.

Fluphenazine Known by Americunts as Prolixin, it is cheap as fuck (20 cents per injection) and is very popular in Africa. It may increase the risk of dying, according to the box, and causes lactation in both males and females. It was invented in 1959, is one of the most used drugs in the world, and we still have no idea how it works.


The mack daddy pimp of antipsychotic drugs better known as Haldol. It is such a badass motherfucker of a drug that the original manufacturer refused to market it. FDA approved in 1967, it was sold to the dudes who make Tylenol because it was too much for Eurofags to handle. Think of it as the Darth Vader of medication.

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Specially suited for the black community.

Side effects include the inability to think, move or live. It can cause patients to roll their eyes into the back of their head like some serious Exorcist shit. This usually sends some poor fucker to the ER with little hope, and this side effect is most common in children. (It is used to treat severe autism.)

Can cause epileptic seizures and sudden death. Somewhat sedating.

The injectable form is very popular in American ERs, to the point of being a preinternet meme. If a cop picks you up and thinks you are crazy, you have just purchased yourself a one way Haldol ticket. One injection= 3 weeks assfucking. Enjoy the three week ride to hell and back, bitch. Free samples are available at your local hospital ER.


Pimozide is not as well known as Haldol. It is 70 times more potent than Thorazine, and is more potent than Haldol. It is not as popular as Haldol due to the almost guaranteed side effects. It is used mostly to treat Tourette syndrome.

Also known as Orap. Very sedating. Can be used as an antibiotic from hell.


Known by a bunch of stupid names like Buccastem. Suppresses dopamine, and is used to treat migraines, nausea, chemo vomiting and vertigo. 20 times more powerful than Thorazine.


More powerful than Haldol, but only really popular in Canada. More powerful than Haldol but causes breast enlargement in men, smaller tits in women, decreased sexual activity, and general lulz such as leukopenia and sudden cardiac death.

It is a troll drug, used after every other drug fails.


Used against General Anxiety Disorder. Better known as the Stelazine straightjacket, for its uses in higher concentration to stop people from acting like assholes.

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For the difficult cases...
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For the difficult cases...
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Shut her the fuck up.


Not approved by Americunt FDA. Much more powerful than Haldol, and a single injection is effective for 19 days, and stays in the body for over three months.


The end game shit. White blood cells are lowered and you get to have blood tests every month for being a colossal, terminal faggot. Enjoy pissing the bed every night.

Other Drugs

(Cheap drugs used in by Asians and Africans)


Also known as Prazinil and Defekton. Was used in France and Japan. Thought to be a combo of Haldol and a antidepressant. Withdrawn because of ability to destroy livers.


Used by Wapanese who are too cheap to just buy Haldol.


Dogmatil, Dolmatil, Eglonyl, Espiride, Modal, Prometar, Sulpor.

A really fucking boring antipscyhotic drug. Not marketed or used in the USA because it lacks sweet ads.


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Prolixin: Take it or we will inject your sorry ass.

Used extensively by Azns.


No one takes this drug seriously. Not approved by anyone, except Azns.


Can sometimes help with schizophrenia. Cases of serious side effects reported to the FDA during a 2 year period include: Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome (101 Cases) ,Anxiety (99 Cases) Agitation (95 Cases), Insomnia (86 Cases), Tremor (79 Cases), Somnolence (79 Cases), Dystonia (79 Cases), Condition Aggravated (78 Cases), Psychotic Disorder (77 Cases), QT Corrected Interval Prolonged (74 Cases), Drug Ineffective LOL (70 Cases), Convulsion (69 Cases), Loss of Consciousness (66 Cases), Electrocardiogram QT Prolonged (63 Cases), Dizziness (61 Cases), Overdose (60 Cases), Dyspnoea (60 Cases), Treatment Noncompliance (59 Cases), Extrapyramidal Disorder (58 Cases), Completed Suicide (57 Cases).

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